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For EXS24



Scott F Thompson



Just a simple Melodica patch for EXS24 with round robin. This works best with a keyboard that has aftertouch. Aftertouch will pull back the volume and cutoff giving the instrument a way to breathe. Have fun with this one! EXS24 files also can open in Kontakt, Halion, Mainstage, Structure free, Mach Five and Ableton!

Melodica Demo at SoundCloud.


Scott F Thompson


38.2 MB,6files

MD5 Hash: 73464a618c919d1f7824b43841ee7195
  1. .DS_Store … 6.0 KB
  2. ._.DS_Store … 120 Bytes
  3. SP Hyper#04.wav … 42.4 MB
  4. ._SP Hyper#04.wav … 263 Bytes
  5. Melodica.exs … 6.7 KB
  6. ._Melodica.exs … 120 Bytes
  1. EXS-24
  2. WAV
  1. Instrument
  1. accordion
  2. harmonica
  3. melodica
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