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3 kits



  1. Beat Assembler XT — quantum drum machine £13.00, 79.5 MB, free preview!

    Beat Assembler XT Beat Assembler is drum computer instrument based on experimental design. It is using randomly or manually generated pattern model, which is then being used as basis for creating a drum sequence. The machine is using series of quantizers and sound mappers ...

  2. Freefall - 50% Off — Cinematic Beats £4.49, 95.6 MB

    Freefall - 50% Off Freefall is a collection of 100 cinematic beat loops recorded at 90, 120, 140 and 170 bpm oriented to films, video games and cinematic music in general. The mood is very energetic, dramatic and action oriented, with very syncopated rhythms and a notable ...

  3. URBAN BASS (INTRO 50% OFF) — Kontakt instrument for hip hop £8.99, 121.4 MB

    URBAN BASS (INTRO 50% OFF) 32 amazing bass patches for Kontakt at your fingertips. All patches are carefully handcrafted to fit your hip-hop/urban beats. There are all bass sounds you need to have for hip-hop production: deep subs, fat synth basses, nice tuned 808 patches and ...

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