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Cacophony Inc

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Cacophony Inc

Cacophony, Inc is Frank Macchia, a composer, arranger and woodwind artist living in Los Angeles, CA. A three time GRAMMY nominated arranger he has worked with film composers John Ottman, Mark Isham, George S. Clinton, Tyler Bates, John Debney, Trevor Rabin, Steven Jablonsky, Larry Groupé, and Hans Zimmer on numerous films including: > Superman Returns > 300 > Pirates of the Caribbean 3 > Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer > X2-Xmen United > Transformers > Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) > Straw Dogs (2011) His favorite genres of film music are dramatic, suspense and horror and he has created a sample library of "scored" textures, hits and pushes that evoke emotional tension in the library Cinematic Tension FX. His main instruments are woodwinds, from piccolos to contrabass clarinets and lots of ethnic winds as well. Check out his website for more music and information.

  1. Cinematic Tension FX2 - Vol1. Bass Flutes

    Tension Building Woodwind Instrument

    Continuing where Cinematic Tension FX1 left off is the new offering Cinematic Tension FX2 - Vol 1: Bass Flutes. We will be offering more of these grouped woodwinds over the next months, with each set featuring 8-10 woodwinds performing over 2 gigs of runs, spills, pushes, hits, gestures, ostinatos & textures to give your music a new set of unique sounds that can help with transitions, tension, suspense & horror! This first volume features 8 bass flutes, a unique sound that is both beautiful and intense. Future volumes will include bass clarinets, piccolos, clarinets, contrabass flutes, saxophones, contrabass clarinets, & ethnic winds. This new library features a tempo sync function where the phrases and samples will lock into your DAW's tempo making that transition into a new scene time perfectly with your composition. Also we have a very cool set of reverse samples that can be engaged by utilizing the mod wheel for even more crazed sonic textures. Add to this an effects section that includes reverbs, delay, chorus, flange, rotary panning, EQ & you have the makings of one amazing sonic effects beast! Recorded with loving care on a pristine audio set-up of an A Designs Pacifica preamp, a rare Lucas CS-1 microphone and Lynx Aurora convertors. Full version of Kontakt 4 or 5 required. Tempo sync in K5 gives superior results. Download the User Manual: more…

  2. Cinematic Tension FX1 - Sale

    Kontakt Morphing FX Library

    Developed by a team of composers and sound designers Cinematic Tension FX is an experiment in sound design. The morphing function allows 2 sounds to be simultaneously played and blended together. So, for example, a vocal chant can be combined with a flute to create interesting sonic textures that evolve and blend over time. Each sound can be manipulated and then saved as a preset. Presets can be recalled instantly using dynamic keyswitching and then 'morphed' together using the modwheel. Woodwind EFX: Frank Macchia Electric Guitar EFX: John Hoy Vocal EFX: Tracy London String EFX: Moscow Symphony Orchestra "Frank Macchia's 'Cinematic Tension' suite is loaded with wild and fun performance effects. The "Chinese Flute" alone, is worth the price of admission. But there are many more interesting and useful instruments in this collection, especially the string clusters and prepared piano. The simple interface makes the navigation and customizing of sounds fast and easy. Add a delay and additional effects, and you'll discover another portal in your atmospheric palate. Ruling!" - Tyler Bates, composer 300, Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead Download the free preview for the user manual Full Version Kontakt 4.2.3 or above only. Bass Flute / Bass Clarinet / Bassoon / Ethnic Winds / Strings / Vocal / Prep Piano / Ele Guitars / Bass Harmonicas / Jaw Harps / Ethnic Winds / Tarkus FluteRead more…

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