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Korroded Batteries

Twisted powerful percussions, basses and FX



Sonus Dept

Sound design and research

Korroded Batteries

Korroded Batteries is a collection of kits for Battery, aimed to the electronic musician who is looking for a complete and diverse source of inspiration to build aggressive and out of this world rhythms. Soundtrack composers will enjoy this compact library as well: from impactful hits to ritual percussions and reverse tensions, nothing lacks to score the most epic parts of your movies. This is what is included: · 5 bass kits: yes, turn Battery into a powerful bassline synth with this five carefully crafted bass patches. The powerful modulation options offered by Battery will allow you to fine tune these sounds to your needs, with the possibility even to modify in a different way every single note · 9 percussion kits: here they are in details – Ambush Kit, designed for modern, powerful electronic rhythms – Armageddon Kit, the definitive cinematic hits collection – Dark Cinema Kit, everything you need to score the darkest scenes of your movies – Effective Kit, a bank of nasty sound effects – Gridlock Kit, for your dark trips into the electronic abyss – Hi Hat Bank, hi hats for all seasons – Reduktion Kit, few bits lots of power – Ritual Kit, hypnotic percussions to build up your rituals – Uni(re)verse Kit, reverse sounds to bring tension everywhere · Everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 24 bits – you will notice the pristine quality of every single sound

KORRODED DRUMS demo at SoundCloud.

Korroded Batteries

Sonus Dept


187.5 MB,15files

MD5 Hash: 5617f35faaee6c7575c3d5ea56201caa
  1. Ambush Kit.nbkt … 7.2 MB
  2. Armageddon Kit.nbkt … 22.0 MB
  3. Body Bass.nbkt … 18.6 MB
  4. Classic Bass.nbkt … 18.8 MB
  5. Dark Cinema Kit.nbkt … 25.2 MB
  6. Detox Bass.nbkt … 18.7 MB
  7. Effective Kit.nbkt … 28.3 MB
  8. Fat Boy Bass.nbkt … 36.7 MB
  9. Gridlock Kit.nbkt … 8.8 MB
  10. Hi Hat Bank.nbkt … 9.6 MB
  11. Korroded Batteries.pdf … 37.1 KB
  12. pH5 Bass.nbkt … 18.7 MB
  13. Reduktion Kit.nbkt … 11.3 MB
  14. Ritual Kit.nbkt … 21.3 MB
  15. Uni(re)verse Kit.nbkt … 26.3 MB
  1. Battery
  1. Ambient
  2. Cinematic
  3. Hardstyle
  4. Industrial
  5. Sound Effects
  6. Techno
  7. World Music
  1. ethnic
  2. hits
  3. ritual
  4. scoring
  5. sfx
  6. soundtrack
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