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Crypto Cipher



Crypto Cipher

Unique as it is in its novel approach, Crypto Cipher synchronizes rare sounds with the latest technology through an avant-garde project designed to benefit music composers. Our Kontakt-based sample instruments have been designed with the aid of unique, highly engineered techniques. Needless to say, modern music composers will find them extremely advantageous in creating background score for television/films and games without running through the conventional process.

  1. Tabla Tarang

    Ancient Indian Art

    “Tarang” means waves. Many hand made tabla drums are tuned separately by hitting the hammer on the rim of the tabla according to “Raga” and all tabla drums are placed in semicircular positions covering lower bass tabla from the left to higher pitched tabla towards the right. Each tabla has its own character and the melodies are produced by hitting hands on the centre of the tabla. Recreating this art was adventurous and fun. We teamed up with tabla artists and tabla makers and finally we sampled 13 tabla drums not with just the magical black ink spot sound but also the two other tuned sounds “Ta” and “Tin”, which are produced by hitting at the rim/chanti and middle portion/maidan of tabla drum. So we have three main tuned sounds “Ta” “Tin” and “Tun” mapped across the keyboard.
 Mixing all three sound make the instrument so special as never heard before. We recreated this instrument for Modern music composers and recorded almost 15,000 samples with three mic types (Ribbon , Dynamic , Condensor). Also with the powerful scripted technology we pushed the capability of the instrument to the next level. We have legato and drum articulation sections which will help composers to play the instrument in more advanced ways. Players can hit a maximum of two drums at a time producing one stroke from each hand at once (Human capability). Example: Artist cannot play “Ta and Tin” “Tin or Tun” at the same time on same drum but can hit Ta on one drum and Tin on other drum at same time. Same concept for other strokes. In other words 
Tabla Tarang players can produce only two notes harmony at max as again he has two hands and one hand produce one stroke at a time. So, most of the time the arrangement of these tablas are used as solo melodic tuned instruments. Its not necessary to play Tabla Tarang in authentic way, you can play the instrument in other ways you want. You can do sound design work with this variety of samples and create textures you never created before. This instrument can be layered with other sounds. You can try soft samples of tun articulation to create very emotional and heart touching melodies and on the other side you can have aggressive punchiness of “Ta” and “Tin” Sounds. You can use this instrument into your drum track to create fillers etc. There are many applications just play the instrument and see what inspires you. UI Controls.... 
Top Rack
 “Tune” and “ADSR” is for each key, which helps fine tuning for each Drum/key Key-switches.... C-2 key (legato on) – You can also put it on from the UI
 C#-2 key (legato off) – You can also put it off from the UI 
D-2 key ( arp on ) – You can also put it on from the UI (Its details can controlled via switching to other tab)
 D#-2 key(arp off) -You can also put it off from the UI E-2 , F-2 , F#-2 and G-2 keys are drum articulation keyswitches – Press these keys to produce drum articulations and its speed and dynamics can be controlled on the UI itself. Scroll down to watch the video. Please Note : Tabla Tarang Library/Instruments works with Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4.2 or Higher (Full Version). Free Players works for 30 minutes.Read more…

  2. Solo Tabla

    The Worlds Most Authentic Tabla Library

    Tabla is considered a magical instrument, as it is the only instrument in the world which can produce many varieties of resonant and non-resonant sounds. Tabla has been played for centuries in India and many artists have shown extra-ordinary work using these drums. Tabla is first learned orally and than the rhythms are played on Tabla Drums (which is very inspiring). Tabla is the main rhythm instrument in Indian Classical music and almost all the genres of indian music from Gazals / Bhajans / Pop Songs/fusion to electronic music these days. Tabla Notation or Tabla Bol is a language and it has a meaning. We worked on this Instruments for months, studying as well as planning out the way so that modern music composers understand and use the tabla in better ways. We have prepared 8 Videos explaining Crypto Cipher’s "Solo Tabla". These videos cover interviews of artist and many techniques/tutorials of “Tabla”, which will help modern music composer to arrange “Tabla” patterns via midi. Link to Youtube Playlist About Solo Tabla. “Solo Tabla” is playable multi-sampled Kontakt instrument with two mic positions and advance script. Users can have control over each sound as well each drum. Solo Tabla can be tuned up as well tuned down with the micro tuning feature on each sound.  Right Drum when tuned down sounds like “Pakhawaj” (Indian Traditional Percussion Instrument), we have also included pakhawaj style midi loops just to show the capability of instrument. Bonus Midi loops includes – Basic Indian traditional style of rhythms in 4/4 and various complex patterns in 15/4 , 11/4 , 7/4 , 10/4 etc. It also includes various Complex kaidas in 4/4 and Lagi -Laddi Patterns used in “Keharwa Rhythm Patterns”. User can improvise midi patterns and change sound via mic positions/tunings /panning and velocities to get amazing sound. Library also includes special effect controls like mute,doubler,heat and wide – along with basic effects and 7 impulse response reverb made specially for this library. Bonus Patches also come with “Solo Tabla” which are performances based in various creative style. “Solo Tabla” and “Tabla Loops” Library are recorded in same room with “Royer Ribbon Microphone” and other microphones. • $79 • One master patch with all controls on interface •Left Drum , Right Drum and Combo Drums alphabets mapped in proper order (Paste link in your browser to see video tutorial on this qjKbqchCDajOJYJqheIRjOoZ5_E1H06=6) • Each sound name display on UI . Display screen will also show varieties of particular alphabet • Special pitch slides produced by player on left drum using pressure of hands in “normal pitch bend” and “gamak pitch bend” style covering all hand positions. (Paste link in your browser to see video tutorial on this qjKbqchCDajOJYJqheIRjOoZ5_E1H06) •Pitch Bend articulations on combo drums • Varieties of alphabets on right hand drum • Special Pink keys with On-Off combination of alphabets •Advance Scripting features total control over individual sounds.Each drum can be tuned/panned separately and each sound can be fine tuned. • Create a nice balance of Left hand drum and Right hand drum according to taste. • Special effects on UI include – Wide effects , Mute effects(use mod- wheel) ,Doubler and Heat effects •7 impulse response reverbs • Solo Tabla Sample Size – 2.1 GB • Bonus Patches includes ” Bass Drum performance” Patch along with other performance Patches covering various articulation in Rex/Wave and Kontakt Format. • Bonus Midi Loops Included ,which covers Indian traditional Tabla patterns in 4/4 and various complex patterns. • Sample Resolution : 44.1khz/24 bit • The “Add Library” import process do not support this standard format Kontakt library but you can use Kontakt file browser to load .nki Instruments. Usual Price £49.99 Note : Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes. Product works with Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher full retail version onlyRead more…

  3. Tabla Loops

    Kontakt Instrument

    The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums.The right hand drum is called a tabla and the left hand drum is called a dagga or baya . Playing technique involves extensive use of the fingers and palms in various configurations to create a wide variety of different sounds and rhythms.Tabla is tuned manually by hitting hammer on the rim. Tabla is the only percussion instrument in the world which has a spectrum consisting of five harmonics with four overtones. The unique feature of the 'syahi' or the black spot in the middle of the dayan and in the side of bayan is responsible for the wide variety of syllables .In 1920 the great scientists C.V. Raman and S. Kumar called it ‘Psycho acoustics’ Common strokes such as “Ta”, “Tin”, and “Na” are strongly pitched resonant strokes ( Tuned manually by Tabla Player) whereas “Tun” is one note higher than pitched note. Tun is a resonant stroke of the right hand. The head is not muted at all but allowed to resonate freely. The head is struck in the center of the syahi with the index finger of the right hand.The Tabla-dayan is not the only drum with a pitch: the bayan also has a pitch. Tabla Players apply pressure on the left drum Membrane to Produce different slides and pitches whereas Right Drum produce resonant and non-resonant strokes. So basic Sounds can be produced from left drum, right drum and combo drums. About Jagannath Singh (Tabla Player). Jagannath Singh is Playing Tabla from more than 35 years and is well trained under “Banaras Gharana*”. He is known for producing very dominating sound using both the drums extensively and yet maintaining fine balance of overall sound of Tabla. He has won many national awards from “Ministry of Cultures” for his playing style and currently working as full time artist under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. *Gharana indicates a comprehensive musicological ideology.This ideology sometimes changes substantially from one gharana to another.Some of the gharanas well known for tabla are : Delhi, Ajara, Lucknow , Banaras , Farukhabad and Punjab. About the “Loops Library” Whole concept of library was to record the “articulations in action” instead of recording fixed rhythm patterns, which is more expressive and inspiring than the same rhythms played at different speeds. This Library includes more than 1100 Performance samples ranging from “very short phrases” to “very long phrases” upto 37 sec long. “Jagannath Singh” can hit 100′s of strokes within few seconds and to push the capability of performance we marked each transient stroke so that we can speed up the samples with more control. *Library is recorded in 70 BPM , 80 BPM , 90 BPM , 100 BPM , 110 BPM , 120 BPM , 128 BPM , 130 BPM and 140 BPM. On top of this sync features in “Kontakt Patches” and “Rex Loops” make this library special. *Special Kontakt effects – Transient, Heat, and Doubler are available on Kontakt UI Panel. *Microtuning is available for each sample. *7 impulse response reverbs are made for the library Library includes Kontakt Instruments , Rex Loops and Wave Loops. We have given Speed and Tuning control to the Kontakt patches. In Last we really hope you will take full advantage of these natural phrases.You can use these phrases for Sound Design , Chop the articulations and arrange them with other elements and may be use them for learning the style of articulations. . £29.99 RRP . Articulation Based Tabla Phrase Library. . 1130+ phrases ranging from single shots to 37 seconds long phrases . Phrases recorded at 70,80,90,100,110,120,128,130,140 Bpm . Custom script for Kontakt . Special effects includes – Transient Control , Heat , Doubler and Global Tune . Microtuning for each Individual Sample . 7 Custom impulse response reverbs . Rex Kontakt Instrument , Wave Kontakt Instruments , Rex Loops , wave Loops . Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz/ 24 bit Format . Note : Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes. Product works with Kontakt 5.3 or higher full retail version.Read more…

  4. BOL

    Tabla Mouth Percussion

    BOL includes various Table natural mouth percussions in Classical, Folk and Experimental Styles. These mouth percussions are the notation of Tabla Instrument. when spoken it reflects various emotions. Library covers various Happy percussions in folk style as well thunderous Voice. Sync and Transposition features make this library more useful. KEY-SWITCH ARRANGEMENT OF BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion Patch C-2 – Classical Style with 10 Sub-key switches. D-2 – Folk Style with with 2 Sub-key switches. E-2 – Experimental A Set 1 with with 2 Sub-key switches F-2 – Experimental B Set 1 with with 2 Sub-key switches. G-2 – Experimental C Set 1 with with 1 Sub-key switch. Special Note: 100% of the money we earn from this library will go to the Street Dogs Charity in New Delhi, India. Many Dogs are suffering from diseases which can be cured just by supporting the Organisations. So we will make sure the money is really going to the right people. We are not going to pay any big organisations which are not taking care for the cause instead we will directly take care of dogs if they are getting treated or not. We wanted to do charity in our own way – Hope you guys will Support Us Note: Kontakt 5.3 full retail version only. Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes.Read more…

  5. Voices Of Ragas Vol 1

    Ancient Raga Voices for Kontakt 5

    Raga is a melodic combination of between 5 and 12 musical notes that can evoke a specific mood and emotion while sounding aesthetically appealing to the ear. In Indian musical tradition, Ragas are associated with different times of the day, or with seasons which speaks volumes for their emotive character This library includes many ragas with diverse emotional moods. Voices of Ragas Vol-1 Covers “words based phrases” as well “Aahs!/Aalaps” which don’t have any words in them.”Aahs!/Aalaps” have Speed Control feature and “words based phrases” have tempo sync feature. The uniqueness of this library is that we have provided Kid Voices and Young Voices of the same vocalist Alish Mohan. Voices Of Ragas needs Kontakt 5.3 Version. Wave Files are kept open if you don’t have access to Native Instruments Kontakt. Ragas Covered in Kids Voice are :- BhimPilasi, Bihag, Desh, Durga, God Sarang, Jai Jai Vanti, Jaunpuri, Kalingda, Lalit, Maru Bihag, Multani, Parmeshwari, Patdeep, Purvi, Tilak Kamod Ragas Covered in Young Voice :- Darbari, Jog, Marwah, Multani, Puriya Dhanashri, Shankra, Basant, Patdeep, Todi, Yaman, Ramkali . Custom Script for Voices of Ragas . Pink Keyswitch for Selecting Ragas . Green Keyswitch to select Vocal Style of that Raga . Blue zones have Samples. . Pitch wheel Control the speed of phrases in Aalaps/Aahs. . “Words based Phrases have Tempo sync feature . Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz/ 24 bit FormatRead more…

  6. Voices Of Ragas Vol 2

    Ancient Raga Voices for Kontakt 5

    Voices Of Ragas needs Kontakt 5.3 Version (not Kontakt Player). Wav files are kept open if you don’t have access to Native Instruments Kontakt. This is the Second Voice Library of “Voices Of Ragas Series” Featuring two trained Indian Vocalist “Abinav Sridharan” and “Ujwal Nagar” Voices Of Ragas Volume 2 Covers many Ragas in a variety of keys and speed. Includes Slow and Fast Sargams along with “Aalaps/Aahs!”, which don’t have any meaningful words in them and can be used freely in any theme. All the phrases have Speed Control Feature. "Raga is a melodic combination of minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 musical notes that can evoke a specific mood and certain emotions while sounding aesthetically appealing to the ear. In the Indian musical tradition, Ragas are associated with different times of the day, or with seasons which speaks volumes for their emotive character." . North Indian Hindustani Classical Style Ragas . Three Patches (Slow Sargams, Fast Sargams, Thunderous Raga) . Two Mature Male Voices . Covered Aalaps / Aahs!, Phrases, Sargams. . Many Phrases in Variety of Keys. . Custom Script for Voices of Ragas . Pink Keyswitch for Selecting Key of Phrase, Blue zones have Samples. . Pitch wheel Control the speed of phrases . . Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz/ 24 bit Format Download User Manual - You can find Voices of Ragas Vol 1 here - more…

  7. Tarangs

    Rare Indian Tuned Instruments for Kontakt

    The library consists of sets of Jal Tarang, Tabla Tarang, Spoon Tarang and derived sound designed instruments. Jal Tarang (means waves in water) is an Indian melodic percussion instrument, it consists of sets of ceramic bowls tuned with the aid of water, and the bowls are played by striking the edge with wooden sticks, one in each hand. TablaTarang is a rarely heard instrument these days. It consists of a number of right hand drums of Tabla tuned to different scales placed in semi-circular arrangement, melodies are played by striking the drums. The Library covers a variety of instruments like scratchy tuned instruments, Tinkle bells instruments, heavy attacking Jaltarang/Tablatarang instruments, Tinkling Spoontarang sounds, reverse sound effects and exciting multis. The custom Script created for this library makes it more beautiful. Download the PDF user manual here - • Samples size 538 mb (NCW Format) • 20 plus Instruments patches designed from basic instruments. • Custom Script for creative workflow. • Jal Tarang (10 Velocity Layers – 10 Round Robins). • Tabla Tarang ( 8 Velocity Layers – 8 Round robins). • Custom Pads from Jal Tarang and Tabla Tarang samples. • Custom Arp presets for instruments. • Multis Included • Sample Resolution : 44.1khz/24 bit • For Kontakt 4.2.3 or higher full retail version only.Read more…

  8. Bollywood Harmoniums

    Harmonium Kontakt Instrument

    Harmoniums have been the soul of Bollywood since it's inception. Harmoniums can be played solo as well as within your song structures. This authentic instrument collection includes a patch from a 1930′s Harmonium and a regular Harmonium along with their legato patches. The included legato patches will give you an entirely different feel while playing the harmoniums The master patch has been captured from a reed harmonium – which has Male , Female and Bass tones. As usual Crypto Cipher has a fully dedicated Kontakt Script which brings the instrument to life in you DAW as it offers a unique effects section including EQ, Impulse Responses and delays. The nuances and keyclicks noises are a really important part of harmoniums – To give this library added realism all keys on/off noises with bellow pump noises have been captured. Sound design patches are also included in the package, which gives the library modern sound along with the raw traditional sounds of harmoniums. >Three Varieties of Harmoniums (3 Reed, Regular Tone, 1930′s) >Master and Legato Patches >Digital Tanpura Drones recorded from Shruti Box >Raga phrase based Violin Library >Sound Designed Patches >Sample Size 1.1 GB >Custom Script for Bollywood Harmoniums >PDF Documentation Available for Download >Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz / 24 bit NCW Format >Note: Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher full retail version only - Not the free Kontakt PlayerRead more…

  9. Tongue Drum

    Kontakt Instrument with Fujara Textures

    Tongue drum is an instrument which has been present in our ancient history. With more and more time passing by, this beautiful instrument kept going through new innovations, in present time this instrument is developed from propane cylinder. It has an echo chamber and it has many tongue cuts on its outer surface. This adds to its beauty as well. These tongues are used to produce sounds. Crypto Cipher has given a special combination of left and right hand playing script to this instrument, which makes it simple to operate and produce super sounds, with one hand you can play rhythmic drones of your selected note articulation and with other hand you can play melodies. So here Crypto Cipher hopes to provide you with an altogether different and unique experience while playing this instrument. Download Manual - Library Covers ▪ Basic Instrument : Tongue Drum & Fujara Textures ▪ Open , Muted & Tremolo Articulations ▪ 28 Fujara Textures ▪ 16 Sound Designed Patches derived from Tongue Drum samples ▪ Custom Left & Right Hand Playing Script for creative work flow ▪ Tongue Drum Open and Muted Articulation ( 10 RR – Low, Medium and High Velocities ) ▪ Multis Included ▪ Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz / 24 bit NCW Format ▪ Note : Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes. Product work with Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher full retail version onlyRead more…

  10. Double Sided Hand Drum

    Free Kontakt Instrument

    Download this free Kontakt Instrument from Crypto Cipher. Format : Kontakt (NCW) Sample Size : 12 MB This is a multisampled Instrument - 10 RR with Low, Mid and High Velocities. Play with the script to get beautiful patterns. As this is a free instrument - It would be great if you could make a short demo with the instrument and we will include it on this page.Read more…

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