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Hi ! My name is Daumantas, I am from Lithuania. I love creating music. If you have something on your mind just give me a message, also you can find me on facebook - Daumantas Ercmonas.

  1. 250 Audio effects

    Various delayed percussion samples

    Huge variety of unique audio effects (HIGHEST QUALITY .WAV SAMPLES) * Impacts * Pops * Clicks * Claps * Toms * Glass ticks * Metal ticks * Wood ticks * Bongos * Tabs * Shakers * Hi hats * Open hats * Snares * Toms * Congos * Snaps * Kicks * More other cool stuff I hope you enjoy the pack! If you have something on your mind please contact me! Mostly what I love doing is I make hip hop & trap beats - instrumentals if you are interested check them out and tell me what you think ! more…

  2. Very deep house

    deep house/techno WAV oneshots

    The pack contains deep house/techno sound samples/oneshots: Bass 80 Closed hat 30 Open hat 30 Crash 10 Clap & Snare 40 Effect 8 Kick 40 Percussion 80 Synth 160 Vox 100 All sounds are high quality. All sounds are license-free. Format - WAV. I hope you will like it!Read more…

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