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Sample Engineer Crew



We all these fine people and the cool sounds they feed our ears.

  1. ElectronisoundsFresh, Original, Licence-Free ...65 kits


    Looking for fresh, original, license-free sounds and loops for your music? We offer samples and sounds in many formats to suit your production needs. Our products are made with digital precision and your ease of use in mind, so no matter what production ...

    1. Absolute MIDI,
    2. Junebug's MIDI Madness,
    3. Drop The House
    4. and more …
  2. SonoquilibriumWorld Sounds, Vibrational ...56 kits


    SONOQUILIBRIUM is a group of persons, who work on : - VIBRATIONAL / SOUND HEALING PRODUCTIONS (Gong, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Koshi, Tingshas, Bells, Shruti, Rain Maker, Ocean Drum, ) - AUDIO ENGINEERING SERVICES (Sound Composition, Sound ...

    1. Gong,
    4. and more …
  3. Uneek SoundsModern Presets & Samples47 kits

    Uneek Sounds

    Uneek Sounds offers high quality samples and synth patches for all your Urban/Modern productions. The Uneek Sounds' product range is geared toward Hip Hop but their name 'Uneek Sounds' speaks for itself and they strive to bring you new fresh samples that ...

    1. Underground Bass Vol 1 - 50% Off,
    2. Alien Keys - 50% Off,
    3. Massive DubTek - 50% Off
    4. and more …
  4. Michael BietenholzDeep and devious Kontakt ...44 kits

    Michael Bietenholz

    My offer: if you use any of my sounds in a commercial release, send/email me a copy of the release and I will give you any one of my other sampleism individual sounds for free! My email-name is noisymichael, and it's at (note the .ca not ...

    1. Leakysine,
    2. Shepard Tone Generator,
    3. Toy Piano
    4. and more …
  5. The ONE SeriesHigh Quality Samples and ...44 kits

    The ONE Series

    At THE ONE we aim for your success, and provide you high standard content to help you cut through the masses, and make amazing music that really moves your audience and sounds professional. Wether it's synthpresets, MIDI loops, DAW templates, or samples, ...

    1. THE ONE: Insane Risers,
    2. THE ONE: Slamming FX Hits,
    3. THE ONE: Filthy Reeses
    4. and more …
  6. Digital ReduxHigh Quality Royalty Free ...43 kits

    Digital Redux

    Digital Redux is a sample library development company from New York City. Founded in May of 2007, our company was formed to provide high quality royalty free sample material to the new generation of producers, musicians, and recording artists.

    1. Planet Drum Machine Pack 1,
    2. Planet Drum Machine Pack 3,
    3. Planet Drum Machine Pack 2
    4. and more …
  7. New LoopsPro Audio Sample Packs, Sound ...38 kits

    New Loops

    Welcome to New Loops. We focus on quality and usability and all our products are made entirely by us! Our sounds are used by DJ’s, producers, music studios, and composers all over the world. We often receive the highest reviews from our customers and we ...

    1. Hive Double Pack – 160 Hive Presets,
    2. Big Drop EDM Presets for Massive (Complete),
    3. Elektro Synth Spire Presets
    4. and more …
  8. Tronsonic21st Century Tape Sampling35 kits


    Analogue tape and valve saturated virtual instruments, primarily for Native Instruments Kontakt 4 and 5 (full version only). Rediscovering the lost magic of tape sampling. With the emphasis on 'analogue' - these rich, textured sounds help bring ...

    1. The Dark Horse,
    2. Waveform 72,
    3. Logandy
    4. and more …
  9. Temporal GeometrySynthesis, Sampling and ...35 kits

    Temporal Geometry

    Temporal Geometry is a manufacturer of sound libraries for commercial use in film, gaming and electronic music. We design sound effects, ambiances and musical elements with electronic gear. We are on the lookout for sound designers, so if you're ...

    1. Changing Horizons - 50% Off,
    2. Floating Drops - 50% Off,
    3. Minimal Glitches - 50% Off
    4. and more …
  10. Xenos SoundworksInspired Sounds32 kits

    Xenos Soundworks

    Xenos Soundworks provides professional quality patch banks for users of VST synths and factory preset design services for software synthesizer developers. A very broad range of musical styles and tastes are covered here: Vintage synth and 80s sounds, ...

    1. 'Pure Techno' for Retrologue,
    2. Future Retro Beats,
    3. Legacy Dubs and Breaks
    4. and more …
  11. The UnfinishedHigh quality synth patches ...31 kits

    The Unfinished

    The Unfinished is media composer, electronica producer and sound designer, Matt Bowdler. Specialising in film and game scoring and breakbeat/dubstep production, now creating synth soundsets and sample libraries from his studio.

    1. The Unfinished Breaks Vol 1,
    2. Massive Darkscore II,
    3. Massive Stratosphere
    4. and more …
  12. BusloopsConstruction Kits Loops and ...29 kits


    Busloops officially launched in January 2012 to produce professional sound libraries for musicians and producers to integrate into their musical productions. The producers that work on Busloops products deliver professional loops of the highest quality ...

    1. Sound Engineer Ambient Chill Kit 5,
    2. Deep Melodic House,
    3. Sound Engineer Ambient Chill Kit 3
    4. and more …
  13. Les Productions ZvonUnusual sounds from Here and ...28 kits

    Les Productions Zvon

    Sound libraries of diverse original material. Sounds with a special twist. Includes: trumpet, horns, synthesizers and anything that makes a sound. A collection with a wide range of moods and sounds. Our motto is "Here and Elsewhere". web: ...

    1. Reed Organs,
    2. MC3A Electronic Keyboard,
    3. Memory Collection Pack 01
    4. and more …
  14. Synth AnatomySounds Libraries and Soundsets27 kits

    Synth Anatomy

    Hello my name is Tom I'm student with a passion with old synthesizers and this work is for me more an hobby. I hope you will love my work Thanks ;)

    2. Yamaha FB-01,
    3. The ART Lead
    4. and more …
  15. Soundtrack LoopsPro Loops and Samples26 kits

    Soundtrack Loops

    The Soundtrack Loops team is comprised of two entrepreneurs/producers with over 25 combined years of experience in the royalty free sample industry. Matthew Yost, who founded Soundtrack Loops in 2007 and Jason Donnelly, founder of Peace Love Productions ...

    1. Loop Theory,
    2. Cinematic Industrial,
    3. Future Lounge
    4. and more …
  16. Scott F Thompson:)26 kits

    Scott F Thompson Hello, I am scott and I work as a freelance composer and audio engineer. I hate large sample libraries. It seems like today's libraries focus more on quantity and don't even edit their huge array of notes sample by sample. I ...

    1. The Egg,
    2. Water Bottle V2,
    3. Dragon Hammer
    4. and more …
  17. Rigid AudioInstruments and Sounds with a ...24 kits

    Rigid Audio

    Rigid Audio has been founded in 2015. We focus on creative sound design and KONTAKT Instruments with a twist. Visit us:

    3. SPACE for KONTAKT 5
    4. and more …
  18. Hephaestus SoundsReal-time-playing Virtual ...24 kits

    Hephaestus Sounds

    High quality sample libraries for N.I. Kontakt 5 and YAMAHA Tyros 4/5 digital workstations.

    1. Solemn - Tyros4,
    2. Hang Drum,
    3. NEXT-GEN Lite Pack - Tyros 4
    4. and more …
  19. Sound-DustStrange and beautiful ...23 kits


    Sound-Dust collects ancient and forgotten and often broken instruments and re-imagines them for the modern age. Multi-sampled binaurally for extra realism with some nifty scripting these are lovingly moulded sample libraries for ...

    1. dULCITONE 1900²,
    2. Ghost Dulcitone 1900,
    3. Tiny Chaos Operator
    4. and more …
  20. CL-ProjectsHardware and Software Sound ...23 kits


    CL-Projects is Frank Dierickx, a hobby musician & selfmade sound designer. In the early 80's, he got interested in electronic music after hearing music from Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream and he wanted to play that kind of music himself. ...

    1. Golden Pad Factory,
    2. Bronze Pad Factory,
    3. Silver Pad Factory
    4. and more …

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