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  1. Logic Pro Synthesizer Bundle

    35 Presets for ES-M, 25 Presets for ES-E and 70 Patches for EXS24



    Logic Pro Bundle is a collection of synthesizer Sounds for ES-M, ES-E and EXS-24 The Collection contains 35 Presets for ES M Synthesizer 25 Presets for ES E Synthesizer Exclusive during Summer you will get a free copy of EXS 24 FB-01 Sample Library (FM Synthesizer from Yamaha) and a free copy of EXS 24 Brute Drums Library (Arturia Minibrute) (Tested and created with Logic Pro 9) Sound Cloud Demo will be available soonRead more…

  2. Tape Music Box - 43% OFF

    Warmth, Character, Magic


    HeadlessBuddha Samples

    How wonderful can a simple musical toy be? Well, I think there’s no other toy in this world that creates such a magical, mystical, and somehow mysterious sound, so we decided to record it in our own style. Tape Music Box certainly fits greatly into Soundtrack music, EDM, Meditation music, Psychedelic rock, Baroque pop, and many other genres with its unique character and lovely feel. Tape Music Box features: 41 Samples (92,5MB) with 2 or 3 layers depending on the note G1 to C6 extension 1 Kontakt instrument 44.1kHz/24 bit .wav format Natural decay All recorded through cassette tape A set of 17 custom impulse responsesRead more…

  3. Singers

    2 singers and 2 choirs at your service


    Hephaestus Sounds

    Singers is a small but useful library that contains 2 solo singers and 2 choirs. The library contains 5 .NKI intrument files: 1. Female Solo Attack 2. Female Solo Ballad 3. Female Choir 4. Celtic Male Solo 5. Celtic Male Choir Features: - 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution; - 3 dynamic layers and release FX (only for Female singer); - Legato, Portamento, Compressor, Presence and Reverb controls; - Low hardware requirements; - Works on Kontakt 5.2 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player).Read more…

  4. METAL

    Metalic Percussion/Atmospheres For Modern Film/Video Games



    From Great British composer David J St-Hill, Comes a tool ready to kick start your creativity. METAL is a multi sampled round robbin metal and atmosphere library Containing hand and metal stuck Pots, Baking Trays, Trumpets and Ironing Boards ! and comes with a bonus atmos section containing creepy and euphoric atmospheres and drones created by the same metal objects sampled. Aimed towards composers of modern Film, TV and Video Games. METAL is sure to find a home in your composing template. REQUIRES FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5.3.1 (METAL will not work on the free Kontakt Player)Read more…

  5. "K!GO" Inspired by KYGO

    Amazing melodies inspired by KYGO


    Heimdall Records

    ROYALITY FREE ! Amazing midi melodies inspired by KYGO. Follow us on facebook for more information about our artists and products. DEMO: HEIMDALL RECORDS on FACEBOOK: HEIMDALL RECORDS on SOUNDCLOUD HEIMDALL RECORDS WEBSITE DEMO DEPARTAMENT: demo@heimdallrecords.euRead more…


    Hybrid/Modern Loop Library For Film/Video Games



    From Great British composer David J St-Hill, Comes a tool ready to kick start your creativity. This library of element loops provides composers with over 25 Loops all tempo synced, meaning that no matter what BPM your project is set to these loops will follow along effortlessly. Aimed towards composers of modern Film, TV and Video Games ULTIMATUM is sure to find a home in your composing template. REQUIRES FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5.3.1 (ULTIMATUM will not work on the free Kontakt Player)Read more…

  7. Waveshaper NKI bundle 01 - 50% OFF

    4 drumpacks at a discounted price !



    4 WaveShaper drumsamples packs at a discounted price ! For only £9.99, you get : - STIX305 : a very rare analogue drum machine from the early 80s. - ALUMINIUM MkII : modern electronic drumsounds with a punchy and deep sound. - MR10 : a great retro-sounding drum machine. - MONOKKEN : Blippy electronic percussive sounds made with two small analogue synths. All these packs are avaible as 24bit/48khz stereo WAV files & NKI Kontakt instruments (while the free demo preview contains only some 16bit/44.1khz, mono WAV samples).Read more…

  8. Vinyl Toolkit - 46% OFF

    Kontakt Vinyl Drum Machine



    The Vinyl Toolkit is a collection of 200 one-shot drum samples taken from vinyl records from various eras, chopped and sliced with love to be production-ready. This is not just a sample collection but a versatile Kontakt instrument with a comprehensive featureset and fast sound-shaping tools. May you be into dubstep, footwork, hip hop, soul, funk, trip hop, dub, trap, crunk, jungle, skweee, drum & bass, rock or any other genre you will be at home with Vinyl Toolkit ! > Fast workflow : - the samples are already mapped into 6 different kits - 5 FX with single-knob action (dirt, compressor, tilt eq, pitch, decay) let you quickly fine-tune and shape the sound to taste. > Great sound quality : - hand-picked selection of sounds, with true vintage character but also some punch and versatility - 24bit, 48khz stereo WAV files built into a Kontakt instrument. - You can add even more grit and vintage flavour by dialing in some hiss, crackles and hum Download User Manual - more…

  9. PLASTICID 110

    Boss DR-110 Acidified



    PLASTICID 110 | Boss Dr-110 acidified The Boss DR-110 is a cute little drum machine from the early 80s, the last analogue one made by Roland. The overall sound is very reminiscent to the much praised Tr-808 and Tr-606. The DR-110 will give you that classic, sought-after sound but with some slight difference and much character. If you are into electro/house/acid/retro/techno, you will like this one ! - - - Now with patches for Kontakt 3 and Battery 3 (12 samples 24bit/48khz, stereo Wav files)Read more…

  10. Astral Acoustics - 50% OFF

    psychedelic acoustic guitars


    Papas St Germain

    This new sample pack contains 420 MB of samples sourced from Papas st germain's own acoustic guitar playing. From serene fingerpicked sequences to abstract psychedelic loops and chordal pads, all sounds are sourced from acoustic guitar.Influences include Bibio, BoC,Four Tet,Nick Drake and Tycho. Different tunings and effects are employed to take the sounds out of the ordinary ,creating a unique flavour that will enliven any genre of production.Read more…

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