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  1. Ethereal

    Happy Easter price 40 % off


    Subsonic Artz

    Are you ready to Kontakt the celestial spheres; the intangible world of enlighted beings; the airy, eerie, and delicate sounds of the world within our world ? Then ETHEREAL had been made for you. The library has been developed for the full version of Kontakt 5.3. It has got 117 patches (108 instruments and 9 multis) made of pure love, sadness, fear, joy and above all of mystic revelations. (1.41 Go uncompressed). ETHEREAL contains 6 folders with pads, drones, voices, sounds of nature, soudscapes, loops and textures. Those folders are: Atmospheric, Dark & Eerie, Ethereal voices, Mystical, Nature's call, Science fiction. Each patch has it's own unique atmosphere and GUI with it's own picture illustrating/matching the sounds (samples are in 44.100 Hz 24 Bit stereo). We like to think of those patches like being sonorous paintings. Let's go out of this world. Free demo here: We are brothers, we are one , we are SubsonicArtz. For you my angels of light...Read more…

  2. Forgotten Songs

    Cinematically mangled old vinyl recordings (Pads and Ambiances)


    unEarthed Sampling

    A Full video walkthrough may be seen here:!forgotten-songs/cbg3 If you're familiar with classical pieces from Gygory Ligeti such as Lux Aeterna... then you already know what to expect with FS. This sort of ever evolving creeptastic choir vibe is the sound we were after for the library... albeit a bit more synthetic in tone. Through stretching, tweaking, maming, destroying, and processing various clips from old public domain vinyl recordings from the 1930s, we have achieved it. The end result is extremely creepy as some of these pads have a 10 or 20 second buildup stemming from insanely stretched choir or orchestra sounds. Also included are looped versions of many patches. Combined with the LFO control on the mod wheel and Attack / EQ controls on the GUI you can create some very organic and constantly moving creepout pads. The toggle able convolution reverb makes these sound HUGE. Forgotten Songs is also a nice addition to your arsenal if you're an artist specializing in ambient or chillout as these sounds cater to that genre rather well. For the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 4.2+Read more…

  3. Enchantment Of Absynth Vol 2 - 40% off

    Omniscience and suggestive potions


    Leap Into The Void

    Omniscience and suggestive potions. Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 2 contains soundscapes, rhythm beds, evolving textures, pads, bass sounds, lead sounds, mallets, winds, noise and mysticism. It combines ultimate live keyboard expressiveness and organic, suggestive soundscapes in one, and continues logically from the path of Vol. 1. With velocity assignments, mod wheel control and macro control for instant sound shaping and coloring, this soundset will serve as an never-ending source for inspiration and creativity. The complete soundset is based on sculpted wavetables unique to Enchantment Of Absynth with fine-tuned settings for each module, be it the oscillators, the wave shapers, the super comb filters etc. they are all enchanted by Absynth.   Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 2 suited for dark ambient, contemporary art music, any electronica, industrial, noise, drones, sound installations, film production, games production, drum and bass as well as alternative metal, pop and rock music.   • Vol. 2 contains a total of 152 presets. • Velocity assignments for organic live expression. • Clever, innovative and logical mod wheel assignments. • Extensive macro control for sound shaping and sculpting. • Detailed patch list with descriptions. • Absynth 5.2 required.Read more…

  4. Samples from the debut single Joy, I Am Dancing by New Citizen listen and download the single here: more…

  5. Massive Darkscore IV - 40% Off

    Beautiful noise for cinematic and industrial music


    The Unfinished

    Massive Darkscore IV is the latest release in my Darkscore series, which aims to provide cutting edge digital electronic sounds for hybrid film scoring and atmospheric electronica. Darkscore IV is a collection of 200 high quality patches for NI Massive, full of gritty basslines, energetic synth sequences, deep pads, roaring basses and dark soundscapes. If you are looking to add some deep, dark, driving electronics and atmospherics to your music, this collection provides you with a huge range of sonic possibilities. At its core it is targeted at the darker side of electronic film scoring, but is also flexible enough to be used in atmospheric electronic genres such as dubstep, ambient and industrial. The collection has been influenced by recent film scores, such as Total Recall and Judge Dredd, as well as the twisted electronic tones of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Each patch comes with flexible control via the eight macro knobs, allowing you to quickly control the tone and dynamics of the sounds and providing access to hundreds of new variations. Darkscore IV requires NI Massive 1.3 or higher as it uses the .nmsv format.Read more…

  6. Voices Of Ragas Vol 1 - 50% Off

    Ancient Raga Voices for Kontakt 5


    Crypto Cipher

    Raga is a melodic combination of between 5 and 12 musical notes that can evoke a specific mood and emotion while sounding aesthetically appealing to the ear. In Indian musical tradition, Ragas are associated with different times of the day, or with seasons which speaks volumes for their emotive character This library includes many ragas with diverse emotional moods. Voices of Ragas Vol-1 Covers “words based phrases” as well “Aahs!/Aalaps” which don’t have any words in them.”Aahs!/Aalaps” have Speed Control feature and “words based phrases” have tempo sync feature. The uniqueness of this library is that we have provided Kid Voices and Young Voices of the same vocalist Alish Mohan. Voices Of Ragas needs Kontakt 5.3 Version. Wave Files are kept open if you don’t have access to Native Instruments Kontakt. Ragas Covered in Kids Voice are :- BhimPilasi, Bihag, Desh, Durga, God Sarang, Jai Jai Vanti, Jaunpuri, Kalingda, Lalit, Maru Bihag, Multani, Parmeshwari, Patdeep, Purvi, Tilak Kamod Ragas Covered in Young Voice :- Darbari, Jog, Marwah, Multani, Puriya Dhanashri, Shankra, Basant, Patdeep, Todi, Yaman, Ramkali . Custom Script for Voices of Ragas . Pink Keyswitch for Selecting Ragas . Green Keyswitch to select Vocal Style of that Raga . Blue zones have Samples. . Pitch wheel Control the speed of phrases in Aalaps/Aahs. . “Words based Phrases have Tempo sync feature . Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz/ 24 bit FormatRead more…

  7. SAWmonium - 36% Off

    Cinematic bowed and struck handsaws... creepy stuff!!


    unEarthed Sampling

    A basic woodsaw, a small mitre back saw, an everyday hacksaw.... who knew what musical awesomeness these everyday tools held? We had a clue, but until we started using a cello bow on them and banging them with the likes of mallets, rattans, and sticks... these were just for sawing wood, metal, or girls in wooden boxes on stage in half. Welcome to the horror of our newest unEarthed release... The SAWmonium! Much more info and a video walkthrough can be found here:!saw-monium/cnrf SAWmonium brings you 10 very unique Kontakt patches which are, as usual, very cinematic in sound and geared towards the horrific, quirky, or even mysterious! We utilized a cello bow on the wood saw and hacksaw to create some very strange and unique FX sounds... some of which harken back to the odd FX from the Jerry Goldsmith scores of the 60s and 70s. The bow also helped us to create some very usable tonal staccs, really creepy growls, and one patch which is a definite nod to Zimmers' Joker motif from The Dark Knight. The bowed sustains patch is tuned and loops... it can have the sound of a gritty glass harmonica OR a melodic percussion instrument (when the attack is played with), overall it is very playable. Like AMP, this release has a very robust GUI which includes, pitch control, attack / delay control, EQ control, and 13 custom impulse responses select able right on on the GUI! SAWmonium is only for the full version of Kontakt 4.2+Read more…

  8. Kritikal Drums - 50% Off

    450 Deep Kicks, Crisp Claps and Snappy Snares


    Sample Craze

    'Kritikal Drums: Killer Dance Drums' is a new sample library from Samplecraze that will fire up your dance beats with new low end kicks, crisp and snappy claps and snares topped off with fizzing and floaty hi hats. There are drums and there are drums and what distinguishes one drum sample pack from another is originality. If what you want are the standard run of the mill dance drum samples then it's best to leave this page now but if you have been yearning for some uniquely edited and designed drum samples then I can guarantee that this pack will spoil you. 450 drum samples broken down into 150 kicks, 150 snares and claps and 150 hi hats. The idea and approach for the sound design remit on this pack was simple: Layering Almost every single drum sample has been layered with one or even two complimentary drum samples and then processed heavily with EQ and compression to allow for serious 'heavy' mangling. Additionally, these samples have undergone phase shifting with some having their polarities inverted. This has allowed for the samples to be stretched to be bigger and wider but without sacrificing the stereo field integrity. Widening drum sounds is an art and too much can collapse the stereo image and too little can negate the whole process. Finding a balance whereby the drum sample sits in its own space but does not dominate the whole song is quite a task but I feel we have achieved this at Samplecraze. Demos here - more…

  9. MicroPack Bundle 2 For 1

    Eclectic Loop Collections



    Buy this bundle and get two microloop packs for the price of one! Included in this bundle (click on the links for free demos and additional information): Today's Harvest: Mushroom Techno Trance: more…

  10. Mushroom Techno Trance 24bits WAV

    Eclectic Loop Collection



    Mushroom Techno Trance microloop pack features an eclectic mix of loops in WAV and MIDI format. You have a total of 87 files consisting of 6 loop kits and 18 misc loops to infuse your next electronic track with new sounds from the underground techno scene. Almost every loops has his MIDI counterpart which makes this collection very flexible. Some of the loops have a more lofi underground edge. Experiment by mixing those sound elements to make your next track stand out from the crowd! Each loop is root key, tempo and bar labeled for easy integration in your projects.Read more…

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