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  1. Digitiphony Vol 1 - Intro Price

    Kontakt Scoring Tool


    Mike Dunn

    Electro Orchestral Instant Scoring/Soundtrack Tool for Kontakt 5. Sync Licence included (conditions apply) Contains 88 complete musical phrases mapped across the entire keyboard range with dedicated controls for local (single samples) and global (all samples) editing and real-time manipulation. Ideal for film students, Video Editors and directors - easily assemble soundscapes, stings, loops and themes for your productions within a unified musical framework. Change tempo, pitch, duration and more for unique custom underscores. RRP £29.99 Please download the user manual for a full description of what is included and what can be achieved with this fantastic composer tool: Video walkthrough - Audio Demos at Requires Kontakt or above (will only work for 15 minutes in Kontakt Player)Read more…

  2. Forgotten Songs

    Cinematically mangled old vinyl recordings (Pads and Ambiances)


    unEarthed Sampling

    A Full video walkthrough may be seen here:!forgotten-songs/cbg3 If you're familiar with classical pieces from Gygory Ligeti such as Lux Aeterna... then you already know what to expect with FS. This sort of ever evolving creeptastic choir vibe is the sound we were after for the library... albeit a bit more synthetic in tone. Through stretching, tweaking, maming, destroying, and processing various clips from old public domain vinyl recordings from the 1930s, we have achieved it. The end result is extremely creepy as some of these pads have a 10 or 20 second buildup stemming from insanely stretched choir or orchestra sounds. Also included are looped versions of many patches. Combined with the LFO control on the mod wheel and Attack / EQ controls on the GUI you can create some very organic and constantly moving creepout pads. The toggle able convolution reverb makes these sound HUGE. Forgotten Songs is also a nice addition to your arsenal if you're an artist specializing in ambient or chillout as these sounds cater to that genre rather well. For the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 4.2+Read more…

  3. Complex connections Vol.1 Kontakt

    CCV.1-01-Motion Synth Pad I


    Omar Lundgren

    this sound kit created using only korg and roland gear.. to produce new sounds. sample library Info: 904MB Multi-Sampled all in 16bit 44-Khz Multiple Velocity Layers Contains 1 presets CCV.1-01-Motion Synth Pad I Available Formats: Kontakt only by (Omar Music System)Read more…

  4. Jenni's Wineglass

    The deep-crystal sound of a wineglass for Kontakt


    Michael Bietenholz

    Jenni's Wineglass: this Kontakt instrument is a slow, atmospheric, deep-crystal pad made from the sounds of a single wineglass. The glass was played by the lovely Jenni Wren,and recorded in "macro-stereo". The body of each note is the very dreamy sound made as Jenni slides her moistened finger round and round the glass, and playing harder brings in a bell-like sound of the wineglass being struck. Alternate samples are triggered "round robin", so each note is slightly different. All rounded off by a nice convolution reverb. This patch is optimized for playability, allowing you to interactively shape the sound as you play. Channel pressure brings in vibrato, and the custom Kontakt interface has controls for the release time, reverb and decay. The Soundcloud demo was played without midi-sequencing.Read more…

  5. erb N dub Sampleism Pack

    Live Drums, WAV, Rex, Kontakt, Battery and Massive Kits


    Erb N Dub

    After the success of his previous sample pack, erb N dub has spent the last 3 months compiling this huge selection of :- Massive Patches, Kontakt Kits, Battery Kits, Rex Loops and Audio Samples. Plus the original sample pack is thrown in as a bonus. 15 MASSIVE PATCHES - The Massive patches have been crafted by erb N dub and many have been used in some of erb N dubs previous releases. 28 KONTAKT KITS - Sampleism carefully constructed many Bass, Vocal, Sfx & Drum Kontakt Kits. Each kit has a custome interface and loads of front panel controls to manipulate the samples in real time. For Kontakt 4.2 and above. 11 BATTERY KITS - Using some of erb N dubs finest signature sounds. These Battery Kits are sure to deliver the goods. 700+ AUDIO WAV SAMPLES - From drum loops to bass stabs, vocal hooks to effects there are hoards of audio samples to use and manipulate. 120+ REX FILES - Live drums, bass loops, intro riffs, DNB breaks and a lot, lot more! MASTERING -The full sample pack has been painstakingly mastered by erb N dub at his Dubzone studio. COPYRIGHT - The sample pack is copyright free. All samples are categorised in folders for easy reference. A MESSAGE FROM ERB N DUB - I created this sample pack to help up and coming producers. I've spent a stupid amount of hours creating it and I now use it a lot in my music. I hope you have as much fun using it as I did making it!Read more…

  6. Planet Rex Vol. 1

    3300+ REX Beat Loops


    Digital Redux

    Planet Rex Vol. 1 – Beats AN EPIC AND UNIQUE COLLECTION OF REX BEAT LOOPS ENCOMPASING ALL MUSICAL STYLES Format: REX / RX2 Contents: 3,300+ Loops Size: 1.7+ GB Digital Redux presents Volume One of Planet Rex. A huge compilation of over 3,300 drum loops covering every style of music. The beats are arranged by bpm and cover many musical genres including Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Indie, Dubstep, Electro, Techno, Rock, Big Beat, IDM, Industrial, Minimal, House, Glitch, and so on. This will be an essential ‘Go To’ tool for your productions, allowing you to easily be able to find a beat loop for every occasion. With the flexibility of the rex format you will be able to use these loop as is, re-program the groove to your liking, or simply mix and match parts together from the various loops. We know that it’s important to keep the flow going when you are making a song. This library will eliminate the need to stop and dig around for a loop. It will put an extensive collection of cool loops at your fingers tips and help you take your productions to the next level. Look out for the other two volumes in this series: Vol. 2 – Percussion Loops and Vol. 3 – Musical Loops.Read more…

  7. Studio Seven Drums

    Dynamic acoustic drum library for Kontakt


    Sound Refinery

    Studio Seven Drums is a high quality, expressive acoustic drum library for Kontakt. The kit was recorded in a professional studio and multisampled in great detail, featuring up to 30 velocity layers per drum, and full control over close mic and overhead levels. There are also controls over compression, saturation and optimised EQ settings. Studio Seven Drums is great for producing real, 'live' sounding drum tracks for all styles of music - at an affordable price :) The instrument itself comes in two varieties - a Multi (which combines the close mic and overhead instruments), and the 'Individual Instruments' setting, which breaks the kit into several separate Kontakt instruments - one for each drum / cymbal - and each with its own controls for close mic, overhead, ambience, EQ, compression and mono / stereo). S7D also features dynamic articulations such as rolls, flams and cymbal chokes. This gives you a great deal of flexibility over the sound of the kit, from soft swishy jazz drums to full-on rock, and everything in between! Please note : Studio Seven Drums requires the full version of Kontakt (3.5 or higher). It will only run in 'demo' mode in Kontakt Player.Read more…

  8. Glass Bowl Percussion

    MA-Simon's experimental Steampunk Minis V1



    Volume 1 of "MA-Simon´s experimental Steampunk Minis" features Instruments made by playing a Glass Bowl in a lot of different ways. There are 10 Kontakt Instruments: 01 - Glass Bowl | Both Hands (3 Vel. 12 RR) 02 - Glass Bowl | Finger Knuckle (3 Vel. 10 RR) 03 - Glass Bowl | Finger Scratch (2 Vel. 10 RR) 04 - Glass Bowl | Finger Snap (2 Vel. 10 RR) 05 - Glass Bowl | Hands Left-Right (2 Vel. 10 RR) 06 - Glass Bowl | Spoon Version I (3 Vel. 10 RR) 07 - Glass Bowl | Spoon Version II (3 Vel. 10 RR) 08 - Glass Bowl | Stick (2 Vel. 10 RR) 09 - Glass Bowl | Sustained Version I (1 Vel. 4 RR) 10 - Glass Bowl | Sustained Version II (1 Vel. 4 RR) 201 Samples | 136 MB installed *RR = Recorded Round-Robin Samples *Vel = Crossfading velocity Layers Please note, these Instruments have not been chromatically sampled. I wanted to capture a lot of different sounds instead of focussing on just one or two. The samples are however tuned and pitched across the keyboard for better playability. Kontakt 4.2.3, or newer! All Samples are compressed in Kontakts native .ncw format to save space.Read more…

  9. Scrap Percussion Bundle

    5 Kontakt Percussion Packs


    T.D. Samples

    Scrap Percussion Bundle contains five Kontakt (4.2 and above) instruments featuring a huge variety of unusual percussion samples created from items of scrap. Combining these instruments will give you a sonically rich and varied palette of diverse sounds that will make your rhythm tracks stand out from the crowd! This bundle contains: METAL & WOOD PERCUSSION: 61 percussive hits created by striking a large variety of scrap metal and wood. Perfect for building unconventional rhythms. AMBIENT METAL PERCUSSION: Percussive hits created by striking a large variety of scrap metal with fingertips/rubber headed beaters. These 61 subtle tones are suitable for many styles of music including industrial, cinematic, experimental, hypnotic ambient rhythms etc.. SCRAPHEAP PERCUSSION: 61 percussion samples created using items salvaged from a rubbish tip. 'Instruments' used include old radiators, metal pipes, bottles, lamps, microwave, spade, stepladders, paint tins, bucket etc.. METALWORKS: Big metallic clangs, bangs and booms created by striking a variety of scrap metal with assorted beaters. These 61 samples can be used for creating dynamic rhythm beds or accents in musical styles such as cinematic, industrial etc.. ENSEMBLE SCRAP PERCUSSION: 61 sounds each containing 2 scrap percussion samples. Playing several notes together creates large dynamic ensembles. More from T.D.Samples: more…

  10. FX Vol1

    for Kontakt 4.2 or higher


    Yuroun Sound Design

    FX Vol 1 is a collection of 100 various sound effects including impact sounds, drops, transition elements, hits, sweeps, rises etcetera All in Kontakt 4.2 monolith format.Read more…

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