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Catalogue Clearance

The Entire Sample Craze Catalogue - Crazy Discount!



Sample Craze

License free samples, multisamples and loops

Catalogue Clearance

This is the ultimate collection of samples. Every Sample Craze product in one giant bundle. That's 57 complete sample packs which, if you were to buy them individually, would cost just under £1,000! Check out some demos on Soundcloud: There are thousands upon thousands of top quality samples, riffs, break, hooks, sounds and kits offered at over 90% discount. Take a look through some of SampleCraze's products on Sampleism to get a taste of what is on offer here. Also includes the spectacular 'Breakbeat Vault' - Over 500 completely original and filthy vinyl breaks. Please be aware that the file size is 1.6 gigabytes compressed and 7 gigabytes uncompressed!! There are simply too many to list here so please download the free preview by clicking on the link at the top right of this page. The preview contains details on all of the packs included and some tasty free samples to get your teeth into.

Catalogue Clearance

Sample Craze


1.98 GB,2files

MD5 Hash: dc25aeb6c27aa8d97d1429b9830bf23d
  1. Samplecraze back … 323.9 MB
  2. Samplecraze back … 1.66 GB
  1. WAV
  1. Ambient
  2. Breakbeat
  3. Chillout
  4. Chiptune / 8bit
  5. Cinematic
  6. Circuit Bending
  7. Deep House
  8. Drum & Bass
  9. Dubstep
  10. Electro
  11. Field Recordings
  12. Glitch
  13. Grime
  14. Hardcore
  15. Hardstyle
  16. Hip Hop
  17. House
  18. Industrial
  19. Instrument
  20. Jungle
  21. Minimal
  22. Nu-Rave
  23. PsyTrance
  24. Rock
  25. Sound Effects
  26. Tech House
  27. Techno
  28. Trance
  29. World Music
  1. bundle
  2. collection
  3. discount
  4. mega
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