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  1. 'stumbl' by blortblort

    preset banks for Ohmforce's Legendary Ohmboyz Delay device!



    stum·ble 'st?mb?l/ Submit verb 1. trip or momentarily lose one's balance; almost fall. "her foot caught a shoe and she stumbled" synonyms: trip (over/up), lose one's balance, lose/miss one's footing, slip "she stumbled and fell heavily" trip repeatedly as one walks. "his legs still weak, he stumbled after them" synonyms: stagger, totter, teeter, dodder, blunder, hobble, move clumsily "he stumbled back home" make a mistake or repeated mistakes in speaking. "she stumbled over the words" synonyms: stammer, stutter, hesitate, falter, speak haltingly; informalfluff/flub one's lines "she stumbled through her speech" find or encounter by chance. "they stumbled across a farmer selling 25 acres" synonyms: come across/upon, chance on, happen on, bump into, light on; HI FOLKS! we're back to one of MY many favorite delay devices: Ohmboyz!!! While it may be older than some, it still offers more than most other delays: stereo delay lines, 4 tap pre-delay, lfo's (10 shapes...) to [nearly] every control knob; ... its options are inexhaustible. I have pushed the lfos this time... A LOT of interplay with square waves and delay time ratios, etc... very complex paths There is a total of 22 banks in 'stumbl' (preset total= 176) As always, this set was inspired by the abuse of technology and the use of older and more lofi sounds/nostalgia/BOC/filmstrips of the 70's type feel... I am quite happy with the uneveness of some of the time/feeling from these presets. I *have* provided a few audio examples to give you some idea of the neighborhood in which these presets live ;] however- These are meant to be played... you will get a lot more out of them if you "play" thru them... they do react and you will react to what comes out of the plugin... hope this makes sense... Here is a link to a one bank demo for you to get an idea of what is going on here.... Notes: as with all my favorites (it seems...) there is a bit of a proprietarty way that the presets are treated in Ohmboyz: "There are eight Preset memory allocations. A group of eight Presets can be saved as a Preset-Bank to your hard disk. These Preset-Banks are multi-platform, thus enabling you to load Presets into any sequencer on any computer." for each Preset-Bank file that is included in the preset pack, there are actually EIGHT (8) presets available when that bank is loaded. I hope you enjoy these. it is a LOT of fun to come up with them ;] in case the stumblDEMO is not enough here is 15 more banks for free (120 presets...!!!...):Read more…

  2. Clutterfist by blortblort

    101 presets for FF's Timeless!



    NOTES: all preset 101 names include special notations if applicable:"MS" suffix = Mid/Side processing (MOST are Left/Right processed...those do not have special notation in the name)"SC" suffix = your sound will benefit from being driven by a SideChained signal All these presets are by default set as 'inserts'... if you intend to use them as 'sends',use the "Dry Enabled Switch" which lives directly above the Dry Mix knob on the Timeless 2 GUI ;] As you might be able to tell from the title and the demos, these are unusual delay presets. Timeless 2 is a very unusual and powerful delay device!The only guideline I set for myself on this set was to produce presets that were slightly "kaleidoscopic" in nature: they change over time and behave differently from different inputs...While I did NOT make heavy use of FabFilter's AWESOME filters on this set, I did make EXTENSIVE use of the XLFO's ...including routing those to the input itself to get strange repeating and stuttering effects that behave outside the actual "delay timing" ...makes for nice wonky ever changing effected sound. As all presets should be- these were meant to provide you with a starting place for your OWN adjustments...and I do encourage you to make these presets your own...tweak them silly! I apologize for the naming on these but they really do not fit neatly into 'descriptive characterization' like "dotted 1/8 echo", etc... please enjoy...and as always- please share what you create "from" these...even if you use them AS starting points, I would love to hear any results from experiments ;] Allen aka blortblort aka Madder Than You please check out this small set of presets if you are "on the fence" =) more…

  3. blortblort's Selective Reality

    Virus TI soundbank for those unafraid of modulation!



    Selective Reality contains 128 patches suitable for a wide variety of music from glitchy lofi ambient to Drumsteppy Trap goodness by sound designer Allen Somerlot aka blortblort aka Madder Than You. Special care was taken in developing these patches so that you have as much modulation and expression as possible in each one. All three of the Virus TI's physical performance knobs, PB and Mod wheel have been routed for all patches. Most patches also have Aftertouch and velocity driven modulation. These sounds were designed to be PLAYED... Please do push them...using pitchbend, performance knobs and aftertouch...they will breathe ;) I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this set as I got creating it! The soundset ships to you in .mid format. You must have a Virus TI (OS 3 or higher) to use this soundset)Read more…

  4. Future Bass Volume 1

    50 presets for NI Massive. KSD and NMSV formats included


    Xenos Soundworks

    This free pack of 50 NI Massive presets has the same workmanship and attention to detail as our latest commercial offerings. Fans of artists like Marshmello, Flume, Lido, San Holo and Slushii will find 'Future Bass Volume 1' to be an essential toolkit, ready-made for fresh and current Future Bass production. This soundset is completely royalty-free. - All 8 Macros assigned to each patch. - Both KSD and NMSV formats included. - 100% Royalty Free. - For Genres: Future Bass, House, EDM, Trap, Electro, PopRead more…

  5. Designed Rocks

    Creative Sound Design


    Solar Audio

    The next installment of the Designed series features crumbling and cracking rocks, shattering glitches, evolving textures, and everything in between. Content: 70 24bit 48kHz WAV files / Meta-tagged (including PDF/XLS) 30 Evolutions 30 Elements 10 Bonus Raw Source WAV FilesRead more…


    Circuit Bent Samples


    Snow Audio

    GLITCHD is an audio sample pack sourced from a classic 80’s circuit bent Speak & Read. Additional to the raw recorded glitched audio, the GLITCHD library has become so much more with multiple rounds of sound design yielding an impressive collection of textured drums, ethereal soundscapes, robotic language, and more. Included in the download are: Loops & Phrases Drums & Percussion Drones & Chaos Distortions & Scratches Circuit bent recordings And plenty of glitches, bleeps/bloops, etc. This pack is fantastic for building up and adding interesting textures, rhythms, and percussive elements to a variety of genres, and many sounds would find a perfect home in a game or film sound designers arsenal. Download contains: 1,200 samples in 24bit 48k WAVE format, 500MB in sizeRead more…

  7. Patchmaker is happy to present “Marshmellow – Future Bass” preset pack! Mixing the best of future bass, dubstep and trap, this collection has been crafted from the user’s perspective so they can be used without issues.This set is inspired by magnificent tracks from Marshmello,Slushii, San Holo and others! Inside expect to find future bass leads,dubstep wobbles,trap leads and a lot more! This pack contains 64 Spire presets created by professional sound designer Patch List: BASS 6 presets LEAD 17 presets PAD 3 presets WOBBLE 6 presets PLUCK 14 presets SYN 14 presets AMBIENT 1 preset SFX 2 presets Most of presets has macro controls so you can tweak them to your taste. Also this pack has 10 bonus MIDIs that were used in the demo MIDI List 8 Mono Files 2 Polyphonic Files Check out the demo for a feel of the quality of these presets and get your copy today! NOTE: You will need Spire version 1.1.7 or higher to be able to use these presets NOTE:The preview contains drum sounds and sound effects for illustrative purposes onlyRead more…

  8. Ambient Rock Elements

    Download Ambient Rock Guitar Samples



    Ambient Rock Elements is a new set of construction kits aimed at producers who want to inject Californian Rock into their Ambient productions. All loops are 100 % royalty free so you can use them in your own commercial productions. Drums,Perc and Guitars are given the treatment to provide a fresh take on ambient genres but also useful for the production of main stream rock sounds.Read more…

  9. Process Malfunction

    Science Fiction System Glitch



    Process Malfunction features 40 intricate future technology glitch production elements for science fiction scenarios where computers are going way out of control. You'll hear corrupt data streams, servers overloading, user interface issues, generative, abstract rhythms and more in this detailed exploration of what the computers of tomorrow may sound like when they go wrong. Perhaps the mainframe has been compromised from a series of lethal hacker attacks or alien communication signals are interfering with the network, maybe the CPU has just seen better days... Whatever the cause of the failure, the machines have been corrupted and they are struggling, screaming and hanging on for their last bleep...Read more…

  10. Resident Resonance

    NEW presets for Eventide H3000 BandDelay



    Resident Resonance by blortblort includes: >>>144 preset files (over 1100 snapshots...'presets within presets' ;] ) >>>6 different "defaults" for your convenience if you decide to create your own sets... the basic instruction for automating snapshot changes in Ableton Live >>>1 alp file that contains a set with examples of clips set up to automate changes of the snapshots. When I first demo'd the Eventide H3000 Band Delay, I knew it was something special. One of the very first things that I did was to map the delay time to the Mod Wheel of my MIDI controller....something you just could not easily do with any other delay vst that I know of... Hearing the smooth transitions that resulted just made me smile immediately. I knew that I had to dive deeper into the belly of the beast. I set about the task of learning the power of the function generator, modulating feedback ratios, and a host of other things that are simply NOT available in any delay devices out there...especially one with the sound of the H3000 Band Delays It was well AFTER I had started creating presets for this set that I discovered the POWER of the snapshot scenarios that a part of every preset... Theoretically, you COULD have as many as 32 snapshots in a preset (!!!) For the sake of time and sanity, the presets in Resident Resonance have from 4 to 16 snapshots included within. What this means is that while there may only be 144 preset files, there ARE actually 1180 total snapshots in this set... EACH SNAPSHOT represents its own preset in fact... The main reason that I decided to push to create this set WITH snapshots is so the TRUE POWER of the Eventide H3000 Band Delay might be realized for you if you elect to use automation! yep- you can fairly easily set up the H3000 Band Delay to change snapshots using automation. while actual instruction will vary from host to host, it should generally be pretty similar in function.Read more…

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