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7 kits



  1. NRS - Impulse Fractalism - WAV — Fractal Impulse Response ... £19.00, 46.5 MB, free preview!

    NRS - Impulse Fractalism - WAV Have you heard about fractals, if so then you probably know that they can be used as art; to an almost-infinite detail creating mind boggling patterns. Luckily, it so happens that one of our core team sound-designers is also a well known fractal artist. ...

  2. NRS - Impulse Exploration - WAV — Experimental Impulse Responses £15.00, 71.2 MB, free preview!

    NRS - Impulse Exploration - WAV Make room for our groundbreaking Impulse Responses library! Yes, we are serious, it’s the high quality collection of experimental convolution samples that could easily, if unchecked, contradict the laws of physics and nature. These impulses were recorded ...

  3. NRS - Impulse Cabinetism - WAV — Cab & Mic Impulse ... £15.00, 1.0 MB, free preview!

    NRS - Impulse Cabinetism - WAV A perfect tone. It’s the thing that you always wonder about when you play with your guitar. We know your needs. This collection of impulse responses, will finally unlock the character of your electric guitar. It’s a unique collection of accurately ...

  4. Impulse Exploration 2 - WAV — FM/AM Impulse Responses £15.00, 31.0 MB, free preview!

    Impulse Exploration 2 - WAV Let’s continue our scientific journey into experimental-impulse-response research. This time around, we have developed a technique to produce outstanding rhythmic reverb spaces; utilizing intense frequency and amplitude modulation synthesis with the ...

  5. NRS - Impulse Exploration 3 - WAV — Creative Impulse Responses £15.00, 17.3 MB, free preview!

    NRS - Impulse Exploration 3 - WAV The journey continues. This time we focused our attention on resonant chambers, unusual small-spaces, rooms and corridors (spiced with unique tonal character). These impulse responses will put your instruments in tight-spaces that are unreachable in the ...

  6. Frostpoint — Creative impulse response pack £7.99, 51.1 MB

    Frostpoint Frostpoint is an impulse response pack. It contains 113 wav files designed to be used in your convolution reverb plugins. Every handmade sample is different, they’re not typical halls and rooms, but rather crazy and unusual effects. The IRs are perfect ...

  7. NRS - Impulse Boost Bundle - WAV — Impulse Responses Bundle - ... £50.00, 120.5 MB

    NRS - Impulse Boost Bundle - WAV Here is the perfect combination to fulfill your need for new impulse responses. With this bundle you get the bread and butter, as well as the most unique IRs you could imagine. We crossed the limits of sound design, and used everything we could, from ...

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