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  1. Subtle Piano - Start Sale

    Casio Piano Legacy


    The Last Haven

    The native sound of Casio grand piano comes to Kontakt. Carefully sampled and unprocessed, it will perfectly lay in any mix, varying from dreaming to bright pop and rock. Features: - recorded in 24 bit, 48 kHz format (compressed into NCW samples); - comes with native reverb sound; - includes compressor, 3-band equalizer, additional reverb and snapshots. Requires NI Kontakt 5.5.0+ and 630 MB free on harddrive.Read more…

  2. 1001 - Ultimate Collection for Dune 1 (BF Deal)

    1001 Presets for Synapse Audio Dune


    Synth Anatomy

    This is a re-release of a Dune 1 Presets collection from the sound designer Art Renaissance Project. You will get 1000 Presets for Synapse Audio Dune 1 In this Ultimate Collection you will get Coloured Harlequin (128 Presets) DeepDune (128 Presets) DreamCatchers (120 Presets) DUNE Beginning (128 Presets) DUNE Source of life (121 Presets) Inspiring grounds (120 Presets) Live of Dune (128 Presets) MoNoS (128 Presets) After the holidays, they will be a INTRO price of 29£ Normal Price 39£ After holiday, the libraries will be available also as individual libraries - each for 5.99£Read more…

  3. Ghost for Ableton Live - 50% OFF

    The power of randomness! 128 Preset instrument rack.


    Rigid Audio

    Rigid Audio Ghost for Ableton Live 9! (Live Pack, Win / OSX). SALE! 50% OFF FOR 72 HOURS! Ghost is a set of 128 beautiful looped WAV textures, packed into 128 preset instrument racks, ready to be inserted in you projects with one click. The sounds ranges from detuned raw synthetic waveforms to combinated acoustic distractions and textures. Each instrument rack has access to all 128 waveforms with the touch of a single knob. Ghost comes with some unique features, like the one-knob multi-effector which utilizes Live´s new audio chain feature to blend seamlessly between six different audio effects in realtime. Furthermore, Ghost comes with two heavenly pitch-shifting reverbs that instantly turn anything into pure epicness. What truly makes Ghost shine is the random-knob that lets you play a random WAV sound with every new note. This really leads to never-heard-before sounds. Still not convinced? Listen to Ghost for yourself: more…

  4. Just Metal - Scrapes & Scratches -50% OFF

    Nasty Metal Scrapes, Scratches, Slides and Grinds



    Just Metal – Scrapes & Scratches: a huge collection of harsh, unharmonic, nasty metal scrapes, scratches, slides and grinds. From short, high emphasis scratches to long, deep and heavy metal scrapes – perfect for your (mobile-)game-, multimedia-, music- or movie-project. Of course, you can use these sounds as sound design elements for any frightening transiton FX. This collaboration with David Klaschka gives you all you need whenever there is any heavy duty metal on metal action needed. Number of files/sounds: 1018 files / over 1400 sounds (210 files in Small Pack) Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 2,37 GBRead more…

  5. “Just Whoosh 2” is the second collection of heavy whoosh sound FX. This time the sounds come futuristic. Perfectly for any spaceships and stuff like that. All sounds come as separate BWF Wav-files. Whenever you need to give anything that moves and passes by the right acoustic support an d impact, then this library is exactly what you need. 340+ whooshes, transitions, pass by, rising, landing, fly by, futuristic, magical, fantasy, space ship, scifi – Sound FX Perfect for your film-, music-, or videogame productions. Number of files: 340 files Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 0,8 GbRead more…

  6. Just Metal - Squeaks & Moans -50% OFF

    Nasty Metal Squeaks, Squeals, Moans



    Just Metal – Squeaks & Moans: in this huge collection you find tons of nasty metal squeaks, squeals, moans, slides. From subtile, soft squeaks and harsh, brutal metal shrieks to long and deep metal moans – perfect for your (mobile-)game-, multimedia-, music- or movie-project Of course, you can use these sounds as sound design elements for any frightening transition FX. Number of files/sounds: 705 files / 950 sounds Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 1,87 GBRead more…

  7. Just Impacts - Simple -50% OFF

    Metal Hits, Wood Impacts, Glass Smashes, Junk Crashes



    Just Impacts – Simple: a huge collection of plain impact sounds. Metal hits, wood impacts, glass smashes, junk crashes, … 618 Sounds in 360 files. This is a must have construction kit whenever it comes to a movie or game scene where something hits something else. Think of car crashes, robot fights, sci fi battles or any other kind of impact that needs the right sound effect. Number of files/sounds: 360 files / 618 sounds (110 files in Small Pack) Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 848 MBRead more…

  8. THE ONE: Future Wobble [50% OFF]

    50 NI Massive Presets


    The ONE Series

    Are you looking for wobbly patches with great diversity and high quality? Then you have come to the right place! THE ONE present to you THE ONE: Future Wobble, featuring 43 wobbly presets, and 7 stab presets for your next Future Wobble track. In this pack we really aimed for giving you a package with a lot of diversity and a lot of different timbres and characters to help your creativity. Here you'll find everything from smooth and funky wobbles, to majestic ones at full intensity All 8 Macro controls have been carefully assigned on every preset, to give you a good overview of the sound so you may quickly change the character of it and adjust the quality. The presets also involve a lot of randomize-linking to make the sound behave as natural and alive as possible, and sound as little digital as possible. Not to mention that the presets uses NI Massive at its full potential, involving finetuned and advanced synthesis that all sound very balanced - precisely what you need to break through. Take a look at the demo song, that showcases a good variety of the various sounds, and you'll instantly hear how much this can take your music to the next level. Full specifications: - 50 NI Massive presets - 25 Wobble Basses - 18 Wobble Leads - 7 Stabs - 12 MIDI loops from the demo song - 24 Wav samples from the demo song - The demo song as an MP3 - List of what presets were used in the demo song All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations. NOTE: This product require NI Massive version 1.4 and up. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Massive.Read more…

  9. Computer Sound FX -50% OFF

    Glitches, Digital Distortions, Stutters, bleeps



    650 royalty free computer noise, glitches, digital distortions, stutters, bleeps, signals, interfaces, buttons, loading, feedback, ringing – Sound FX Whenever a computer, interface, onscreen-activity, communications, telemetry event needs a sound, this library is the weapon choice. Perfect for your film-, music-, or videogame productions. Number of files: 650 files Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 1 GbRead more…

  10. Electribe EM1 Samples

    electribe, korg, sample, wave synth, drum kit



    Drum wave and Synth wave from the Korg Electribe EM1. Unprocessed. 24 bits. 36.5 Mo 194 Samples: 144 Drum wave 50 Synth waveRead more…

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