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Waveforms for your woofers



  1. Quantum Death Toy 50% off until Feb 7th

    A children's toy sampled at the edge of death


    Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

    A single toy was sampled on ultra low batteries. The result is creepy and unnerving. In quantum physics there is an idea that certain phenomena can create different results in each instance of change, and never repeat itself (for example, the static on an old television set). With very low batteries, the potential for unexpected things to happen increases. This is a preview library of a much larger and more extensive library using this principle (and low, low batteries). Why did I ignore the warnings on the back of the toys (to NOT use low batters)? Because I love discovering new sounds! The photosynthesis engine by Jeremiah Pena was also used to put the samples through some effects. You can find that here: CONTENT: There is 97.2 MB of sample content uncompressed (77 samples). 7 Main Kontakt Patches (18 total, with variations on the 7 main ones), and also a few snapshots throughout. The samples range from loops, phrases (melodic), to words and noises. !!!PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves. ----------------------------------- Stay tuned for the full library coming out within the next year. It will feature dozens of toy instruments sampled at the edge of death. Each toy will behave differently and I am expecting to discover some new sounds. There will also be other innovative sampling techniques employed. This current library for sale does not really feature any processed samples, aside from the carnival ride (the most that is done is simply reversing, stretching or adding some reverb in Kontakt). However, the future library will feature mangled and processed samples on top of the already creepy and spooky raw toy samples. I will also be doing more testing with batteries to see how low they can get and still produce sound in the toy. I am also expecting this to yield interesting and unexpected results (for instance, what sound will the toy make right before the battery completely dies...the threshold right between the death of the battery and a sound still being produced?). ------------------------------------ * * * The current sale is as low as I can sell it for (1.99GBP). On February 7th it goes up to 3.99GBP * * *Read more…

  2. Liquid Claps - 60% Off!

    Perfect claps for chillstep, chillout, house


    Freak Music

    Freak Music presents the "Liquid Claps" - collection of beautiful, chilling snares, claps, hits - perfect for Chillstep, Future Bass, Dubstep, EDM and Trap. These perfectly sounding drums are paired with water drops, ice cracks, glass breaks, crushes, key-drops, and more. Everything is pure, clean and ready to use. You will find classic one-shots, pre-shifted samples and much, much more content. You can hear every clap in the demo preview. Features: - 72 liquid claps - 44.1 kHz 24-bit WAV - Multi-Genre - 100% Royalty-FreeRead more…

  3. Radio Static

    High Quality Sound Effects


    Gowler Music

    Radio Static #GM0009 is a collection of twenty high quality radio static sound effects (WAV). Recorded using different units and over different frequencies to ensure a diverse range of static sounds, this collection is great for anyone looking to add a classic sound effect to their project. All twenty samples in this pack have been edited and mastered so they can be used straight away in your song or media projects. To listen to a sample of the pack check out the embedded soundcloud link below.Read more…

  4. Organica for Kontakt 5

    Cinematic Underscores



    We Offer Two Weeks 40% Discount on ALL Products (ends Jan 29th)! "ORGANICA" is a collection of tonal textures, blended with spacious field recordings (you'll notice a wide stereo field). The Mod Wheel makes every pad pulse in sync with your Host/DAW, and adds a huge reverb to all field recordings. "ORGANICA" is an instant atmosphere builder with lot of personality. ​ You'll find SOLO pads, DUO combinations of two pads, and a TRIO section with two field recordings layers and a pad which fades in when you use the Mod Wheel. The MULTIS folder contains pads and low mapped fields, blended together; you can obtain dronish soundscapes very easily, perfect underscores (use the mod wheel and the fields will be reverbered while the pad will start pulsing). ​Watch on Youtube Technical specifications: - 850 Mb unzipped - 84 patches (nki/nkm) - 48 original files of pure pleasure - wave 44.100 / 24 bit - Mod Wheel assigned to all patches (please try it...) - built in the "Free Photosynthesis Engine" by Jeremiah Pena ​ NOTE: you need the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.5.2 to use this library. It will NOT WORK in the Free Kontakt Player (runs only in "demo mode" for 15 minutes!!). Got it? ;-)Read more…

  5. Lovely Mitty

    The most perplexing, rare, and mysterious toy keyboard on the planet?


    Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

    The perfect toy for the collector of all things rare. Right out of the box, this thing is an enigma. There is no on/off switch; you can only press the white keys (however, it's tuned so awfully that you end up playing what would be black keys); there is no velocity sensitivity (and it's so loud!!!). All I know is that it was made in Taiwan. I cannot find any other information about this thing, anywhere! I'm not even sure if it's really called "Lovely Mitty," but that's the sticker with which it came (at the consignment shop). Based on the fact that the speaker and the sticker are about the same size and same shape, I'm guessing that this is how it was manufactured (as pictured). Now, down the the nitty gritty. There was a lot of work involved in getting the tuning as close as possible to any semblance of proper tuning. Once tuned, it actually does seem to have a warm tone, suitable for chip tune style music, but others as well. With the staccato presets, I used some tricks with the microphones to create a sense of velocity layers, and created 4 total velocity layers. I still included the original tuning ("natural tuning") for your fun and pleasure. There were also some effects created by only pressing the notes slightly (right at the threshold of making a noise). The photosynthesis engine by Jeremiah Pena was also used to put the samples through some effects. You can find that here: CONTENT: There is 99.3 MB of sample content uncompressed. 27 Kontakt Patches, with various snapshots throughout. PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves. The free demo does not require the Photosynthesis engine (if you load as "Skip Missing"), however, if you want to tweak the preset with the photosynthesis engine, you will need to have the engine somewhere on your system and resolve missing (through folder search) The 1.99GBP price is the permanent, low price! Also, I'm not really sure how rare this thing is. I simply cannot find any information on it.Read more…

  6. Dark Galaxy

    32 Dark Pads, Soundscapes, and FX for AIR Vacuum Pro



    32 dark and ominous pads, soundscapes and FX for AIR's Vacuum Pro synthesizer. more…

  7. Trance Exposure Vol 2

    Download Wav/Midi Construction Kits



    Trance Exposure Vol 2 brings another set of five smooth and lush Construction Kits for creating a wide variety of Trance music styles such as Melodic and PsyTrance. All phrases are 100% royalty-free. You will find beautiful melodies, chords, pianos, keys, strings, synths and warm pad loops and FX. Loops for drum tracks are supplied (kick, snare, ride, etc.) for perfect drum loop mixing. Midi files for each kit are also included for versatile mixing. Any producer will be ready to create unique uplifting trance tunes,as well as radio and TV commercials, film cues and web applications of high quality. Each of these Kits is given its own unique treatment, to create a pack which has all of the unmistakable hallmarks of the genre but with a sound all of its own. Product Details: 5 Construction Kits 24 Bit WAV Midi BPM & Key Information Provided For Each Kit 100% Royalty-FreeRead more…

  8. Glockenspiel ST.

    96khz, EXS24 patch


    Scott F Thompson

    This is the best Glock recordings I've ever herd, ever. Got lucky with this one and hopefully others can enjoy it now too. It's 96khz, so yes, that means you can play bass notes with a glockenspiel now. You can hear this in the demo here. Nothing was edited with the demo, no reverb or anything. This comes with two patches, one simple, light patch, and one with the full set of keys recorded quiet and soft. Designed for MainStage, but also rocks in any EXS24 sample player.Read more…

  9. Janky Drink Mix Jug 50% until Jan 25

    A bizarre, strange custom built bowed instrument, made from an old drink mix jug


    Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

    It may have started out as a joke, but some of the sounds coming out of this thing are strange and otherworldly to say the least. The "flutter harmonics" sound in itself was a pleasure to discover. There is absolutely no instrument on earth which sounds quite like this thing. Though that may be because there is nobody else strange enough or crazy enough to sit down an construct something out of an old plastic container --complete with a makeshift tuning peg and natural acoustic body. Here's the Soundcloud demo of most of the presets: Summary of content: 607 MB of Sample Content (336 Samples, included as uncompressed WAV files in the "samples" folder) 28 Instrument Presets and 2 Multis for Kontakt 5, organized in the following folders: Cinematic Ethnic and Ambient Raw Samples Multis For the Kontakt presets, I used Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine. PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves.Read more…

  10. This sample pack contains high quality guitar samples, suitable for electroacoustic and cinematic music. It is comprised of 50 wav (24-bit) samples and recorded with a 1967 Gibson SG electric guitar.Read more…

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