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4 kits



  1. African Instruments — 12 African Instruments for ... £8.99, 152.6 MB

    African Instruments 12 African Instruments for Kontakt 4.2+. (RR = Round Robin, VL = Velocity Layers) VOODOO INSTRUMENT: Single string instrument struck with stick. Sustained/muted samples. RR = 9, VL = 3 WOODEN FLUTE: Three keyboard zones - Breaths, staccato and ...

  2. Bongos V2 — 96khz, EXS24 & .nki, ... £4.50, 4.9 MB

    Bongos V2 V2 has a .nki patch to help kontakt users! This is two bongos recorded with a 414 at 96kz. 96k means that not only do you get the two main tones of each drum, we can also stretch and play chromatic notes as well and you can hear this in the demo too. ...

  3. Kalimba — African thumb piano for ... £1.99, 4.7 MB

    Kalimba The kalimba (also known as a Mbira or Thumb piano) is an African instrument consisting of metal tines attached to a wooden board which are plucked with the thumbs causing metal rings on the board to 'buzz'. This Kontakt (4.2 and above) instrument ...

  4. Ocarina — Clay flute for Kontakt £2.99, 31.6 MB

    Ocarina This ocarina instrument uses velocity switching to give a natural sounding performance simply by playing the split keyboard (staccato notes on the lower keys, various sustained articulations on the upper). A selection of breaths is also included. ...

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