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Mike Dunn

m l dunn, michael lisle dunn



  1. Digitiphony Vol 1

    Kontakt Scoring Tool

    Electro Orchestral Instant Scoring/Soundtrack Tool for Kontakt 5. Sync Licence included (conditions apply) Contains 88 complete musical phrases mapped across the entire keyboard range with dedicated controls for local (single samples) and global (all samples) editing and real-time manipulation. Ideal for film students, Video Editors and directors - easily assemble soundscapes, stings, loops and themes for your productions within a unified musical framework. Change tempo, pitch, duration and more for unique custom underscores. RRP £29.99 Please download the user manual for a full description of what is included and what can be achieved with this fantastic composer tool: Video walkthrough - Scoring guide Audio Demos at Requires Kontakt or above (will only work for 15 minutes in Kontakt Player)Read more…

  2. Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Expressive Kontakt Instrument

    Multisampled 32bit Instrument for Kontakt - authentically played with long loops, latched instruments and assorted hits. Singing Bowls are traditionally played by running a wooden beater around the rim of the bowls, similar to running your finger around the top of a wineglass. These samples have been performed in this style. Notoriously hard to record, they produce a spiritual, resonant tone that is perfect for backgrounds, ambient/chill material and meditation. With nearly 250MB of long, gently fluctuating 32bit loops and hits mapped across a full 88 note keyboard range, this instrument almost plays itself - check out the demo which was performed live in one take. Using Kontakt's extensive range of editing parameters, power-users can attain a wide variety of different effects. To ensure you hear all the lowest tones of the bowls please ensure you are monitoring through good-sized speakers :) Building this instrument was truly a labour of love... (Compatible with Kontakt version and above..)Read more…

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