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Synthetic Samples

High Fidelity Analog & VA Sampler Instruments for Kontakt & EXS24



Synthetic Samples

Born in a digital and often sterile era of music technology, Synthetic Samples was created to release high fidelity, extremely usable and powerful sampler instruments. These instruments have been meticulously crafted and carefully treated to enable producers on all levels the ability to access a world of warm, glowing and expressive synth sounds. Barriers that once prevented people from accessing these divine sounds, such as financial and physical space limitations, have been broken down, allowing producers to inject the warmth and desirable character of analog and virtual-analog synths into their projects at the click of a mouse, without having to outlay a small fortune on the gear itself. The portability and ease of use of these sampler instruments is second to none, loaded directly into Native Instruments Kontakt or Logic’s EXS24, these sounds can be with you anywhere on your faithful laptop or workstation.

  1. Tetra Sampler Bank

    Kontakt + EXS24 Instruments - REDUCED PRICE

    Available is a bank of Kontakt and EXS24 sampler instruments engineered from sounds of the Dave Smith Tetra, including 42 patches for Kontakt and 25 for the EXS24. These sampler instruments are: - lush, warm, alive and expressive - sonically on a par with the Tetra/Prophet 08 – everything you would imagine an analog synth to be! With these virtual instruments in Kontakt you can: - play up to 32 voices of raw analog power - add multiple filters, LFOs, envelopes, analog saturation and powerful NI FX - stack, layer, mix & match multiple patches together for truly outstanding sounds - effortlessly inject analog warmth and depth into your productions This bank includes: Leads, Basses, Pads, Arps, FM Sounds and Analog Plucks. All patches are ready to go, insert them into a project and you'll immediately have the sound of a powerful analog synth at your disposal. Compatibility Note: the Kontakt patches require Kontakt version 4.2.2 onwards. Latest customer testimonial: "This is one of the best sample sets Ive heard! Seriously, it is very very well done and very playable, which is first and foremost with me. As a matter of fact, these may be the most playable samples that I have. It feels to me like I am playing the synth and that is a rare experience for me. Your sound design within Kontakt is very minimal and "to the point", which I think speaks hugely for the quality and attention that went into the sampling. This library is easily worth $40 -50."Read more…

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