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Carefully crafted, warm and wonky micro libraries. Based on field recordings, broken circuits and other sound oddities.

  1. Clapsticks

    Aboriginal clap sticks

    Nearly as much fun as playing a pair of real clapsticks, this tiny percussive Kontakt instrument saves you time searching for the perfect sound. Can also be fine tuned using the pitch functions.Read more…

  2. Micromorph

    carefully sculptured, bent and demolished samples

    Micromorph is a small Kontakt library of carefully sculptured, bent and demolished samples, based on field recordings, broken circuits and other sound oddities that I have collected and manipulated. It's wonky and imperfect but also includes beautiful, delicate sounds and drifts from sonic warmth to demolished nastiness. It's a perfect complimentary library to add to beats, add texture to synths and add some unique sounds to your multimedia projects. Includes 96 unique, wonky circuit bent samples, dusty ambient textures and drifting soundscapes. Morph each sound using the simple cut off, crush and frequency parameters to demolish, add warmth or harmonics. Patch list 14 carefully crafted Kontakt patches circuits.nki darkdrone.nki darkmatters.nki glass.nki miniature.nki miniature2.nki morphed.nki polyrhythmik.nki quarks.nki shush.nki tiny_beats.nki transients.nki warpedbell.nki wonky_pad.nki * Please note that micromorph needs the full version of Kontakt 5 The track below includes circuits, darkmatters and glass patchesRead more…

  3. Stormpipe


    When a gentle breeze resonates through the cracks in the pipe, the storm pipe acts like a 1 meter diameter iron didgeridoo, producing some unique drone like scapes. Standing at the outlet of the pipe and recording these gentle natural soundscapes produced some fascinating tones. Once in the studio, I processed the raw recordings to create subtle pads and drones. Patch list Caught In A Faint Light.nki Dusty Pad.nki ET.nki Glaciel.nki Limitless.nki Pipedreams.nki Smooth Seas.nki Stormpipe.nkiRead more…

  4. Stylophoney

    wonky stylophone

    No ordinary collection of stylophone samples. This micro library is messed up and wonky. 75 dusty, static, analogue drenched wav files, 10 Kontakt patches. Pads, Glitchy kits, Sound FX, Bass. Stylophoney Broken.nki Stylophoney Dark Synth Pad.nki Stylophoney Drum Pops.nki Stylophoney Drums.nki Stylophoney Eerie Synth Pad.nki Stylophoney Oddities.nki Stylophoney Soft Noise.nki Stylophoney Soft.nki Stylophoney vs Sid Chip.nki Stylophoney.nkiRead more…

  5. Woods

    A collection of small, medium and large trees

    A collection of small, medium and large trees, all including background woodland sounds - crunching leaves, birds singing and children playing and natural outside space reverb. Samples of snapped, rotten trunks and branches tapped and wacked to create clangs, crunches and scrapes. 277 audio files/24bit recordings, 8 instrument patches. Morph using Warp, Haze and Crunch parameters. All percussion in the demo below is made using the following Woods patches: Small Tree, Large Tree Extra, Large Tree Extra 2Read more…

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