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Alden Nulden Productions



Alden Nulden Productions

Alden Nulden Productions founded in 2013 by Kore G. The main focus has been creating inspiring sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. We are trying to make instruments, which are useful for musicians because we are musicians too. We continue to explore the limits of what is possible with sampling and scripting. Feel free to contact with us in

  1. Reese Bass is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt 5 instrument library. Reese Bass was mainly made for the producers of Drum & Bass. It has two different modes As Reese or as Sub Bass. Reese Bass consists of 344 samples recorded at 16 bit and 44000khz. It has 26 presets, 15 and 1 init for Reese Bass and 10 for Sub Bass. Reese Bass is a mono synthesizer that means that you can’t play chords just single notes. It is quite flexible instrument and it has four effects Phaser, Delay, Chorus & Scream Distortion, as well as Seven different filters, LP4, HP4, BP4, LP/HP, Formant, Vowel and Phaser. It also has ADSR in Amp, Filter & Pitch and LFO in Amp, Filter & Pitch Read more…

  2. 4th Floor

    Percussion Combo

    4th Floor Percussion Combo is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt library instrument made with samples from Shin-Ei 4 in the Floor Percussion Combo it has 32 samples 44Khz at 24 bit. It has 4 pads Bassdrum. Tom, Claves and Snaredrum, as the original drum machine have. It's very simple to use just a volume knob for each pad and one tape effect knob.Read more…

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