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Snacks for your samplers



  1. Vibrand Kicker vol.1

    kick, bass drums, bass drum, kick drum, drums, percussion, trance, progressive, electro, house, bigr



    'Kicker vol.1' from Vibrand brings you 100 amazing kick drums ready to use in your productions. Perfect for any House, Electro or Trance genres. Inside this pack you can find WAV files and four NKI (Native Instruments Kontakt) instruments with intuitive graphical user interface. Every instrument contains effects such as the low-pass filter, high-pass filter, compressor, transient designer and distortion which will help you create the fantastic kick drum. The BONUS content includes 40 hihat sounds perfect for any genres from Chillout, Ambient to Trance, House and many more! 'Kicker' will take your productions to another level. 'Kicker' is the way to boost your sound! Product details: • 100 kick drums • 4 Kontakt Instruments with intuitive graphical user interface (Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5 or newer (not included)) • Format: .wav (24bit/44.1kHz), .nki (Kontakt) • Multi-Genres • 100% Royalty-Free • BONUS: 40 hihat soundsRead more…

  2. Modular Chaos Engine #1

    A chaotic drum machine for a chaotic world.



    The Modular Chaos Engine#1 is a Kontakt percussion instrument packed to the gills with 785 binaurally recorded "found sounds" from a wide range of unlikely sources. Using a complex bespoke sequencing engine built with Kontakt scripting these sounds come to life quickly and easily making it a fantastic tool for almost instant rhythmic invention. Watch the video for a quick walk-through of some of the possibilities. You can use anything from a grunting pig, to a firework display, to stamping on the stage at Glyndebourne Opera House as your "kick" drum and combine it with a "snare" made from a Ladyshave mixed with a walk through deep snow, and a hi hat made from crackling onion skins or a wobbly horse fence. There are an unthinkable amount of sound variation lurking in there. Features include: 785 x 24bit samples mapped to 12 sample engines. 12 x 12 track keytriggered sequencers. Chaos button for instant randomisation. Order button for an instant return to normality. Comprehensive editing system for control of of tune, time, low pass filter, high pass filter, attack, decay and volume. Individual per engine articulation controls. Chaotic "looper" control with 32 looping algorithms. FULL Kontakt 4 or above needed. See also the Modular Chaos Engine#1 and Found Maschine bundle for only £25 more…

  3. Found Maschine

    Unlikely sounds for Maschine 2



    If you ever wondered about the sound of a drum kit made from multi sampled snow, an onion, lawn mowers, a broken double bass, and the ghost of Thomas Carlyle...... wonder no more. Found Maschine is a Maschine 2 expansion and sister to the Kontakt based Modular Chaos Engine #1. Found Maschine re-tinkers with the 800 of the original and comes up with something entirely different. These aren't just random field recordings, they have all been meticulously crafted into usable drumkits for a wide variety of rhythmic possibilities. Great for anything from Tom Waits hippity hop, quirky lo-fi Mr Scruff-iness, wonky FKA Twigs wooze to itchy glitch pop and dark and noble film score throbbiness. Found Maschine contains: 800 x 24bit tagged .wav samples 16 x Drumkits (Groups) with pre programmed sequences. 196 x Tagged chromatic instruments (sounds). 18 x Massive synth patches. 16 x Drumsynth patches. 15 x projects. For a short time Found Maschine and the Modular Chaos Engine #1 for Kontakt will available as a bundle for only £25. more…

  4. Modular Chaos Engine#1 + Found Maschine : 60% OFF

    Two amazing "found sound" rhythm engines for nearly the price of one.



    For a limited period get the bundle of Modular Chaos Engine #1 and the Found Maschine for 60% off. Modular Chaos Engine #1 is a chaotic drum machine Kontakt instrument with a specially built sequencing engine which allows you to quickly build amazing percussion patterns from a wide array of "found sounds" Based on the sample set of the Modular Chaos Engine #1 Found Maschine has 222 Maschine instruments and 17 kits for you to use as unlikely sound sources for your music. Sonic highlights include : the ghost of Thomas Carlyle, a very broken double bass, lawns being mown, beards being shaved, celery, snow, a rainy tent in France, ancient gramophone recordings of marmalade heir Alexander Keiller talking about the standing stones of Avebury, huge oil tanks, onions, pigs, fireworks, Stradivaruis saw...etc etc Great for anything from Tom Waits hippity hop, quirky lo-fi Mr Scruff-iness, wonky FKA Twigs wooze to itchy glitch pop and dark and noble film score throbbiness. Modular Chaos Engine #1 for FULL version of Kontakt 4 and above. Usual price £20 more details here Found Maschine for Maschine 2. Usual price £20 more details here more…


    incl. "K!GO" ESSENTIAL MIDI VOL. 1 and 2.


    Heimdall Records

    "AETHER" - SOUNDS FROM ASGHARD Amazing soundbank for NI Massive inspired by artists like CLEAN BANDITS, KYGO, DISCOLURE, DEADMAU5, DUKE DUMONT and more. What you get? - 10 LEADs - 10 BASSes - 10 PADs - 10 PLUCKs Together you get 40 presets ready to make your amazing tune. Whats more? - "K!GO" Essential Vol.1 - "K!GO" Essential Vol. 2 - some WAVs files using to make demos. HEIMDALL RECORDS on FACEBOOK: HEIMDALL RECORDS on SOUNDCLOUD HEIMDALL RECORDS WEBSITE DEMO DEPARTAMENT: demo@heimdallrecords.euRead more…

  6. Combi03-portal-(B)_Ambient-24-BIT

    Ambient electronic - Kontakt And wav Samples


    Omar Lundgren

    New custom ambient electronic sounds kit Combi03-portal-(B)_Ambient-24-BIT Kontakt created with different sounds source sampled it with 4 split zone Multiple Velocity Layers and aftertouch response All sound and instrument in the demo mp3 are included in this kit sample library Info: 1.49GB Multi-Sampled all in 24bit Samples loop;no Sample release & hold 8 - 12 sec Contains: 3 Patch Nki files Combi-1_ScreamStrings Combi03-portal-(B)_Ambient Prog 184 VeniceLove In demo mp3 I use external Fx SoundToysNativeEffects Nomadfactory Delay fx algorithmic reverb Available Formats: Kontakt only by (Omar Music Systems)Read more…


    Semi-hollow guitar based ambient sci-fi library, Kontakt 5


    Atom Hub

    - 16 bit / 44,1 kHz - 148 MB (37 single wav files) - 99 patches (88 single nki, 11 multi) - semihollow el. guitar samples - from soft pads to harsh space engines - attack/release, filter, reverb, phaser, delay and other FX GUI controls - flickering Planet beyond the aperture :-) - Kontakt full required for unlimited use (K5 player 15 min.) "We have travelled long and far to reach this planet. Those years spent in cryosleep paid out big time. We have found what generations of explorers have only dreamed about. The planet, which shows clear signs of life. Or better said, we are able to receive whole scale of signals appearing to be of intelligent nature. We are not sure, what this all mean and are not able to say anything specific yet, but we know, great discoveries are about to happen soon. This time we have brought new clever machines, devices, radars, analyzers to help us take these final steps..." Semi-hollow body electric guitar accompanied with, guitar synth, looper and a hardware fx unit used to create a pack going a little bit farther in the direction of sci-fi, ambient pads, soundscapes and noises. The Planet brings wider sound palette and is more focussed on experimental side of thing, than to preserve "the guitar sound" in the first place. Not only for the Lost Horizon lovers :-) p.s. If you have not read Stanislaw Lem´s "Solaris", please do so :-)Read more…

  8. Pure Acoustic

    Special Edition Acoustic Guitars for Kontakt


    Sounds and Effects

    Now available as a download only. The Pure Acoustic Special Edition features extreme high quality 24 bit samples. For Kontakt 3.0 or higher. Each note has been meticulously reproduced with up to 9 sample-layers per each note. The instrument selection is a Martin HD-28 “Herringbone’ and a Taylor 410 guitars. Articulations include picked, fingerstyle and plucked with two fingers. Variations include picked vibrato soft, picked vibrato hard, half step slides, fingerstyle vibrato, harmonics, soft and hard muted notes, open strings, fret noises. The presets include many velocity switches including: Picked to Pluck, Mute to Pick, Mute to Pluck, Mute to Pick to Pluck, Fingerstyle to Pluck, Open Strings to Harmonics. Mod Wheel is often used to add real vibrato. For both guitars, the low E string was de-tuned to low D to capture deep buzzy bass notes. Pure Acoustic Special Edition offers rare authenticity, fidelity and flexibility to your studio. Contents: * 1238 24 bit samples, 48 Presets * 1.4 gig (uncompressed) , 1.1 gig download size Kontakt V3+ only - Not Kontakt PlayerRead more…

  9. Ancient Mexico

    Drums and Percussion for Kontakt


    Sounds and Effects

    Contents: Teponaztli Log Drum & HueHuetl Drum - These skin drums were the main percussion instruments of the pre-columbian Aztecs. Pandeiro Hits And Shakes - Live sounding tambourine also used elsewhere in Latin America. Ayacaxtle and Ayoyotes Rattles - Aztec husk rattles or shakers. Maracas and gourd rattles - Big and small. Guiro - Gourd scraper. Claves - Wooden clackers. Mexican Friction Drum - From the heavily African influenced Costa Chica region in Oaxaca and Guerrero comes a friction drum made of a calabash and a head of male goat skin, with a string which can be rubbed, pulled or popped, making a variety of wild sounds. Mexican Hand Bells - Copper metal and clay hand bells have been used in Mexico back to pre-hispanic times. Cántaro - A hand made clay water jug/ instrument from Tuxtla, Chiapas that is hit with the hand or with a handkerchief on the opening to get diverse percussion effects. Tamboril requinto - Small traditional hand drum from Jalisco. Tamborin - Not a tambourine, but a small spinning drum that has beads attached by beads, so that when you spin it the beads strike the drum heads very fast. Raramuri or Tarahumari Indian Shamanic Frame Drum: Large ceremonial frame drum used by the religious leaders or Shaman of the so called 'running indians' of the Copper Canyon. Kontakt: versions 2 or higher 24 bit/ 44.1, 360 MB, 31 presets, 207 Loops, 737 Hits. Some presets use up to 5 layers of velocity switches.Read more…


    Kontakt 5 Instrument


    PdH Factory

    ALUPHONE is a handmade musical instrument made of aluminium tubes professionally recorded to create a multisampled Kontakt instrument with an intuitive GUI. The result is an expressive virtual instrument suitable for a wide range of genres. Scroll down for video demo. It brings you: - 44 MB (92 single .ncv compressed files) - 5 octaves, 2 octaves recorded from the real instrument - 4 dynamic layers - Custom script witch intuitive GUI - for NI Kontakt 5.3.0 or higherRead more…

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