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Sound Connoisseur.



Started producing november 2014 and I picked up on everything quicker then i imagined, I like engineering and fine tuning sounds that mess with your brain and have a feeling In them More kits with patches, flps and wav files coming soon I do caustic patches if interested too. #caustic warrior

  1. KeznCo - Strictly Jump up DnB (vol 1)


    Kez n Co - STRICTLY JUMP UP DNB SAMPLE PACK (vol 1) 58 wav format samples made for jump up drum and bass i took time to craft these sounds and make them as dirty and different as possible with these sounds you can create the dark underground feel for your tracks witch would be played in warehouse raves and events there are many different styles of jump up in this pack these styles go along the sounds of; guv, simula, hedex, upgrade and many more but all these sounds are unique and to my taste I Hope you like these sounds as much as i liked making them. the preview is just a for instance no work sent into making the beats. Just extract then move or drag to documents or folder of use.Read more…

  2. KeznCo - Dark Arts

    DnB/Jumpup / Dubstep/Grime

    DARK ARTS (VOL 1) this pack contains 50 wav sounds that ive took time to craft and make filthy and hard it covers all kinds of genres such as dnb/jump up dnb/grime/dubstep/dub and alternative also comes with 3 patches for massive witch you can use orwork from and form your own sound All these sounds are unique and to my taste but should be enjoyed by you. Just extract and drag and drop to to documents or folder of useRead more…

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