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Cinematic Tension FX Bundle

4 Libraries - Big Savings



Cacophony Inc

Real Kontakt Instruments

Cinematic Tension FX Bundle

Cacophony, Inc is Frank Macchia, a composer, arranger and woodwind artist living in Los Angeles, CA. A three time GRAMMY nominated arranger he has worked with film composers John Ottman, Mark Isham, George S. Clinton, Tyler Bates, John Debney, Trevor Rabin, Steven Jablonsky, Larry Groupé, and Hans Zimmer on numerous films. His Cinematic Tension FX libraries come in 4 flavours and concentrate on runs, spills, pushes, hits, gestures, ostinatos & textures from various instruments to give your music a new set of unique sounds that can help with transitions, tension, suspense & horror! You can now purchase the entire CTFX collection at a bargain price - RRP £79.99. Over 6GB of content. Individual product pages below: CTFX1 - Miscellaneous Morphed Sounds - CTFX2 Vol 1 - Bass Flutes - CTFX2 Vol 2 - Bass Clarinets - CTFX2 Vol 3 - Piccolos - Full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 required. Tempo sync in K5 gives superior results.

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  1. Kontakt
  2. WAV
  1. Ambient
  2. Cinematic
  3. Instrument
  4. World Music
  1. bundle
  2. clarinets
  3. flutes
  4. piccolos
  5. tension
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