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Art Renaissance Project

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Art Renaissance Project
  1. MoNoS for DUNE

    Soundset for Synapse Audios DUNE

    Here we made the next step in our soundset development for Synapse Audios DUNE. I have spend my time in creating a new soundset for this cool synth. and offer you here 128 high inspiring and fresh new leadsounds for DUNE. Sometimes the most cool things are simple. Here this cool sounds are simply MONO and you will love them:) Here you go DUNEs MoNoS.Read more…

  2. Check this out!Read more…

  3. Inspiration is what we all are seeking for, every day. Inspiration for musicians is the most essential must haves of all. Like the air to breath it makes us live and compose. I want to contribute to this inspiration with my sounds. So here I offer Inspiring Ground for DUNE for you. Get some demopresets at the DUNE 900 offer here at SampleismRead more…

  4. Source of Life

    Soundset for Synapse Audios DUNE

    Again I have been inspiratet to create a realy nice and inspiring new preset set for Synapse Audios DUNE. The "Source of life" may also be a source of greate inspiration and wisdom I think. Sure I don´t offer wisdom here but you will for sure have some greate stuff to start you next masterpice of music. 120 brand new pads, bass, synts and atmospheric sounds will take you away to other spheres and lead you to a new look at the Source of Life.Read more…

  5. Coloured Harlequin

    Soundset for Synapse Audios DUNE

    Coloured Harlequin is the third step I did in sound designing a preset bank for DUNE. Here you will very sure find sounds that will wake up your inspiration and give you all the colors of old and new synth sounds you would like to have and more. Coloured Harlequin is a very new and fresh sounding set of 128 enjoyable and realy playable sounds for your DUNE full of color:)Read more…

  6. Dream Catcher

    Soundset for Synapse Audios DUNE

    Sometimes dreams need a helping hand to become reality. Music is the purest form of emotional expression, and musicians love the instruments which enable them to express those dreams and emotions. Here is our brand new soundbank for DUNE Dream Catcher. It contains 120 pads and atmospheric sounds to help you spread your wings and fulfill your artistic vision. Sounds to help you find your unique voice! Find some demopresets as download at the DUNE 900 offer here at Sampleism.Read more…

  7. DeepDUNE

    Soundset for Synapse Audios DUNE

    DUNE is, without a doubt, a fantastic synthesizer. Over the last few months I have crafted over 300 unique sounds for DUNE, and selected 128 of the very best for this bank. So inject some fresh inspiring pads and atmospheric sounds into your next production with Deep DUNE.Read more…

  8. Padshop Pro

    " Behind the World"

    The Art Renaissance Project announces " Behind the World", a soundset for the Padshop Pro synthesizer instrument by Steinberg. The set offers 120 cinematic, extremely deep and emotional pads and atmospheric textures musical and playable out of the box. Sometimes the truth is behind the world and has to be found by our self. Again I want to offer an inspirational start for your own music to make you sound as unique as you are and give you all the freedom to compose your own music around this new sounds.Read more…

  9. DUNES world

    800 presets for Synapse Audios DUNE

    The Art renaissance project has reached a new level of number of sounds for on of the best synthesizer vst´s out there. DUNE. With this release I want to offer all DUNE users this fantastic universe of all kind of sounds a synthesizer can produce. Bass, pads, textures, leads and other sounds. Deep, organic, full of heard blood and emotions. Here it is. DUNE 900 End your quest for inspiring sounds an spend your self a whole world of inspiration with DUNE 900. Have a look here and get the demo presets and then get them all for you:)Read more…

  10. This is our second voyage into the infinite sound design universe that is Alchemy. We have discovered that it is truly limitless. Here you’ll find even more spaces and spheres, packed with emotion. Just listen. (Please note: this soundbank is only compatible with the full version of Alchemy)Read more…


    A library for Camel Audio´s Alchemy

    The art-renaissance-project has been busy the last weeks and now we are happy to introduce something fresh and new we created. Here we are proud to announce the release of an exiting new library for Camel Audio´s unbeaten "Alchemy" This synth is a source of countless sounds of every kind and of course we also love to use it and create sounds from heaven and also from hell. This library here contains 175 MB of our own sample material and 90 presets for them (and Alchemy´s factory content which is needed to make our library work) and of course all the variations that are possible with Alchemy´s brilliant remix-pad´s. So here we did it again, make some starship atmosphere and space wars available for you. Imagine you are in space in a huge tube made of steel and your are there to fight. Here is how the space the war the aliens your ship and the endless space sounds. Feel the heat of the fight the strange places you find and lifeforms you can´t imagine jet. Here you have the whole character of an adventure like this captured in sound. And as ever, you wound´t sound usual at all. Enjoy. (This library does not work with the Alchemy player and needs the actual version of Alchemy)Read more…

  12. Toxic Spaces

    A quest through foreign sound worlds

    Toxic Biohazard is probably the deepest sounding synthesizer I have ever come across! While tweaking my way to creating new presets I recognized lots of the sounds we know and love from modern productions. They must have come from this synthesizer for sure! You wouldn’t believe how deep it can go, and how soft it can sound. It’s truly an adventure into the sound-design universe when you encounter Toxic Biohazard! Toxic Biohazard - A Female Galaxy has been created purely for your inspiration, and to help make your music stand out from the crowd. You’ll find a whole universe of deep pads, playable atmospheric sounds, and epic synth sounds reminiscent of intergalactic battles! But after all, it’s ”A Female Galaxy”.Read more…

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