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  1. Stylophoney

    wonky stylophone



    -----------Stylophoney V2------------------- No ordinary collection of stylophone samples. This micro library is messed up and wonky. 62 dusty, static, analogue drenched wav files, 13 Kontakt patches. Pads, Glitchy kits, Sound FX, Bass, sampled from a dusty old 1970's Stylophone. Looped patches, one shots and odd glitches chopped up and made into glitch kits. Perfect addition to the Custom VL-1 Samples * Requires full version of Kontakt 5.4.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch List Stylophoney Bass 2.nki Stylophoney Bass.nki Stylophoney Broken.nki Stylophoney Dark Synth Pad.nki Stylophoney Drum Pops.nki Stylophoney Drums.nki Stylophoney Eerie Synth Pad.nki Stylophoney Oddities.nki Stylophoney One Shot.nki Stylophoney Soft Noise.nki Stylophoney TM Looped.nki Stylophoney vs Sid Chip.nki Stylophoney.nkiRead more…

  2. unEarthed Bundle #2

    4 libraries bundled together, 25% off


    unEarthed Sampling

    For Kontakt + (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) Our second bundle which includes 4 of our newest releases at a bundle price of 25% off! Here are the libraries included in this bundle: (click the links below for demos and walkthroughs. Audio demos also featured below.) Interplanetary - Cinematic Glass Bowl Multisamples: Hammer-On - Cinematically Ambient Electric Guitar Multisamples: Spaceology - Sounds from space... no, really!: The Derelict Kit - Cinematic Metal Percussion derived from Derelict Mining Equipment!: more…


    Cinematic Glass Bowl Multisamples


    unEarthed Sampling

    For Kontakt + (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) Inspired heavily by scores like Interstellar and Solaris, Interplanetary features cinematic multisamples taken from an antique glass bowl which have been turned into something otherworldly. Full Video Walkthrough: For this instrument we struck the bowl with fingers, sticks, and mallets and each patch not only contains 6 round robins, but has also been carefully tuned to give you maximum flexibility as a composer. The 16 patches cover a wide variety of playing styles including the tuned struck patches mentioned above as well as etheral pads and even a couple of patches we derived from bowing the bowl with a cello bow. For an added bonus, there is also a low and hard hitting multisampled analogue synth bass patch which is good for underlaying these instruments... or the instruments / libraries of your choosing. Combine Interplanetary with the arpeggiator of your choice and you're sure to be whisked off to another planet. When used as a traditional instrument, the bowl also has a very interesting ethnic quality which is well suited to many types of music and scoring. Beauty, tension, curiosity... these are the three words which immediately come to mind. EVERYTHING in the demo songs below comes from Interplanetary.Read more…

  4. Chromatic Hits

    multi-sampled synthetic percussions


    Les Productions Zvon

    Often when using one-shot samples, I would like to have them play higher or lower without changing their duration and/or having them slow down or speed up. That gave me the idea for this set. It contains 101 sounds and over 2500 chromatically mapped samples (205 MB). I resynthesized original one-shot samples to make them chromatic and playable across the keyboard. Resulting in many sounds that can be used as tuned or semi-tuned percussions and others (like the cymbals) where you have low and high pitched sounds of the same speed and lenght. Good for chromatic percussion (metallic and others), keyboard like instruments and sound FX. All programs have 4 samples per octave and most cover at least 6 octaves. Available in wav, sfz and Native Instruments Kontakt 3 (or better, but not for the player) formats. The Kontakt 3 version has 211 instruments, the first 101 instruments correspond to the original version. The other 110 make use of Kontakt 3 features combining the samples in various creative ways: layers, velocity layers, cycle groups and random groups. The small brother, mainly for mobile apps, of this set is also available. Visit this page for more info and more audio examples: more…

  5. Deep House Vocals Vol. 2

    House Vocal Construction Kits


    Producer Loops

    'Deep House Vocals Vol 2' continues this series of versatile House vocal sample packs, bringing you five fully-featured Construction Kits, complete vocal performances and individual vocal phrases designed to be chopped, re-arranged and sculpted to fit your next Deep House production. These chart-ready vocals and Construction Kits were inspired by Clean Bandit, Disclosure, Jess Glynne, and Mr Probz. Powerful bass lines, plucks, floating pads and pounding drums form the core of these stunning tracks. Each of the five Construction Kits comes with the usual Producer Loops feature set including dry & wet files, FX tails and MIDI files. On top of this you get complete vocal performances including dry & wet FX mixes. Single vocal phrases are also provided allowing you to craft new vocal lines and create chopped/glitched effects, suitable for genres outside of Deep House. MIDI Files Included: Like so many other Producer Loops products, 'Deep House Vocals Vol 2' includes MIDI files for the majority of musical phrases heard in each Kit, allowing you to seamlessly mix your favourite synths and samplers with the sounds contained in the pack. Advantages of MIDI: While the supplied ACID/Apple Loops content is extremely flexible and powerful, MIDI has the added benefit of allowing you to go to extremes of pitch and tempo beyond which the loops were originally recorded, with no time stretching or pitch shifting artefacts. Furthermore, you can make tweaks to the riffs so they fit perfectly into your existing mixes. Dry/Wet Loops: For users looking to simply drag and drop, the 'wet' files contain all of the effects processing heard in the audio demos. But for producers looking to create their own effects mix, 'dry' loops are also included. Don't like the wet loops? No problem, add your own effects. Unlooped Riffs/Tails: This sample library also comes with unlooped/tail versions allowing you to end a phrase with the decay of the reverb/delay applied to the loop, another "Producer Loops" exclusive product feature. Royalty-Free: All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free (including the vocal loops), so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. Specifications: • 5 Construction Kits • Complete Vocal Stems • 128 Individual Vocal Phrases • Adlibs, Verses & Choruses • ACIDized WAV Files • Loops sync to BPM • 44.1 kHz/24-Bit • PC/Mac Compatible • Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)Read more…

  6. Total Underground.Raw Acid Psychedelic loops direct from artist.Read more…

  7. Bell Lyre - 246MB Kontakt Library

    The Definitive Bell Lyre Instrument


    Xtant Audio

    The bell lyre, also known as a bell lyra, is a small two octave glockenspiel. Designed to be light and portable, some are built in the shape of a lyre and are played upright supported by a strap around the musician’s waist. The instrument in this library is known as a flatbed bell lyre and can be supported by a special shoulder mounting when played during a performance. The Bell Lyre is the first instrument in Total Composure’s new range of 'Definitive' sample libraries. A collection of libraries that allow the composer to create realistic performances of real instruments with as little work as possible, allowing you to spend more time writing music and less time tweaking each note one by one. Our instruments are performers who will follow your instructions – just add music. The instrument is simple to use and is highly playable. Through advanced scripting we have made it incredibly easy to achieve a realistic performance with minimal programming. We have included advanced repetition scripting that helps you avoid the machine gun effect and phase issues with multiple parts, as well as easy to use glissando controls and complete continuous controller customisability. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS . Full version of Kontakt 4.2.3 + You can download the user manual directly: more…

  8. Fields Of Serenity - 30% Off

    Sounds of calm and delight for Massive


    Leap Into The Void

    Fields Of Serenity contains pads and soundscapes smooth as silk, warm and heavenly. It contains sounds of joy, harmony, calmness and delight. The main focus of the soundset is pads and soundscapes which is completed with lead sounds designed to create beautiful melodies aswell as bass sounds with an initial softer touch. Suited for ambient, chill, soft electronic, pop, rock and film scoring. • 114 pads, soundscapes, lead, keys and bass sounds. • Coherent mapping of the eight macro knobs. • Velocity and mod wheel assignments for character coloring and morphing. (mod wheel macro knob 1). • Detailed patch list pdf with descriptions of the sound. Descriptions are also included in Massives attributes. • Massive 1.4 required.Read more…

  9. PSI 'Vibraphone'

    Lush and Deeply Sampled Kontakt Instrument


    Paper Stone Instruments

    The PSI Vibraphone is a 1.9Gb 37 note virtual instrument using Native Instruments lossless .ncw compressed format samples. Each note of the 1960s 3 octave Premier 751 vibraphone has been meticulously sampled in our cinematic live room. “If a Vibraphones what you need, this one certainly does the business” 8/10 Computer Music Magazine Mark Cousins - senior writer Music Tech Magazine: "Compared to the sterile sound of many sampled vibraphones, PSI’s Vibraphone really captures the character and charm of the real instrument. Given the use of ambient mics placement (in addition to the close mics), you can really feel the air around the instrument, and as a result, the vibraphone tends to sit in the mix in a more naturalistic way. The PSI Vibraphone is a great choice for retro-style tracks, although it can also be a great addition to a virtual orchestra setup, or another productions requiring a more naturalistic vibraphone sound." Winner of MTMs Value Award. There are 4 main instruments: Sustain (pedalled) with soft and medium felt beaters Staccato (unpedalled) with medium felt and hard (rubber) beaters. All 4 have 3 velocity levels. The 3 bonus instrument are muted (hand muted unpedalled), Soft beater Vibrato and medium beater Vibrato (both using the original 1960s tremolo effect). All 7 instruments were sampled using 3 pairs of stereo mics: centre (close) Stereo (wide) Room (distant). For Kontakt V4.2 or above only - Not the Free Kontakt PlayerRead more…

  10. The Pentagon

    Revolutionary Kontakt Synthesis


    Dark Harmony

    The Pentagon represents next-generation Kontakt design and features many new innovations and concepts never seen before. We truly feel like we have pushed Kontakt to the limit and explored nearly everything it has to offer. With intelligent scripting and design we have managed to make an instrument that can be used to synthesise and manipulate any sound while keeping all controls on one page. The Pentagon is perfect for any Electronic based music, as well as Movie/Video Game Scoring, and sound FX creation. Features: • 19 original soundbanks taken from hardware synthesizers • Dual Soundbank Mixing System • 1000+ Pre-Mixed patches (including Pads/Drones, Leads, Basses, Sequences, and Effects.) • 10+ Multis • Advanced Morphing Engine • Unique 'Key FX' performance tool • Powerful and versatile arpeggiator Dual controls for: • EQ • Lo-Fi / Filter (with six filter choices) • MODs (LFOs) (Filter, Tune, Volume, and Pan) • ADSR (Envelopes) (Filter, Tune, Volume, and Pan) • Send FX Levels for Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, and Convolution Reverb. Includes fast access to all 633 Kontakt 5 IR samples. Modulation: • LFO modulation includes 4 Standard LFO waveforms, plus 40 experimental waveforms, inversion and Synced and Unsynced modes. • Envelope modulation includes 40 presets, inversion and Synced and Unsynced modes. Play style modes include Portamento, Chord, and Arpeggiator. Arpeggiator/Sequencing: • 10 programmable Automation Tables with several useful attachment options. • 100 Arp/Table presets with table randomisation. • Arp/Table manipulation system with more than 20 useful options including copy/paste, reverse, and invert. Extras: • 6 analog style dub Key FX • UI "Follow" system • Patch Randomisation plus Parameter Target Randomisation Detailed 38 page user manual, as well as a user manual built right into the GUI. Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.4.1 or higher. Please don't buy if you plan on using this with the free Kontakt Player as it will only function in demo mode for 15 minutes. Download User Manual Here: Usual Price £39.99Read more…

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