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  1. Creative Junk 1/2 price!!

    Experimental Percussion for Kontakt


    Paper Stone Instruments

    Our most ambitious, versatile and comprehensive offering to date, Creative Junk is an organic percussion suite designed to fire your imagination. It was created with hits from everyday objects of many shapes and sizes that were carefully selected for their tone and character and their special interaction when played as a set. The final product is a 1.03 GB, 2050 sample, atonal and tuned percussion collection for Kontakt, made up of 20 nkis and featuring 100 multi sampled objects, each with up to 7 velocity layers. Industrial heaters, bouncing balls, bottles, jugs, and filing cabinets, Creative Junk is a goldmine of unique hits, quirky transients and inspirational tones, all recorded using 3 mic positions, thus allowing the user to incorporate the beautiful acoustics of our Cinematic live room using the ambient stereo pair, or to create a tighter sound with the close mic setting. From the Tom Waits Junk drums sound to a melodious Solaris style tuned percussion, Creative Junks tonal remit is far reaching and will bring a fresh perspective to your projects. Sam Brown of Paper Stone Studios says “When I’m writing I’m always looking for inspirational sounds, I want sounds that haven’t been created by conventional instruments. This propels me to seek out unusual or abstract objects to manipulate and sample. I wanted to put together a collection of these objects and then sample them with multiple mic positions, and give them an interface that would allow each sound to be tuned and blended individually or as groups across 3 different mic positions" Please download the free taster patch at the link below: more…

  2. Dystopian Dreams Vol.1

    Cinematic Tool Kit & Kontakt Instrument


    Audio Imperia

    The AUDIO IMPERIA "Dystopian Dreams" cinematic tool kit series is specifically designed for modern post-apocalyptic and science fiction campaigns and offers a wide variety of sounds and effects. For Volume 1 we turned to renowned producer Histibe, well known for his outstanding sound design talents. His works have been published on notable platforms such as Vimeo Staff Picks, JAY Z's Life+Times, UKF, DJ Mag, Dezeen, Complex, BBC, OFFF Festival, Loopmasters and many others. Together we created a cinematic tool kit that will provide you with the perfect set of go-to sounds for your project. We spent countless hours on designing these sounds, drawing inspiration from movies like Maze Runner, Mad Max: Fury Road, Oblivion, I am Legend, 28 Days Later, Terminator Genisys, Priest, World War Z and TV shows like Heroes, Supernatural and The Walking Dead. The "Dystopian Dreams Vol. 1" kit includes: •Alarms •Booms •Downers •Drones •Hits •Pulses •Risers •Sound Effects •Stingers •Whooshes KEY FEATURES •High definition 96kHz / 24bit .WAV files •100 files / 800 MB •Detailed Soundminer Metadata (Data Sheet: XLS / Data Sheet: PDF) •Custom Kontakt PatchesRead more…


    Sylenth1 presets for Hip-Hop


    Red Sounds

    If you are the owner of Urban Taste first pack, you will definitely like this second release. If you are new to Red Sounds, it is perfect pack to discover. 70 hand-crafted sounds for Urban/Hip-Hop production. There you will find dark OVO inspired pads and basses, (Drake style basses) 808 basses, famous producers sounds, some club Hip-Hop presets, also original catchy synths and so on… Sylenth1 it unbelievable synth, but stock presets are usable only for trance, EDM and similar styles… So, if you are urban producer – this pack is for you. You can make impressive tracks with this pack only, without any external sounds of effects. Specifications: 70 SYLENTH1 presets for Urban/Hip-Hop production: ARP – 6 PLUCK – 11 DRM – 4 SYNTH – 13 PAD – 6 KEY – 9 BASS – 16 LED – 4 FX - 1 SYLENT1 2.2+ required P.S. always check mod wheel on presets with MOD note in the end. Check our other products: redsounds.euRead more…

  4. #PBRNB

    RNB Renovation



    RnB renovation. #PBRNB pack contains 64 artistically crafted presets for PBRNB production. Sounds are ready for both cold, bare smoothness sound of PBRNB and Sparking sexy electronic sound of PBRNB. Don't mather what you wanna express, " your soul grinding "? or "I'm just here to party"! These pack will do both. Inspired by: Banks, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tinashe, The Wknd, FKA TWIGS, How To Dress Well, Noah 40, Drake, Miguel and varity of mixtapes. Other genres these sounds will fit are Hip-Hop, neo-soul, chilltrap, chillwave, contemporary RnB, Future RnB, chillout and Trip-Hop. Or why don't you go ahead and innovate a new trend and kick start yourself with this pack. I Programed these sounds keeping two flavors in mind:- 17 Pads a> smooth, atmospheric, vintage textures. b> Animated, sparky, youth party vibe. *All Polyphonic,[NO 1 Finger chords] 13 Basses a> vintage bust up, analog. b> Knocking, 808 booms. *All monophonic [No extra work needed to go behind massive and fixing it] 12 Keys a> rhodes flavored synth keys, Vintage textured pianos and synths. b> banks kinda "lonely, gloomy" bells with inspiring delays that adds atmospheric vibe to your production. 13 Leads a> "Not the center of attention" leads, for making side hooks (ear candies) b> "The center of attention" leads, for big melodies and main instrumental drops. *Most of them are monophonic with portamento active. 09 Plucks a> analog textured plucks with inspiring delays. b> More percussive and woody textures. All Macro Knobs are assigned for full controller usability [I like working in maschine with all my Macros assigned] and easy sound sculpting and automation. Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 is required. Producer Note: If you LIKE MY SOUNDBANKS, please, like GOGOi sounds on facebook and follow on twitter and soundcloud. This makes me feel closer to you guys. * Drums and FX samples used in the demo are not included with this pack.Read more…

  5. Jorgalad's Cinematic Zebra Presets

    Arpeggiators, Pads, Bass and Much More



    A sound pack filled with 50 beautiful musical patches, suitable for any kind of music. This pack is made for people who want to take their music and sound design to the next level, it contains 50 sounds that are very complex and use all different kinds of modules in Zebra. Having years of synth experience I really tried to take it up a notch to provide patches that are not out there yet. And Zebra is the perfect synth to do so. All 50 patches have the most useful parameters assigned to the X Pads, which means that each patch contains a huge amount of additional sounds that you can modulate. This way you can use the sounds straight away in your production, but they are also great for learning. If you dive deeper into the patches you’ll see a great amount of synth tricks that are not commonly used, you can take these ideas and apply them to every synth out there. The demo track is just a lot of the sounds playing after each other, nothing is layered, nothing has additional FX to it, just holding one key at a time triggering different patches. I hope you enjoy these great sounds and learn a lot while doing so! Jorgalad Check out the demo for this soundpack: more…

  6. Modular Constructions

    Modular, Analogue & Digital Loops inspired by British Underground electronic music


    Daze Audio

    This pack contains Drum Loops, Synth Loops, Bass Loops & FX Loops created with 3 hardware synthesisers. The first was an Analogue Modular Synth (Analogue Systems RS8000), The second was a Moog Little Phatty & the third was a rackmount version of the mighty Yamaha DX7 (TX81Z). Many of these loops are both raw and processed and have been inspired by British Techno & current underground music. Think SND, Dense & Pika, James Blake, Bjork, Arca et al. Covering genres from Industrial, Techno, IDM, Dubstep, Jungle & more. Special thanks to the London College of Music for their great facilities.Read more…

  7. Fusion Hats

    Loops, One shots, Samples, Hats


    Francesco di Buono

    New sounds synthesized from scratch using top hardware and software: suitable for every Fast Paced genre: Trance, Psy Trance, Dark, Fullon, Techno and so forth. •85 High Quality Hi Hats Loops In 24 bit Wav format, featuring quirky, aggressive and perfectly pitched sounds. •Each envelope has been manually tailored to ensure cutting-through every mix while frequency content is maximized to let all of your creative EQing at its full potential •Midi programming was realized putting extra care into microdynamics and micro alignements to get a lively feel to the performances. •5 different Hi Hats sounds with nine variations on Closed Hats and eight on Open Hats @138 bpmRead more…

  8. Blockmovez - Concrete Jungle Vol 1 (Sample Pack)

    Sample pack, Jungle, Drum and Bass



    Blockmovez presents Concrete Jungle Vol 1 (Sample Pack) Authentic underground jungle drum and bass elements from the homeground. Blockmovez is proud to announce the release of " Concrete Jungle Vol 1 " A variety of underground jungle drum and bass elements to put the authenticity into your productions. This pack delivers you with a barrage of single hits including, Seriously weighty driving sub hits, Disgusting and grotty reese's and some menacing sci fi sub warps. We've also loaded you up with some essential high quality kicks, snares, hats and percs. A selection of extreemly paralyzing synths, Hypnotic and euphoric pads to make your mouth water. A array of energetic skippy original & remastered classic drumloops, Melodic and eerie musicloops mixed up with some reggae/dub melody strums, And last but not least we have blessed you with a bundle of sci fi sounds swishes and a batch of remastered soundman bleeps !!!!!!! This pack is a must for any serious jungle drum and bass producer !!!!!!!Read more…

  9. Mysterious Hexagon

    Uhe Hive



    A journey for the mind as well as the body, Mysterious Hexagon is a set of expressive textures to bring new life to Uhe’s awesome synth Hive. Mysterious Hexagon is crafted for a wide variety of styles and genres, with a character all it’s own. In line with the authors philosophy, that its you who defines the genre, rather than the genre defining you. Mysterious Hexagon offers a huge palette of complex sonorities, that transcend the usual patterns found in most soundsets. Each sound has been created with the maximum of expression and flexibility in mind, with absolutely no filler at all. Mysterious Hexagon makes extensive use of Hive’s comprehensive modulation capabilities, to give a series of evolving textures that will inspire the creation of your latest composition or give it that unique sonic quality that it needs. From deep bass, through searing leads, blissed out pads and complex polyrhythmic arp/seqs, this set has all bases covered. All the patches utilize modwheel, with many employing further modulation capabilities such as aftertouch, allowing for extensive transformation and morphing of the sounds.Read more…

  10. THE ONE proudly gives you THE ONE: Skrillex Growls [FREE], coming with 50 bass loops + texttutorial. The loops consists of growl sounds that involves some of the most advanced sounddesigns out there, techniques that few people know about. The legendary producer Skrillex, whose sounds has blown the minds all over the world, still troubles many artists today as they struggle yet can't achieve his signature growl sound. They may succeed in creating a haunting and dirty growl sound, but they never reach the solid, dense and clean sound that Skrillex has successfully developed. In this loopbank we do not only give you 50 successfully crafted Skrillex growlloops completely off charge, but we also include a PDF tutorial showing you the sounddesign technique to achieve your own Skrillex growl sounds. If you learn this high professional level of sounddesign, you can give your tracks the edge! All sounds are 100 % royalty free and contain the finest audio quality - 24-bit/96kHz, and we offer both a .wav-version and a .aiff-version of the product. For those who seek lower a samplerate we do also offer a 24-bit/44.1kHz .wav-version. Check out the demo and hear how balanced and professional the growls sound. This demo song really showcases how great potential these loops have in your productions. Full specification: - 20 bass loops at 1 bar-length, 140 BPM - 30 bass loops at 1/2 bar-length, 140 BPM - Sounddesign tutorial + extra Massive preset for the tutorial - The demo track as an MP3 Grab your copy now - it's free! NOTE: This soundbank has not been created by Sonny Moore a.k.a Skrillex, but the sounds have been created to sound as close to Skrillex's growls as possible, hence the name.Read more…

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