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Electronic DRIZZLE

Alchemy Sound Bank



Mad B.R.G.

sounds to arouse your imagination

Electronic DRIZZLE

Sound-Bank for Camel Audio Alchemy 1.50 and above (full version required), featuring 30 presets with 8 variations each via the remix-pad section and 8 controllers and the x/y-pads assigned. That makes 240 sounds from the start, since one focus was also to deliver a wide acoustic range even by the 8 snapshots! Content >Loops 3x >Rhythmic 10x >Sequenced 3x >Soundscapes 5x >Synth 9x What the cook says... "friction & fraction, the rough & unexpected, melodic & rhythmic - that's what the electronic DRIZZLE is about. A percussive note gently shifting to a padish hiss. Made up of technically cold waveforms it may end up in a light summer shower." Recommendation Having in mind trance, ambient, electronica, multimedia- and gamedesign and of course soundtrack support when producing the soundset it shall also be a vibrant source of inspiration – so everything else we leave to your creativity: Let it guide you beyond the limits of imagination! CAUTION: The 4 demo patches of the free preview have pre-release status and differ slightly (eg controller mapping) from their final state! And they are LOUD - so take care!

Electronic DRIZZLE

Mad B.R.G.


4.3 MB,4files

MD5 Hash: 8b1d5205397615999765a835a7924703
  1. MadBRG - electronic DRIZZLE.pdf … 2.1 MB
  2. Thank U.txt … 679 Bytes
  3. MadBRG - electronic DRIZZLE - license.pdf … 2.1 MB
  4. AlchemyElectronicDrizzle-1-01.CamelSounds … 108.2 KB
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