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Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

searching for unknown sounds



Since a very young I was in love with music and sound. I remember asking my Father to play his Beatles, Moody Blues, and Alan Parsons Project records over and over again. I had a natural gift in music, which was discovered at the age of 5, when I would play nursery rhymes and jingles on a piano by ear, without any piano lessons or instruction. Shortly after I picked up the guitar and many other instruments and have been playing and experimenting with sound and music with a hopeful sense of curiosity up to this point. Not everything works 100% of the time, but experimentation is the only way we will discover anything new. My music and sound effects have been used in various mediums all over the world, including several occasions on the Travel Channel. I am constantly seeking to learn, improve and perfect my craft. My sources of inspiration include: Porcupine Tree, Radiohead, Genesis, King Crimson, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Satie, Mahler, Sibelius and much more!

Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)
  1. Lovely Mitty

    The most perplexing, rare, and mysterious toy keyboard on the planet?

    The perfect toy for the collector of all things rare. Right out of the box, this thing is an enigma. There is no on/off switch; you can only press the white keys (however, it's tuned so awfully that you end up playing what would be black keys); there is no velocity sensitivity (and it's so loud!!!). All I know is that it was made in Taiwan. I cannot find any other information about this thing, anywhere! I'm not even sure if it's really called "Lovely Mitty," but that's the sticker with which it came (at the consignment shop). Based on the fact that the speaker and the sticker are about the same size and same shape, I'm guessing that this is how it was manufactured (as pictured). Now, down the the nitty gritty. There was a lot of work involved in getting the tuning as close as possible to any semblance of proper tuning. Once tuned, it actually does seem to have a warm tone, suitable for chip tune style music, but others as well. With the staccato presets, I used some tricks with the microphones to create a sense of velocity layers, and created 4 total velocity layers. I still included the original tuning ("natural tuning") for your fun and pleasure. There were also some effects created by only pressing the notes slightly (right at the threshold of making a noise). The photosynthesis engine by Jeremiah Pena was also used to put the samples through some effects. You can find that here: CONTENT: There is 99.3 MB of sample content uncompressed. 27 Kontakt Patches, with various snapshots throughout. PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves. The free demo does not require the Photosynthesis engine (if you load as "Skip Missing"), however, if you want to tweak the preset with the photosynthesis engine, you will need to have the engine somewhere on your system and resolve missing (through folder search) The 1.99GBP price is the permanent, low price! Also, I'm not really sure how rare this thing is. I simply cannot find any information on it.Read more…

  2. Janky Drink Mix Jug 50% until Jan 25

    A bizarre, strange custom built bowed instrument, made from an old drink mix jug

    It may have started out as a joke, but some of the sounds coming out of this thing are strange and otherworldly to say the least. The "flutter harmonics" sound in itself was a pleasure to discover. There is absolutely no instrument on earth which sounds quite like this thing. Though that may be because there is nobody else strange enough or crazy enough to sit down an construct something out of an old plastic container --complete with a makeshift tuning peg and natural acoustic body. Here's the Soundcloud demo of most of the presets: Summary of content: 607 MB of Sample Content (336 Samples, included as uncompressed WAV files in the "samples" folder) 28 Instrument Presets and 2 Multis for Kontakt 5, organized in the following folders: Cinematic Ethnic and Ambient Raw Samples Multis For the Kontakt presets, I used Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine. PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves.Read more…

  3. Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl

    Moody, Deep, Enthralling and Meditating. An inspiring and strange collection of Kontakt Patches

    This is an experimental library wherein a violin bow is bowed on a Tibetan Singing Bowl in G. In some cases there were novel techniques employed which were able to create unique sounds, probably never heard before. This was not a planned library. I was experimenting with bowing what ever I had around the house, and thought this may be interesting. The result is breathtaking and at times mesmerizing. Some instruments are deep and emotional, while others are strange and atonal. It is ideal for cinematic work, especially science fiction, psychological thrillers, emotional dramas, and I'm sure more (maybe horror?). I am planning to buy Tibetan Singing bowls in every key available, and do an extensive set of recording sessions with bowing and other techniques. I hope you will look forward to that! For the Kontakt presets, I used Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine. PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves. There is about 100MB of raw sample content (82 samples) 44100Hz, 16bit. Several samples were edited and warped in Kontakt itself, and comprise a set additional samples (not part of the 82). They are not meant for use in themselves, outside of Kontakt (though, you are welcome to anyway). I simply changed the tuning, fade ins and fade outs, and normalized certain sections of the samples. For Kontakt's sake, this required a resave of those particular altered samples. Almost all of them are in subfolders within the Sample folder itself. Preset Content 16 Overall Kontakt Patches (including 1 multi) Various snapshots scattered about. EDIT: I wanted to give you a proper demo, so I decided to include an instrument included in the actual library. It does require you to have the Photosynthesis engine, however. You can get it here. Because of demo limitations, I cannot provide all of the files necessary for the Photosynthesis engine to run, so you will have to search for the files when you load the instrument. The engine can be downloaded here: more…

  4. The Mistake

    An experiment gone wrong

    I'm calling it "The Mistake" because it didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to (though the experiment itself was a success). It is part of an experiment based on preparation for one of my next libraries --Deep Conjuring: Part II. The novelty lies in turning the dry/wet knob of a certain effect based on the relative velocity layers. In other words, for this particular library, a certain effect was used, and the quieter the sample, the wetter the effect. So there is a 3 layer gradient effect of that sample based on how hard you press the keys. When you press it very hard, the effect almost completely disappears. The mistake was in that the velocity of each velocity layer is not consistent across the keyboard. It would be possible to correct this somewhat by changing the start point of each sample, to a more appropriately volumed section. I plan to use this velocity dependent gradient effect to a much more extensive degree in "Deep Conjuring: Part II" For this particular experiment I used the plugin from Sound Toys known as "Little AlterBoy", available here The part which I do not think was a mistake, is the effect created by reversing the samples. It creates a strange synthetic strings tremolo effect, which I think is quite cool and could be useful I'm sure. Enjoy, it's Free! Please note: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need full Kontakt to use the samples themselves. The Sample Content comes to about 900MB uncompressed. Jeremiah Penas Photosynthesis engine was used Merry Christmas!Read more…

  5. Impromptu Piano Loops and Tools

    Spontaneously created loops, perfect for a wide range of genres (+MIDI files and processed samples)

    This collection is a window into my creative process, and I am providing them royalty free. I performed several loops, all of which were thought up on the spot. The final take was on either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd try, generally (at times they requires more attempts). I wanted to capture a spontaneous and unique quality. So the ideas themselves were all impromptu. This is generally how I write anyway. I did not use quantasizing and did not draw the midi notes to create these performances. There are 17 instrument presets based on 9 Multi sampled piano and music box phrases (189 samples). I sampled the phrases across at least 12 halftones, and mapped them to Kontakt. Therefore, you can play the loops in various keys. I also created some snapshots for a number of the instruments. There is also a folder of non instrument related samples. These are either additional piano loops, or heavily processed samples based on those loops. The processed loops will have a word in parenthesis giving a sort of nickname to the sound (I guess the feeling or idea that encapsulates the sound in my mind). There are a total of 97 of these additional, non Kontakt Instrument related samples. They are generally more syncopated (especially the processed samples) and range from dance like synth sounds, to crazy, bizarre machine like sounds. There are also 15 MIDI files (all based on the performances which I included in the sample collection). So you can tweak and transpose these MIDI files to your heart's content. Summary of Content 15 Midi Files 17 Kontakt Instruments 97 additional samples (not related to the Kontakt Instruments), about 510MB uncompressed There are a total of 998MB of samples, uncompressed (16bit 44100Hz), including the Kontakt Instrument samples. I used the Orion Sound Module, with permission from Pierre Parenteau. Though, please note, he did not endorse my tool pack: For the Kontakt Instrument, the Photosynthesis engine from Jeremiah Pena was used: more…

  6. The Foreshadowing Teaser

    A visceral, diverse, post modern, cinematic set of kontakt patches and a glimpse of the future

    This is a glimpse of things to come on the horizon for my future projects. Due to this, there is a great deal of variety in this collection. From ethereal, dreamy and post modern Explosions in The Sky and Sigur Ros inspired guitars, to an oriental-like ukulele pluck instrument, all the way to a cinematic, fierce, bowed electric bass guitar. There are 224 samples, coming in at about 1.4GB of samples uncompressed. All of the instruments were derived from these samples, and they feature no soft-synths or computer generated sounds --all from authentic, real sound sources. There are a total of 27 Kontakt Instrument Patches, 9 Multi and numerous snap shots scattered throughout. There are numerous samples in the Bowed Sample Folder which were not used for the Kontakt patches, but which are perfect for sound design elements, cinematic productions and so on. Please note: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need full Kontakt to use the samples themselves. I am in the process of updating my studio. Though this is a preview of things to come, please expect future projects to be of an even higher quality, with more velocity layers, more round robins (including true RR as opposed to neighborhood RR) and better sound quality. For this reason, it may take some time before I release my next big release. However, I will release small, unique, and interesting libraries in between the larger releases. There will also be one more preview pack coming (similar to this one) but which will feature toy samples. There are a few sampling techniques which I believe will be quite innovative in the final release, so please stay tuned. I will give you a hint to one of these techniques: You may actually be able to literally play with time.Read more…

  7. Deep Conjuring

    A collection of dark, strange and nostalgic drones, pads and sound effects

    Like something conjured up from a distant, forgotten dream, the patches included have the power to stir within us emotions and feelings deeply hidden and inexplicable. The samples used are strange, unique and imperfect. The current example tracks were recorded impromptu, and are examples of the sorts of tracks which are possible. However, there are many other patches, which are on the darker side of things (including some percussive hits and effects). In total there are 66 instrument presets, which are derived from a set of 655 samples. However, not all samples were used. I will be revising and expanding this library as time goes by. All samples are royalty free, and you are welcome to use them to create your own libraries (provided they are changed from their original state). For the kontakt patches, I used the Photosynthesis Engine by Jeremiah Pena. ( ) Please note: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need full Kontakt to use the samples themselves. The free demo download includes 49 of the shorter samples (mainly percussive hits and sound effects), totaling about 12MB uncompressed. All of the samples total 996MB uncompressed (762MB in previous version). Updated 11 18 2016Read more…

  8. Death Rattle

    Earth shattering, Bramm-like sounds inspired by Hans Zimmer and Igor Stravinsky

    Dark, low, menacing bramm like sounds. inspired by both Hans Zimmer and Igor Stravinsky. Containing 65.1 MB of WAV samples, uncompressed. I put the WAV files in a separate folder. for your convenience (total size of ZIP is then doubled). The Kontakt instruments are organized into 4 separate folders, according to the general feel and type of sound (Atonal, Dark, Distorted, and Misc). Creative commons samples were used (project by Mattias Westlund) under Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 A link to Mattias' page Layered synthesis was also used (a combination of Chromaphone 2 and Cybermath beta). Respective links: Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine was used. Link PLEASE NOTE, you must own a full version of Kontakt to use this instrument. However, the WAV files are included in 44100 16bit format. Please also note that the above developers and authors mentioned did not endorse or participate in the development of this product.Read more…

  9. The Apocalypse From A to Z

    26 desolate, post apocalyptic kontakt patches +4 extras

    A collection of 30 strange, dark and post apocalyptic drones, hums and pads. Perfect if you need a unique and gritty edge in your productions. Feel free to tweak the presets to you hearts content. I used Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine to create the presets, based around 26 custom created samples (30 seconds each). There are 26 main instruments (presets) and 4 extra. Please note: This collection requires the full license of the latest Kontakt version However, the WAV (16bit 44100Hz) files remain uncompressed in each respective folder. You may use them for creating sound effects in edition to writing music.Read more…

  10. Paradox Lost For Kontakt

    Bizarre and Otherworldly Soundscapes and Drones Utilizing Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis Engine

    A culmination of 10 years of experimentation and exploration. Using live recordings and layered synthesis, this is a truly unique set of Kontakt patches . Perfect for cinema, drone, trance and more. There are many patches especially useful in horror and science fiction. You will not hear samples like these anywhere. Please keep in my that originality and uniqueness were the main goals. Many of the samples were derived from old recordings which had to be restored using restoration plugins. There is a certain, unmatched character about it. There are 47 total patches, with 47 total samples. Samples vary from 0:03 to 2:13 in length. ::::::UPDATE::::::: ======================================================= With the update, each sample was mapped to Kontakt using Jeremiah Pena's brilliant Photosynthesis Engine. The samples were not simply dropped in, but tuned to map the appropriate notes in the traditional western, equally tempered tuning. Therefore, if you play a "C" note on the keyboard, the overall pitch characteristics of the Kontankt instrument will be a "C". This will make it easier for you to incorporate the sounds into your own compositions! However, due to the underlying nature of some of the samples (evolving textures, harmonic movement and layering), achieving this to perfection on all samples was quite difficult or impossible. IMPORTANT!!! You will need the full version of Kontakt (version or newer) to play the library without restriction. ========================================================= Here is a sample of some of the sounds Here is a track I made using one of the samples (Frozen Spark): Stay tuned for more libraries!Read more…

  11. Guitar Elements

    Creative and inventive guitar patches

    A large collection of unique and useful guitar patches. Including 40 unique kontakt patches and hundreds of samples. Inspired by jazz, funk, prog rock and more. I even found a way to get two of my favorite movies in there (Vertigo and Taxi Driver). Their folders are "Vertigo Climb" and "Taxi Driving Music" respectively: they include strange, jazz like chord drones based on unusual chords and inversions. The song starter patches are useful for helping write music. There are at least 13 of the most common chords used for songwriting. Many of the patches automatically loop if you hold the key, but not all. Many of the patches are raw guitar, with no added effects (or very little) so that you can add your own virtual amp rigs per your desire. Last of all, Enjoy! 40 Kontakt Patches 584MB zipped Requires full Kontakt license, otherwise it runs in demo mode. The embedded demo contains patches from this set, with drums being the only addition. (The patch name used is provided in parenthesis). Please note: You must have at least version or newer of Kontakt in order to use these libraries. If you have the latest version of the free player, it will only work in demo mode.Read more…

  12. Experimental Percussion Beds

    Unique, Exerimental Percussion Loop Beds and More!

    This is a truly unique collection of percussion loops, mapped to Kontakt. They were created using a complex FX chain, with the basis of most of the sounds being sculpted from NI's Reaktor modular synthesis engine (not the extra instruments, however). Just going through the different Bed instruments will take you on a journey, perhaps causing you to recollect music from Radiohead (the more experimental side), early Genesis (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) and even Porcupine Tree. The samples are also included (in the Kontakt sample folders) so you can drag and drop them in your DAW or import them. The extra instruments included were very experimental and are not synced. They are not percussive and tend to be more cinematic and ambient. Each loop is synced to 120BPM. However, many of them are syncopated, so may seem out of tempo naturally. The idea for the instrument originally came from the soundtrack to The Shining --that reoccurring pitch oscillation that stirs uneasiness in your gut. However, it the project has morphed into something completely different, and instead of being a cinematic library with sounds inspired by that reoccurring theme, I went in the direction of experimental percussion instead. However, the idea is the same. These percussion loops are meant to be an underpinning, not necessarily at the forefront of a piece. They were meant to add brush strokes to a piece. That's not to say that they cannot be used as the basis or foundation of a piece. As many of the loops are somewhat ethereal and unconventional, they can be used in unique ways. Your imagination can go crazy! This is just a glimpse of things to come for upcoming releases. Working on this project has spawned a plethera of creative ideas which I am very excited to bring you in the course of the next several weeks! Say tuned! CONTENTS 11 percussion bed instruments (each with multiple variations and samples) The beds are all mapped to start at C1 7 experimental extras (including 1 multi) These are cinematic and ambient. Most are not remotely percussive. Total size unzipped: 1.20GB Total size compressed: 969MB Please note: You must have at least version or newer of Kontakt in order to use these libraries. If you have the latest version of the free player, it will only work in demo mode.Read more…

  13. The Lost Playground

    Sounds of Lost Children and Their Toys

    This is perfect for horror productions and more. A creepy, spooky collection of Kontakt instruments, including the haunting laughs and cries of children, and their lost toy instruments. Some instruments were warped beyond recognition, including the spinning wheels of a car made to sound like some kind of Dub Step instrument. The instrument "Pad of Tears" was derived from the cries of a child. The glockenspiel and toy percussion are the only instruments which remain pure and natural. The guitar was played with a knife, and the singing bowl (Carving a Bowl) was played by sharpening a knife on it. The full version of Kontakt ( is required. It will work in demo for 15 minutes. 525MB uncompressed. Disclaimer: No Children Were Harmed In The Making Of This Instrument. Nobody Was In Fact.Read more…

  14. Death By Design

    Deadly Kontakt Instruments Derived From Modular Synthesis

    Featuring 12 insane Kontakt instrument patches. Utilizing hundreds of samples from experimenting with modular synthesis and effects, this is a truly unique library set that will drive some people mad with inspiration, and others mad with irritation. Meant to be gritty, dirty, and organic. Not for the faint of heart. Requirements: Full version of Kontakt 5.4.3 or newer required (only works in demo for 15 minutes). 1.14 Gigabytes uncompressed. All samples are included as well (in their respective Kontakt sample folders). Here's a soundcloud preview. Only instruments from this pack were used. However, on some of the instruments I used Quantum Leap Spaces by East West. more…

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