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Paper Stone Instruments

Cinematic Virtual Instruments



Paper Stone Instruments

'Paper Stone Instruments' is based in Paper Stone Studios, Nottingham, United Kingdom. "Paper Stone's mission is to create unique, organic and expressive instruments that we as writers want for our own projects" All Instruments come with a selection of microphone positions that are recorded to the highest standard with premium quality signal paths. The recordings take place in the revered studio 2 live room: A converted cinema auditorium with superb acoustics.

  1. The Clap V2 - HOLIDAY SALE

    New Clap Machine with Loose, Natural and Tight Articulations

    'The Clap V2' is a 410MB natural clap machine from Paper Stone Instruments using Native Instruments .ncw lossless compression format for faster loading times. What makes the clap special is that you decide how many people you want clapping in your music, from 1 (C3) to 2 (C#3) all the way to 13 (C4)! The Clap V2 has been rebuilt from the ground up to encompass 3 clap variants and improved interface features. Whilst the original Clap was super tight, the Clap V2 has Loose, Natural and Tight clap variants making it 3 times the size and flexibility of the original. The Machine Clap Section has also been reworked to be pre filter and each machine clap can be turned on and off. Each clap has 5 round robins and is multi-sampled at 4 velocities. The Clap V2 was recorded using Close, Stereo and Room microphone techniques at Paper-Stone studios in Nottingham, England. "After using the first clap, I found it sounded great at higher BPMs but too rigid for slower tracks.. so the clap 2 was born.. with loose clap for slow tracks, natural for medium and tight for uptempo.. also the option to mix them up to add to realism and variation." The resulting instrument is playable in the full retail version of Kontakt V4.2.3 or above. (Sorry, the instrument will only work in demo mode in the free Kontakt player)Read more…


    1 Snaredrum, 5596 Samples

    PSI Snare is a 1.02GB, 5596 sample, Multi-sampled Snare Drum, playable in the full version of Kontakt 4.0.2 and 5.0 There is a simple concept behind the PSI Snare – Rather than going down the normal route of superficially recording a range of snares, our focus was to capture the huge amount of different tones and effects that can be created on one high quality drum. In fact we wanted to offer the user all the flexibility and sound shaping possibilities of owning a real snare. The success of our previous instrument ‘The Clap’ alerted us to the usefulness and desirability of an instrument that does one job, but does it very well! The end result features 35 different playing styles and tunings with up to 56 velocity layers recorded in 5 mic positions: 'Close'(Mono), 'Bottom' (Mono), Tube (Mono), 'Overhead' (stereo) and 'Room' (ambient stereo). The 35 Hits include 6 tunings, Muted Snares, Open Snares, Hands, Buzzes, Flams, Brushes, Hot Rods, Rim Shots and Rim Clicks. The wide range of hits and tunings means The Snare is capable of working in many different musical styles, it works like a dream as a replacer/enhancer snare in drum mixes where the original recording of the snare left something to be desired. It can also be programmed very creatively using its powerful editing controls and its ability to use the controls either in Global or Local mode. The Instrument was recorded in the revered Studio 2 live room of Paper Stone Studios, Nottingham, England, using purely audiophile quality signal paths. Download User Manual here: more…

  3. Palm Mute Piano - HOLIDAY SALE

    Cinematic, Finger Dampened Piano for Kontakt

    The PSI Palm Mute Piano is a unique Kontakt instrument created by meticulously sampling a Grand Piano using finger dampening to create what is essentially a brand new instrument. The Piano has been sampled in 3 individual articulations to create the widest range of tones possible, staccato, sustained, and the epic sounding pedalled. The recordings have also been made using 3 microphone positions which can be individually controlled and blended to maximise the range of obtainable sounds and effects. Palm Mute Piano was recorded in Studio 2 of Paper Stone Studios in Nottingham, UK, a converted cinema auditorium dating back to 1914 with incredible acoustics. This combined with with a class A signal chain has given the PMP a beautifully captured rich and characterful sound all of its own. "Palm Mute Piano is a unique and creative slant on an otherwise familiar instrument, offering whole new ways of employing the sound of a piano in your music. From intricate harmonic-like lines, to ethereal pads, Palm Muted Piano is a surprisingly versatile musical tool." - Mark Cousins, Music Tech Magazine The following recording equipment was used: > Close - C414 B-ULS, API 3124MB preamp, Prism converters. > Stereo - Neumann KM184 pair, Focusrite ISA Preamps, Prism converters > Room - Pair of Neumann U87 AI, API 3142MB preamp, Prism converters. For Kontakt 4.2.3 full version only. Download the free preview to view the user manual. Scroll down to view the video walkthrough.Read more…

  4. Creative Junk - HOLIDAY SALE

    Experimental Percussion for Kontakt

    Our most ambitious, versatile and comprehensive offering to date, Creative Junk is an organic percussion suite designed to fire your imagination. It was created with hits from everyday objects of many shapes and sizes that were carefully selected for their tone and character and their special interaction when played as a set. The final product is a 1.03 GB, 2050 sample, atonal and tuned percussion collection for Kontakt, made up of 20 nkis and featuring 100 multi sampled objects, each with up to 7 velocity layers. Industrial heaters, bouncing balls, bottles, jugs, and filing cabinets, Creative Junk is a goldmine of unique hits, quirky transients and inspirational tones, all recorded using 3 mic positions, thus allowing the user to incorporate the beautiful acoustics of our Cinematic live room using the ambient stereo pair, or to create a tighter sound with the close mic setting. From the Tom Waits Junk drums sound to a melodious Solaris style tuned percussion, Creative Junks tonal remit is far reaching and will bring a fresh perspective to your projects. Sam Brown of Paper Stone Studios says “When I’m writing I’m always looking for inspirational sounds, I want sounds that haven’t been created by conventional instruments. This propels me to seek out unusual or abstract objects to manipulate and sample. I wanted to put together a collection of these objects and then sample them with multiple mic positions, and give them an interface that would allow each sound to be tuned and blended individually or as groups across 3 different mic positions" Please download the free taster patch at the link below: more…

  5. PSI Marimba - HOLIDAY SALE

    Audiophile Marimba for Kontakt

    The PSI Marimba is a 52 note, 10,221sample, 6.2 GB (3.2 compressed) virtual Instrument, playable in the full version of Kontakt 4.0.2 and 5.0. Each note of a Robert Van Sice Artist Series 4 & 1/3 Octave Rosewood Marimba was intensively sampled in our cinematic live room to recreate the authentic sound of this beautiful instrument, using 9 microphones and with up to 23 velocity levels. To do justice to this 6 foot long Marimba we felt it was necessary to capture its sound using 5 microphone positions. Only this would convey its full tone and feel and also allow for endless acoustic possibilities in the mix. Using the faders on the GUI the user can create the optimal blend of ‘Centre’, ‘Stereo’, ‘Wide’, ‘Ribbon’ & ‘Room’ mics for their purposes. We also wanted to represent the varying tones and effects created by different beaters and hitting techniques, and so have created nkis featuring Felt beaters, Soft Felt beaters and Rubber beaters, plus straight hits, rolls and drags. The phase alignment of the audio was essential to the sound to ensure a focussed tone, this had to be done for each note. The end result represents a forensic, audiophile yet characterful recreation of a world class instrument. Close Mics: • Center (Neumann TLM 103) • Stereo (Neumann KM184 pair) • Wide (AKG C414 B-ULS pair) Ambient Mics: • Ribbon (Coles 4038 pair) • Room (Neumann u87 pair) There are 2 main instruments: 'Main' with felt beaters (contains rolls and straight hits) 'Soft' with softer beater (contains rolls and straight hits) There are also 2 patches which contain the rolls without the standard hits, for times when you need just the roll. The Main instruments also have have a 'Less Stereo Width' version with a narrower stereo field- for situations where the natural width of the instrument needs to be reduced. There are also 5 bonus patches which have a a hard rubber beater, drag strokes with a felt beater and 5th,Minor 3rd and Major 3rd intervals also with the standard felt beater. Download User Manual directly here: more…

  6. PSI Vibraphone

    Lush and Deeply Sampled Kontakt Instrument

    The PSI Vibraphone is a 1.9Gb 37 note virtual instrument using Native Instruments lossless .ncw compressed format samples. Each note of the 1960s 3 octave Premier 751 vibraphone has been meticulously sampled in our cinematic live room. “If a Vibraphones what you need, this one certainly does the business” 8/10 Computer Music Magazine Mark Cousins - senior writer Music Tech Magazine: "Compared to the sterile sound of many sampled vibraphones, PSI’s Vibraphone really captures the character and charm of the real instrument. Given the use of ambient mics placement (in addition to the close mics), you can really feel the air around the instrument, and as a result, the vibraphone tends to sit in the mix in a more naturalistic way. The PSI Vibraphone is a great choice for retro-style tracks, although it can also be a great addition to a virtual orchestra setup, or another productions requiring a more naturalistic vibraphone sound." Winner of MTMs Value Award. There are 4 main instruments: Sustain (pedalled) with soft and medium felt beaters Staccato (unpedalled) with medium felt and hard (rubber) beaters. All 4 have 3 velocity levels. The 3 bonus instrument are muted (hand muted unpedalled), Soft beater Vibrato and medium beater Vibrato (both using the original 1960s tremolo effect). All 7 instruments were sampled using 3 pairs of stereo mics: centre (close) Stereo (wide) Room (distant). For Kontakt V4.2 or above only - Not the Free Kontakt PlayerRead more…

  7. The Clap - HOLIDAY SALE

    Real Kontakt Clap Machine

    The one stop clap shop. The Clap was created to generate natural sounding clapping rhythms with hugely editable parameters that can be adjusted to fit into any mix. Choose the number of clappers you wish to use, from one (C3) to 13 (C4) and then choose their proximity - close mic'ed, stereo overhead, or ambient room or any blend of the 3. To ensure a varied natural sound, each clap has been sampled at 4 velocities, and with 5 round robins. To add extra possibilities and flavour you can augment the natural clap with any combination of 4 drum machine claps - 808, 909, Pop and Crunch. Further editability and sound manipulation is made possible by LPF and HPF filters, release controls and 10 kinds of reverb. > 784 stereo samples at 24bit 44.1 KHz. > Original user interface and advanced custom scripting engine. "With the clap I wanted to create a natural clap machine where I can generate as many people as i want clapping (in different positions in the stereo field) and have 6 mics all aligned in phase and ready to go. Also i wanted round robins to keep it organic and a selection of machine claps to add focus and strength when needed." Full version of Kontakt only (V4.2.3). Download the free preview to view the user manual. Scroll down to watch a walkthrough video.Read more…

  8. German Log Drum - HOLIDAY SALE

    Premium Kontakt Pentatonic Logdrum

    The German Log Drum is a 356MB virtual instrument. Each note of our 8 note pentatonic Logdrum has been meticulously sampled at 6 velocity levels, then turned into a chromatic instrument within Kontakt. The instrument used was a Schlagwerk 8 note Oak Log Drum in Bb major pentatonic (F2 G2 Bb2 C3 D3 F3 G3 Bb3) We recorded it with center, stereo and room microphones, and played it with timpani felt beaters (soft and hard) as well as with the hand. Buzz rolls are also included (2 octaves above the clean hit) and various percussive hits are found an octave below. Buzz rolls are where the beater is allowed to come to a natural rest on the note. We included this feature for round robin possibilities and creative options! > 1188 samples at 24bit 44.1 KHz. > Original user interface and advanced custom scripting engine. > GLD Full.nki (All articulations and dynamic keyswitching). > GLD Felt.nki (‘lighter’ version with just the Felt articulation loaded). > GLD Soft.nki (‘lighter’ version with just the Soft articulation loaded). > GLD Hand.nki (‘lighter’ version with just the Hand articulation loaded). Full version of Kontakt only (V4.2.3). Download the free preview to view the user manual. Scroll down to watch a walkthrough video.Read more…

  9. Free 'Bounce' - From 'Creative Junk'

    Bouncing Balls Percussion Freebie

    'Bounce' is one of the most unique elements of 'Creative Junk' our 1GB organic percussion suite, created from everyday objects that were carefully selected for their tone and character. Exercise balls, basket balls, table tennis balls, footballs and others were recorded using 3 mic positions in our Cinematic live room. The fun begins by switching 'Global' to 'Local', which allows each note to be sculpted individually, meaning each bounce can have it's own mic position/level, pitch, pan and filter setting. If you enjoy this freebie, please check out the full 'Creative Junk' collection where you will find a goldmine of unique hits, quirky transients and inspirational tones sub divided into the following nkis: Gamelan, Kit, Industrial, Jugs, Bottles, Transients, Foley. more…

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