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  1. Future Bass 2

    NI Massive Presets


    Surge Sounds

    'Surge Sounds Future Bass 2' is the next step of the most innovative sound bank of current and trending Future Bass sounds! This pack provides 64 authentic, ethereal and futuristic presets, which were carefully crafted to give you instant inspiration and creativity. All presets are descriptively named for quick and easy discovery so you can always stay in your creative zone while producing your next smash hit. These sounds were inspired by Future Bass Artists like Flume and San Holo and we`re excited to release them to you! Product Details: 64 NI Massive Presets 17 Leads 16 Synths 14 Basses 10 Plucks 7 Pads --------------------------- 4 Macros on every preset Multi-Genre 100% Royalty-Free --------------------------- NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.Read more…

  2. 'Premium OVO Collection' for NI Massive

    100 presets. Intelligent Macros assigned on each.


    Xenos Soundworks

    The Premium OVO Collection contains 100 patches inspired by PartyNextDoor, ILoveMakonnen, Drake, Mike Zombie, Roy Woods, and more. This collection includes everything you need to start making serious OVO type beats - Cone shattering subs, ethereal and exotic pads, emotive plucked synths, beautiful bells/mallets, singing leads, unique sound FX and more. Tired of getting fooled by flashy marketers into buying products of subpar quality? These patches are the REAL DEAL, truly playable and with attention paid to detail. - Dynamic and expressive velocity settings. - Intelligent Macro Control assignments for increased expression and variation. - Please note that this set is in NMSV format only. Important Note: The set contains a mix of handpicked and tweaked selections from various Xenos Soundworks products, plus 27 brand new patches. Patch List BA Booty Warrior BA Classic Sub BA Detuned Sub 1 BA Detuned Sub 2 BA Growly Kick Sub BA Kick Sub 1 BA Kick Sub 2 BA Kick Sub 3 BA Quantum Sub BA Spacey Bandpass BA Wobble Sub BA Wooden Sub BL Dreamy Mallets BL Euphoric Mallets BL Log Marimba BL Metallophone BL Must Have Bells BL Pulsar Lights BL Straight Bells BL Temple Chimes BL Zen Dreams BR Sharp Synth Brass BR Slow Brass FX 420 Riser FX Arcade Riser FX Classic Noise LFO FX Computer Space FX Electro Bluntz FX Falling Squares FX Instant Headrush FX Old Vinyl FX Psilocopter HT Bass Hits HT Brassy Stabs HT Synth Orch Hits KB Cherry Flavored KB Lounge E Piano KB Play Chord Stabs KB Starlight KB Trippin' Organ KB Unprepared Piano LD Bent Saw LD Dirty Sweep LD Future Retro LD Gonzo LD Hydro Lead LD Mental Lof Fi LD Neo G Funk LD Noisy Lead LD Old Annie LD Rezzy Lead LD Soft Lead LD Square Lead LD Tension LD Xenos Signature PD Airy And Sweet PD Amiga Voices PD Ancient Ones PD Beauty PD Blue Star Raga PD Busy Nanobots PD Count Your Blessings PD Cryogenic Slumber PD Dark Alley PD Dark Psytronica PD Freedom Is Bliss PD Greed's Bounty PD Martian-Grown PD Melancholy Mood PD Neural Soup PD Painting The Stars PD Point Of Origin PD Quicksilver Flavor PD Retro Strings PD Scientific Singularity PD Silicates PD Soulspace PD Surreal Landscape PD Type 3 Civilization PD X22 Homestead PL Amiga Pizzi PL Beautifully Bent PL Bone Dry PL Chilled Keys PL Essential Polysynth PL FM Plucks PL Funky Tremolo PL Haiku PL Hydrocopter PL Keytar PL Makeshift Zither PL Minimalus Maximus PL OG Kush PL Perky 5ths PL Sines And Omens PL Soft Plucks PL Sunburst PL Synth Harp PL Synth SitarRead more…

  3. EDM loops vol.1





  4. Ambient Chill Elements Pack 2

    Download Ambient Chill Out Downtempo Loops



    Busloops are pleased to present a new series of "Elements" packs. These packs are genre specific and include all the essential elements to produce an industry standard track. Each Elements Kit offers a complete mix of the particular groove for demonstrative purposes followed by it's component parts and labelled with the original key and tempo when recorded. The drum tracks are supplied as full mixes and also separately (kick, snare, ride, etc.) for perfect drum loop mixing. Ambient Chill Out Elements Pack 2 is ideal for the production of Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo and Lounge Genres All loops are 100% royalty free so you can use them in your own commercial productions.Read more…

  5. Streakulator | M4L

    Midi Modulated Audio Effect



    Audiomodern & StrangeLines present STREAKULATOR, created by developer Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona, Streakulator is a midi-modulated audio effect suitable for modern producers to use in the daily workflow, but it’s suitable for many uses, mostly sound design. Its main job is to create crazy sounds with a human touch in no time: possibilities are endless. WHAT IS STREAKULATOR STREAKULATOR is literally a swiss army knife for Ableton Live: you can do sidechain, sound design, waveshaping, filtering, wobble and growl basses, synth sounds from any source, heavy metallic effects, robostep sounds, perfectly synced gating, dramatically fast sound shifting with presets automation and it goes as far as your imagination can. You can use STREAKULATOR with any kind of sound: organic sounds, acoustic instruments, drum loops, synth phrases and vocals too. You’ll be surprised at any time about its incredible sound quality and flexibility in producing so different results. HOW IT WORKS Streakulator is comprised of two main pieces: the “Midi to Streakulator” and Streakulator itself. Streakulator is a midi-triggered audio effect, therefore it needs midi impulses to work, so here comes into play the Midi to Streakulator: put it in a new midi track, put some notes in its piano roll and your midi sequence will trigger filters, envelopes and effects in Streakulator. Note that the letter in the “MIDI TO” parameter should be the same in Streakulator’s “MIDI FROM”. Created by Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona [StrangeLines], user experience professional, sound designer artist and developer, to bring you the premium Max for Live experience. Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona is a user experience designer, artist and Max/MSP guru from Italy. He’s not new to the Ableton community for his innovative and easy to use devices. His very own project, StrangeLines, is focused on bringing strong and unusual electronic vibes to the mix through “strange” intruments, both pleasurable and fast to use in the daily rush of the busy music producer. Don’t be fooled by the experimental mood: if you’re looking for high-quality and uncommon results in no time, Streakulator is the perfect fit for you, no matter the music genre. Features · Perfect gating/triggering via midi: put any sound source in line, no matter its tempo. Complete control over notes ADSR. · Clean modular UI, so you can tell anytime whether an effect is on/off. · Sound design and shaping capabilities. · Save and load custom banks of presets. · Fundamental chorus/flanger components to create your very own effects, aggressive or gentle as you need them. · Warp function: harmonic pitch shifting. · Ability to add more waves (a low sine wave for example) to the sound via “Midi to Streakulator” (follows the chosen midi notes). · Fully automatable and midi-controllable. VIDEO: Ableton Live 9.5 & Max For Live 7.1 or higher is requiredRead more…

  6. SPACE 1 & 2 for KONTAKT 5

    Get both and save 3£!


    Rigid Audio

    Rigid Audio SPACE I & II for KONTAKT 5 (NKI, Win / OSX). NOTE: Full version of KONTAKT v5.1 (or higher) required! YouTube Videos: Space I: Space II: SPACE I & II is a set of 200 looped dark and menacing WAV textures and drones, designed and ideal for movie scoring. SPACE I & II come with a one-knob multi-effector which feeds audio into one of five different realtime effects, a filter envelope with flutter and basic volume attack, decay and release controls. SPACE II has two independent parts, that come with a one-knob multi-effector which feeds audio into one of five different realtime effects, a filter envelope with flutter as well as basic volume attack, decay and release controls each. Furthermore with SPACE II you can pan each part in the stereo field. There is also a new "Auto Advance" feature, which selects consecutive tones automatically upon playing a note. It is fully MIDI controllable and mappable.Read more…

  7. Jungle Sirens

    Sound System Sirens, Lazers & Bleeps


    Death By Dub Loops & Samples

    Death By Dub Loops & Samples ­- Jungle Sirens - Any Tempo Death By Dub Loops & Samples are proud to bring you a collection of production ready Dub & Jungle Sirens and Lazers. This collection includes 343 audio samples, has been hand crafted from scratch and covers just about every style of sound system siren/lazer you are ever likely to have heard. Before creating this sample library we researched our huge collection of reggae sound system tapes, then painstakingly recreated many of the bleeps and sirens using various synthesis and sound design techniques. We then added copious amounts of analogue tape delay and reverb to give this collection just the right vibe and energy for your next big production. Available as 16bit wav files and can be loaded into any sampler or audio workstation of your choice. So if you are looking for authentic sounding Jungle/Dub sirens for your latest dubbed out dance floor smasher, load up Death By Dub Loops & Samples Jungle Sirens today.Read more…

  8. Dubstep Subversion

    Filthy bass growls and hard hitting drums


    Fresh Touch Media

    Specially curated from the best of Fresh Touch Media's dubstep sound arsenal. This pack features a massive collection of super dirty, heavy, sub-rattling, bass growls and filtered screeches. Accompanying the nasty sounding bass lines is a big hitting pack of dubstep drums, that includes kicks, snare, hats, cymbals and various percussion. The pack was compiled by a number of top dubstep producers who carefully edited and selected our favourite samples. The pack is host to an incredible range of sickening, filthy bass hits, hard hitting kicks, cracking snares and various percussive elements that will inject your dubstep mixes with life. Included are 26MB of drum kit elements, risers, filthy bass growls and screeching noises. Dubstep Subversion is a critical sound pack for creating extreme dubstep roars and thumping drum sets. The free download sound pack boasts 77 finely produced samples in .WAV format. Whether you're looking to layer some ambiences to fill out your techno soundtracks, boost the power of your drum library, or chop up some percussions and experiment with your sound fx, this pack has it all. Be bro-step, filthstep, drum step, chill-step or dubstep there are vital samples in this audio pack for you! We encourage you to play around and experiment with our samples! Why not warp and filter the bass sounds to create totally fresh creations with different pitches and sonic attributes. You could also reverse the growls and screeches and get twice as many sounds from the pack.Read more…

  9. Analog Duality - 30% Off!

    281 Kontakt Instruments - 894 analog multi samples!


    Biome Digital

    Analog Duality – Synth Patches for Kontakt Analog Duality is a multi-sampled analogue synth library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5 software sampler consisting of 281 Instrument patches created from 894 analogue hardware synth samples! Each patch has been carefully designed to be not only expressive to play, but also very usable in a wide range of musical styles, whether for film score and sound design work, or EDM and club music, you’ll find something for all occasions. These Kontakt Instrument patches use effects including delay, reverb, eq, saturation, phasers, flangers and many more. If you want to edit a sound, simply open up Kontakt and tweak ‘till your hearts content. Analog Duality features a whole host of patches covering useful synth sounds including pads and strings with analogue depth and cadence, powerful synth leads that cut straight to the heart, inspiring arpeggios and sequencers, classic oldskool chords for your Deep and Future House and some of the deepest bass sounds that only quality analogue synths can provide! Also included are 25 Multi Instruments, consisting of 2 or more patches combined to create huge, never-before heard sounds! Easily experiment by change patches and the possibilities are truly endless! Features • 281 total Kontakt Instrument patches • 25 huge multi patches • 40 arpeggios and sequences • 35 chord patches • 85 dry patches • 65 patches with effects (delay, reverb) • 25 pads and string patches • 6 raw Moog and Doepfer multi sampled oscillator patches • 894 analogue Moog and Doepfer multi samples • Multi samples are 24 bit/44.1 kHz • Aftertouch and Mod Wheel mappings for expressive playing Patches are organised in the following categories Multi Patches Kontakt Instruments made from multiple patches to create new and unique sounds. Raw Oscillators The Raw Oscillators folder contains 6 Kontakt Instruments made from Moog and Doepfer analogue oscillator multi samples. There are 6 waveforms including 2 Saw, 2 Square, Pulse and Triangle. Single Patches These are the main patches and form the bulk of the instruments. There are 4 folders of Kontakt Instruments: • Arpeggios = contains the arps and sequences • Chords = these patches are all chords, Minor, Major etc. • Dry Patches = the main patches with minimal effects • FX Patches (Wet) = have effects like delay and reverb • Pads = Pads and Strings patches Please note: Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later. All multi sampled audio (.wav) is available to use in any audio software that supports the standard wav format. The multi-sampled audio used in this pack is from our “Rhymes with Rogue - Bass” and “Modular Leads” sample packs which are now discontinued. Specifications Total Patches: 281 Format: Kontakt 5 (.nki/.nkm) Audio: 24 bit/44.1 kHz Wav Pack Size: 700 MB Download Size: 371 MB (.zip) Requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later Genre: Various, Sound Design, EDM, House, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, DubstepRead more…

  10. Stealth Wind

    Cinematic shakuhachi phrases and samples, INTRO PRICE!


    unEarthed Sampling

    For Kontakt + (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) The Shakuhachi Flute It was originally introduced from China into Japan in the 8th century and underwent a resurgence in the early Edo Period. The shakuhachi is traditionally made of bamboo, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods. It was used by the monks of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen. It was also a favorite of film composer James Horner and used on countless of his film scores. Stealth Wind 17 Kontakt Patches and a bonus Taiko drum patch! Full Video Walkthrough: Stealth Wind sets out to capture that "James Horner" cinematic shakuhachi vibe through the use of carefully selected / recorded phrases (both ethnic and cinematic) along with some craftily sampled multisampled staccatos and sustains. While the main vibe of the sound is centered around stealth and sneaking ninjas, there are also quite a few ethnic phrases and motifs which are on the lighter and more traditional side of things. Outside of the two separate cinematic phrase patches and two ethnic patches, there are also various staccato patches, a handful of low "Elephant Calls" which definitely ooze cinematic goodness, and "Enigma Calls" which, as the name suggests, stem from various re-recordings and takes of a certain Shakuhachi sample used extensively by the artist Enigma. Let it be known that this library is NOT full of loads of legato articulations, but sets out to be more of an ethnic accent for your game and film scores. This library was recorded by utilizing a couple of the most amazing Shakuhachi players we could find, Jon Johnston and Jonathan McCollum. The end result from "the two jons" is a Kontakt instrument which will add cinematic ethno flare to just about any track. We even included a multisampled Taiko patch which serves as a nice bonus to tie everything together (said taiko appears in the second demo on soundcloud... "Ninjas in the Mist".)Read more…

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