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Snacks for your samplers



  1. Tropical Night



    Inspiring Audios

    This is the very first package at the Inspiring Audios. Inside you will find everything that you need to start making tracks in this genre. There are in the package 16 exceptional bass, 34 super quality lead, and 7 essential pad. The demo lets you hear that what is also contents of the package. This pack is an amazing starting point for your next House tracks!Read more…

  2. Blue Orb Trilogy




    The Blue Orb Trilogy has been reviewed by SoundBytes magazine. Read it here: THE BLUE ORB TRILOGY contains the three inspiring Kontakt 5 instruments from the 'Blue Orb Series’, the Saffron Bass Synthesizer, the Triode Lead Synthesizer and the Neutron Pad Synthesizer. These synthesizers have a dual oscillator architecture with multiple envelopes, filters, LFO's and effects. The sounds of these instruments are highly inspirational and are therefore very suitable to translate your musical ideas into complete tracks. EACH SYNTHESIZER has 60 different waveforms to choose from, 30 per oscillator. Each OSC has 3 envelope generators.(Amplifier, Filter and Pitch) and 3 different filters, (LP, HP and BP). There are 2 LFO’s, a Pitch LFO and a Filter LFO with a choice between 4 different waveforms (Sine, Saw, Square & Random), or the LFO can be switched off. Both LFO’s can be used at the same time. THE SOUNDS can be modulated via Velocity, Aftertouch, Key Follow and the Modulation wheel. And to top this all off, you have a choice between 8 different FX (Digital Reverb, Digital Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Compressor, 2-Band EQ, Skreamer distortion) and an Arpeggiator with an integrated arp pattern generator. THESE SYNTHESIZERS already come with a big selection of sounds for you to play with. A total of 808 patches of which 588 are instruments (nki) and 220 are multis (nkm). The big amount of controls encourages you to make your own. The possibillities are endless. Be ready to enter the world of the Blue Orb Trilogy. You won't regret it. Library Features: - For Kontakt 5.3 (Full version, not for Kontakt Player) - 24bit 44.100 Khz wav samples - 808 patches: 588 instruments (nki) and 220 multis (nkm) - 3.16 Gb in size unpacked - 24 samples per instrument, 2 oscillators, 12 per oscillator - Velocity and Aftertouch responsive - 8 FX: Digital Reverb, Digital Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Compressor, 2-Band EQ and Skreamer distortion. - Time and Speed parameters sync to Host tempo - Controls page - Arpeggiator & Effects page - Animated Blue Orb Download the free preview to read the full review from Sound Bytes Magazine where they gave the library a glowing review more…

  3. Subtle Piano

    Easy-to-go grand piano


    The Last Haven

    "Subtle Piano" from The Last Haven is a Kontakt library containing samples from Casio Synths Grand Piano. Sounds well in any pop mix! Demo: Features: 5 Velocity Layers NI Kontakt 5.4.3+ (Full version only please) 820 MB after unpack.Read more…

  4. Steinway Grand 3

    Free Kontakt Instrument


    Hephaestus Sounds

    And we come to the third generation with our Steinway piano. This free version comes from Grand Coda, one of our most prestigious libraries, which provides the most authentic piano sound. Features of this FREE version: - 48 KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution - 5 perfectly connected dynamic layers - semitone-per-semitone sampling (not for the whole keyboard) - "Distance" function to move the instrument close or far - "Stereo" function to adjust the sound fullness - 3-band-EQ perfectly tuned on the most important piano frequencies - Reverb settings to add a bit of room for our piano - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins time limitation for Kontakt Player) To have a feature list comparison between free and full library, download the instrument and open the text file into the .zip archive. Impressed by the Full Version sound? PURCHASE IT HERE: more…

  5. French House

    Sexy Love - Nu Disco



    Add Filter-Funked Disco synths and sexy French house sounds to your production arsenal. 60 artistically crafted presets for massive to give your next production some sexy french love. Fused with nu disco, these sounds will expand sonic dimension of your massive library. Inspired by Daft Punk(Obviously), Justice, Stardust, Breakbot, DJ Falcon and many nu disco mixes! All 60 presets have all 8 macro controls assigned for full sound-sculpting convenient. This pack contains : Bass- - - - 16 [Both Live and Synthetic Basses] Lead- - - -08 [Robo crushed, thin sexy fuzzy Leads] Pad- - - - -16 [warm and sparky pads] Synth - - - 16 [Animated and Crushed 80s Synths] Key - - - - 04 [Soft and Smooth as butter keys] Give the demo a listen, and feel the Love! Native Instruments Massive 1.4.0 is required.Read more…

  6. Massive: Augmented

    Atmospheric - Electronica - Film Scoring



    DJSH Music presents 'Augmented' the first in a series of soundbanks for NI Massive. Inside you will find 32 presets: 10 Leads. 10 Pads. 10 Seq Sounds. 2 Sound Scapes. Requires NI Massive 1.4..2 or higher. more…

  7. ODD, Reason ReFill

    Modified ARP Odyssey


    Sounds and Effects

    The ODD Reason ReFill from Sounds And Effects samples a vintage ARP Odyssey, but then takes a decidedly non vintage turn, using these samples as the basis for entirely new sounds using Reason's powerful synth engine for a more modern and decidedly non vintage sound. Pitch dives and rises, bass wobbles, zaps, warbles, bleeps, trills, sub basses and buzzy squelchy leads. ODD makes extensive use of the Combinator to take the NNXT presets in an entirely different direction. Many of the Combinator presets combine two NNXT presets with Reason's powerful BV512 vocoder so that parameters like the important Vocoder Shift Control are ready accessible by the user. Other presets stick more closely to the ARP. There are also three different default Combinator / Vocoder presets pre wired so that the user can easily choose from any of the 200 NNXT Presets, and simply plug them any into the Vocoders' carrier and modulator inputs - potentially and rapidly creating hundreds of exciting new sounds. specs 524 M (un packed) 245M packed 588 Samples 201 NNXT Presets 215 Combinator Presets 175 REX Loops About the Demos Demo 1 uses sounds entirely from the ReFill, Demo 2 uses added drums.Read more…

  8. Synthetic Flavour v.1

    51 Amazing SFX Wav Files



    This Sound Effects pack was professionally created on two of the best hardware synthesizers for sound design purposes: Roland V-Synth XT and Access Virus TI. The worlds best hardware gives you unmatched natural yet unreal soundscapes, drones, effects, rhythmical patterns, sweeps and impacts that can`t be achieved only by means of virtual instruments. Contains 51 long fx phrasesRead more…

  9. Thrash DI

    Direct Input Metal Guitar for Kontakt



    Thrash DI brings you a deeply multisampled six-string guitar for Kontakt 4 & 5, recorded via direct input for maximum flexibility. Just add your favorite amp sim and you’re ready to melt faces, rock hard, or do whatever else it is that you’d like to do with a sampled guitar. We won’t judge you. The focus is on metal playing techniques, including three varieties of palm-mutes with lots of round robin samples. You also get a step sequencer we’ve dubbed The Riffmaker, which makes making riffs as fun as clicking on a little grid of squares. As a composer myself, I know how much we all love little grids of squares! / Powerchord 5th sustains (4xRR) / Three staccato downstroke styles / Palm muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string / Half muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string / Open Staccatos (8xRR) in 5ths and single string / Staccato upstroke release samples for fast riffing / Staccato palm muted harmonics (8xRR) / Tremolo powerchords and single string sustains / Single note sustains (4xRR, 2 velocity layers) / Light & heavy sampled vibrato / Slide-ups / Pinch Harmonics, Harmonic sweeps, Dives and rises, and fret noises / The Riffmaker : step sequencer that stores up to 12 riffs / transpose your riffs up and down the keyboard / use keyswitches to swap between riffs on the fly / .wav files are open for you to browse/alter. / Requires the full version of Kontakt 4/5Read more…

  10. MaK - Mouse and Keyboard

    Keyboards, Mice, and Touchscreen devices.


    Collected Transients

    MaK is a Kontakt instrument which replicates the sounds of a person using various computer keyboards, mice, or touchscreen devices. This allows you to very quickly perform the foley of using one of these devices via midi. MaK was created to speed up the time consuming process of editing and/or recording mice and keyboards. After realizing how often this came up in both my commercial and film work, I decided there had to be a better way. Several recording sessions and Kontakt script headaches later, MaK was born! There are 15 devices available in MaK: 5 Keyboards, 5 Mice, 2 Touchscreens, and 3 digital keyboards. Each of these devices has been meticulously recorded at a number of different velocities for a very realistic playback performance. The majority of the devices have 5 velocity layers; from soft to hard. Each of these velocity layers have 32 different samples: 16 for the press sound, and 16 for the release sounds of each device. That’s 160 samples per device! MaK will randomly trigger press and release samples for each layer based on the velocity you play the notes. Easy to use controls allow you to adjust additional layers of randomness in both velocity and pitch. All of this adds up to realistic devices, and convincing performance. Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ required. Video example below.Read more…

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