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2 kits



  1. Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl — Moody, Deep, Enthralling and ... £6.50, 248.0 MB, free preview!

    Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl This is an experimental library wherein a violin bow is bowed on a Tibetan Singing Bowl in G. In some cases there were novel techniques employed which were able to create unique sounds, probably never heard before. This was not a planned library. I was ...

  2. Ambient Toolkit Vol 1 — Organic Ambient Sounds £10.00, 708.0 MB

    Ambient Toolkit Vol 1 Ambient Toolkit Volume 1 from Papas St Germain contains an eclectic mix of ambient sounds sourced from flute, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, samplers and hardware synths. The pack contains over 700MB of samples. The folders are separated ...

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