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  1. Korroded Batteries

    Twisted powerful percussions, basses and FX


    Sonus Dept

    Korroded Batteries is a collection of kits for Battery, aimed to the electronic musician who is looking for a complete and diverse source of inspiration to build aggressive and out of this world rhythms. Soundtrack composers will enjoy this compact library as well: from impactful hits to ritual percussions and reverse tensions, nothing lacks to score the most epic parts of your movies. This is what is included: · 5 bass kits: yes, turn Battery into a powerful bassline synth with this five carefully crafted bass patches. The powerful modulation options offered by Battery will allow you to fine tune these sounds to your needs, with the possibility even to modify in a different way every single note · 9 percussion kits: here they are in details – Ambush Kit, designed for modern, powerful electronic rhythms – Armageddon Kit, the definitive cinematic hits collection – Dark Cinema Kit, everything you need to score the darkest scenes of your movies – Effective Kit, a bank of nasty sound effects – Gridlock Kit, for your dark trips into the electronic abyss – Hi Hat Bank, hi hats for all seasons – Reduktion Kit, few bits lots of power – Ritual Kit, hypnotic percussions to build up your rituals – Uni(re)verse Kit, reverse sounds to bring tension everywhere · Everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 24 bits – you will notice the pristine quality of every single soundRead more…

  2. Industry

    Everything you need for you dark, epic, aggressive yet atmospheric tracks


    Sonus Dept

    INDUSTRY is a sound library for Kontakt featuring a vast sonic palette, from epic earthshaking percussions to subtle pads and bells, from deep basses to weird sound FX. It features everything you need to build intricated atmospheres, aggressive rhythms and cinematic progressions. From the experimental musician to the soundtrack composer, from the old school industrial devotee to the guitarist that wants to add something different to his music, INDUSTRY will please a wide range of audience, and this for an incredible bargain price. This is what is included: · 32 patches for Kontakt, featuring 3 rich drum kits for a total of almost 100 carefully crafted samples, 5 big sets of FX, 8 pitched percussions, 12 synth patches including harsh leads, melodic pads and acoustic instruments, 4 aggressive basses – a total of almost 1 GB of unique sounds (uncompressed size) · All the patches have a vast range of effects, some triggerable directly from your keyboard, including: filters, delay, reverb, phaser, compressor, distorsions, spatial effects, chord builder – you won’t need any additional effect to obtain the sound you are looking for that perfectly suits your track · Everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 24 bits – you will notice the pristine quality of every single sound · Every patch has its own GUI, carefully crafted and oriented towards usability and beautyRead more…

  3. “Just Whoosh” is a collection of heavy whoosh sound FX. All sounds come as separate BWF Wav-files. Whenever you need to give anything that moves and passes by the right acoustic support and impact, then this library is exactly what you need. 222+ pass by, magic, scifi, futuristic, fantasy, whooshes, transitions sound FX From short fast pass bys, through magical fireballs to slow and heavily droning spaceship fly bys. Here you all you need to give everything the right intense sense of motion. Perfect for your film-, music-, or videogame productions. Number of files: 224 files (75 files in Small Pack) Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 0,5 GbRead more…

  4. Just Impact - Designed -50% OFF

    Heavily Designed Cinematic Impacts



    Just Impacts – Designed: This collection of 300+ heavily designed cinematic impact sound effects make your trailers go BOOM! Whenever you need that sound to give your trailers, teasers, station IDs or action movie scenes the appropriate acoustic weight…here you get 300 of ’em. From subtile heavy bass booms to brutally distorted, ruthless shredded and granularized impacts – you find it here! Number of files/sounds: 300 files / 302 sounds Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 1,12 GBRead more…

  5. Sci Fi Movement -50% OFF

    SciFi Whooshes and Futuristic Transitions



    “Just Transitions – Sci Fi Movement“ description: A composite collection of scifi whooshes, space ship pass bys, futuristic transitions, digital sweeps, power downs, power ups and digital stutters. Over 320 sounds to to give that right sonic treatment to passing by sapceships, jets, fireballs, laser beams, rockets, torpedos and futuristic engines. Also computer interfaces, menu transitions, magical whoshes, worm holes and virtual reality settings will get that intense amount acoustic treatment to not only see the motion. Even breaks, endings and transitions of all different kinds of electronic music will get that extra kick with this sound library. Number of files: 302 Files (321 Sounds) (85 files in Small Pack) Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 978 MBRead more…

  6. Creepy Trailers -50% OFF

    Super CreepyTrailer Transitions



    Here you find a composite collection of designed, frightening Whooshes, creepy Transitions and haunting Movements to spice up your Trailers, Cut Scenes, Games and Movies. From ancient fantasy to futuristic horror projects, here you'll find the appropriate sound that brings out the goose bumps. Subtile haunting movent sounds, roomy squeaks, harsh disurbing noises, magical whooshes, soaking reversed horror, terryfying stingers, ... All sounds in this bundle were created by heavy sound design, layering and automation. Using hundreds recorded sounds of impacts, scrapes, swishes and anything else that has a unique motion envelope. Even breaks, endings and transitions of all different kinds of music will get that extra kick with this sound library. Number of files: 266 Files (270 Sounds) (75 files in Small Pack) Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 1,13 GBRead more…

  7. OVO Sounds For Massive

    NI Massive Presets


    Inspiring Audios

    *****OVO SOUNDS FOR MASSIVE***** This totally fresh and stunning compilation contains 166 high qualty sounds. Inspired by the top artists around the world than for example Drake, ILoveMakonnen, T-Minus, Mike Zombie, PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, Skepta, and Roy Woods!!! These Kits will surely inspire you to your next massive hit. Full specifications: • 90 Special Ni Massive Presets! • 03 Arp Presets • 10 Bass Presets • 08 Bell Presets • 04 Key Presets • 10 Kick Presets • 21 Lead Presets • 08 Pad Presets • 02 Piano Presets • 12 Pluck Presets • 12 SYNTH Presets ------------------ • 76 .WAV Sounds • 01 CROW ANIMAL SOUND • 10 Claps • 10 Hihats • 10 Snares • 10 Rides • 10 Percussion • 10 FX • 10 Shakers • 05 Crashes • Suitable for multiple genres! All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can be used in any production without any limitations. NI Massive version [1.4] and up is required!Read more…

  8. Rhythm Fluids REX Edition

    Evolving Pulses


    The Last Haven

    The library contains rhythmic loops designed with vast range of sound sources: pianos, guitars, strings, woodwinds, found percussions, analog and digital synthesizers. All recordings were carefully processed and edited to become a unique collection of atmospheric evolving pulses synced to your host BPM. Features: - REX format; - 98 hand-crafted loops; - 3 banks: Low, Mid and High; - 200 MB installed.Read more…

  9. Timelapsed Sky

    Tempo Synced Leads and Pads


    Dark Harmony Productions

    Timelapsed Sky is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating leads, pads, and basses for all types of electronic music. It utilizes the new Kontakt 5.5 functions for tempo syncing and filter changing straight from the GUI. Whether you are looking to create leads that cut through your mix, beautiful airy pads, dance floor basses, or even Filter LFO "wub-wub" noises, Timelapsed Sky has you covered. Features: • 20 Soundbanks Recorded at 96khz 24bit • Dual Soundbank Mixing • Large easy to use GUI • Filter, Volume, Pan and Tune LFO functions, with Inversion • Volume/Filter ADSR Envelope • Tempo Synced Speed and Timing Controls • Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, and Convolution Reverb • Pitch Bend Control with Inversion • EQ Balancer • Lo-Fi • Play Mode Control: Normal, Chord, and Glide • Preset tools menu • All 64 standard filter types • All 633 standard convolution presets Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.5.1 FREE PREVIEW (242mb) We've included a free preview of this product so that you can test it out before buying. The preview includes all of the features and soundbanks of the full library, but is limited to one octave of samples and will reset after every 50 key presses. We hope this helps you make an informed decision on buying the product. Thanks for checking it out!Read more…

  10. Aviram Music Box

    Expressive Kontakt Instrument


    Aviram Dayan Production

    Aviram Music Box is a beautiful and expressive library for Kontakt derived from sounds taken from various instruments: • Symphonion • Cylinder • Swiss cylinder • Mandoline (Organocleide) • Orphenion Multi Legato • Bells in Sight • Different Chorus, Air Breathing, Different Pads And Stretching • Winding Noises Features wonderful onscreen animations that dance along with the notes you play Articulations: • M-Box - Trigger Between 3 Groups And Changing With Multi Legato. ​Modulation- (1-Modes). • M-Box2 - Trigger Between 12 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion) And Changing With Multi Legato And Round Robin Modulation- (1-Modes). • B-Chorus - Bright Choirs, Between 5 Groups of Choirs And Trigger Between 12 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. • B-Chorus 2 - Bright Choirs, Between 7 Groups of Choirs And Trigger Between 13 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells, Mandoline-Organocleide) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up​ The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. • B-Chorus 3 - Different Pads And Different Bright Choirs, Between 9 Groups of Choirs And Multi Legato And Trigger Between 15 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells, Mandoline-Organocleide) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up​ The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. B-Chorus 4 - Air Breathing And Different Pads And Different Bright Choirs, Between 10 Groups of Choirs And Multi Legato And Trigger Between 16 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells, Mandoline-Organocleide, ) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up​ The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. Music Box With 6 Articulation. Instruments: • Aviram Music Box Main - KeySwitches. Multis: • Aviram Music Box - Molti Legato KeySwitches. MIDI Files: • Music Box-2-Multis & B-Chorus 4-Main & Harp Guitar-Multis (Guitar 3&7) & Arabic Strings-Multis (Legato2) {6 Layers} (110 BPM) • Music Box-2-Multis & Music Box-Multis & B-Chorus 4-Main (Mod up) & B-Chorus 2-Multis {5 Layers} (130 BPM) • B-Chorus 2-Multis & B-Chorus 3-Main (Mod Down) & Harp Guitar-Multis (Guitar 7) {3 Layers} (110 BPM) • Music Box-1 (Winding Noise Up & Air Breathing Up) & Arabic Strings-Multis & (Legato2) & Harp Guitar-Multis (Guitar 7) {4 Layers} (110 BPM) Details: • 2.00 GB installed. • 7800 samples. • For Kontakt v5.4.1 and above (Please do not buy if you have Kontakt Player)Read more…

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