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MIDI for your modules



  1. MASSIVE ATTRACT VOL. 2 - TRANCE PRESETS FOR NI MASSIVE - is inspired by popular Trance producers in the world.. The presets are only delivered in .NMSV format which is compatible with Massive v1.3 and beyond. Each preset sound has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and comes with complete, full Macro controls for easy sound manipulation. Product Details: 65 Massive presets • Leads • Basses • Plucks • Pads • FX Requirement: - NI Massive v1.3 or higher is required to use these patches. NOTE: NI Massive ® is trademark of company Native Instruments GmbH Germany. This product is not official product of this company / not produced by this company. more…

  2. NRS - Volca Sample - Analogy

    Soundbank for KORG Volca Sample


    Navi Retlav Studio

    Turn your beloved Korg Volca Sample, into an iconic drum machine and synthesiser. With this sample pack you can replace the standard sounds with the sounds from 808, 909, 606 analog classics. Additionally, we added the custom-designed 968 and 00R hybrid-analog drum machine sounds. To maximise the potential of your little sampler, this pack also includes a collection of single-cycle waveforms ranging from simple sine and saw up to more complex shapes including FM. With the use of the “loop” function, those single-cycle waveforms can act as regular oscillator tones, which lets you create interesting lead melodies and bass lines. All processed and optimised for the Korg Volca Sample, yet accessible with the single program file. Of course we also included all the samples separately so you can use them in any other hardware or software, and to give you the ability to load the sounds individually. This is a huge upgrade for your Volca Sample. Details: -64 drum samples -36 single-cycle waveforms -Easy installation program file and guide -44.1khz / 24bit wav files -Optimised for Korg Volca Sample DEMO VIDEO: more…

  3. Vocal Chants 2 - 60% OFF!

    Second volume of the brilliant sample pack


    Freak Music

    After a great success of "Vocal Chants", Freak Music decided to release second volume of this brilliant product. This time it's a collection of 78 professionally-made and perfectly selected chants. You will find male and female vocals, pre-shifted samples, pitched and original voices. Everything is mastered and EQ'd, but not too much - to give you more possibilities on these samples. The only thing you have to do is drag and drop. All of these sounds are categorized in folders, tempo labeled and 100% Royalty-Free. Use these samples in your tracks to take it to the next level and make your music more professional. Comments about first volume: „Cool and useful pack. Very good price.” – Qtip „PERFECT. Fits perfectly in any song.” – Bennie S. „Great quality!” – Patrik Features: - 60 top quality vocal chants - 18 vocal loops for an instant inspiration - Tempo labeled - Multi-genre - 100% Royalty-Free - 78 files in total - 44.1 kHz, 24-bit WAV qualityRead more…

  4. "Boards" for Phonec2

    96 Presets for Psychic Modulation's Phonec2 Synthesizer



    "Boards" - A Bank of 96 Presets (Synth Patches) for Psychic Modulation's Phonec2 Synthesizer (vst). Inspired by vintage tape, lo-fi, and ambient sounds similar to those found on recordings by Boards of Canada and other similar artists. ► Preview on YouTube: ► Preview on Soundcloud: There are 96 different presets in a bank file for use only with Phonec2 soft synth plugin made by Psychic Modulation ( Note: You MUST have a working copy of Phonec2 by Psychic Modulation in order to use this sound bank. You will receive a BNK file. Install the BNK file into your Phonec2 sound bank presets directory. See the included PDF for more information. Note: Phonec2 is NOT INCLUDED. Buy it at Psychic Modulation if you have not done so yet. Enjoy these great lo-fi and ambient sounds in your own compositions!Read more…

  5. 250 Audio effects

    Various delayed percussion samples



    Huge variety of unique audio effects (HIGHEST QUALITY .WAV SAMPLES) * Impacts * Pops * Clicks * Claps * Toms * Glass ticks * Metal ticks * Wood ticks * Bongos * Tabs * Shakers * Hi hats * Open hats * Snares * Toms * Congos * Snaps * Kicks * More other cool stuff I hope you enjoy the pack! If you have something on your mind please contact me! Mostly what I love doing is I make hip hop & trap beats - instrumentals if you are interested check them out and tell me what you think ! more…

  6. Impulse Exploration 4

    Creative Impulse Responses


    Navi Retlav Studio

    We are proud to present the next step in our impulse response research; Impulse Exploration 4. This time we have combined all the algorithms and processing techniques used in our previous IR-based products including FM, AM, time stretching, pitch-shifting, spectral-synthesis and multi-faceted manipulations, then added rhythmic elements, which result in tape echo-like sounds or metallic-comb textures. All of these new impulses were optimized with a slightly soft-warm feel which perfectly fits the mix. It’s an entire world of brand new processing effects and possibilities which can be easily unraveled within any convolution engine, ready to be explored. We hope you enjoy the trip. Details: -64 impulse response samples -48khz / 24bit wav files -Compatible with any convolution-reverb software -WAV + ReFill version (for Propellerhead Reason 8.3+ with 64 Combinator & RV7000mk2 patches) Demo song: more…

  7. KeznCo - Strictly Jump up DnB (vol 1)




    Kez n Co - STRICTLY JUMP UP DNB SAMPLE PACK (vol 1) 58 wav format samples made for jump up drum and bass i took time to craft these sounds and make them as dirty and different as possible with these sounds you can create the dark underground feel for your tracks witch would be played in warehouse raves and events there are many different styles of jump up in this pack these styles go along the sounds of; guv, simula, hedex, upgrade and many more but all these sounds are unique and to my taste I Hope you like these sounds as much as i liked making them. the preview is just a for instance no work sent into making the beats. Just extract then move or drag to documents or folder of use.Read more…

  8. KeznCo - Dark Arts

    DnB/Jumpup / Dubstep/Grime



    DARK ARTS (VOL 1) this pack contains 50 wav sounds that ive took time to craft and make filthy and hard it covers all kinds of genres such as dnb/jump up dnb/grime/dubstep/dub and alternative also comes with 3 patches for massive witch you can use orwork from and form your own sound All these sounds are unique and to my taste but should be enjoyed by you. Just extract and drag and drop to to documents or folder of useRead more…

  9. Diva Expansion (25% OFF!)

    Diva Presets


    New Loops

    New Loops presents Diva Expansion - 76 powerful and inspiring Diva presets showcasing the best of classic analogue and modern digital sounds. Each patch in this Diva sound bank has been carefully created to be used in music, you won’t find any wacky FX or strange noises here, you will find a wide choice of musical sounds which make a great starting point for your own songs. With 76 new presets, Diva Expansion covers a range of classic and vintage sounds including huge cinematic Pads and Drones, warm analogue Basses, Oldskool Chords and FM Bells, big brassy Synths, beautiful filtered Keys and Arpeggios, and loads more characterful sounds. Diva Expansion isn’t all analogue gooeyness though, you’ll also find sounds that are perfect for EDM and modern Electronic music including massive digital Leads, tropical Plucks, wonky Squares, metallic Basses and Wobbles, huge supersaw Stacks, aggressive Stabs, plus plenty of new and unique sounds! Multi Genre Diva Expansion is suitable for any genre of electronic music including Cinematic and Soundtrack, Ambient and Chill, Electronica and Techno, EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, House, Trance, and many more. 100% Royalty Free As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Diva Expansion is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. We are sure you will find this sound library a great resource for years to come. Features 76 inspiring Diva presets Warm vintage sounds Modern EDM sounds Plucks, Leads and Keys Chords, Arps and Sequences, Pads, Brass and Basses Modwheel assign on each patch Level matched 100% Royalty Free sounds Requirements Diva Expansion requires U-he Diva 1.4 or later (not included). Pack Size: 945 KB More info and Free Demo - more…

  10. Reese Bass

    Reese and Sub Bass


    Alden Nulden Productions

    Reese Bass is an Alden Nulden Productions Kontakt 5 instrument library. Reese Bass was mainly made for the producers of Drum & Bass. It has two different modes As Reese or as Sub Bass. Reese Bass consists of 344 samples recorded at 16 bit and 44000khz. It has 26 presets, 15 and 1 init for Reese Bass and 10 for Sub Bass. Reese Bass is a mono synthesizer that means that you can’t play chords just single notes. It is quite flexible instrument and it has four effects Phaser, Delay, Chorus & Scream Distortion, as well as Seven different filters, LP4, HP4, BP4, LP/HP, Formant, Vowel and Phaser. It also has ADSR in Amp, Filter & Pitch and LFO in Amp, Filter & Pitch Read more…

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