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2 kits



  1. Instruments of Greece — Virtual Bouzouki & ... £89.99, 2.41 GB, free preview!

    Instruments of Greece A 4.3 GB Greek instrument library including: - 4 string Bouzouki - Baglama - Tzoura - 3 String Bouzouki For Kontakt Player (You DON'T need the full retail version of Kontakt to use this library) Advanced script programming Keyswitchers Control which ...

  2. Celtic Song — All The Loops You Need To ... £8.00, 33.2 MB

    Celtic Song Celtic Song features bagpipes, fiddles, Irish Bouzouki, flutes, hand drums and percussion loops which all fit together perfectly to create authentic, traditional Scottish/Irish music. This construction kit is perfect for easily arranging a unique piece ...

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