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Frank "Xenox" Neumann is a german sound designer who worked for a lot of companys like Yamaha Europe, NI, reFX, LinPlug, MOTU, Sonic charge, Sugar-Bytes and much, much more...

  1. Aphelion cinematic loops

    Intro Price

    Combine, tweak and layer! Aphelion cinematic loops is our new instrument line when it comes to loops. This instrument includes the most rhythmic stuff from our main library with new deeply, sampled material and a new easy, tweakable GUI with effects, filters and over 100 new multiloops. Use Aphelion cinematic loop to layer it to existing drums to give them the final touch, tweak the loops to make them special and finally make them different using the great effects from the Kontakt sampler, last but not least, have fun making music using Aphelion cinematic loops. Aphelion v1.53 - cinematic loops includes: - 1,23 GB sampled material (uncompressed) - 89 NEW single loops - 192 loops from Aphelion v1.51 cinematic tool kit - more than 150 Kontakt single presets - more then 100 NEW multi loops - crystal clear sound in 24bit/96kHz - loops synced to the host tempo - NEW and easy tweakable Kontakt GUI Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt sampler Version 5.5.1. or higher (the library is running only 15 minutes in the Kontakt player!!!)Read more…

  2. Abstract Grooves III* is here with lotsa new glitched perussive, snare, hihat and element loops useable in all electronic genres like EDM, Breaks, ambient or futuristic electronic music. You get a Kontakt Player version including all the WAV files, recorded in 24bit, 44,1KhZ at 120BPM. if you do not own Kontakt, you can use the WAV files in any DAW you want. Every main loop is split up into the elements of the loop so you can easily layer together the elements making new grooves by using the GUI and the great effects of the Kontakt sampler made by Native Instruments. Features: – crystal clear loops sampled with 24bit/44,1Khz, 120bpm – 606mb total of loops – 335 Loops (66 complete loops splitted up into 269 element loops) – 69 Kontakt Presets – 20 Multi instruments presets – simple and easy Kontakt GUI with effects and tweaking options – every loop is tempo synced to your main hosts tempo – available as Kontakt and WAV version.Read more…

  3. Aphelion v1.5

    cinematic tool kit

    Aphelion Version 1.5 for the Kontakt sampler is here.After the big success of our first sound effects library Aphelion, we updated the library with new sounds and samples, Kontakt support and multipatches specially designed for modern action movies, cinematic trailers, computer games, chill out, Dubstep, EDM and similar genres. Aphelion cinematic tool kit got a easy tweakable GUI with a sequencer using the great effects from Native Instruments Kontakt sampler to change the sound of each patch. As the sample format we are using the WAV samples. If you prefer this format, you can drag’n’drop the samples into the DAW of your choice. Aphelion cinematic tool kit version 1.5 includes: - Atmos - Brams -Downriser (short / medium) - Drones - Hits (short / medium / long) - Upriser (short / medium / long) - Pulses - Synth fall sounds - Whooshes (short / medium / long) Key features: - crystal clear sounds in 24bit/96Khz - 3,71GB sample content (3.07GB zipped) - 842 samples - 334 Loops in 110BPM - 468 Kontakt Presets - 94 Kontakt Multisounds - simple and easy Kontakt GUI with effects and sequences with tweaking options sounds synced to the host tempo - available in Kontakt and WAV format Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt sampler Version 5.4. or higher (the library is running only 15 minutes in the Kontakt player!!!) more…

  4. Xenox Loops Expansion

    for Twisted Tool "Ultraloop"

    The „Xenox Loop Expansion“ for Twisted Tools “Ultraloop” sampler features 150 new presets, 128 new drum, sfx and percussion loops made by Frank “Xenox” Neumann from particular-sound. With the main tempo of 128bpm, these loops are perfectly suited for the club and a nice starting point for your next track. You will find in this collection nice and deep percussion, bass, hi-hat loops or complete drumloops using all the great features of Ultraloop like filters, the glitch and stutter effects or the envelopes for each slice. Thanks to Ultraloop and the random function, you can easily generate hundreds of new snapshots by just clicking one button. Features: – 150 new Preset (snapshots) – 128 new drum, sfx and percussion Loops – recorded in 128bpm, 16bit and 44,1khz Requirements: – Full version of Native Instruments Reaktor V5.x (Reaktor player is not working) – Full version of Twisted Tools Ultraloop more…

  5. Xenox Basslines Vol.1

    for TAL's Bassline 101!

    With the release of “Xenox Basslines Vol.1″ for TAL’s Bassline 101 synthesizer, we continue our story we started with making sequences and / or arpeggios for today’s powerful synthesizers. Togu Audio Line’s (TAL) monophonoc bass synthesizer “Bassline 101″ is one of these powerful synthesizer, we made new sequences and sounds using the onboard modulations and step sequencer to give you new, powerful sounds and sequences for your next track. If you’re making deep house, electro house, techno or just simply bass music, this set is made for YOU! This package features: - 50 new sounds (+ variations) – 50 new sequences (+ variations) Requirements: - TAL Bassline 101 Version 1.37Read more…

  6. Micro Loops V1

    (Xferrecords Nerve Edition)

    Micro Loops Volume 1 (Xferrecords Nerve edition) is a new serie we want to start, based on our Abstract Grooves serie, we continued making granular based samples and loops and used them with the great drumsampler from xferrecords, Nerve. In this small sample collection, we used the internal sequencer of Nerve to trigger the sounds so that you can use them in every host tempo you want. Add your own sounds to the existing patches and start making them grooving. The samples in this collection are using the WAV format, if you do not want to use the nerve drum sampler, you can simply save them to disk out of Nerve by exporting them. Features: - 20+ Drumkits/Loops (triggered through the internal sequencer of Nerve) Requirements: - Nerve Version 1.1.2. or higherRead more…

  7. Synthmaster Club Sequences Vol.1.1

    for KV331audio's Synthmaster

    Synthmaster from KV331 audio is one of the best virtual synthesizer on the market. With the release of version 2.5, were we did the factory presets, too, KV331 audio did an amazing job making a real monster with different Oscillator types, great sounding digital and analog like filters, a real big modulation matrix and with a great arpeggiator who is able to play sequences, too. With this package, you will get a new soundset using all these features, if you’re making club music, dance, trance, electro, house or EDM, this set is made for YOU! Features: - 50 new sounds – 50 new sequences (+ variations) As a bonus, you get 20 Arpeggios and 20 Bass sounds we made as we created this package…! Requirement: - KV331 Audio Synthmaster V2.6.9. or aboveRead more…

  8. FN-Xenox Club Sequences Vol1.1

    for LinPlug Spectral

    We worked hard with LinPlug together making “Spectral”, the coders at LinPlug did an amazing job and we started loving this beautiful synthesizer during its creation. We simply felt in love with that machine, after making factory presets and sound demos with it, we started this first soundset for Spectral. Spectral is a very powerful synthesizer, it’s awesome arpeggiator, which can play arpeggios and sequences, makes it the perfect tool for your next club hit. Xenox Club Sequences Vol.1 from Particular-Sound is a combination of 50 sequences (+ variations) and 50 sounds (+50 variations). With the release of Spectral, LinPlug added a cool new feature, that allows you to load, save and copy up to 32 steps in total in the arpeggiator. Spectral ArpeggioWith this new feature, you have the ability to change the sequences on the fly during a performance. If you won’t use the powerful sequences, switch it off and use the sequences as modulation only and make your own sequences. Last but not least, you can modulate every sound with the modwheel, pitchbend or both to get more out of the sounds. Now, with version 1.1. we updated the package with 50 new, fresh sounds we made as a bonus...! The package features: - 50 new sounds (+variations) - 50 new sequences (+variations) - 50 Bonus sounds - every sound is using the Modwheel and/or Pitchbend for modulations Requirements: - LinPlug Spectral V1.o or higher more…

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