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click, beep, hiss




SzcZ is a mysterious personage, collector of noises, composer and builder of imaginary instruments.

  1. Bassmeister

    vintage bass piano

    BASSMEISTER is Kontakt instrument based on samples created with rare, vintage bass piano from East Germany. The piano was probably made sometime in 70s, it is upgraded version of keytar from 60s. It's a sort of Eastern Bloc answer to Rhodes bass piano, though it has somewhat different design. The sound is generated by vibrating metal stripes, built into a comb shaped electric pickup. The stripes are not being hit, but lifted with a plastic-rubber level mechanism, at certain point the metal stripe slips off the lever and starts to vibrate. So, technically it is an electric lamellophone (like mbira/thumb piano). Kontakt instrument features: - two velocity layers with adjustable split point, - 5x polyphonic round robin per key (separate round robin counters per key), - 390 samples, 44.1 kHz, 24 bit - selectable range of filters, - LFO and envelope filter modulations, - integrated controls for chorus, flanger, delay and equalizer. Full version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or newer is needed for this instrument to work.Read more…

  2. Beat Assembler XT

    quantum drum machine

    Beat Assembler is drum computer instrument based on experimental design. It is using randomly or manually generated pattern model, which is then being used as basis for creating a drum sequence. The machine is using series of quantizers and sound mappers to re-shape model pattern, fitting it into a time-frame of choice, allowing user to observe the results on the fly. It supports a range of odd time signatures (also in standalone mode) and flexible quantizer size programming, leaving room to experiment with unusual rhythm structures. features: - automatic pattern generator, - alternative design of manual pattern editor, - note recorder: input pattern model by keyboard, or record midi playback, - preset system: save sequence to file or memory, - drag'n'drop midi export, - configurable voice group system, - effect rack for each group, - quick access to Kontakt's filter bank, - can serve as sample shell (configurable drum kit size), - five background themes. Beat Assembler XT comes with 12 vintage style electronic drum-box patches, including: - reconstruction of Unitra Rytm 16, polish analog drum machine from the 80's, sampled in 16x round robin, all rhythms reconstructed in Beat Assembler format, - retro electronic drum kits created with rare vintage Sequential Circuits synthesizer, - wacky drum kits made with Casio CZ-3000 synthesizer combined with distortion pedals (for distorted phase distortion effect) and Moog LP filter, - 36 hand programmed pattern models (including patterns from Rytm 16). Beat Assembler XT requires full version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or newer to run. Free preview version is previously released Beat Assembler 48, it lacks some features, like midi export, preset saving, displacer and filter bank, supports smaller sequence size (48, while XT handles 128) and less voice groups, kit size can't be configured... But basic functionality is the same in both versions. If you'd rather like to read about it, than try it yourself, there is excellent review of free version on Bedroom Producer's Blog: more…

  3. Rekombinator

    granular sample recycler

    Rekombinator is an experimental sound manipulator device. It deconstructs sound samples to grains and recombines them to assemble new sounds. It can be used to re-structure drum sequences, create robotic voices, flanger effects or evolving granular soundscapes. Grain Envelopes You can set grain volume envelopes to create a cross-fade between overlapping grains. Attack is grain volume fade-in, release is grain volume fade-out, curve is shape of attack curve. You can also set overall volume of grain playback, which can be useful to automate and create varied volume throughout following grains. Import Your Own Samples ReKombinator is incredibly powerful and allows you to import your own samples directly into the editor so you can mangle and mash your own sounds. It comes with 40 presets to suggest possible applications. Requires Full Kontakt Version 4.2.4+ - NOT Kontakt playerRead more…

  4. Radiostatic Percussion

    experimental dusty electronic percussion set

    Radiostatic Percussion is experimental electronic percussion sample set created from radio static, interferences and frequency sweeps. The source recordings have been obtained from late 70's Japanese radio receiver connected to self oscillating Moog low pass filter. The waves of white noise, strange buzz broadcasts, radio interferences and filter sweeps have been sliced and the dynamics have been digitally re-shaped to resemble volume envelope of percussion sounds. drum sequence audio example: The full sample set from this experiment contains 166 one shot wav samples, 44 kHz, 16 bit, 14MB unpacked. Free preview set contains 50 selected samples.Read more…

  5. The Wineglass Drone

    dark vibrations

    This instrument is based on recordings of a glass of wine bowed crudely with a finger. It sounds dark, dirty and scratchy, quite different from what one would expect from a wineglass. Kontakt instrument is using two voices setup, where second voice can be a copy of first voice or a round robin variation. Combined with independent controls for panorama, detune, volume envelope, filters and two reverb sends, it can be used to create stereo effects, frequency split reverb sends, detuned reverberation, etc. Also there is transport synchronized round robin mechanism based on swapping samples and/or changing sample start point. Scroll down for video overview. Kontakt patch needs full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work. The sample set contains 12, 30-40 seconds long, lopped samples originally covering one octave, captured in 96kHz, 24 bit. A simple sfz mapping is included, so the samples can be loaded quickly into any sfz compatible sampler or synthesizer.Read more…

  6. Haunted Jukebox

    abstract sound pattern automaton

    Haunted Jukebox is NI Kontakt based automaton which generates abstract sound patterns. It is not quite a musical instrument, but rather something in between a drum machine, sequencer and sonic experiment. The machine automatically creates eight layers of groove patterns based on input token. User can manipulate binary representation of the token, a matrix of 25 pad switches, where each combination creates different sequencer program. Besides eight note sequencers, the machine can run a number of step sequenced modulators (LFO which can be programmed to reach given step value every half cycle), as the sequences can run at different speeds and different intervals, the result may be quite complex. All sequencers are synchronized with host's tempo. It is randomness exploration machine and as such it's not easy to describe with words. Scroll down for video overview and/or try free preview version. Preview version runs on the same script engine, but is has entirely different (smaller) sample set and it doesn't provide access to setup panels. Haunted Jukebox needs full version of Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work and it may be quite CPU intensive. PLEASE NOTE: The script relies on transport synchronization with host. It might happen, it won't initialize properly in certain hosts, at least until you start playback. In short, it may or may not work for you, please try free preview version first. This instrument is bundled with a bonus, unlocked versions of Cracklebot, free vinyl noise making machine based on the same script. These special versions give you access to configuration panels, so you can experiment with machine settings, or use it as a shell for different sample sets. You can read about Cracklebot (and get free version) here: more…

  7. Fog Horns

    canned little devils

    This kit is based on sounds of spray can noise makers. Although labelled "fog horn", these devices are mainly used to make ear-splitting noise at sport events. There are 30 unprocessed 96 kHz/ 24 bit / mono samples, wrapped into experimental Kontakt interface. There are sustained tones, short bursts and special effect sounds. As far as possible, the samples have been tuned in Kontakt turning them into a musical instrument. The interface is based on a button matrix, which can be used to combine different sounds and program the combinations to custom round robin. Each partial of a combination has different settings for filters, envelope, de-tune and reverb send level. Custom pseudo-random number generator has been applied to random round robin function, so if used in a project, the instrument will render repeatable results. "Fog horns" can sound quite terrifying and it has some tendency to get out of tune. It is the nature of these toys, that pitch is constantly drifting along with changing air pressure. To put it nicely, this instrument has a lot of character. sound example: Video Overview below.Read more…

  8. Psychodrumma MKII

    drum machine from alternate reality

    Psychodrumma is imaginary drum machine with extended randomization options. It can be programmed by hand or it can automatically generate random rhythm patterns and basic melody lines. Memory and metasequencer modules can be used to program whole songs inside the machine. It is unnecessarily twisted and confusing device, which can be fun to explore for those, who enjoy wicked ideas. Sound examples below have been programmed entirely in machine's metasequencer: more information: confusing manual: Basic model of the machine is available for free, here: This device requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work.Read more…

  9. Alimchord

    imaginary electro-acoustic keyboard

    Alimchord is imaginary electro-acoustic keyboard instrument. It is based on kalimba and vibrating wooden sticks samples, recorded using different setups of contact microphones, which have been taped or glued to various spots on the instrument. Alimchord is operated by a set of 18 valve switches. Each of 262144 possible combinations will create different sound mixture, manipulating sound distribution between instrument parts, auto-setting effects, ambiance types and send levels. sound examples, compositions performed on solo alimchord: operating instructions: This device requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work. Also note, that it can consume considerable amount of CPU, there are multiple sample layers and three convolution processors being used. Free prototype version, with minimalistic sample set and simplified interface is available here: more…

  10. Electric Noisebow

    electrified troublemaker

    Electric Noisebow is imaginary instrument for NI Kontakt 4. It can generate drone sounds, noise soundscapes, ambient atmospheres or unfolding distortions. It is based on two sample sets I made by playing modified Reno electric guitar with an E-Bow. The clean set is built of sustained tone samples. The dirty set contains distorted sounds, I've got by putting the E-Bow very close to the vibrating string, so the string would start to collide with E-Bow housing. demo track: operating instructions: This device requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work. Video overview below.Read more…

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