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4 kits



  1. Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl — Moody, Deep, Enthralling and ... £6.50, 248.0 MB, free preview!

    Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl This is an experimental library wherein a violin bow is bowed on a Tibetan Singing Bowl in G. In some cases there were novel techniques employed which were able to create unique sounds, probably never heard before. This was not a planned library. I was ...

  2. 40% OFF - DeeDeeTee — poison gets into your beats £4.20, 92.3 MB, free preview!

    40% OFF - DeeDeeTee DeeDeeTee is an electronic drum module based on a sampled circuit-bent DD-7, pcm "Super Session Player" drumpad. Trigger and edit 50 hits through 50 drum parts, every part can be controlled with amplitude, panning, tuning and decay. Plus, simply turning ...

  3. 105 Punch Whoosh SFX — Gotta' Hit That Wind £3.99, 5.7 MB

    105 Punch Whoosh SFX 105 Sound effects based around the concept of the 'whoosh' effect used before the punching or grit sound in a movie or works. All of these samples are able to be used commercially or privately.

  4. Adam Somers - Ultimate EDM Bass Collection — Ultimate EDM Bass Collection £15.00, 546.2 KB

    Adam Somers - Ultimate EDM Bass Collection Adam Somers has designed 50 of the most versitile bass presets you will find for Sylenth 1, These presets are sure to fit perfectly to whatever you need them for. With some of the most creative, sub crushing, cone blowing and dirtiest bass presets you ...

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