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Waveforms for your woofers



  1. NRS - Impulse Fractalism - WAV

    Fractal Impulse Response Samples


    Navi Retlav Studio

    Have you heard about fractals, if so then you probably know that they can be used as art; to an almost-infinite detail creating mind boggling patterns. Luckily, it so happens that one of our core team sound-designers is also a well known fractal artist. With the help of “photo-synthesis” and “spectral-manipulations”, we extracted the unique impulse responses straight out of some of the most mathematical pieces of art we have ever seen. These visually insane patterns resulted in some truly unique sonic experiences, which we have been unable to find anywhere else. More importantly, now you can add an extra layer of complexity and dimension to your sound with the easy-to-use impulse responses. These are not the typical reverb tones that can be found or created, in most already-existing convolution reverb plugins. Think about these Mathematical Impulse Responses, as unique effects and textures, a sound designer's’ paradise. Make your math-rock mathematically richer than ever before, or give your EDM a new harmonically otherworldly twist, go where you want to go without the fear of being held back by the tools you use. Details: 64 Impulse Responses 48khz / 24bit Wav Files Compatible with any Convolution-Reverb softwareRead more…

  2. Dark Ambient explores the eerie and gloomy side of Ambient through a collection of sounds consisting of atmospheres, textures and sound effects. All the sounds share a distinctive and unifying character that makes them sit on a mix in perfect cohesion forming endless combinations of congruent ambiances and backgrounds for any production in need of a dark and ominous touch. Product details: 100 Atmospheres 50 Sound Effects 50 Textures 100% Royalty free WAV formatRead more…

  3. This sample pack contains high quality guitar samples, suitable for electroacoustic and cinematic music. It is comprised of 50 wav (24-bit) samples and recorded with a 1967 Gibson SG electric guitar.Read more…

  4. Bowed Tibetan Singing Bowl 50% off until Jan 15th!

    Moody, Deep, Enthralling and Meditating. An inspiring and strange collection of Kontakt Patches


    Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

    This is an experimental library wherein a violin bow is bowed on a Tibetan Singing Bowl in G. In some cases there were novel techniques employed which were able to create unique sounds, probably never heard before. This was not a planned library. I was experimenting with bowing what ever I had around the house, and thought this may be interesting. The result is breathtaking and at times mesmerizing. Some instruments are deep and emotional, while others are strange and atonal. It is ideal for cinematic work, especially science fiction, psychological thrillers, emotional dramas, and I'm sure more (maybe horror?). I am planning to buy Tibetan Singing bowls in every key available, and do an extensive set of recording sessions with bowing and other techniques. I hope you will look forward to that! For the Kontakt presets, I used Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine. PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves. There is about 100MB of raw sample content (82 samples) 44100Hz, 16bit. Several samples were edited and warped in Kontakt itself, and comprise a set additional samples (not part of the 82). They are not meant for use in themselves, outside of Kontakt (though, you are welcome to anyway). I simply changed the tuning, fade ins and fade outs, and normalized certain sections of the samples. For Kontakt's sake, this required a resave of those particular altered samples. Almost all of them are in subfolders within the Sample folder itself. Preset Content 16 Overall Kontakt Patches (including 1 multi) Various snapshots scattered about. EDIT: I wanted to give you a proper demo, so I decided to include an instrument included in the actual library. It does require you to have the Photosynthesis engine, however. You can get it here. Because of demo limitations, I cannot provide all of the files necessary for the Photosynthesis engine to run, so you will have to search for the files when you load the instrument. The engine can be downloaded here: more…

  5. The Mistake

    An experiment gone wrong


    Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

    I'm calling it "The Mistake" because it didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to (though the experiment itself was a success). It is part of an experiment based on preparation for one of my next libraries --Deep Conjuring: Part II. The novelty lies in turning the dry/wet knob of a certain effect based on the relative velocity layers. In other words, for this particular library, a certain effect was used, and the quieter the sample, the wetter the effect. So there is a 3 layer gradient effect of that sample based on how hard you press the keys. When you press it very hard, the effect almost completely disappears. The mistake was in that the velocity of each velocity layer is not consistent across the keyboard. It would be possible to correct this somewhat by changing the start point of each sample, to a more appropriately volumed section. I plan to use this velocity dependent gradient effect to a much more extensive degree in "Deep Conjuring: Part II" For this particular experiment I used the plugin from Sound Toys known as "Little AlterBoy", available here The part which I do not think was a mistake, is the effect created by reversing the samples. It creates a strange synthetic strings tremolo effect, which I think is quite cool and could be useful I'm sure. Enjoy, it's Free! Please note: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need full Kontakt to use the samples themselves. The Sample Content comes to about 900MB uncompressed. Jeremiah Penas Photosynthesis engine was used Merry Christmas!Read more…

  6. Orchestral Trap Essentials - Only £1.99!

    Essence of orchestral trap


    Freak Music

    Freak Music presents the Orchestral Trap Essentials - collection of 138 orchestral trap samples, loops, MIDIs, presets and much more. You will find only carefully selected, professional content. This is your #1 source to start a new TRAP production. Now you don't have to look for these uplifting sounds, deep 808s, smooth claps - this pack is everything you need. Take your track to the highest level. Features: - 1 Live template project - 15 loops from the demo project - 7 MIDI sequences - 5 Sylenth1 presets - 10 808 kicks - 10 closed hi-hats - 10 open hi-hats - 10 crashes - 10 FXes - 10 kicks - 10 percussion sounds - 20 snares & claps - 20 orchestral hits - High quality 24-bit .WAV - 138 orchestral trap samples in totalRead more…

  7. This sample pack contains high quality guitar samples, suitable for electroacoustic and cinematic music. It is comprised of 50 wav (24-bit) samples and recorded with a 1967 Gibson SG electric guitar.Read more…

  8. Airlift

    Ambient Pads


    Temporal Geometry

    Airlift is a high quality collection of pads for Ambient and Cinematic productions that features both single one shot pads and complete progressions. This pack works just as well to lay down full fledged harmonic foundations as it does to add short, detailed and precise elements to your mix. Product details: 142 One shot pads 58 Pad loops 100% Royalty free WAV formatRead more…

  9. If you’re looking for hand-crafted professional sounds for your next release this product is for you. Patchmaker is proud to present volume 3 of "Major Lazerz" sample collection! This set is inspired by artists like Major Lazer,Dj Snake,Jack U, and many others! Suitable for genre like House,Hip-Hop,Trap,Dubstep and a lot more! This pack contains 100 synth presets and 32 samples & loops developed by professional sound designer (50 Serum, 50 Massive): SERUM Patch list: LEAD 13 presets SYN 13 presets PLUCK 6 presets BASS 9 presets PERCUSSIVE 2 presets PAD 2 presets SFX 3 presets WOBBLE 4 presets (4 macros on every preset) MASSIVE Patch list: LEAD 19 presets SYN 11 presets PLUCK 4 presets BASS 7 presets BELL 1 preset AMBIENT 1 preset PAD 1 preset SFX 4 presets WOBBLE 2 presets (8 macros on every preset) Samples & Loops list: 7 Kicks 7 Claps 7 Closed Hats 11 Loops Every preset has all macros (4 macros for Serum and 8 macros for Massive ), so you will be able to switch them at your own preference. Check out the demo for a feel of the quality of these presets and get your copy today! NOTE: You will need Massive version 1.5 or higher and Serum version 1.113 or higher to be able to use these presets NOTE:The preview contains sound effects for illustrative purposes onlyRead more…

  10. The samples in this collection are taken from the 1935 British film Scrooge. It is the first sound version of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens and it is now in the Public Domain. The pack contains 397 samples for a size 345 MB. These samples are all new, they are NOT part of the other Memory Collection Packs. If you like this pack, check out my other Memory Collection Packs that can be bought on Sampleism too. Some have a theme like the Memory Collection 03 - Horror Movies and the Memory Collection 04 - Christmas / Winter Holidays for instance. These other packs are not free but they're very affordable and all have free downloadable demos. All Memory Collection Packs samples are from PD movies, documentaries, TV shows and TV ads.Read more…

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