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4 kits



  1. Process Malfunction — Science Fiction System Glitch £7.00, 680.2 MB

    Process Malfunction Process Malfunction features 40 intricate future technology glitch production elements for science fiction scenarios where computers are going way out of control. You'll hear corrupt data streams, servers overloading, user interface issues, generative, ...

  2. Beat Assembler XT — quantum drum machine £13.00, 79.5 MB, free preview!

    Beat Assembler XT Beat Assembler is drum computer instrument based on experimental design. It is using randomly or manually generated pattern model, which is then being used as basis for creating a drum sequence. The machine is using series of quantizers and sound mappers ...

  3. Data Disruption — 200 Files of Extreme Glitch ... £10.00, 315.8 MB

    Data Disruption Databending: A digital art form where flaws in digital systems are exploited and used for creative purposes. Data Disruption contains 200 sounds sourced from raw computer files which have been interpreted as audio data. Bitmaps, executables, plugin ...

  4. Computer Sound FX 2 -50% OFF — Designed Interface Sounds £14.00, 788.2 MB

    Computer Sound FX 2 -50% OFF Computer Sound FX 2.0 The “Computer Sound FX 2“ Sound Effects Library from SoundBits contains over 1000 designed computer interface-, noise-, glitch-, alarm-, bleep-, processing-, loading-, interaction-, malfunction-, access-, and 8-Bit-Sound ...

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