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Hephaestus Sounds

Real-time-playing Virtual Instruments



Hephaestus Sounds

High quality sample libraries for N.I. Kontakt 5 and YAMAHA Tyros 4/5 digital workstations.

  1. Pipe Festival 2

    Easy. Fast. Great-sounding.

    Based on the same samples of our best selling organ library Italian Concert Organ, sampled at 48KHz 24-bit with the superb compression at only 247MB, offering 16 ready-to-use of the most typical organ sounds chosen for us by expert Italian organ players and with an extremely user friendly GUI, Pipe Festival 2 EASILY BECOME THE BEST PIPE ORGAN FOR KONTAKT IN THIS PRICE RANGE. It's the evolution of the previous Pipe Festival library for different aspects. Both offer an Italian organ sound, but Pipe Festival 2 offers the best realism, not only for the sample quality, but also for the environment simulation, the stereo field and the tiny size, typical of all the new Hephaestus Sounds libraries. Pipe Festival 2 basically has been developed for all the users who don't know the pipe organ or how to play it at the best, especially with a common MIDI keyboard. So, here you have a ready-to-use sound switchable by dedicated key-switches. Do you think Italian Concert Organ is too difficult? Don't worry. Pipe Festival 2 solves your problem. Do you like Italian Concert Organ sound but you cannot afford it? Don't worry. Pipe Festival 2 has obviously less functions and sounds, but it offers the same sound quality of Italian Concert Organ. FEATURES: * 48KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; * Samples from our top organ library Italian Concert Organ; * 16 ready-to-play and typically used organ sounds chosen with the great help of some talented Italian organ players; * Player/Spectator button. Do you like listen to the organ from the player position or from the church pews? * Theatre/Cathedral reverb button. Just switches between 2 different high quality IR samples; * Modulation controller adjusts the volume (MIDI CC 1); * Support for expression pedal (MIDI CC 11); * For live playing, a 61-keys-keyboard (or bigger) is suggested; 76 and 88 keys are probably the best solutions; * Compressed total library size: only 247MB. I think it's small enough; * Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (it works for 15 minutes only on Kontakt Player!). SOUND LIST: 1. Flutes 8' 2. Principal 8' & 4' 3. Prinz & Flutes 4. Soft Reeds 5. Strong Reeds 6. Funds 8' 7. Funds All 8. Reeds & Pedal 9. Exp. All 10. Grand Jeu 11. Plein Jeu 12. I + III + Ped. 13. Fonds et Anches 14. Organo Pleno 15. Great All 16. TuttiRead more…

  2. Jack's Concert Guitar

    Inspired just by a guitar.

    CONCEPT Sampled from a Stephen Hill's concert guitar, wonderfully played by Italian guitarist Giacomo "Jack" Bigoni, now a close friend of us, always available and with a great talent. We sampled his personal guitar to capture the feeling that there is between the instrument and its owner: samples are sharp, accurate, targeted, detailed and expertly played by Jack, based on a real performance of him with his guitar. PECULIARITY But...having a great guitarist and a wonderful instrument is not enough. And...having a great studio? Not even enough. What makes the difference (highlight of Hephaestus Sounds' instruments) is the ability to make the sampled instrument playable exactly like the real instrument, simulating articulations and noises all in real-time. TECHNOLOGY This new instrument will use our latest scripting effort: the SenseTech. It is the last evolution of the previous Performer Intelligent Technology, able to simulate the instrument in all its nuance and every articulation just by playing, using very little system resources and an improved high-precision script that will have to manage a large number of samples in several milliseconds of time. ​ EASY TO USE "What should I use now? Legato? Or maybe I need a glide? Now I should play strumming! Damn! What is the right key-switch?!" Ok ok please abandon these thoughts. You just have to play. SenseTech will take care of everything. FEATURES - 48KHz 24-bit Stereo; - 6 dynamic layers; - 8 sound modes, also switchable by key-switch; - 1 Live! sound mode*; - Fullness, Presence and Detail knobs, tuned to the guitar frequencies, to equalize the sound at the best; - Detune knob to simulate the small detune from the same notes; - "Powered by SenseTech" button, to disable all the SenseTech scripts if not appreciated; - Pan slider to move the instrument left or right; - Touch slider to adjust the velocity curve; - Stage Sim slider to quickly create a room ambience; - String slider to simulate 5 different strings set; - Flexible Arpeggiator and Strummer extra functions; - 11 preset to quickly call different instrument settings; - Adjustable vibrato using Modulation or Aftertouch controllers; - Total instrument size: 240 MB (lossless compressed samples); - At least, a 61-keys keyboard is suggested to play at the best; - Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (only 15 minutes on Kontakt Player!) Available sound modes: 1. Live!Concert (6 dynamics) 2. Pizzicato (1 dynamic) 3. Bartók Snap (3 dynamics) 4. Tambora (2 dynamics) 5. Tremolo (1 dynamic) 6. Harmonics (1 dynamic) 7. Benga Kit (1 dynamic) 8. FX & Clusters (from 1 to 24 dynamics) * Live! modes use the SenseTech real-time scripts.Read more…

  3. 1st Violin

    Evolved Realism

    Just play as you want, and the instrument will follow you. Performer Intelligent Technology ©, known as PIT and first introduced with the Clarinet, now evolves to the 2nd generation with this small but great library. Sampled from the Violin of a Romanian friend, Francesco Ionascu, a very talented musician currently involved with several concerts around the world. ​Performer Intelligent Technology © 2 evokes unparalleled realism on live performances, so superlative that seems to follow the player's intentions. How is it possible? A complex script, powered by Kontakt engine, allows the control of several parameters simultaneously on each individual note pressed and on the time that elapses between one note and the other ones, calibrated to get a result as close as possible to the real instrument. PIT2 has a chord detection time. It allows the player to make a chord deactivating legato samples. PIT2 controls legato crosses in 2 directions (up/down) and with different glide times (long/short passages) calling the right samples. If You want to play a chord with an hand, and then perform a melody with the other hand, PIT2 activates legato samples also for the melody. PIT2 controls 2 legato types: slow and fast. If You play a slow melody, the sound will result in a sweet legato sound, but if You play faster, PIT2 auto detects the time elapsed from one note to the next one, and it will switch the right samples. PIT2 also controls velocities, based on the actual performance detecting times and touch sensitivity. And it's very well optimized for MIDI files. All in real-time and CPU friendly. ​ Are you skeptical? Just play to believe. Features of 1st Violin: * 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution * 3 dynamic layers * 14 sound modes, also switchable using key-switches (listed below) * MOD wheel controls the volume to make crossfades * Board suppressor, useful to reduce the fret noise especially on high notes * Touch knob to adjust the velocity curve * Stage simulation knob to create a virtual environment for the instrument * Area knob to adjust the virtual environment size * Fullness knob to adjust the low frequencies * Presence knob to adjust the mid frequencies * Detail knob to adjust the brightness of the instrument * Compressed file size of ONLY 63 MB * Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes on Kontakt Player) Sound modes: 1. Live!Air* 2. Live!Dance* 3. Sweet 4. Lyrical 5. Squaredance 6. Legato 7. Tremolo 8. Pizzicato 9. Spiccato 10. Harmonics 11. Disco 12. Duelling Fingers 13. Duelling Bows 14. FX & Clusters *Live! modes use PIT2 scripts for real-time performances. The demo is embedded below but it may not show on certain browsers - here's a link instead: more…

  4. Gran Coda V1.4

    Sit and play your new Piano.

    Gran Coda is a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt that offers you a stunning detailed experience of a real Concert Piano. This new version (v1.4) now features a stunning new interface. Sampled from a real Steinway & Sons concert piano, immediately after an accurate tuning operation. The sound is extremely clear, dynamic and realistic, thanks to the sampling of all the sound details with very hi-sense microphones. Features: - 48 KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; - 6 .NKI presets; - 5 dynamic layers smoothly connected to avoid sudden sound changes; - Keys, Sustain pedal & Damper FX; - Sustain pedal samples with Hephaestus' IR Harmonic Restoration and Hephaestus' Real-Time Engine to switch between closed & damper samples in real-time when pressing the sustain pedal; - Resonance & Key-off samples; - Release key noises have a dedicated script to avoid the sustain pedal release conflict; - Distance knob to move the piano away from you; - Stereo knob to adjust the sound field; - Soundboard, Presence and Exciter knobs to adjust the sound frequencies; - Dedicated environment with an IR sample reverb; - Compressed file size of ONLY 317 MB; - Works on FULL Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes on Kontakt Player).Read more…

  5. Solemn

    Create your personal pipe organ!

    Originally created only for Tyros4, the small but great pipe organ simulator now comes also for Kontakt. With only 16MB of samples, you can get an emotional church environment. Can you believe it? Features: - 44.1KHz, 16-bit, Stereo sample resolution; - 11 available samples in actual version; - 7 channels to mix up to 7 samples; - Controls for each channel and general controls; - 35 presets + 4 USER presets for your personal organ; - Compressed file size of only 16MB!!! - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins on Kontakt Player).Read more…

  6. Sax Appeal

    Show Your Sax

    Sax Appeal is a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt that offers You all the 4 main saxophones of a real jazz band. For every single instrument, the natural vibrato has been sampled, and all the scripts for legato make this instrument absolutely great for real-time performances. Features: - 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution; - 3 dynamic layers, sample tail and key-clicks; - Hephaestus' Performer Intelligent Technology for the best real-time playing experience; - Fast / Slow legato automatic control; - Dedicated UI with tone controls and IR reverb; - Compressed file size of 142MB; - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins time limitation for Kontakt Player). Included Instruments / Banks: 1_SopranoSax.NKI 2_AltoSax.NKI 3_TenorSax.NKI 4_BaritoneSax.NKI SaxEnsemble.NKM SaxEnsembleChannel.NKM SaxDuo1.NKM SaxDuo2.NKM SaxDuo3.NKM SaxDuo4.NKM SaxDuo5.NKM SaxDuo6.NKMRead more…

  7. Clean Guitar

    Free Kontakt Instrument

    Free download for you to enjoy. Featuring: • 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution; • 4 Round-Robin cycles; • Auto fret & string-off noises; • 4 sound modes: Plucked, Slide, Amp 4×12, Duelling amps; • You can control sound modes also using Modulation; • Plucked & Slide modes offers You 10 pick-up types and position management; • Amp 4×12 mode comes from a real Gratifier 4×12 amplifier; • Duelling amps offers You 2 real guitars on a stage with 10 individually distortion types for each guitar in 2 layers: crunched and sustained; • On the left, real slides, real crunches and real fret noises! • Strummer function to instantly play your own rhythm! • Non-compressed file size of 102MB (330 samples); • Works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer (Kontakt Player: 15 mins limit). Please check out the complete Hephaestus Sounds range here: more…

  8. Gran Coda Demo

    Free Kontakt Instrument

    This is the free demo version of Grand Coda, one of our most prestigious libraries, which provides the most authentic piano sound. --- FEATURES COMPARISON --- GRAN CODA GRAN CODA DEMO 48KHz 24-bit Stereo 48KHz 24-bit Stereo 5 Dynamic Layers 3 Dynamic Layers 12 .NKI Presets 1 .NKI Preset Mechanical Noises - Resonance & Damper - Dedicated Script - Realism Control - 256 Notes Poly 64 Notes Poly Octavizer (CC 1) Octavizer (CC 1) 320MB File Size 190MB File Size Kontakt 5.2.1 Full Kontakt 5.2.1 Full Impressed by the Full Version sound? PURCHASE IT HERE: more…

  9. Grand Concert Harp

    The orchestral harp evolution

    Close your eyes and imagine a great harp in a great orchestra. Now open your eyes and play it. Sampled from a $40.000 Lyon & Healy's concert harp, the sound of this library pushes out all the elegance and the realism of the best orchestral harps. As always, Hephaestus has thought the best solution to play this instrument in real-time: just play as You want closing your eyes, and You'll listen to a wonderful, enchanting concert harp sound. Features: - 48KHz, 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; - 3 dynamic layers / 4 Round-Robin cycle; - Sound section to adjust sound equalization and stereo field; - Effect section to create the best environment; - Perfectly looped samples; - Key-off noises (for stopped presets only); - 10 .NKI presets; - 204 MB total compressed size; - Optimized CPU usage; - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes limit on Kontakt Player). Included .NKI presets: 1 - Stopped String 2 - Free String 3 - Soft Stopped 4 - Marcato Stopped 5 - Xilophone Style 6 - Free Harmonics 7 - Stopped Harmonics 8 - Plucked & Harmonics 9 - Xilophone & Harmonics 10 - FX & PerformancesRead more…

  10. Concert Flute

    Elegant, expressive, real.

    Elegant and expressive. Enjoy the great sound of the Flute and the Piccolo taking all the benefits from the Hephaestus' Performer Intelligent Technology © 2nd Generation, that simulates the sound behavior of the real instrument. Features: - 48 KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution; - 3 dynamic layers, with a 4th extra layer for shout / flutter samples; - Real-time playing behavior with Hephaestus' P.I.T.© 2; - Release samples with key noises; - Breath noise controlled by releasing the sustain pedal; - Fullness, Presence, Exciter functions to manage the sound frequencies; - Distance and Pan knobs to move the flute through the virtual sound field; - Convolution Reverb with an IR sample to adjust Reverb level and Room size; - Compressed file size of 83 MB; - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes only on Kontakt Player). Included .NKI presets: 1. Classical Flute 2. Piccolo 3. Jazz Flute 4. Wood Flute Celtic 5. Wood Flute Dance 6. Flute EnsembleRead more…

  11. Hang Drum

    Free Kontakt Instrument

    Free download for you to enjoy. Featuring: • 48KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; • 4 Round-Robin cycles; • Hardness knob (increases the “metal factor”); • Reverb knob • works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer (Full version) Please check out the complete Hephaestus Sounds range here: more…

  12. Oboe

    Free Kontakt Instrument

    Free download for you to enjoy. Featuring: • 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution • 4 dynamic layers • extremely simple interface • 4 sound modes (sustain, grace notes, staccato, trills), switchable also from • • Modulation controller • Expressivity knob directly from our Flute & Piccolo library • Reverb knob • auto key-clicks (deactivable) • auto breath noises (deactivable) • FX kit on the left of the keyboard • perfect and long loops • non-compressed file size of 60MB • works with Kontakt 5.2 or newer (Full: no limits; Free: 15 mins limit) Please check out the complete Hephaestus Sounds range here: more…

  13. Female Solo Voice

    Free Kontakt Instrument

    Free download for you to enjoy. Featuring the vocals of Federica, 19, mezzosoprano. • 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution; • 3 dynamic layers; • release effects for every layer; • control panels for Portamento, Legato and Tone presence; • on the left, a small fx kit (phrases & shouts); • Compressor and Reverb controls; • non-compressed file size of 42MB • works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer. Please check out the complete Hephaestus Sounds range here: more…

  14. NEXT-GEN Lite Pack - Tyros5

    The Alternative GM Bank

    NEXT-GEN Lite is the new expansion sound pack for YAMAHA Tyros5. It provides 148 new voices (128 normal + 20 drum kits). Features: - 148 voices; - 5 new styles that use the new voices; - 10 new multi-pad presets; - 4 MIDI demo songs; - requires 542MB on the expansion memory; - Some voices use a special sampling architecture, similar to the S.Articulation! technology; * MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS * - Tyros5 Firmware v1.10 - Yamaha Expansion Manager v2.2.0 or newer - 542MB flash ROM - 1.953MB of free Voice RAM - 2836 free Wave Count - 1055 free Waveform Count Download the Free Preview for the Full Voice ListRead more…

  15. Male Solo - Tyros4

    The Tenor

    The voice of Alberto, 25, bass voice with the tonal extension of a tenor, for YAMAHA Tyros4 digital workstation. Included .UVN voices: – Alberto Haa – Alberto Hey – Alberto Lyrical – Alberto Mmh – Alberto On Stage – Alberto Ooh – Alberto Scats – Breathy Alberto – Female Alberto – Gothic Alberto – MegaVoice Alberto Included .UVI library file. The MegaVoice has been assigned to the slot 128.Read more…

  16. NEXT-GEN Lite Pack - Tyros 4

    The Alternative GM Bank

    NEXT-GEN Lite is the new expansion sound pack for YAMAHA Tyros4. It provides 260 new voices (240 normal + 20 drum kits). Features: - 128 .UVN voices and 20 .UVD voices (260 presets); - 5 new styles that use the new voices; - 10 new multi-pad presets; - 4 MIDI demo songs; - 1 lyrics wallpaper; - requires 510MB on the expansion memory; - Some voices use a special sampling architecture, similar to the S.Articulation! technology; - Works ONLY on YAMAHA Tyros4 with the last firmware version. FOR YAMAHA TYROS 5, CHECK THE TYROS 5 VERSION.Read more…

  17. Spanish Guitar

    It's Time for Flamenco!

    It's time for Flamenco!!! Developed for live playing, Spanish Guitar is the perfect copy of a real Spanish guitar. The Performer Intelligent Technology © modulates the sound to simulate the expressivity and the articulations of the real guitar. Fret noises, crunches, legato, staccato, slide. All in real-time? YES. You just have to play it to believe: the P.I.T.© technology seems to follow the intentions of the player. - Get your favourite sound with the dedicated control panel. - 4 dynamic layers and 2x Round Robin for a perfect realism. - Hephaestus’ P.I.T.© Technology for real-time articulations. - Try the 6 different .NKI presets, one for each Spanish music playing mode. - Yes. It is ONLY 61 MB. - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player). Included .NKI files: Classical Flamenco, Chicken Pickin’, Hard Flamenco, Soft Flamenco, Folk Mandolin, Two Players.Read more…

  18. Celtic Harp

    More than a Simple Harp

    A Celtic Harp sampled in studio with 2 hi-sense / noise-zero microphones. The Kontakt instrument is the perfect copy of the real instrument. You just have to play it. Features: • 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution • 4x Round Robin • 4 Dynamic Layers • Dynamic 4xRR Key-off FX • 8 Sound Modes • Extremely Easy-To-Use Interface • Realtime Playing Optimization • Only 170MB of Compressed Samples • Stunning Accompainment Orchestra • Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or Newer (15 Minutes for Kontakt Player)Read more…

  19. Valley of the Pianos

    The Natural Sound of the Piano

    Valley of the Pianos is a small sound library that offers you a set of 4 pianos. All the 4 instruments have a particular “room” sound, extremely good for cinematic scores, soundtracks and live concerts. Have you ever dreamt to own a grand piano, but you can't get it? This library perfectly recreates a real grand piano, with noises, harmonics, damper effects, releases, all in real-time and with an highly delicate coordination of samples. The library contains 6 .NKI intrument files: 1. Concert Grand 2. Concert Grand Bright 3. Upright Piano 4. Upright Piano Bright 5. Vintage Electric 6. Saloon Upright Here you'll find the user manual --> Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player).Read more…

  20. Organissimo

    A Real 17th Century Pipe Organ

    We’ve sampled an original 17th century organ from an Italian basilica e we decided to create this sample library. Organissimo is a Pipe Organ sample library that offers a complete set of 29 ranks and 4 special ranks, allowing you to recreate in your own studio an impressive and “epic” organ sound, decisively valid also for cinematic scores. THIS IS THE UPDATE 5 VERSION OF ORGANISSIMO (the latest). - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player).Read more…

  21. Fairy Tale Harp

    Just an orchestral harp

    Expressive orchestral harp library with a great and emotional sound impact, with a “fairy” sound that provides enchanting realism for your soundtrack. Features: - 48KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; - 3 dynamic layers, enhanched with cutoff; - 4 round-robin cycles; - string-off and harp player background noises; - 10 sound modes, also switchable by modulation controller; - 3-band equalizer and 4 reverb types (IR); - Harpeggiator and Glissando special functions; - low hardware requirements (600 samples in 500MB); - works with Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (Full: no limits; Free: 15 mins limit). Scroll down for video demoRead more…

  22. Pipe Festival

    Your Studio as a Big Cathedral

    Pipe Festival is a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt that offers you a set of 13 real-sampled pipe organ combinations, with a great realism on the sound, especially on the typical background noises, like airflow noise, key-off noise, etc. It also offers a special percussion set that includes timpani, gong and tubular bells. Features: • 13 real-sampled organ combinations, from the chapel one to the full-ranks one; • Percussion switch that enables a percussive set composed of timpani (from C1 to F2), gong (same extension of timpani, only at high velocities) and tubular bells (from C4 to C5); • Enabling one of the combination switches, the bellows starts; disabling the switch, the bellows stops with a realistic noise; • The Modulation Controller (MIDI CC 1) adjusts the stereo field (0 = mono, 64 = original sampling field, 127 = large stereo field); • Optimized GUI for touchscreens, if you are an organist and you own a virtual organ; • Original reverb (sample-tail), dynamically adjusted for shorter/longer notes with the help of an IR sample; • Compressed file size of 762MB (.ncw compressed samples); • Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player).Read more…

  23. Clarinet

    The pure sound of the Clarinet.

    OVERVIEW Clarinet for Kontakt introduces a new real-time playing concept that combines executive details with easy of use. The Performer Intelligent Technology © automatically adjusts a multitude of variables in order to get a real-time execution with stunning realism. REAL-TIME EXECUTION Without any change and playing normally, you can get legato, a chord, staccato, accented, etc. Playing a chord, the legato is activated only for the active phrase during the chord, without cut notes and with different glide times for each interval. EXTRA REAL-TIME CONTROLS PIT © also uses Modulation controller and key-switches in its work. In this case, Modulation controller switches from the non-vibrato to the vibrato mode in real-time, without sample loadings or cut notes. The key-switches allow you to control attack and release of a note, in real-time. FEATURES • 48KHz, 24-bit, Mono sample resolution; • Whole samples played, no loops; • 7 execution modes; • Hephaestus’ Expressivity function, to adjust the attack smoothness; • Auto key-clicks and breath noises with volume knobs; • Compressed .NKI, 130MB; • Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer. Will only work in demo mode with the Free Kontakt Player so please do not buy unless you have the FULL version of Kontakt.Read more…

  24. Solemn - Tyros4

    Pipe Organ Pack

    Solemn is a voice pack for YAMAHA Tyros4 that offers you 40 pipe organ voices, from the chapel sound to the great cathedral sound. Features: - 44.1KHz 16-bit Stereo sample quality - Realistic auto key-off FX simulation - Realistic harmonic restoration - Tone-per-tone sampling - Very low memory requirement - Real mechanism noises Download free preview for a taster and more infoRead more…

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