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Tibetan Singing Bowls

Expressive Kontakt Instrument



Mike Dunn

m l dunn, michael lisle dunn

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Multisampled 32bit Instrument for Kontakt - authentically played with long loops, latched instruments and assorted hits. Singing Bowls are traditionally played by running a wooden beater around the rim of the bowls, similar to running your finger around the top of a wineglass. These samples have been performed in this style. Notoriously hard to record, they produce a spiritual, resonant tone that is perfect for backgrounds, ambient/chill material and meditation. With nearly 250MB of long, gently fluctuating 32bit loops and hits mapped across a full 88 note keyboard range, this instrument almost plays itself - check out the demo which was performed live in one take. Using Kontakt's extensive range of editing parameters, power-users can attain a wide variety of different effects. To ensure you hear all the lowest tones of the bowls please ensure you are monitoring through good-sized speakers :) Building this instrument was truly a labour of love... (Compatible with Kontakt version and above..)

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Mike Dunn


285.2 MB,4files

MD5 Hash: 3bb7ea62ce5a48d5e3b1a8f4b5119962
  1. singingbowls.tga … 1.2 MB
  3. Tibetan singing Bowls Tibetan Tuning.nki … 241.5 MB
  4. Tibetan singing Bowls.nki … 241.5 MB
  1. Kontakt
  1. Ambient
  2. Healing Sounds
  3. Instrument
  4. Minimal
  5. World Music
  1. bowls
  2. kontakt
  3. m_l_dunn
  4. singing
  5. tibetan
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