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Waveforms for your woofers



  1. Ritual Kontakts

    Ritual sounds for Kontakt


    Sonus Dept

    Ritual Kontakts is a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Ritual Kontakts features a complete range of sounds to build your own ritual music: ethnic percussions and drums, strings, didgeridoos, singing bowls, rainmakers, nature SFX and synthesized hypnotic sounds. The aim of this library is not to provide you every conceivable instrument on Earth, but to give you an environment to experiment and to transorm any sound into your own one. Play with the many effects (all of them fully automatable) already featured within every patch and create your signature sound with a few spin of knobs. You will never end with a "preset sound", but rather with a variation that is truly unique. Ritual Kontakts will please a very diverse audience: soundtrack composers, ambient musicians, sound designers, devoted to ethnic music and every artist willing to add a touch of eerie feeling to his/her music. This is what is included: - 27 patches for Kontakt: acoustic instruments, chromatic percussions, ethnic drums, exotic soundscapes, a wide drum kit and many more. Every patch features different variations of the same sounds. By combining them you can obtain dozens of new timbres - All the patches have a vast range of effects, some triggerable directly from your keyboard, including: filters, delay, reverb, phaser, compressor, distorsions and spatial effects. You won't need any additional effects to obtain the exact sound you are looking for - Every parameter is fully automatable, you can create evolving and realistic sounds in a breeze - Everything you hear was sampled or rendered at 96 kHz / 24 bits. You will notice the pristine quality of every single sound - Every patch has its own GUI, carefully crafted and oriented towards usability and beautyRead more…

  2. Starmap Vol. 2 is the second installment of the Starmap series that consists of 65 patches for Dune 2 which also includes 70 custom wavetables. The wavetables are as follows - Starmap Vol. 1 (18 wavetables), Starmap Vol. 2 (22 wavetables), and an extra 30 bonus wavetables. The main element of V2 is geared towards Ambient/Cinematic keys using Dune 2's FM and custom wavetable capabilities. Product details - *Keys - 34 *Atmospheres - 15 *Synth/Other - 6 *Guitars - 5 *Pads - 3 *Sequences/Arp - 2 *Custom Wavetables - 70 *Modwheel Assigned Total number of patches - 65 Total number of custom wavetables - 70 *Important - Requires the latest version of Dune 2 *Note - Starmap Vol. 2 wavetables need to be placed in your designated wavetables folder for Dune 2 in order for some of the patches to work as intended. Also to note, if you already own Starmap Vol. 1 you will not need to import Starmap Vol. 1 wavetables into your designated Dune 2 wavetables folder. Original artwork by - Julian RayRead more…

  3. Designed Plastic

    Creative Sound Design


    Gregor Quendel

    This time it's about the sounds that everyday plastic items can make, when magnified and experimented with through layering, morphing and spectral shifting. Recorded with a Sennheiser MKH416 through Studio Projects VTB1 tube preamp. 110 files in 24bit 96kHz WAV / Meta-tagged 100 Elements 10 EvolutionsRead more…

  4. Devious Dub Techno

    Laid-back grooves Inspired by the music of THE ORB.



    Devious Dub Techno is an extremely creative collection of innovative Dub Techno samples! Everything you need to create your own Dub Techno tracks is here: chilled and hypnotic rhythms, quirky and intricate percussion stylings, leftfield bass loops, ragga mc vocals, delicate and organic synthetics, mysterious and layered melodic fx and more! ALL samples in this pack are made to work together seamlessly and are tempo-synced at 104bpm in the key of Fminor. This will save you the tedious search of matching elements from different sample packs. These samples were specially created to fit together and immediately get you having fun CREATING MUSIC, not searching for matching sound content. This pack is heavily influenced by the creative and chilled music of THE ORB. DETAILED CONTENTS: Bass Loops - 40 LOOPS Drum and Percussion Loops - 70 LOOPS Dub Stabs - 14 STABS FX Loops - 43 LOOPS Ragga MC Vocals - 30 VOCAL SHOUTS Synth Loops - 25 LOOPS 24-bit WAV FORMAT - compatible with ALL DAWS (and ALL iOS apps that can import WAV samples). ALL SAMPLES have been professionally edited for maximum quality and to remove any unintended clicks or pops. Devious Dub Techno is 100% royalty free, meaning you can use all of these sounds and loops in your tracks without worrying about any sample clearance hassle!Read more…

  5. The Kontakt library "Hardstyle Kick Generator" is the very first library giving you access to professional hardstyle kicks. Made in collaboration with an artist from Q-Dance Records, this library include seven professional and tonal kicks. All the kicks have been pre-sampled and tuned, it mean that you can forget all the pitching/layering process, now you simply have to press a key to get the kick in tune with your music ! But just listen to the demos to get your opinion, this is truly the best hardstyle kicks work ever made ! Needed : Kontakt 4.2.4 (at least). The free preview doesn't give you access to the Kontakt engine library ! You'll just receive a free .wav sample (=1 note from Kontakt) of one of the Kicks inside the library.Read more…

  6. The first volume of the Analog Drums series is out ! Explore the world of real, analog drums ! Recorded from the TR-808 drum synthesizer, you'll find punchy kicks, crispy snares, and warm and pure percussions. This pack contains more than 130 high quality drums samples (.wav format, 24bits). Don't doubt, this one is an absolute must have for any serious Electronic Music producer !Read more…

  7. Very deep house

    deep house/techno WAV oneshots



    The pack contains deep house/techno sound samples/oneshots: Bass 80 Closed hat 30 Open hat 30 Crash 10 Clap & Snare 40 Effect 8 Kick 40 Percussion 80 Synth 160 Vox 100 All sounds are high quality. All sounds are license-free. Format - WAV. I hope you will like it!Read more…

  8. A library of the legendary JP-8000 synth ! It contain over 300 Kontakt sounds ! This is a library designed for Kontakt wich can be used in a majority of DAWs. Samples : 44.1Khz WAV filesRead more…

  9. Sound Engineer Trance Producer

    Download Trance Loops Sapmles WAV Midi



    Sound Engineer Trance Producer delivers a set of five smooth and lush Construction Kits for creating a wide variety of Trance music styles such as Melodic and PsyTrance. All phrases are 100% royalty-free. You will find beautiful melodies, chords, pianos, keys, strings, synths and warm pad loops and FX. Loops for drum tracks are supplied (kick, snare, ride, etc.) for perfect drum loop mixing. Midi files for each kit are also included for versatile mixing. Studio ready to create unique uplifting trance tunes,as well as radio and TV commercials, film cues and web applications of high quality. Each of these Kits is given its own unique treatment, to create a pack which has all of the unmistakable hallmarks of the genre but with a sound all of its own. Product Details: 5 Construction Kits 24 Bit WAV Midi BPM & Key Information Provided For Each Kit 100% Royalty-FreeRead more…

  10. SynthLand Vol 1

    44 Chilled Loops For Use in Down-Tempo Electronic Music



    This is a 44 loop pack containing handcrafted chill and downtempo loops.I have meticulously crafted each loop for use in my track's so I am sure you can find a use for them :) What you can use these for: -Ambient -Downtempo -Chillwave -Chillout -Deep House -Melodic Techno -Chill EDM What Is contained within this pack? -44 MP3 Loops -In The Key of D#Minor -Basses -Leads -Pads -Chords If you are interested in this pack, be sure to keep your eyes out for the next one :) as I am going to do a few of these Thanks APLMusicRead more…

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