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Snacks for your samplers



  1. Colourform - 30% Off

    Explore colour and sound in this atmospheric sample library.



    Colourform is a Kontakt 5 library of atmospheric sounds. It features a very visual GUI that uses colours to represent layers of sound. You can then blend and mix these colours in real time. This concepts allows you to explore the link between what you hear and what you see a lot more than standard knobs and sliders. Scroll down to see the colourform trailer, and the UI walkthrough videos. The core aspects of the library are the 3 colour wheels. These each contain 4 layers of sound that you can blend between, and arrange in any order you fancy. You can also randomise all of these colours, to get fresh new sounds at an instant. The library is made of 20 patches each with 12 layers of sound. The actual sounds are from unusual sources such as pitchforks, glass bowls, creaky gates, spanners, rain and thunder, fire and more. I have aimed to capture beautiful tonal sounds from these items. They are then sometimes mixed with more synthetic sounds to create full, wide tones. Another aspect of the library is the soundscapes, these are pads of organic origin layered with high quality ambiances sounds such as water, rain or fire crackle. In general, the library consists of tonal percussion and organic pads and atmospheres. However, you can also add your own sounds into the Colourform engine, allowing you to blend, mix and save your samples just like the other instruments. Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or aboveRead more…

  2. Pheonix - 30% Off

    Realistic synth strings and choirs



    Phoenix is a powerful tool for creating sustains with movement and character. The samples are from synthetic and granulised sources, yet they are rich and organic sounding. The presets vary from realistic strings and choirs to sci-fi beeps and pads. This versatility is due to some unique scripting, such as the LFO engine; which lets you draw your own waveforms and actually see the modulation happen on the controls. Also included is a complete effects page, with phaser, chorus, convolution reverb and more. Making new sounds is easy with the randomise button, which is designed to make musical outcomes. Key features: - 6 layers or ‘oscillators’ which can be mixed, tuned and panned. - ADSR and velocity controls for volume and low pass filter. - 2 custom LFOs; draw your own waveforms and see the modulation happen. - From realistic string ensembles to sci-fi beeps and pads. - 6 effects; chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, 21 impulse reverb and delay. - 17 presets. Pheonix works on the full version of Kontakt 5.1 or above. Scroll down to see the video demo.Read more…

  3. Late Night Deep Tech

    Deep, Tech and Tribal House



    Get some serious new inspiration for your late night Deep & Tech productions! This pack contains everything you need to get new tracks FINISHED - quickly and easily! You'll find: drum loops, kick loops, top loops, perc loops, bass loops, synth loops, side-chained pumping pad loops, chord loops, kick drum one-shots, atmos one-shots, chord one-shots and risers + FX. Every drum loop is provided with 3 versions - FULL LOOP, KICK LOOP and TOP LOOP - so you can mix and match elements to get exactly the sound you like. You can further customize your beats by using the kick drum one-shots and match them with any top loop or percussion loop. Every kick drum one-shot is provided with a HP FILTERED version for making quick intros, breaks and turn-arounds. Genres this will be useful for making: Deep House, Tech House, Tribal & Afro House, Minimal. DETAILED CONTENTS: bass loops - 39 loops chord loops - 25 loops drum loops - 25 loops (each with 3 versions) perc loops - 25 loops side-chained pumping pad loops - 25 loops synth loops - 28 loops atmos - 26 one-shots chord stabs - 30 one-shots kick drums - 25 kick drums (each with a HP filtered version) risers + downlifters - 17 one-shots 340 samples total -- 603mb unzipped Included formats: WAV -- Compatible with ANY and EVERY DAW! ALL LOOPS at 122bpm. ALL LOOPS AND SAMPLES ARE KEY LABELED AND TEMPO LABELED. ALL SAMPLES ARE IN THE KEY OF Cminor FOR EASY MIXING AND MATCHING. ALL SAMPLES 24-bit.Read more…

  4. 1001 - Ultimate Collection for Dune 1 - 50% off

    1001 Presets for Synapse Audio Dune (Special Price for the holidays)


    Synth Anatomy

    Price is only available in the Christmas Holidays This is a re-release of a Dune 1 Presets collection from the sound designer Art Renaissance Project. You will get 1000 Presets for Synapse Audio Dune 1 In this Ultimate Collection you will get Coloured Harlequin (128 Presets) DeepDune (128 Presets) DreamCatchers (120 Presets) DUNE Beginning (128 Presets) DUNE Source of life (121 Presets) Inspiring grounds (120 Presets) Live of Dune (128 Presets) MoNoS (128 Presets) After the holidays, they will be a INTRO price of 29£ Normal Price 39£ After holiday, the libraries will be available also as individual libraries - each for 5.99£Read more…

  5. The Pentagon - Intro Price

    Revolutionary Kontakt Synthesis


    Dark Harmony

    The Pentagon represents next-generation Kontakt design and features many new innovations and concepts never seen before. We truly feel like we have pushed Kontakt to the limit and explored nearly everything it has to offer. With intelligent scripting and design we have managed to make an instrument that can be used to synthesise and manipulate any sound while keeping all controls on one page. The Pentagon is perfect for any Electronic based music, as well as Movie/Video Game Scoring, and sound FX creation. Features: • 19 original soundbanks taken from hardware synthesizers • Dual Soundbank Mixing System • 1000+ Pre-Mixed patches (including Pads/Drones, Leads, Basses, Sequences, and Effects.) • 10+ Multis • Advanced Morphing Engine • Unique 'Key FX' performance tool • Powerful and versatile arpeggiator Dual controls for: • EQ • Lo-Fi / Filter (with six filter choices) • MODs (LFOs) (Filter, Tune, Volume, and Pan) • ADSR (Envelopes) (Filter, Tune, Volume, and Pan) • Send FX Levels for Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, and Convolution Reverb. Includes fast access to all 633 Kontakt 5 IR samples. Modulation: • LFO modulation includes 4 Standard LFO waveforms, plus 40 experimental waveforms, inversion and Synced and Unsynced modes. • Envelope modulation includes 40 presets, inversion and Synced and Unsynced modes. Play style modes include Portamento, Chord, and Arpeggiator. Arpeggiator/Sequencing: • 10 programmable Automation Tables with several useful attachment options. • 100 Arp/Table presets with table randomisation. • Arp/Table manipulation system with more than 20 useful options including copy/paste, reverse, and invert. Extras: • 6 analog style dub Key FX • UI "Follow" system • Patch Randomisation plus Parameter Target Randomisation Detailed 38 page user manual, as well as a user manual built right into the GUI. Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.4.1 or higher. Please don't buy if you plan on using this with the free Kontakt Player as it will only function in demo mode for 15 minutes. Usual Price £39.99Read more…

  6. PSI Winter Sale! £12 off PSI 'Vibraphone'

    Lush and Deeply Sampled Kontakt Instrument


    Paper Stone Instruments

    And now with £12 off as part of our Winter Sale up until Jan 20th! The PSI Vibraphone is a 1.9Gb 37 note virtual instrument using Native Instruments lossless .ncw compressed format samples. Each note of the 1960s 3 octave Premier 751 vibraphone has been meticulously sampled in our cinematic live room. “If a Vibraphones what you need, this one certainly does the business” 8/10 Computer Music Magazine Mark Cousins - senior writer Music Tech Magazine: "Compared to the sterile sound of many sampled vibraphones, PSI’s Vibraphone really captures the character and charm of the real instrument. Given the use of ambient mics placement (in addition to the close mics), you can really feel the air around the instrument, and as a result, the vibraphone tends to sit in the mix in a more naturalistic way. The PSI Vibraphone is a great choice for retro-style tracks, although it can also be a great addition to a virtual orchestra setup, or another productions requiring a more naturalistic vibraphone sound." Winner of MTMs Value Award. There are 4 main instruments: Sustain (pedalled) with soft and medium felt beaters Staccato (unpedalled) with medium felt and hard (rubber) beaters. All 4 have 3 velocity levels. The 3 bonus instrument are muted (hand muted unpedalled), Soft beater Vibrato and medium beater Vibrato (both using the original 1960s tremolo effect). All 7 instruments were sampled using 3 pairs of stereo mics: centre (close) Stereo (wide) Room (distant). For Kontakt V4.2 or above only - Not the Free Kontakt PlayerRead more…

  7. Roland JX-10-v.2

    Roland MKS-70 Super JX- 8NKI patch


    Omar Music Systems

    I sampled this baby about two years ago and I plan to make custom sound of this hardware in the future Platform: Windows & Mac Type: Samples Sample library Info: 125MB all in 16bit 44-Khz Velocity Layers, containing 8 patches from Roland jx-10 Available Formats: Kontakt 5 (full version required) JX-10 V2 by Omar Music SystemsRead more…

  8. Bowl Sphere

    Singing Bowl in Space



    An Ableton Live Instrument based on a Tibetan Singing Bowl session. The instrument has two layers: A main layer and a tail layer. The main layer has a singing bowl hit with three round robins and a HighPass filter. The tail layer also has a HighPass filter on it but also has a select knob to scrub through a long file of a SingingBowl session. That gives an incredible amount of variety to the sound design. The sample Track is made entirely with this instrument. No additional Effects are used. Check out this beautiful spheric instrument.Read more…

  9. Electronic Excursion

    658 Predator Patches



    Yemski's Electronic Excursion is a collection of 658 patches for Predator. The first of a number of planned releases that provides high quality soundsets for VSTIs suited to a number of genres. Contains: > 171 Arps > 67 Pads > 49 Synths > 87 Leads > 133 Bass > 42 Keys > 18 Chord > 23 SFX You will find a large and varied set that can be used for everything from EDM, HipHop, IDM, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Electro, Video-game, Chillout/Downtempo, Film/Soundtrack and anything else you can imagine. All the patches have the modulation wheel assigned at a minimum, with many patches particularly the arps, bass and leads utilizing midi modulation controllers 16 through to 20 to provide maximum expression to each sound. The demos showcase this fuctionality, with many of the sounds morphed in numerous ways for a variety of unique sonic effects. At £25 for 658 patches this amount to a mere 3 pence per patch. So buy this and reinvigorate your Predator today. *Rising to £29.99 at the end of February.Read more…

  10. Loops include Apple, WAV and Recycled (Rex) files. Free to download for Xmas. Zipped Contents (30 MB) 8 Loops 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo. ACIDized WAV , Apple Looped AIFF & Recycle RX2Read more…

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