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Soundfont for AlgoMusic M42 synthesizer



Les Productions Zvon

Unusual sounds from Here and Elsewhere


This soundfont is specially designed for the Algomusic M42 Nebula soft synthesizer. This soundfont is designed to showcase the sound manipulation power of the M42. It can be used in other soundfont players but the results are not really natural but they still may be interesting, or not. The programs are arranged in 4 banks of 5 to suit the M42 bank selector. Most sounds are derived from samples that were resynthesised. The source material includes a female voice, bamboo wind chimes, my own trumpet and other acoustic instruments. IMPORTANT: The sounds heard in the audio examples are when the soundfont is used in the M42. It can do things that other software cannot do! I designed a bank of 34 presets for it. It does not have a free preview but you can listen to the Soundcloud demo and visit my website for more info and many more audio examples: The M42 Nebula is now freeware (Win) and can be downloaded here: The Horn M42 soundfont, that does not have any presets, is included with the Cosmology soundfont.


Les Productions Zvon


79.4 MB,8files

MD5 Hash: 9bf16084c767a6addd9f8978c5277154
  1. about tuning.txt … 987 Bytes
  2. M42 horn readme.txt … 2.0 KB
  3. zvon_horn_m42.sf2 … 23.9 MB
  4. zvon_license.txt … 3.4 KB
  5. Constellation M42.sf2 … 65.8 MB
  6. Constellation soundfont_readme.txt … 2.9 KB
  7. zvon constellation.fxb … 126.8 KB
  8. zvon_license.txt … 3.4 KB
  1. Soundfont
  1. Ambient
  2. Chillout
  3. Cinematic
  4. Drone
  5. Electro
  6. Healing Sounds
  7. Instrument
  8. PsyTrance
  9. Sound Effects
  10. Techno
  11. Trance
  1. aetheral
  2. celestial
  3. cosmic
  4. etheric
  5. hypnotic
  6. outer
  7. rhythm
  8. space
  9. spacy
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