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Rich Douglas

Cinematic Film and Video Game scoring libraries for Kontakt



Rich Douglas

I am a freelance composer and sound designer in the video game industry. Recent projects I have been apart of include Insurgency (currently on Steam), the official Shadowgate remake which is currently in development, Takedown Red Sabre, Evochron Mercenary, Lifeless Planet. More info about my music can be found via my webpage: www.richdouglas.net For the last 4 years I have been developing sample libraries for my own personal use and have since decided to start selling a few of them for you guys to enjoy and utilize in your own film / game projects. About 3 years ago, I was selling some of these libs under the company name Cinematic Tension.. but things in my composing career picked up enough that I had to shut that little business down. I have since decided to start utilizing sampleism to get some of my more unique and cinematic libraries out to the public. I will definitely entertain ideas for future libraries and even custom sample library proposals.

  1. The Door - 33% Off

    Creepy cinematic percussion and ambiances

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) This library consists of horrifying, terrifying, extremely creepy percussive and ambient elements sampled from.... a barn door? Sounds ridiculous I know, but once you listen to the patches via the youtube video to the left, you'll be a true believer in just how creepy a basic barn door can be. Every sound heard in this library is recorded from a huge metal barn door from inside the metal barn itself to preserve the natural ambience (with a few other sounds stemming from recordings of random things found in the barn itself). The door was kicked, hammered, scraped with all sorts of tools, axed, and then kicked some more to achieve the samples needed. Many of the patches are amazingly useable due to their subtelness... while others are clearly geared towards stingers and stabs. The Door consists of 28 Kontakt patches and is geared towards game and film composers in need of something terrifyingly unique for their next horror or sci fi score. Amidst the barrage of percussive inspired patches, there are even a few tuned instruments that come across as flutelike, except you can hear the barn door chains rattling in the background. Creepy and uniquely unnerving in sound. All of the patches are bathed in reverb (which can be toggled on / off) and the mod wheel makes some of these patches sound downright horrific. So what are you waiting for? Head through The Door and check out the video walkthrough.. if you dare! The Door is only compatible with Kontakt 4.2 and above!Read more…

  2. The Oddity Bundle - 33% Off

    Ethereal Electric Pads / Leads and Horrific Metal Scrapes

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) The Oddity Bundle consists of 12 Kontakt instruments from two very different instrument sets..HUM and SCRAPE ORCHESTRA. This instrument set would be perfect for your next game or film score and even suited for the ambient, electronic, and chillout genres. The GUI contains the option to easily edit the attack, decay, and reverb all in one place, while the mod wheel is mapped directly to the filter which can totally change the timbre of each patch. HUM features recordings of electronic items (such as generators) which have been mutated, processed, and/or stretched to make for a very unique set of 6 instruments. These can sound like ethereal pads, synth leads, and even organs. SCRAPE ORCHESTRA features recordings taken from various tools scraping a metal shed door. The results are horrifying and definitely geared towards the horror genre. Check out the video walk through for a complete overview of both instrument sets. This is only for the full version of Kontakt 4.2+ For more cinematic goodness, please take a look at my other sample libraries: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglasRead more…

  3. Bundle of Tension

    5 bundled tension filled instruments at 30% OFF!!

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) This bundle includes 5 of Rich's best sample sets bundled together for 30% off of the usual total cost!- The Following Sample Sets are Included (check the links for full details and video walkthroughs)- The Oddity Bundle: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglas/oddity Fistful of Tension: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglas/fistful Jungle Flute FX: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglas/jungleflute Soft Tension Hits: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglas/softtension THE DOOR: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglas/thedoorRead more…

  4. The Cello of Damascus

    Cinematic Multisampled Bowed Electric Guitar

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) Behold, the Cello of Damascus.... an ethereal instrument like no other, and my most ambitious (and largest) Sampleism release to date. Actually it's a multisampled bowed electric guitar, but recorded and mastered in a way that gives it a uniquely cinematic and ethnic timbre perfect for your next game or film project. This kontakt instrument consists of 10 instruments, and 5 multis and features a very nice GUI which makes tweaking the attack, added reverb, or EQ exceptionally easy. The volume is mapped to the MOD wheel for added expression. In fact, these tweaks can totally change the vibe of some of these patches! The instruments range from multisampled sustains, multisampled tremolo dimenuendos, scrapes, FX, to synthy pads, all of which can sound heartfelt, ethnic, or even downright creepy. This is for the full version of Kontakt 4.2 and higher (not Kontakt Player). Please check out my other instruments for more cinematic goodness: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglasRead more…

  5. Tribal Tension

    Multisampled Cinematic solo African Burundi Drum and Toms

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) This... is some extremely epic and cinematic stuff. Once again, prepare for some serious low end! If your next film or game project finds you scoring a war be it modern, fantasy, or midieval, this is the kontakt instrument you need to have in your arsenal. I recorded a solo burundi drum in a concert hall and thanks to the help of the sampleism team, have added some very handy controls to the GUI. You can toggle the excess reverb, use the threshold control to pull back the natural hall reverb, and make the drums as punchy or boomy as you like via the EQ gain controls right on the GUI. Check out the HD video for a complete walkthrough and to hear just how epic this instrument is. NOTE: Compatible only with the full version of Kontakt 4.2 and higher! TribalTension_Main_LinearMap - the main patch presented in linear fashion across the keyboard (very soft, to very hard hits) With a few pitch shifted and stretched hits in the lower range. TribalTension_TomsOfWar - This is a HUGE sounding patch. The Burundi drum is there, but I also recorded and mixed in some rock toms. The Burundi drum has 4 velocity layers and 4 round robins. The toms have 4 velocity layers. Once again, totally tweakable via the GUI. TribalTension_TribalTaikos - This is the linear patch listed above.. but tweaked for some serious lower end. Sounds very taiko like. TribalTension_Wardrum - My favorite patch. This sounds more like an ensemble and has 4 round robins and 4 velocity layers. Sounds HUGE!Read more…

  6. Cinematic Tonal Violin

    28 tempo synced tonal violin loops!

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) Cinematic Tonal Violin is perfect for adding a very subtle (but tense) human element to your scores and is perfect for horror, drama, thriller, and action score writing. The vibe of this library is similar to the fiddle / solo violin playing heard in The Dark Knight (during the opening heist) and Black Hawk Down. There are 28 loops spread across 4 groups in the keys of A, C, E, G (laid out in that order on the keyboard). For ease, there is a reverb control right on the GUI and the starting note represents that groups key range. While these loops are tempo synced, their root tempo is 120 BPM... so tempos that are drastically different may cause slight audio artifacts. But as you can see / hear in the video walk through (which demonstrates all loops), the tempo is extremely versatile! Compatible with the full version of Kontakt 4.2 and above!Read more…

  7. Jungle Flute FX

    Cinematic South American Flute phrases and FX

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) If your next scoring assignment takes your music into a jungle to rescue POWs, slaughter aliens, make a difficult shot from a mile away, or track down terrorists... you also need JUNGLE FLUTE FX in your arsenal of samples. For this sample set, I found a very nice custom Moseno Flute, which is a South American bamboo flute, sampled it, and (as usual) mangled some of the recordings. The end result is a collection of uniquely ethnic and immensely atmospheric FX, Phrases, and padlike instruments. If you're a game and/or film composer, this library is a must to help add a unique ethnic vibe to any score! Jungle Flute FX is meant as an accent tool and can help up the tension in any number of scenes or game scenarios! a few JUNGLE FLUTE FX Features: -11 Patches total - Phrase Patches - 1 Trill Patch with 3 Pitched Trill Phrases - 2 Shorts patches, one with 3 Velocity Layers - 4 Pads, think ambient material from Gary Changs SNIPER score. - Controllable reverb. A reverb On / Off button is right on the GUI (starts in the ON position) - Mod wheel controls the attack (as well as a knob on the GUI to get even more dynamic control For more of my cinematic kontakt libraries, please visit this link: http://www.sampleism.com/richdouglas Jungle Flute FX will only work with Kontakt 4.2.4!Read more…

  8. Soft Tension Hits

    HUGE Cinematic sound.. in a small package

    For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) Prepare to give your sub a workout... Soft Tension Hits is something I have used for years on various game / film projects and only just recently revamped it for public release. After taking a cue from Hans Zimmer and how he records his custom percussion libs with lots of low nuances (and making the hall a character in each recording)... I decided to create this beast of a sample package for Kontakt. Don't let the name fool you, this library is geared towards film and game composers in need of HUGE unique percussion hits that have been stylistically recorded and designed specifically for horror, sci fi, and action writing. Even the "small" patches sound huge (I'm looking at you "Table Flicks"). While there are a handful of multisampled and/or tuned patches, this is not meant to be played like a traiditional drum kit (as there are no round robins). STH is intended more for stabs, tension building, wipes, and scene transitions. Many of the hits are geared towards subtle low hits rather than the in your face epic thunder produced by huge drums such as frame drums, toms, and dhols. STH contains all sorts of odd things recorded in a concert hall ranging from a metal stool, small metal table, large metal table, bodhran drum, low tuned (and tweaked) snare drum, gongs, claves, various metal "toys", and a large metal door (which is the main instrument in an upcoming library). Prepare for serious epic low end! Full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher required!Read more…

  9. Fistful of Tension

    Morricone / Leone guitar in a box!

    Fistful of Tension is my first sampleism release. I have been recording sample libs for my own private use on many game / film projects over the years and have since decided to make some of these available to you! Fistful of Tension is NOT your average guitar library. Yes, it does contain multisampled acoustic and electric guitar samples... but think of it more like Ennio Morricone / Sergio Leone / Spaghetti Western in a box! This is definitely geared more towards cinematic writing (as all of my future releases will be). I used some fairly unconventional recording techniques including placing the mic accross the room from the electric guitar cabinet then washing it in reverb. The end result (the patch is "Stranger Leaves") is fairly cool and oozes "Man With The Harmonica". The other patches include an array of multisampled acoustic guitar patches and a handful of interesting FX patches containing strange hits and slides. ALL of the 14 patches included stem from guitar recordings and are patches I have found most useful over the years on several projects... hopefully you will too! The two highlights that are worth the price of admission are Stranger Leaves (described above) and EL Trio.. which was derived from neck picking an acoustic guitar. It sounds very unique and ethnic while still catering well to the spaghetti western vibe. I invite you to hear all of the patches yourself by checking out the youtube video to the left. Requires full version of Kontakt!Read more…

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