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  1. The Foreshadowing Teaser. 50% off until Dec. 19!

    A visceral, diverse, post modern, cinematic set of kontakt patches and a glimpse of the future


    Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

    This is a glimpse of things to come on the horizon for my future projects. Due to this, there is a great deal of variety in this collection. From ethereal, dreamy and post modern Explosions in The Sky and Sigur Ros inspired guitars, to an oriental-like ukulele pluck instrument, all the way to a cinematic, fierce, bowed electric bass guitar. There are 224 samples, coming in at about 1.4GB of samples uncompressed. All of the instruments were derived from these samples, and they feature no soft-synths or computer generated sounds --all from authentic, real sound sources. There are a total of 27 Kontakt Instrument Patches, 9 Multi and numerous snap shots scattered throughout. There are numerous samples in the Bowed Sample Folder which were not used for the Kontakt patches, but which are perfect for sound design elements, cinematic productions and so on. Please note: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need full Kontakt to use the samples themselves. I am in the process of updating my studio. Though this is a preview of things to come, please expect future projects to be of an even higher quality, with more velocity layers, more round robins (including true RR as opposed to neighborhood RR) and better sound quality. For this reason, it may take some time before I release my next big release. However, I will release small, unique, and interesting libraries in between the larger releases. There will also be one more preview pack coming (similar to this one) but which will feature toy samples. There are a few sampling techniques which I believe will be quite innovative in the final release, so please stay tuned. I will give you a hint to one of these techniques: You may actually be able to literally play with time.Read more…

  2. Rhythm Lab presents part 3 of its bestseller - Vinyl Revolution, filled with more various vinyl drums and percussion. This pack will help you to create a dusty and solid sound of your drums and it adds vintage warmth to your tunes. The collection includes: 28 claps 23 crash and cymbal sounds 78 hats 110 kicks 38 percussion sounds 185 snares (including rimshots, clicks, rolls and fantom snares) 38 toms All sounds were chopped at zero-point crossing and recorded in high 24-bit quality.Read more…

  3. Second volume of funky and groovy HipHop Breaks. This pack includes 67 professionally designed drum loops with unique vinyl sound character. These loops perfectly fit to styles such as HipHop, Trip Hop, Funk, Chillout, Acid Jazz etc. The sample pack is available in 24-bits Wav and Recycle Rex formats.Read more…

  4. Outer Intelligence is a sample pack containing 100 high quality electronic Ambient arps recorded at 80 bpm on different tonalities, which explores endless variations of rhythm, harmony and timbre. This pack is a great addition for Ambient, Downtempo and Chillout producers alike and can also be a good asset for Cinematic recordings.Read more…

  5. Designed Mecha

    Creative Sound Design


    Gregor Quendel

    In collaboration with Bend Audio Design this pack is all about exploring the inner and outer working mechanisms of an at times slightly malfunctioning mecha and its environment. It contains various kinds of ambiences, mechanism and servo sounds, impacts, and glitches. 50 24bit 96kHz WAV files / Meta-tagged 35 Elements 15 EvolutionsRead more…

  6. Vocal Trap Melodies 2 - Only £1.99!

    20 inspiring vocal kits + Live + WAV loops


    Freak Music

    After a great success of "Vocal Trap Melodies", Freak Music decided to create a second volume of this awesome pack. As earlier, in "Vocal Trap Melodies 2" you will find 20 inspiring trap vocal kits with template (for Ableton Live 8 or higher) of the demo as a bonus - including all of the loops as individual 24-bit WAV, so you don't need to be a user of Ableton Live. You can take every sample from each kit and create your own melody, recreate existing MIDI, use as they are or do whatever you want. It's up to you. All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. Features: - 20 professionally selected vocal kits - 35 inspiring vocal loops 24-bit WAV - 35 midis for every loop - 20 samples 24-bit WAV - Key and BPM labeled - BONUS - Demo project as a template (for Ableton Live 8 or higher) - 19 individual loops from the template - 3 midi sequences from individuals - 112 files in totalRead more…

  7. I'm presenting you the Volume 1 of my sound-pack series called Drum and Bass Ingredients. Inside you will find everything that'll let your creative juices flow easily - from dark, moody atmospheres and synths and pads, through bass samples to drum one shots. All of the samples are in 44,1KhZ 24bit WAV format and are the perfect tools to be used in your drum and bass projects (but not only drum and bass of course!). Below you have a full list of contents. Be sure to check the free preview as well, although it is just a small percentage of what is inside the full package! SOUND LIST: 1. Atmosphere, FX, Synth (55) 2. Bass Long (15) 3. Bass Short (30) 4. Field recordings (10) 5. Hihats (30) 6. Kicks (20) 7. Percussion, Texture (35) 8. Snares (20) 9. Top Loops (15) more…

  8. Pipe Festival 2

    The Legend Returns


    Hephaestus Sounds

    Based on the same samples of our best selling organ library Italian Concert Organ, sampled at 48KHz 24-bit with the superb compression at only 256MB, offering 16 ready-to-use of the most typical organ sounds chosen for us by expert Italian organ players and with an extremely user friendly GUI, Pipe Festival 2 EASILY BECOME THE BEST PIPE ORGAN FOR KONTAKT IN THIS PRICE RANGE. It's the evolution of the previous Pipe Festival library for different aspects. Both offer an Italian organ sound, but Pipe Festival 2 offers the best realism, not only for the sample quality, but also for the environment simulation, the stereo field and the tiny size, typical of all the new Hephaestus Sounds libraries. Pipe Festival 2 basically has been developed for all the users who don't know the pipe organ or how to play it at the best, especially with a common MIDI keyboard. So, here you have a ready-to-use sound switchable by dedicated key-switches. Do you think Italian Concert Organ is too difficult? Don't worry. Pipe Festival 2 solves your problem. Do you like Italian Concert Organ sound but you cannot afford it? Don't worry. Pipe Festival 2 has obviously less functions and sounds, but it offers the same sound quality of Italian Concert Organ. FEATURES: * 48KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; * Samples from our top organ library Italian Concert Organ; * 16 ready-to-play and typically used organ sounds chosen with the great help of some talented Italian organ players; * Player/Spectator button. Do you like listen to the organ from the player position or from the church pews? * Theatre/Cathedral reverb button. Just switches between 2 different high quality IR samples; * Modulation controller adjusts the volume; * For live playing, a 61-keys-keyboard (or bigger) is suggested; 76 and 88 keys are probably the best solutions; * Compressed total library size: only 256MB. I think it's small enough; * Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (it works for 15 minutes only on Kontakt Player!). SOUND LIST: 1. Flutes 8' 2. Principal 8' & 4' 3. Prinz & Flutes 4. Soft Reeds 5. Strong Reeds 6. Funds 8' 7. Funds All 8. Reeds & Pedal 9. Exp. All 10. Grand Jeu 11. Plein Jeu 12. I + III + Ped. 13. Fonds et Anches 14. Organo Pleno 15. Great All 16. TuttiRead more…

  9. The Hand Tank Drum

    Steel Tongue Drum Kontakt Library


    Stormwave Audio

    The Hand Tank Drum is the first Stormwave Audio’s Kontakt library featuring a very unique acoustic tuned percussion instrument with an other-worldly tone! We tirelessly played the instrument with different articulations and dynamics to bring the range of the instrument in its full scope into your projects. Each note has been carefully recorded with varying strength using fingers and soft mallets. The natural tone has been recorded using 2 microphone perspectives: – The details and percussive properties from upper part of the instrument were captured in stereo using a pair of Neumann KM184 condenser microphones. – The fullness and low end vibrations from the bottom were recorded using Shure SM56 dynamic microphone. Library features: – Single Native Instrument Kontakt patch (.nki file). – Extended range C4-G5 – 768 samples recorded at 24bit/48kHz. – 4 velocity layers. – 3 random, no-repeat round robin variation for every sample. – 4 articulations covering mallet and finger playing, as well as semi-muted style for more precise tone, or open style for a natural, dissonant timbre. – Keyswitch for a fast and handy articulation change during the performance. – 2 microphone perspectives – top and bottom – with separate volume controls. – Effects section including delay, chorus, reverb, and rotary speaker/vibrato simulation. – Attack and Release envelope controls for further sound shaping possibilities. – Requires full version of Kontakt 5, free Kontakt Player is not supported.Read more…

  10. This sample pack contains 56 guitar sounds in total. It contains some of the most famous blues licks (listen in the preview), recorded with a 1967 Gibson SG electric guitar. Exported in wav, 24bit quality. As a bonus we give you some basic acoustic guitar chords.Read more…

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