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Papas St Germain

sampledelic sounds



Papas St Germain Papas St Germain is dedicated to creating samples from a variety of sources and instruments. The sounds created are heavily influenced by musicians such as Global Communications, Boards of Canada, My Bloody Valentine ,Four Tet,Bibio,Mo Wax, Public Enemy, Dub, Burial, Brian Eno,shoegaze and psychedelic folk/soundtrack music. Massive thanks to everyone that has purchased a Papas St Germain sample pack more exciting new packs will be coming soon. All of Papas st germain's samples use a mixture of hardware analogue gear and extensive digital editing and processing.The aim is to always create sounds that are unique, high quality and instantly distinctive. All sounds are royalty free.

  1. Cinematic Chill

    NEW Evocative Atmospheres by Papas St Germain

    The latest sample pack from Papas St Germain contains over 300 atmospheric sounds ,pads chords and acoustic instrumentation samples designed to trigger deep evocative moods. All the sounds have been selected to create cinematic atmospheres, nostalgia and add depth to any style of production. From Mournful violin sounds to burbling electronic sequences, these sounds are unique in character tone and attitude. The sounds went through the usual processes with old akai samplers, tape decks, microphones, guitar amps, effects pedals and unique processing techniques all applied to evoke natural musical atmospheres.. The pack contains 1Gb worth of over 290 samples and these sounds are suitable for any genre of production. Slot these samples into your productions to add a unique flavour and atmosphere. PeaceRead more…

  2. Nu Psych Guitars

    sampledelic guitar sounds

    Nu Psych Guitars Vol 1 Nu Psych guitars is the latest sample pack from Papas St Germain. This is an eclectic trip into the psychedelic underground. Guitars are twisted and sculpted into new inspiring sound scapes all played recorded and processed by Papas St Germain. These hand crafted samples are inspired by the free sound of the 60’s, the innovative sounds of MBV, BJM,BoC ,The Stone Roses, Ride and Spacemen 3 and the Nu modern psych sounds of Tame Impala,Shoegaze and Chillwave. This pack knows no bounds in terms of eclectic new progressive sounds. With approx 1 GB of content, the pack is ordered into chord progressions,melodic sequences, basslines,riffs and out there guitar sounds. This pack is ideal for any genre where the producer wants to put a distinctive stamp on their sound and take a trip deep into the Nu Psychedelic underground. Peace and Enjoy Papas St GermainRead more…

  3. Astral Acoustics

    Chilled Acoustic Guitars

    This sample pack contains 420 MB of samples sourced from Papas st germain's own acoustic guitar playing. From serene fingerpicked sequences to abstract psychedelic loops and chordal pads, all sounds are sourced from acoustic guitar.Influences include Bibio, BoC,Four Tet,Nick Drake and Tycho. Different tunings and effects are employed to take the sounds out of the ordinary ,creating a unique flavour that will enliven any genre of production.Read more…

  4. Ambient Electronica Vol 1

    Deep Ambient Electronica

    Ambient Electronica Volume 1 At 50 % off, this pack from papas st germain contains atmospheric synths, spine tingling chord progressions ,chilled rolling beats and ethereal ambient sequences The sounds are custom made and designed to be suitable for any genre including soundtrack work, game design, sound for picture, multi media or any music production All sounds are royalty free A mixture of hardware and software was used with some key elements involving FM synthesis and granular synthesis. Many sound sources such as guitars ,hardware synths and beat machines were sampled then re sampled to create a collection of unique Ambient Electronica samples for the discerning producer.Read more…

  5. Classic Beats from Battered Machines

    Dirty Hardware beats

    This exclusive library from Papas St germain is dedicated to beats , breaks and one shots from classic drum machines and hardware samplers. The beats were programmed within the machines then recorded into Pro Tools and Reaper where they were sliced cut ,edited and reprogrammed by hand. These beats are completely unique to this library. Plug ins such as Vintage warmer, old timer and camel crusher were used to push the sounds further. Equipment used >Electribe ES 1 >MPC 1000 >Akai S1000 >Akai S3000XL >Alesis SR16 >Boss SP505 >Mpc 2000 enjoy Papas St germain.Read more…

  6. Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies

    Beats, Ambient Pads and Chords free

    Harmonic Beats, Discordant Melodies from Papas St Germain is an eclectic mix of tough beats, ambient pads and chords, melodic loops and combinations of beats and melodies. The sounds were sourced from drum machines, real snare hits, acoustic and electric guitars and bits and bobs - such as recorders, thai flutes and some actual flute (played by Catherine). All sounds were then heavily processed using paulextremesoundstretch(check it out), Reaper and Pro Tools, huge amounts of analogue and digital delay, reverb, distortion and saturation. A combination of software and hardware was used with The MPC, S3000XL , Electribe ES1, Alesis SR16, Big Muff, Line 6 delay and Holy Stain used on the hardware front. On the plug ins side, huge amounts of PSP plug ins for EQ and compression, audiodamage for extreme dub delays and whatever else could be used to sculpt and manipulate the original sounds. Check out further demos of this library at soundcloud. ( more…

  7. Downtempo Chilltrax Vol 1

    Down tempo chilled Samples

    DOWN TEMPO CHILLTRAX This release from Papas St Germain is the most eclectic yet.Over 880 Mb AND over 300 samples, this pack is designed to suit the needs of producers of any genre. With tough swung grooves, smooth dubbed out bass, skyscraping guitar sounds and melodies and ethereal re sampled synths, this sample pack provides a massive range of blissed out sounds for yer samplers. The beats are inspired by downtempo hip hop and beat music purveyors such as Madlib and Flying Lotus . Basslines are sourced from dub and funk influences and guitars and synths take their cue from the washed out sounds of chillwave, shoegaze and electronic experimentalists such as BoC, Tycho, Four tet and burial. The musical content is designed to be melodic and characterful, sparking inspiration in the producer to start building tracks right away. All sounds were written, recorded ,programmed and played by Papas St Germain for you. All sounds are royalty free. Peace PapasRead more…

  8. Ambient Guitars Volume 3

    Ethereal ambient guitar sounds

    The latest release from Papas St Germain continues with Ambient Guitars Volume 3. At over 600Mb and just over 100 samples this sample pack concentrates on serene ,blissful ,guitarscapes,suitable for all modern musical genres. Beautiful guitar sounds abound here.Saturated in delay,reverb and distortion. These sounds are created using classic vintage guitar amps and analogue fx pedals some of which are new additions to Papas St Germain's production kit. The sounds are totally unique, ranging from blissed out ambient soundscapes to abstract alien tones,drones and sequences. Each sample is lovingly crafted and designed to be used in soundtrack work,music production or any use imaginable. All sounds are royalty free and custom created. Enjoy peace Papas.Read more…

  9. Ambient Toolkit VOL 2

    Sounds From The Ambient Underground

    Ambient Toolkit VOL 2 is packed full of moody synths, dark pads, psychedelic sequences and edgy, eclectic beats. This pack takes the dark ambient side. Influenced by Burial's moody synths, Aphex Twin's ambient works, the atmospheric guitar scapes of MBV and the intricate found sound beats of Four Tet, Autechre and Burial. This pack offers over 800 Mb of genuine quality,underground sounds created from a wide variety of sources. From found sounds to analogue synths to signals processed through analogue pedals and hardware effects to guitars processed to melting point. All of these sounds are genuinely individual in character scope and depth. Designed to be used in any genre of music, these samples are true originals and will enliven any production. Enjoy! Peace, Papas.Read more…

  10. Nu Electronic Gaze

    Sunkissed Chilled Out Samples

    Nu Electronic Gaze from Papas St Germain features over 600Mb of sun kissed samples for the summer. Shimmering guitars, bouncy dub basslines, chilled crunchy beats, saturated synths and tripped out FX feature heavily with this library. Inspired by the Nu Electronic sounds of BoC, Tycho and Ulrich Schnauss, the shoegaze guitars of MBV and slowdive as well as the usual ambient, dub and psychedelic influences. These samples are designed to give a blissed out psychedelic flavour to any genre of production. KIT LIST: Sheraton guitar Music Man Amplifier Line 6 ML4 Alesis Midi verb Electro harmonix big muff Electroharmonix Pulsar MPC 1000 PSP Audioware plugs Kaoss Pad Waves Kramer Tape Dub station Akai S1000Read more…

  11. Ambient Toolkit Vol 1

    Organic Ambient Sounds

    Ambient Toolkit Volume 1 from Papas St Germain contains an eclectic mix of ambient sounds sourced from flute, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, samplers and hardware synths. The pack contains over 700MB of samples. The folders are separated into blissful guitar sounds, ethereal flutes, broken beats and pulsating synths. The sounds were recorded and then processed extensively. Many of the tones were re-sampled, re-pitched and worked into chords, individual tones, sequences and chord progressions with the intention of creating unique otherwordly sounds suitable for any musical genre. Some of the samples are designed to be used as starting points for full scale tracks whilst others are suitable for adding a unique flavour to any genre of production. Kit used include: Korg Microkorg, Sheraton guitar, Music Man Amp, Electro Harmonix pedals, Line 6 DL4 AKG C 1000S, Rode NT100, PSP Audioware plug ins, X Fade looper, Reaper, Ableton and Pro Tools. Peace and enjoy PapasRead more…

  12. Domestic Elements Vol. 2

    Sounds from Household Objects

    Domestic Elements Volume 2 expands from where Domestic Elements Volume 1 left off. With over 350 Mb of samples. All of the sample sounds are sourced from household objects with the intention of creating completely unique and one off sounds. Techniques used included stereo microphone placement techniques, spot micing, ambient recording, extensive editing, re-sampling and re-recording of sounds with the aim of creating ambient pads, one shot hits, chords, atmospheres, breaks and old school programmed beats. Influences include recent Burial productions, BOC, Public Enemy, Eno, Global Communications. All sounds are royalty free and would be useful for ambient styles of music production as well as downtempo productions, soundtrack music.Read more…

  13. Domestic Elements Vol. 1

    Sounds from Household Objects

    Domestic Elements Volume 1 contains over 250MB of ambient pads, sound effects and chords created from household objects. Completely unique sounds all created from scratch using stereo microphone techniques, extensive audio processing, editing and audio mangling. The sounds are inspired by artists such as Global Communications, Burial, Aphex twin's ambient tracks and Brian Eno. A program called paulextremesoundstretch was used for some of the processing as well as huge amounts of delays, reverbs, modulation effects and re-sampling techniques. Hardware processing used included the old Akai S1000 and S3000 xl samplers , Korg Kaoss pad as well as various pedals and PSP plug ins. All samples are royalty free and would be useful in any ambient/soundtrack styles of music production.Read more…

  14. Ambient Guitars Volume 2

    Ethereal Ambient Guitars

    Ambient Guitars Volume 2 from Papas St germain, is a 450MB collection of ambient guitar samples. From blissful, unusual chord progressions to one chord hits, e-bow chords, alien tones and otherworldly FX. Ambient Guitars Volume 2 is suitable with any genre of electronic music. Many of the sounds were recorded using a vintage Music Man amplifier with delay, reverb and gentle distortion. The sounds were re-sampled, processed and manipulated in Camel Audio's Alchemy. Extensive audio mangling was applied using a range of PSP Audioware plug ins. Some of the usual hardware suspects such as Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Akai samplers and echo and reverb units were used to add colour to the sounds which you will not find anywhere else. Examples available as usual at SOUNDCLOUD. ( Enjoy, peace Papas St germainRead more…

  15. Ambient Guitars Vol. 1

    Chilled Ambient Guitars

    Ambient Guitars Vol 1 contains 300MB of ambient guitar samples ideal for use in soundtrack and downtempo compositions. The samples were created using acoustic and electric guitars tuned to DADGAD and open G tuning, a Music Man amp and massive delays, reverbs and distortions. Pedals used included various Electro Harmonix pedals and some stereo microphone techniques on the amp. Further processing was also used in software with Audio Damage plug-ins, PSP Audioware plug-ins and various cut up editing techniques. All of the sounds were heavily influenced by Boards of Canada, My Bloody Valentine, Broadcast, Eno and weird psych folk records. Examples available at the sampleism community group on soundcloud. ( All samples are royalty free. This library is Volume 1 from a 2 part collection.Read more…

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