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MPC Battery I

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MPC BATTERY I Sample pack for Native Instruments Battery + Maschine and all other samplers able to import wave samples There are many MPC sample packs out there but every time I download one I feel that they underutilise the capabilities the MPC offers. So I decided to create a pack that makes extensive use of the MPC's filters, envelopes, LFOs, effects, loop, etc. The pack consists of 10 drumkits and 24 synth patches, where mostly all kits have their very own effect settings and offer several variations. Altogether 34 kits, 52 variations and 413 samples. Furthermore some of the kits come with a demo loop. The kits were created on a MPC1000 but are mostly compatible to the MPC500, MPC2500, MPC4000 and MPC5000. Everyone who doesn't own a MPC has the option to download the pack in Battery 3 format. Be ensured that the kits make use of Battery's features as well. But even if you don't use a MPC or Battery - just download it and load the samples into your own favorite sampler. The samples come in WAV format in 16 bit and 44.1 KHz and are compatible to any sampler I know of. All tonal samples have their root key in the filename.

MPC Battery I



46.8 MB,2files

MD5 Hash: fb933cf531d45670a3b4b93e6e63244b
  1. … 18.3 MB
  2. … 28.6 MB
  1. Battery
  2. Kontakt
  3. WAV
  1. Deep House
  2. Electro
  3. Hip Hop
  4. Minimal
  5. PsyTrance
  6. Tech House
  7. Techno
  8. Trance
  1. akai
  2. battery
  3. drumkit
  4. free
  5. instruments
  6. mpc
  7. mpc1000
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