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Nicolas Signat

Alive Instruments for Kontakt



Nicolas Signat

Sound designer and composer for video games. Also drummer and sound engineer. Currently developing the Alive series : expressive Kontakt instruments focused on realism, detail and accuracy with just enough imperfections to be alive. My website : My Facebook page :

  1. Alive Bundle - 3 Packs in 1

    Kontakt Drums, Percussion and Sound Design

    This bundle contains all 3 products from the 'Alive' suite of Kontakt instruments. The 'Alive' suite is a full collection of high-quality and bespoke drum-kits, percussive kits and sound design patches recorded in unique environments and packaged into easy-to-use interfaces. Take a look at each product page for full details on each library, listen to demo tracks, watch video walkthroughs, download user manuals and to read some of the feedback and praise left by happy customers: Alive Underground Drums: Alive Littles: Alive Cymbals: Save 30% on individual prices - Buy all 3 in the same bundle.Read more…

  2. Alive Cymbals V1.5

    Expressive Kontakt Cymbal Instrument

    Version 1.5 contains a new nki with all the cymbals mapped across the keyboard so it is now possible to play the entire range of cymbals without having to load the multi. Alive Cymbals is the ideal complement for your music. It's made from a set of 8 cymbals recorded with high-end gears (Audio Technica mics and Nagra LB recorder and preamps) in 88,2kHz 24 bit, edited in the same resolution and then down sampled into 44,1kHz 24 bit with Izotope SRC. Recorded in a warm room in stereo (close position), the sound is raw, vibrant, accurate, and extremely musical. Main Features : * 8 high-end cymbals : a Wuhan 27" china, a Zildjian 20" K Custom Dark Ride, a Meinl 18" Byzance Extra Dry China, a Paiste 16" Twenty Crash, a Meinl 14" Byzance Thin Crash, a Sabian 10" HHX Evolution Splash and a pair of Paiste 2002 Cup Chime (5" and 5.5"), recorded closely with stick, brush, mallet and/or bow with full sustain (download the manual for full details). * Several round robins and velocity layers (3-4 of each, average). * Attack & Release controls for all patches, Fx reverb for all the basic patches. * 12 sound designed instruments with weird pianos, bells, pads, sci-fi fx with modwheel control. * Custom GUIs with photos of the cymbals. * 44,1kHz 24 bit stereo files, originaly recorded in 88,2kHz with Nagra recorder and preamps. * 377 files, 664 MB using NI ncw lossless format. For Kontakt 4 and above.Read more…

  3. Alive Littles

    88 little toys and much more !

    Here's your new sandbox full of toys ! 88 instruments are waiting for you inside the main Kontakt patch. All samples have been recorded very close with high-end equipment (Nagra LB, KM185, Blue Dragonfly, AT4050, Rode NT4 ...) in high definition (88.2kHz 24bit) in dry rooms. Every sample is 'alive' and dynamic due to 10 random robins for every recording ! Our GUI gives you access to a lot of transformations and modulations, all based on velocity. You can set filters, pitch, stereo effects and panning, ADSR envelope, play in reverse, offset and volume sound by sound. You can choose to use random robins or not. Moreover, we added some great global effects on a second tab with a transient designer, EQ, flanger, chorus, phaser, tape saturator, lo-fi (bit crusher) and reverb. Features: > 5 main patches which are presets for the whole sandbox. > 32 chromatic instruments > 19 sound design patches made from the same sample pool ! The Sound Designer patches are unique little instruments in their own right. We will try and produce some examples of these as soon as we can. You can download the manual for more information by clicking on the "free preview" button above. Scroll down for audio demos. WARNING : for the full retail version of Kontakt or above only. Will only work in 'Demo' mode if you have the free version of Kontakt PlayerRead more…

  4. Alive Underground Drums V2

    Expressive Kontakt Drum Instrument

    > +3500 samples in 44.1kHz 24 bit stereo, 18 prepared nki patches, 3.1GB on drive (ncw lossless format).* > 4 new snares + 8 new cymbals > New GUI with new features for every patch > Offset knob + Midi Learn function + CC4 controler for the hi-hat opening, especially designed for edrummers > Midi files from the audio demos Alive Underground Drums is a new approach of a virtual drumkit : one microphone, a huge reverb from an underground parking lot, many high-end drumkits and a lot of possibilities ! It's simple to use and sounds massive. We have recorded each element with high-end gear (Rode NT4 mic + Nagra LB recorder) in high definition (88kHz 24 bit stereo), on several zones (except kicks) and always with 6 random robins. In total there are : 4 kicks, 9 snares, 3 alto toms, 2 medium toms, 3 floor toms, 3 hi-hats, 8 rides and 12 crash cymbals.* With our interface you'll be able to mix the different elements and shape your sound with the ADSR envelope, the compressors and the EQs.* This is a massive instrument and a true labour of love (almost a year of work) ! Listen to our demos and watch our presentation video to discover this exciting product ! For the full retail version of Kontakt 4.2.3 or above only. * Please download the manual for more information by clicking on the "free preview" button above.Read more…

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