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Female Solo Voice

Free Kontakt Instrument



Hephaestus Sounds

Real-time-playing Virtual Instruments

Female Solo Voice

Free download for you to enjoy. Featuring the vocals of Federica, 19, mezzosoprano. • 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution; • 3 dynamic layers; • release effects for every layer; • control panels for Portamento, Legato and Tone presence; • on the left, a small fx kit (phrases & shouts); • Compressor and Reverb controls; • non-compressed file size of 42MB • works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer. Please check out the complete Hephaestus Sounds range here:

FREE Female Solo at SoundCloud.

Female Solo Voice

Hephaestus Sounds


35.1 MB,3files

MD5 Hash: f6bcd1e96fe81f8d5a631602250fd376
  1. H_FemaleSolo.nki … 41.2 MB
  2. Leggimi.txt … 900 Bytes
  3. Readme.txt … 798 Bytes
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  1. Instrument
  2. World Music
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