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Snacks for your samplers




    The 2nd Installment,The B-Side!



    This installment is more laid-back and lucid. Just like SIDE A, SIDE B is a collection of 64 artistically crafted Massive presets.Inspired by 80s movies and artist like madeon, com truise, porter robinson and many more synthpop artists. The sounds are for Synthpop, Synthwave, Chillout, RnB, Hiphop, Deep House, Electro(leads) and Pop genres. And of course you can use them in any other genres to add more synthy textures to your music. This pack is filled with plenty quality sounds: Bass- - - - 20 Lead- - - -20 Pad- - - - -16 Pluck - - - 08 Give the demo a listen, and feel the Love! FOLLOW ME ON SOUNDCLOUD TO SHOW LOVE !Read more…

  2. Ultimate B-Boy Drum Kit has a total of 988 drum hits that are all raw sounds, regimented into there respective folders following beat classification standards; Snare 323 Kick 270 Cow Bell 44 H Hats 130 O Hats 45 Cymbals 27 Congas 70 Bass 09 Clap 14 Rim Tap 19 Shaker 8 Toms 29 This kit is the first of a series to be released to the Underground Producer, showcasing the wickedest Snares, Kicks, Toms, Bells and Congas on the scene! ALL WAV FILES.Read more…

  3. Human

    25% Off - Special Introductory Price Until March 31!



    SFXsource delivers 483 Human sounds ready to drop straight into your productions, whatever field of multimedia you work in. Separated into convenient categories including Applause, Babies, Crying, Footsteps, Groaning, Kissing, Laughter, Screams & Whimpers and many more, this comprehensive collection will prove to be a mainstay in your sound library which you'll return to time and time again. Enriched with embedded metadata in the form of keywords for quick access to the sounds you want, when you want them, so you can concentrate on keeping creative and getting that project wrapped and delivered.Read more…

  4. Lira Korbowa II - buzzDog

    Authentic Polish Hurdy-gurdy


    Piotr Nowotnik

    "Lira Korbowa II - buzzDog" - [v1.0] Tempo-synced loops, SFX and percussive sounds of hurdy-gurdy All sounds in this second instalment of "Lira Korbowa - Authentic Polish Hurdy-gurdy" library are organically extracted from the instrument built by Stanislaw Wyzykowski - one of the pioneers of hurdy-gurdy revival. No preservatives or frozen imports here! All content in the series is captured in 24-bit depth by the set of three microphones: * condenser - positioned above the instrument and essential to catch all those wandering overtones, * piezo-ceramic - sitting tightly near the bridge and ensuring that this ancient wood is not vibrating in vain! * silver bullet - roaming where necessary to get the most unique experience: from depths of the body to the hinges of tangent box! "buzzDog" library is dedicated entirely to delivering the percussive aspect of hurdy-gurdy. This pack is comprised of two main elements: 1. buzzDog - The Loop Host-synchronised loops of trompette - also called chien (fr. "dog") - a small wooden bridge, resting on the soundboard with merely a pressure of a string, without being permanently attached or glued. The technique required to induce a rhythmical vibration against the soundboard relies on sudden attacks (accents) while turning the wheel. A trompette string is usually tuned in unison with a melodic string but its pitch is constant. Here, the Loop also delivers something that can't be easily achieved on a single hurdy-gurdy: the trompette string, originally tuned in G, has been extended to include all twelve notes. So to play a chord using trompette sound you need at least three hurdy-players with each one tuned differently or you can just drop a coin for the buzzDog. This mechanism originates from late medieval period when Hurdy-gurdy was considered to be missing that percussive element needed for dance music. Necessity is the mother of invention thou. Trompette is to be found only in a hurdy-gurdy. Loops are recorded in 80 and 120 BPM and variations of rhythmical patterns are spread across two to four velocity layers. All loops are using Time Machine Pro so they are easily syncing the tempo with your host. Loop patches are also divided into square (2, 4) triangular (3, 6) and pentagonal time signatures. Why not cranking up (pun intended) the tempo to 240 and play 2/4 over the 4/4? For all those bored with regular rhythms, I added my personal favorite: 5/8 beat. There is a 'preview' patch including all time signatures across the keyboard for those who like to bend, chop and break the pattern. 2. buzzDog - Percussion/SFX No mirrors, no smoke - percussion sounds obtained from knocking, bending, stretching, turning, squeezing and bouncing bits and pieces of the instrument. Very unorthodox; and if you are a purist, you should stay away from this part ;) . All the sounds are very organic - delivering the very essence of structural frailty of a hurdy-gurdy -so many things could have go wrong during this recording! Luckily, all I lost was only one string... While most of those sounds will work as a very unique percussion kit, the SFX section in nothing like your grandma's hurdy-gurdy: samples folder contain files with whimsical names such as "angry donkey", "panting dog" or "techno bee" and so are the sounds: like a box of unearthly delights and noisy creatures. Video demo below. Ever dreamed about your own Steampunk Hurdy-gurdy? This is it. I wish you all a lot of fun with the "buzzDog"! Until next instalment. Piotr Nowotnik February 2015 - Melbourne, Australia ************************************************************************************** Developed in Kontakt 5.4.3 so you'll need this version or above to use this library. Library will only load in 'demo' mode in the free Kontakt Player. Patches in 1.0: buzzDog - Perc Low buzzDog - Perc Nat buzzDog - SFX buzzDog - The Loop 80TM 2+4 buzzDog - The Loop 80TM 3+6 buzzDog - The Loop 80TM 5 buzzDog - The Loop 80TM ALL buzzDog - The Loop 120TM 2+4 buzzDog - The Loop 120TM 3+6 buzzDog - The Loop 120TM 5 buzzDog - The Loop 120TM ALL PS: below SoundCloud demo is created using sounds from "buzzDog" and "Starter" libraries exclusively. You can still grab you "Lira Korbowa I - Starter" here: more…

  5. Orgone

    Four classic analogue synths in one



    Orgone began as an experiment around the idea of "what would a Hammond organ with sawtooth waves sound like ?" and slowly grew into a huge modular machine that combines multisampled waveforms from several classic synths into a 1GB+ Kontakt sample instrument that goes way beyond the possibilities of any of the originals. So what's inside ? -Moog Voyager sawtooth and square waves - 24bit, 8 second samples of every note. -Dsi Pro 2 narrow square waves - 24bit, 8 second samples of every note. -Yamaha CS15 square waves - 24bit, 8 second samples of every note. -Roland SH101 saw tooth + sub waves - 24bit, 8 second samples of every note. -Moog unfiltered noise - 24bit, 8 second samples of every note. ORGONE uses the basic additive architecture of the drawbar organ to create a deeply controllable instrument with huge polyphony and a complex but relatively simple operating system and then adds the filters, envelopes, lfos etc of subtractive synthesis to each individual drawbar. It's like having 4 classic 11 oscillator synths in one modular box. Because the quirks and character of the original ageing synths (30 plus years in the case of the CS15) have been retained Orgone has a living organic sound that can go to places other electronic instruments can only dream of. This isn't another plastic EDM box...although it can do amazing thick creamy basses. Orgone is great for woozy string synth pads, throbby beat synced cinematic backdrops, gnarly "Frankie Teardrop" organs and 60s keyboards, ethereal theremins, evolving space drones and GREAT BIG ultra saw synth tones. Orgone needs a FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above to work properly and there are two slightly different versions. K4 version will work in every Kontakt version above 4 and includes 83 .nki presets each with its own Modwheel morphing control. K5 version needs Kontakt 5.4.1 or above and includes 6 .nki presets with a total of 151 snapshots each with its own modwheel morphing control. K5 users can also use the K4 presets which are different to the K5 ones. Features include... •11 classic synth oscillators. •1.2GB of 24bit multisamples •Advanced architecture with automatable control of everything. •Volume control per oscillator. •Saturation control per oscillator. •Glide control per oscillator. •Pan control per oscillator. •Reverb send per oscillator. •Volume envelope per oscillator •Phase shift per oscillator. •Vibrato depth, speed fade and chaos per oscillator •Filter with cutoff, resonance, envelope shape and depth, LFO speed depth and fade per oscillator. ( K5 version has selectable filter types) •Tremolo speed, depth, LFO width, shape and chaos per oscillator. •Chorus depth and speed per oscillator. •Delay engine per oscillator. •Compressor per oscillator (K5 version). Master effects section with convolution reverb, guitar cabinet, eq, rotor, phaser, tone and distortion. •Girth control for extra detuned width. •Mono/Poly control with glide time. •Note off volume and decay control. •Velocity amount control. •Aftertouch tuning bend amount. • Modwheel preset morphing control. •234 presets/snaphots ( K4 and K5 versions combined) •Versions for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5.4.2 •Built in manual.Read more…

  6. A set of samples of an Acoustic Bass, an old Ibanez sampled years ago. Custom scripted in Kontakt 5.3 (need the full edition to play, not the player). There are three presets: a fingered bass, a muted bass and a picked bass. www.autodafe.netRead more…

  7. Garage and Deep House Bundle

    150 Massive Presets + More


    The ONE Series

    This is the Garage & Deep House Bundle, a combination of "THE ONE: Pro Deep House" and "THE ONE: Future Garage". With this bundle, you receive a mighty library, ready to be used in your Future Garage/House productions. All of the 8 Macro controls are assigned on every preset, Randomizing and Velocity control are assigned to many different presets, and the sounds have been crafted to be as fat, full, punchy and wide as possible. In the Garage & Deep House Bundle you get: - A total of 150 NI Massive presets Bonus: - 5 WAVs at 96 kHz/24-bit - 16 MIDI's - PDFs of what presets were used in the demos for the original soundbanks, as well as info of which freeware thirdparty plugins that were used - The demos as MP3's Hear the demos and get the deep vibesRead more…

  8. Festival Bundle XL

    250 Presets + 248 Wavs + 27 Midi


    The ONE Series

    This is the Festival Bundle XL, the Xtra Large version. This bundle is your complete arsenal for creating intense electronic music. The products included in this bundle are; "THE ONE: Pro EDM", "THE ONE: Insane Risers", "THE ONE: Bangin' Trap", and "THE ONE: Minimal Rhythms". In the Festival Bundle XL you get: - 250 NI Massive presets - 248 Wav-loops at 96 kHz/24-bit Bonus: - 30 WAVs at 96 kHz/24-bit - 27 MIDI's - PDFs of what presets were used in the demos for the original soundbanks, as well as info of which freeware thirdparty plugins that were used - The demos as MP3's Contains: - THE ONE: Pro EDM - THE ONE: Insane Risers - THE ONE: Bangin' Trap - THE ONE: Minimal Rhythms Check the demos and feel the energy.Read more…

  9. Alive Littles - Intro Price

    88 little toys and much more ! INTRO PRICE


    Nicolas Signat

    *GET ALIVE LITTLES AT £9.99 NOW ! FINAL PRICE WILL BE £14.99 END OF MARCH" Here's your new sandbox full of toys ! 88 instruments are waiting for you inside the main Kontakt patch. All samples have been recorded very close with high-end equipment (Nagra LB, KM185, Blue Dragonfly, AT4050, Rode NT4 ...) in high definition (88.2kHz 24bit) in dry rooms. Every sample is 'alive' and dynamic due to 10 random robins for every recording ! Our GUI gives you access to a lot of transformations and modulations, all based on velocity. You can set filters, pitch, stereo effects and panning, ADSR envelope, play in reverse, offset and volume sound by sound. You can choose to use random robins or not. Moreover, we added some great global effects on a second tab with a transient designer, EQ, flanger, chorus, phaser, tape saturator, lo-fi (bit crusher) and reverb. Features: > 5 main patches which are presets for the whole sandbox. > 32 chromatic instruments > 19 sound design patches made from the same sample pool ! The Sound Designer patches are unique little instruments in their own right. We will try and produce some examples of these as soon as we can. You can download the manual for more information by clicking on the "free preview" button above. Scroll down for audio demos. WARNING : for the full retail version of Kontakt or above only. Will only work in 'Demo' mode if you have the free version of Kontakt PlayerRead more…

  10. Tonal Constructs - 34% Off

    Psychedelic FX and ambiences


    Mirror Me Lab

    A collection of 52 sound lab accidents- created, layered, resampled, layered again (probably), and injected with a solid dose of heart and soul. Perfect for any sort of abstract music, including Dark Ambient, Psytrance, Techno, etc. Download contains: - 125 mb of uncompressed WAV audio files -31 glitch and tonal FX -21 extended ambient FX *the preview was made using less than 10 of the of featured samples, and only those samples with no added effects.Read more…

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