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Joe Sacco



A mysterious personage.

  1. Sylenth Electro Bass Presets

    Get Started!

    Sylenth Electro Bass Presets. Easy to use. Only thing added to channel strips was side-chain compression and a little EQ and a limiter on the master bus. Other than that it's plug n go. Very simple. If you are not sure about using Sylenth or you just want some decent electro sounds to get you going, this might be a good starter for you.Read more…

  2. Minimal House Loops

    Bass and Drum Loops

    Tech Specs: 63.5 MB Each File is Zipped as mp3 and WAV 10 Minimal Drum Loops With Bass Groove This pack mainly focuses on techno and minimal tech styles. This pack is filled with infectious bass grooves backed with a minimal drum loop to get you're creative juices flowing! This is a must for all Tech House and Minimal producers!Read more…

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