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Retro Futurist




Pluggotic is music. Pluggotic is gear. Pluggotic is a way. Pluggotic powers C.d.P.'s music, Pluggotic makes boutique vsts and samplesets. Pluggotic makes beats for Badavoodoo. Pluggotic is one half of Steamheated. Pluggotic makes noise. Pluggotic upholds the funk, too. Sometimes Pluggotic is a bit retro and a bit ahead. Pluggotic smiles while bending machines. Pluggotic is birth of the uncool. Pluggotic is Carlo Del Prato. find Pluggotic on Facebook for latest infos.

  1. 20% OFF - Prillo Garlante

    Electronic Learning Aid

    The legendary S.a.S. "electronic learning aid" family includes 7 linguistic variations, and Prillo Garlante is a Kontakt instrument based on the italian version. 163 sounds including bleeps, letters, words and phrases have been sampled through a 1/4 phone plug & distortion-free preamp at 24/96 and are arranged in three "sets" or keyswitches (bleeps-letters-phrases, words A to I, words I to Z) that can be enabled via graphic interface or modwheel. The absolutely anti-hip wordlist features numbers, animals and mixed weirdness like "Avvocato", "Sangue", "Zonzo" "Fifa" and "Igiene". Samples can be triggered raw or enhanced/degraded with pitchshifting, vibrato, multimode filtering, bitrate reduction, speaker emulation, flanger, chorus, echo and 9 types of sampled 24/48 stereo reverb. -S+S sound module for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions -several soundshaping fxs options including 9 24/48 stereo reverb irs -163 24/96 mono samples, 45 Mb (unlocked) -host-automated controls with midi-learn -10 presetsRead more…

  2. 40% OFF - TrueBlue

    Supernatural Spanking Device

    TrueBlue is an electronic-style drum module powered by sounds sampled from "mkII" version of an analog drumsynth made in East Germany. A total of 69 sounds are arranged and selectable in 8 monophonic drum parts, ready for triggering and editing with amplitude control, pitch, panning, playback quality, tone and velocity: 11 bassdrums; 11 snares; 9 claps; 10 pairs of hihats; 9 cymbals; 9 pairs of toms; 10 percussions. 6 bassdrums and 6 snares have been also sampled through analog fxs such as the original unit's distortion, a blending distortion and a vintage fuzz. Old school spirit and raw vibe of the drumsynth, including subtle sounds drifting derived from analog circuitry and free-running oscillators, has been sampled and can be manipulated through a simple midi-notes operated interface. Resulting drumkits can be played raw or brutally degraded, pitched, filtered, panned or stereoized, routed to individual outputs for multichannel operations (depending from availability) and stored as patches. -S+S drum module for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions -100 sounds each with 8 randomly alternated samples -800 24bit 96k mono samples, 206Mb (unlocked) -mixer section and outputs assignment -stereo FX for snare/clap/hihat/cymbal/percussion -manual or midi-controlled user interface -host-automated controls with midi-learn -10 preset kits plus 77 midi-patterns -Combinator template for Reason 3.0 and newer versions -New...10 preset kits and 100 cell/pad files for Poise!Read more…

  3. 40% OFF - SoS24

    Classic 12bit Vibe & Insert FXs

    SoS24 is a S+S drum-module based on a classic 12bit "made in japan" rhythm composer machine sampled dry and through 24 hardware effects. Each of the 16 SOS parts has editing controls for volume, pitch, panning, filtering and reverse playback. Plus, using the Fx control, one of 24 hardware fxs can be activated to enhance, smear, degrade, drive or destroy the drums. Featuring 14 analog and 3 digital effects sampled alone or combined, the selection of radical hardware inserts includes compressor, lo-fi tape, envelope flanger, envelope filter, 12 db/oct multimode filter, 10-stages phaser as well as several kinds of distortions including tube & cascated tubes, sampler distortion, vintage & volt-starved fuzz, waveshaping & bitcrushing, feedback-loop fuzz, amp simulator and more. Resulting drumkits can be played raw or edited, stereo trasformed, routed to outputs (where available) and stored as patches. -S+S drum module for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions -16 original sounds with 24 variations -400 24bit 96k mono samples, 39Mb (unlocked) -outputs assignment and optional "drift" -stereo FX for rim/snare/clap/cymbals/percussions -optional note-operated user interface -host-automated controls with midi-learn -34 preset kits plus 40 midi-patterns -34 kits for OneSmallClue Poise samplerRead more…

  4. VerBoss

    Free Spring Reverb Impulse Response

    Spring Reverb I.R. sampled at 24bit 96000, mono and mono-to-faked stereo. The unit features a Z-shaped spring for a layered effect, a "spring in a hangar" reverb with fat droning tail. The only option originally available is mono-to-stereo effect, one of the channels is simply phase-flipped. Use and abuse on mono sources only, vintage leads and all that sort of folklore will benefit. The IRs are very loud and ten seconds long. Set with care, at least -15Dbs.Read more…

  5. 40% OFF - Synth Bundle

    ToyBoy and Artifunkt - 2 in 1 Bundle

    Pluggotic Synth Bundle, synths with a retro digital flavour for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions. - 2 rad twin-layer style "sample+synthesis" instruments - complete s+s synths with fxs and different features like mono/poly modes or arpeggiator - 178 presets, 813 raw unlocked waveforms, 275Mb - "quicktweak" sections, midi-learn, host automated controls - ToyBoy includes ToyBeat, toy-fi drum module for other infos on contents and features check to the single packages pages: more…

  6. 40% OFF - Drum Bundle

    SoS24/TrueBlue/DeeDeeTee: 3 in 1 Bundle

    Pluggotic DrumBundle, radical instruments/libraries for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions - Three distinct S+S drum-modules featuring analog electro vibe, classic 12bit action or circuit-bending madness - 370mb, 1862 24bit 96000 samples - 244 action-ready midi patterns - manual or midi-controlled user interfaces - 68 OneSmallClue Poise kits ...for other infos on contents and features check the single packages pages: more…

  7. 40% OFF - ToyBoy

    ..choose your cheese..

    Pluggotic ToyBoy is a rompler based on four sampled toy-keyboards with distinct sonics and soundsets. 64 PCM instruments can be played, and edited through two twin layers with multimode filtering, envelopes, retriggered lfos and fxs. ToyBoy features several pianos, brasses, strings and keyboards, tuned and detuned synths, percussives like celesta, kalimba, vibes, bells, music boxes, xilophones as well as choir, hawaiian guitar, telephone tones, distorted guitar and pizzicato strings. All instruments can be played raw, edited, filtered, detuned, enhanced with five effects, layered to build different sounds. Ancient pad-machines, percussive arpeggios, chemical nonsense, glossy keyboards, degraded polysynths, pure plastic. -rompler/s+s synth for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions -64 raw lo-fi instruments, 30 looped. 584 16bit44100 waves, 152Mb -varied sampling range for each keyboard, all sounds uniformed to 5 octaves -5 effects, from cabinet and modulations to 9 ir stereo reverbs -arpeggiator and quick tweaks section -host-automated controls & midi-learn -presets, 64 naked/original and 64 categorized presets (arp/key/pad) ToyBoy is bundled with ToyBeat, all drums, percussions and soundeffects from the four toy-keyboards in one instrument. -40 raw lo-fi editable parts, 73 16bit44100 waves, 9mb -three master effects, including reverb from ToyBoy -manual or midi-controlled user inteface -host-automated controls with midi-learn -40 midiloops from Pluggotic DeeDeeTeeRead more…

  8. 40% OFF - DeeDeeTee

    poison gets into your beats

    DeeDeeTee is an electronic drum module based on a sampled circuit-bent DD-7, pcm "Super Session Player" drumpad. Trigger and edit 50 hits through 50 drum parts, every part can be controlled with amplitude, panning, tuning and decay. Plus, simply turning a knob any of the bending options can be activated to damage the sounds, indipendently for any of the 50 drum parts. DeeDeeTee's dark side hides behind a funky mask, the original kit. Urban kicks and snares, electro fxs, percussions, an addictive clap, scratch fxs, animals, the almighty orchestra hit, voicecounts and more. A huge kit that increments any respectable funk/electro/'80 drum-machines collection. Anyway... as mentioned, the story can be changed... Bends are the keys to enter a world of glitches, distortions, mutilations and non-logic aural pain, thousands of combinations for the perfect machinery of torture can be found by mixing, matching and editing more than 550 circuit-bent oneshots. All kinds of wickedness are present. DA clipping, walls of noise, fragmentations, pseudo-stretchs, operating rate peaks & drops, small sequences, misplaced maps and the sweet taste of FAILURE. - instrument & sampled waveforms for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions - raw and nasty - 637 24bit 96khz unlocked waves, 95Mb - 50 sounds and parts, with averagely 11 "bent" variations - manual/midi-controlled user interface - midi-loops, 100 original and 41 new patterns with related presets - NEW! updated with 24 kits for OneSmallClue PoiseRead more…

  9. 40% OFF - Poseidon Tapes

    45 obscure presets for M-Tron Pro

    Pluggotic exploited various usual and less usual M-Tron Pro tapes to create a set of neoclassic sounds, small combos, weird assortments and orchestra sections, synthetic pads, choirs and various retrocinematic-friendly, protoprogrock-ready instruments. The patches are based exclusively on the original M-Tron Pro tapeset. Instant drama. Vectoring in synthetic spaces. Blending with electroacoustic material and diving into warmth and lo-finess, Poseidon Tapes is the proper cure for customary abuse of brasses/strings/flutes sounds. - 45 .mtron presets for M-Tron Pro - unlooped, unremastered tapes only - electroacoustic & syntheticRead more…

  10. 40% OFF - Artifunkt

    Boutique Two-osc Synth

    A boutique synth and a conceptual marriage between rich, grungy digital waveforms and classic virtual analogue structure. The grungy digital waveforms are sampled from a Nebulaphone v2 and this means raw tone with huge basses and sweet degraded highs, desiderable movement, aliasing and noise. The virtual analogue structure begins with two tunable oscillators, each with: five waveforms (square/triangle/saw/sine/fm) choice between 24db lowpass filter and vowel filter three envelopes (amplitude/filter/pitch) three lfos (sine/triangle/square/saw/random) velocity controls (amplitude/filter) The sounds can be enhanced with four masterfxs (pedal-style distortion/phaser/chorus/echo) and can be played in polyphonic, monophonic and monolegato modes. Despite the limited keyrange, Artifunkt can cover many roles, from basses to pads through tons of keyboards. The solid, massive sound, the digital artifacts and the effective soundshaping options will provide tasty reinterpretations of classic patches, fresh material and a touch of sophisticated lo-finess for dirt cheap. - two-osc synth with sampled waveforms for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions - five waveforms, six octaves range (extended to eight), 156 24bit 44100hz files - two filtering options, three adsr envelopes, three lfos, plus effects section - polyphonic, mono or monolegato modes - automatable controls and midi-learn - multitabbed interface with "quick" tweaks section - 50 categorized presets (basses-fxs-keys-leads-pads)Read more…

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