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Jungle Flute FX - NEW LOWER PRICE!

Cinematic South American Flute phrases and FX



Rich Douglas

Cinematic Film and Video Game scoring libraries for Kontakt

If your next scoring assignment takes your music into a jungle to rescue POWs, slaughter aliens, make a difficult shot from a mile away, or track down terrorists... you also need JUNGLE FLUTE FX in your arsenal of samples. For this sample set, I found a very nice custom Moseno Flute, which is a South American bamboo flute, sampled it, and (as usual) mangled some of the recordings. The end result is a collection of uniquely ethnic and immensely atmospheric FX, Phrases, and padlike instruments. If you're a game and/or film composer, this library is a must to help add a unique ethnic vibe to any score! Jungle Flute FX is meant as an accent tool and can help up the tension in any number of scenes or game scenarios! a few JUNGLE FLUTE FX Features: -11 Patches total - Phrase Patches - 1 Trill Patch with 3 Pitched Trill Phrases - 2 Shorts patches, one with 3 Velocity Layers - 4 Pads, think ambient material from Gary Changs SNIPER score. - Controllable reverb. A reverb On / Off button is right on the GUI (starts in the ON position) - Mod wheel controls the attack (as well as a knob on the GUI to get even more dynamic control For more of my cinematic kontakt libraries, please visit this link: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglas Jungle Flute FX will only work with Kontakt 4.2.4!

Jungle Flute FX - NEW LOWER PRICE!

Rich Douglas



32.8 MB,11files

MD5 Hash: 2167263b7942dbc62177df7aaef91a59
  1. JungleFlute_PAD_Snipers.nki … 1.2 MB
  2. JungleFlute_FX_FlutePercussion.nki … 267.7 KB
  3. JungleFlute_FX_Phrases.nki … 6.7 MB
  4. JungleFlute_FX_Phrases_and_Trills.nki … 21.1 MB
  5. JungleFlute_FX_Trills.nki … 2.3 MB
  6. JungleFlute_INST_Marcato.nki … 586.5 KB
  7. JungleFlute_INST_Shorts_A.nki … 493.2 KB
  8. JungleFlute_INST_Shorts_B.nki … 1.3 MB
  9. JungleFlute_PAD_DeepJungle.nki … 1.0 MB
  10. JungleFlute_PAD_JungleDrone.nki … 1.2 MB
  11. JungleFlute_PAD_Shhh.nki … 570.9 KB
  1. Kontakt
  1. Ambient
  2. Cinematic
  1. cinematic
  2. ethnic
  3. flute
  4. moseno
  5. score
  6. soundtrack
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