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Linear Bundle for Roland D-50 VST / AU

Patch banks for Roland D-50 VST / AU




Hardware and Software Sound Design

Linear Bundle for Roland D-50 VST / AU

THE ROLAND D-50 was and still is one of my favourite synths of all time. With the new Roland D-50 DCB Software Synthesizer, Roland Cloud subscribers can have the iconic sound of LA in a powerful plugin, which perfectly recreates this legendary synth down to the subtlest of nuances! THE LINEAR BUNDLE contains the two atmospheric and ambient patch banks for the Roland D-50 VST & AU synthesizer namely Linear Universe and Linear Galaxy. The Linear Bundle contains 128 new and original patches. These two sound banks focus mainly on atmospheric and ambient pad sounds demonstrating the full potential of the Roland D-50 VST & AU software synthesizer. THE SOUNDS are very well suited to be used in ambient and new age music. Every musician who uses the D-50 VST & AU synthesizer and plays ambient, new age music, should have this sound bank. You won't regret it. Features - 128 patches - Focuses on atmospheric and ambient pad sounds - In bin format. - Velocity and aftertouch responsive - Including: - Installation instructions - Patch List​​ Website:

Linear Bundle Demos at SoundCloud.

Linear Bundle for Roland D-50 VST / AU



1.3 MB,5files

MD5 Hash: 7da41aa790c5a172e6df25ad83cc1792
  1. Linear Bundle VST & AU Installation.pdf … 357.7 KB
  2. Linear Bundle VST & AU Patch List.pdf … 36.4 KB
  3. Linear Bundle VST & AU.png … 925.9 KB
  4. Linear Galaxy.bin … 29.3 KB
  5. Linear Universe.bin … 29.3 KB
  1. Synth Patches
  1. Cinematic
  1. airy
  2. astrological
  3. atmosphereic
  4. ethereal
  5. mystic
  6. planetary
  7. spiritual
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