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Digital Analog




A beMYsound Certified Artist, Oper-8 is a French independent artist focusing on subtle electronic music. He played keyboards in several local bands, but never left the world of machines. He also won a few sound design and custom music contests. Feel free to contact him for any project, collaboration, custom sync/media music, or anything else !

  1. Handcrafted Loops Vol. 4

    80 inspiring analog & digital synthetic loops (70-140 BPM)

    14 basses, 7 beats, 19 FX loops, and 40 inspiring melodies & chord sequences. All these loops come from various analog and digital hardware synths. They were all recorded directly from the analog outputs, so expect a bit of dusty character here and there. Everything 100% tweaked & carefully handcrafted.Read more…

  2. Analog+Digital Bundle

    5 packs in 1 !

  3. Handcrafted Loops Vol. 3

    All-monophonic analog synth-tweaked loops (65-132 BPM)

    Full-on analog craze ! All-monophonic material, entirely designed on analog hardware. 32 bass loops, 6 drum loops, 9 rhythmic FX loops, and 33 synth lines, all from 65 to 132 BPM. As usual, everything is 100% synth-tweaked, carefully handcrafted, and recorded straight from the machines.Read more…

  4. Handcrafted Loops Vol. 2

    Synth-tweaked loops, from OP-1 + analog friends (60-134 BPM)

    22 bass loops, 8 beats, 8 rhythmic FX loops, and 42 synth lines. All loops run from 60 to 134 BPM. 50% from Teenage Engineering's OP-1, 50% from various analog synthesizers, 100% synth-tweaked and carefully handcrafted. Recorded straight from the machines without external effects.Read more…

  5. Handcrafted Loops Vol. 1

    Synth-tweaked loops, from OP-1 + analog friends (60-127 BPM)

    16 bass loops, 9 synthetic beats, 9 rhythmic FX loops, and 46 synth riffs & chord sequences. A large amount of these loops were lifted from OP-1 jams, others originate from various synthesizers. Everything is 100% synth-tweaked and carefully handcrafted.Read more…

  6. OP-1 Late Night Stuff

    100% OP-1 bass lines, beats and synth lines (70-120 BPM)

    Bits, bleeps and subs, all lifted from various late night jams recorded on the OP-1. Contains 10 deep and muddy bass lines, 33 minimalistic and crunchy beats, and 23 moody synth lines, mostly between 70 and 120 BPM, with a few above and below the range.Read more…

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