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Unique 1950's electronic sound - like Theremin (Kontakt)



Michael Bietenholz

Deep and devious Kontakt programming


The Resonator is a unique sound, reminiscent of pioneering, pre-1950, electronic instruments like the Ondioline and the Theremin. Unlike those strictly monophonic instruments, this Kontakt Kit has, in addition to the melody oscillator, a set of "resonators", which produce an ever-shifting set of drone voices, sort of like the oscillator version of sympathetic resonator strings on a sitar or a viola d'amore. It works like this: You play a melody with the right hand, and hold down a chord with the left. As you are playing the melody, different notes of the chord will be brought out as they resonate with whatever melody notes you are holding in the left hand. All this is accomplished with a custom script for Kontakt, not available anywhere else - its like a dedicated VST instrument. The result is a rich texture that constantly shifts with different notes coming to the fore, all in a gorgeous space provided by the Kontakt convolution reverb. There are extensive real-time controls: The control panel allows you to tailor the sound to taste, with controls for the vibrato, resonator volume, the glide-time, the keyboard split and more (see screenshot). The mod wheel fades between two classic waveforms (pulse and sine). Portamento (glide) is provided with variable glide time and a full-time or a legato-only mode. New (31 Mar 2012) controls for the built-in reverb and delay are also provided (Compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher) - Will not work in the free Kontakt Player.


Michael Bietenholz


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