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3 kits



  1. BONGO DRUM Sampling Pack — Latin Percussions £5.99, 54.9 MB

    BONGO DRUM Sampling Pack BONGO DRUM Latin Percussions 58 Loops & 1-Shots WAV 44,1 kHz / 16-bit BONGO DRUM Sampling Pack includes two different types of Loops from Bongos. All includes various Bongos drum shots with a difference of low tones excluded from one pack (Pack ...

  2. Bongos V2 — 96khz, EXS24 & .nki, ... £4.50, 4.9 MB

    Bongos V2 V2 has a .nki patch to help kontakt users! This is two bongos recorded with a 414 at 96kz. 96k means that not only do you get the two main tones of each drum, we can also stretch and play chromatic notes as well and you can hear this in the demo too. ...

  3. XS-BONGO — Ethnic Perscussions £6.99, 181.1 MB

    XS-BONGO XS-Bongo is a Kontakt instrument which include professionally recorded bongo loops and a playable selection of one shot samples which dynamically react to the velocity. All loops are programmed to automatically sync to the host tempo. XS-Bongo is ...

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