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  1. Nuclear Winter 50% Off Intro

    A collection of strange, eerie, nostalgic, alluring and peculiarly imperfect patches for Kontakt


    Halflight Sampling

    Imagine a dark, destitute world, days after several nuclear blasts lay waste to the majority of the planet. This is the vision of the new sample library. No, it's not pretty, nor is something we ever want to see in reality. However, we can live it through sound. The sounds derive from a variety of sound sources --from various types of digital synths (including Factory by Sugar Bytes and Loom by Air Music Technology) as well as acoustic sound sources (bowed instruments, pianos and more). Various noise effects were also used to process the samples (including vinyl and tape effects). Most patches have 3 velocity layers. For the Kontakt patches, I used Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine. Contents: 551MB Samples Uncompressed (109 total samples, 44100Hz 16bit) 37 Kontakt Patches (+7 Multis) There are 34 snapshots. In order to use the snapshots, you will need to place them directly into the main Native Instruments user content folder. For example, this is my snapshot folder path: Local Disk (C) > Users > User > Documents > Native Instruments > User Content > Kontakt IMPORTANT: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.6 (R16) is required to use the patches without limitation. Link to Factory Link to Loom more…

  2. First line




    First line.... 22 patches Specially designed for Roland JX-8P.created 2017 by tunesurge in syx format.. audio demo: note "I use external reverb in audio demo"Read more…

  3. An 'imperfect' sounding upright piano, sampled very simply but with a lot of character. Listen to the attached Soundcloud demo to get a better idea! Specs: Kontakt 5.3 or above (not Kontakt Player, sorry) 86 keys, one sample per note, one velocity layer (Please be aware that if you hold down the sustain pedal for more than a couple of beats, you will get quite a bit of ‘hiss’ appearing - this is a bit of an issue with low-budget samples, which I hope to rectify in future releases!)Read more…

  4. Muted piano

    It's a piano but not as we know it...


    Dime Store Samples

    A quirky, creative instrument for Kontakt (5.3 and above). The sound of an upright piano played with the strings muted, similar to a prepared piano. Perfect for slightly creepy, cinematic bass lines. Listen to the Soundcloud file to get a better idea! Specs: Kontakt 5.3 or above (not Kontakt Player, sorry) 88 keys sampled with 2xRound Robin (with a couple of exceptions).Read more…

  5. Metasounds - UltraPro

    Custom Z-Plane Synthesizer Samples



    Ultrapro is a sample library based from the the E-MU ULTRAPROTEUS, which was a combination of the Proteus I Pop & Rock, II , Orchestral, III World Instruments, and Proformance Grand Piano, which included Z-plane filters from the Morpheus. The 470 WAV’s at the heart of this Synth were created using the Emulator III. This was the Ultimate second generation Proteus! The Samples you are about to use is a very powerful example of the 32 Z-plane 14-pole Digital Filters, and Dual 8 Segment Function Generators that make this synthesizer so unique. Programming techniques were used to push the sound architecture to its limits, giving you a fresh new palette of sounds. All Metasounds within this sample library have been programmed and sampled exclusively for Metascape Media™. Ultrapro comes with 11 Multi Presets, 7 Single Presets, and 3 X-tra Multi Combos. Ultrapro is compatible with the full version of Kontakt 5 and higher, but will not work in demo mode. For complete support please visit: more…

  6. Chill Vibes

    Chill Out and Downtempo loops


    Temporal Geometry

    Chill Vibes is a sample pack that covers all the necessary parts to produce Chill Out and Downtempo. Mellow keyboard lines and chords, deep basslines, jazzy drums and fractured glitches all recorded at 80bpm and various minor tonalities, give you the flexibility required to kickstart or finish any type of production in need of this sort of material. Product details: 20 Chord Loops 20 Key Loops 20 Bass Loops 20 Drum Loops 20 Glitch Loops WAV formatRead more…





    8 MIDI 20 WAV LOOPSRead more…

  8. Century edge K-55

    electronic cinematic sound board



    Century edge K-55 's electronic cinematic sound board. from futuristic detuned bass to very electronic synth patch and pads.. Contains: 534MB compressed NCW files - 13 NKI patch 24bit crystal clear multi samples instrument with Vintage custom gui interface all patches are looped perfectly to save sample memory Audio demo: Available Formats: kontakt 5.6.1 or higher thank you and hope you enjoy...Read more…

  9. elokuva - 170 presets for Synplant

    larger sounds for Sonic Charge's Synplant



    elokuva contains 170 presets for Synplant elokuva is homage to the sounds that frame the images in the films we love. I grew up with aspirations of being a soundtrack artist...and at that time there were a handful of names...many of whom still are working (Hans Zimmer, Maurice Jarre, Mark Isham, Graeme Revell, John Carpenter to name a few) Whilst those aspirations are still there, life has provided other paths ;] So, for those of you who may still be on that journey...OR if you just want to use some larger, dreamy, inspiring sounds in Synplant...I hope you find elokuva to be useful! earlier this year, I read someone's comment that the word "cinematic" has been used WAY too much to describe soundsets and sample libraries in the past year. I would have to agree with that. However... I had just used a "variation" on the word to title this...the last set of the to break from that overuse and to be a tiny bit clever: what better way to use the Finnish word for "cinema" to title my "finishing" set of the series!: 'elokuva' ;] in any case- there ARE more sounds in this set ...and I believe these lend themselves to more varied use than those in the previously released sets, but all of that is subjective really... (for some reason, my soundcloud playlists will not 'embed' correctly... please click the link for a listen!) Boards of Carrollton - vol 1 of 3 in 'Sunlight GMO' series for Synplant 1987 - vol 2 of 3 in 'Sunlight GMO' series for Synplant elokuva - vol 3 of 3 in 'Sunlight GMO' series for Synplant more…

  10. revenir for FabFilter's ONE oscillator?...hard to believe it!



    revenir for FabFilter ONE contains 101 presets I've owned FF ONE since 2005. I have to say- I am quite guilty of using the init default program because of it's gansta whine sound. Its just great and very addictive. ONE was released in 2004 and while there have been a few additions (it IS now polyphonic...originally released as monophonic...) there have been few changes since 2004. That still sounds awesome. Since 2004, there have been various trends in the VST world to include all sorts of bells and whistles on the synths themselves and it seems that the next new great thing comes to us about once every couple for gems like FF ONE?...those often get left in the corner of our toolboxes... and that is too bad. An elegant and seemingly sparse set of controls on the ONE interface completely belie it's ability. While the layout is simple and easy to understand, once one starts tweaking- you are soon realizing there is a bit of genius in the interaction of the Cutoff, Filter EG, Decay and Sustain controls that is a little difficult to explain... it's much better if you find out for yourself... but suffice it to say: they all affect each other and the synth IS very dynamically designed in this regard. Another hidden or not so apparent feature is ONE's LFO's MG Waveform control... which can swing or shuffle by creating offset to the shape of the triangle/square wave chosen. Again- better demonstrated than described ;] In any case- ONE certainly proves that 'limitations' can often be quite inspiring if the synth is this solid to begin with! another great thing about ONE is that its sooo CPU efficient! I you want to slap several in a rack, you can do it and it sounds HUGE! I put together 'revenir' to help bring a tiny bit of attention to a synth that a great many of us already own...and I hope some of the sounds and their application may surprise you! (for some reason, the site will not properly embed my playlist for this please click on the link below to give a listen ;] ) more…

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