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Waveforms for your woofers



  1. Land of Chimera

    80 Ambient and Cinematic patches for U-He Hive


    Brandon Clark

    Land of Chimera is a brand new sound bank containing 80 presets for U-He Hive, that focuses on cinematic, ambient and electronic sounds. Inspired by imaginary lands, and exotic creatures that exist between both the darkness and the light. Land of Chimera contains a collection of patches ranging from dramatic brass, and wayward atmospheres, to melancholy strings, hopeful sequences and outrĂ© sound effects. more…


    soundpack for old school hardstyle



    26 files, over 23MB total. contains mostly kicks and fx. targets the older hardstyle (of 2009/2010) demo track does not contain all samples.Read more…

  3. THE ONE: EDM Buildups [50% OFF]

    Buildup effects for Massive


    The ONE Series

    We're here with more buildup effects! This is THE ONE: EDM Buildups, your go to choice for solid risers that will make your audience scream on your livesets, coming with 50 presets for NI Massive. In this soundkit we've provided you with next level noise risers, supersaw buildups, dissonant effects, and much more, all aimed for your EDM/Electro productions. All 8 Macro controls have been assigned to give you full control over the sound to tweak so it suits your song perfectly, not to mention how carefully the sounds have been crafted - we have squeezed out every little bit out of NI Massive to make the patches as huge as possible. Full specifications: - 50 Massive presets All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations. NOTE: Massive version 1.5.1 and up is required. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Massive.Read more…

  4. Electronic Tools Vol.1

    Sylenth1, Trance, House, Dance


    Gabriel Toma

    - 29 Bass files - 18 FX files - 2 Arps files - 35 Leads files - 12 Pads files - 25 Plucks files - 7 Synths files Before you buy check your Sylenth1 version because you need 2.2.1 version. I'm not responsable if you buy this soundbank and you have a old version of Sylenth1.Read more…

  5. Ambient Chill Elements Pack 3

    Download Chill Out Construction Kit



    Busloops are pleased to present a new series of "Elements" packs. These packs are genre specific and include all the essential elements to produce an industry standard track. Each Elements Kit offers a complete mix of the particular groove for demonstrative purposes followed by it's component parts and labelled with the original key and tempo when recorded. The drum tracks are supplied as full mixes and also separately (kick, snare, ride, etc.) for perfect drum loop mixing. Ambient Chill Out Elements Pack 3 is ideal for the production of Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo and Lounge Genres All loops are 100% royalty free so you can use them in your own commercial productions.Read more…

  6. DINO DRUMS | AS Metal Kit | for kontakt

    Punchy kit for Rock and Metal.



    - This kit is for people who want a simple way to get a polished metal drum sound immediately. - The samples are mixed and ready to be used in a production. - It's a great kit to use during songwriting when you want great sounding tracks fast! - It's also a very usable tool for mixing. You can simply blend these samples with your existing drum tracks for extra punch and clarity. ---------------------------------------------------- You can hear the kit in action in this clip: ---------------------------------------------------- Content: - Kick NKI (mixed) c1 - Snare NKI (mixed) d1 - Rack Tom NKI (mixed) g1 - Floor Tom NKI (mixed) f1Read more…

  7. SampleScience Kontakt 5 Bundle

    4 Kontakt 5 Libraries: Save 25% standard price!



    Get 4 Kontakt 5 Libraries and save 25% off the standard price! This bundle includes: Thales Model I (Kontakt 5 Edition): SMROM (Kontakt 5 Edition): EA-1 Synthesis (Kontakt 5 format only): Vortex SoundWaves v2: more…

  8. THE ONE: Mainstage EDM Vol. 3

    Sylenth EDM presets


    The ONE Series

    We're down to the final one of the Mainstage EDM kits, this one being all about EDM for the Sylenth synth! We're happy to present to you THE ONE: Mainstage EDM Vol. 3! Sylenth is a solid sound source for EDM music, and so are these presets. The sounds are carefully tweaked to sound as good as the ones used by the big producers entering the mainstage worldwide. The package involves fat pluckish drop leads, solid and mean supersaws, supportive basses as well as mean basses, dreamy pads for your breaks or background elements, as well as top notch effects. All presets have the Mod Wheel assigned, and the library involves much velocity linking to give you that extra control over the sound. And as always, the presets have been tuned to sound natural and professional. Listening to the demo song, you will instantly feel the energy from the crowd screaming in front of you! Full specifications: - 10 Arps - 15 Basses - 4 FX - 23 Leads - 8 Pads - 4 Risers Suitable genres: EDM, Electro House, Electro, House, Complextro, Bigroom House, Hardstyle All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations. NOTE: Sylenth1 version 2.21 and up is required. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Sylenth1.Read more…

  9. THE ONE: Progressive Plucks 2

    Pluck synths & MIDI loops


    The ONE Series

    If you look for top notch Sylenth pluck presets, or inspiring progressive MIDI loops - then you've come to the right place. Plucks synths and Sylenth1 is a solid combo, meaning you can't miss out on getting this package. If you're into Progressive House, Deep House, Trance, or into similar genres, then this package is a must have for you. By getting these sounds you'll have a powerful library at your disposal, ready to be used in your music. The presets feature lots's of subtle modulations to make the patches highend stabilized and balanced ones, all the way from a fully closed pluck sound, to when it's fully opened. This involves full utilization of the Mod Wheel to have full control of the openess of the sound. Not to mention the patches uses the Sylenth1 synth at its fullest. The MIDI loops will immediately spark your creativity and get you going, with perfectly composed melodies that will sound rich and full on your pluck synths or other sounds. These melodies features powerful usage of Velocity editing, to make the sound playing the melody sound more natural and engaging. By listening to the demo song you'll instantly feel the warmth, and how you can spice up your music. Full specifications: - 24 Sylenth pluck presets - 40 MIDI loops All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations. NOTE: Sylenth1 version 3.010 and up is required. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Sylenth1.Read more…

  10. THE ONE: Future Wobble 2

    NI Massive Wobble Presets


    The ONE Series

    Watching our first Future Wobble package climb in sales dramatically, we realized we wanted to give you another one - so we're back with THE ONE: Future Wobble 2! This sweet package comes with 50 carefully crafted presets for NI Massive at the highest standard. This package is a complete wobble library that you simply can't miss out on. Buy getting these presets you'll instantly take your new tracks to the next level. Just like the previous soundkit, this package features wobbles with a lot of diversity and characteristics - with everything from deep and mysterious sounding wobbles, to maximized wobbles with loads of odd harmonics. We've made sure you get an as good grip and control over the various patches as possible, by assigning all 8 Macro controls. More than this, the presets comes with professionally tuned randomizing on the presets to make them respond as good as possible without sounding overly digital. The sounddesign itself features, as always, innovative usage of the Massive synth with various well tuned and advanced techniques. The result out of this are advanced and professional patches that sound very balanced. Hear the demo, which shows many examples of the various presets, and how high potential this soundkit has for your music. Full specifications: - 35 wobble basses - 15 wobble leads All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations. NOTE: This product require NI Massive version 1.5.1 and up. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Massive.Read more…

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