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Sonics for your synths



  1. OVO Sounds For Massive

    NI Massive Presets


    Inspiring Audios

    *****OVO SOUNDS FOR MASSIVE***** This totally fresh and stunning compilation contains 166 high qualty sounds. Inspired by the top artists around the world than for example Drake, ILoveMakonnen, T-Minus, Mike Zombie, PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, Skepta, and Roy Woods!!! These Kits will surely inspire you to your next massive hit. Full specifications: • 90 Special Ni Massive Presets! • 03 Arp Presets • 10 Bass Presets • 08 Bell Presets • 04 Key Presets • 10 Kick Presets • 21 Lead Presets • 08 Pad Presets • 02 Piano Presets • 12 Pluck Presets • 12 SYNTH Presets ------------------ • 76 .WAV Sounds • 01 CROW ANIMAL SOUND • 10 Claps • 10 Hihats • 10 Snares • 10 Rides • 10 Percussion • 10 FX • 10 Shakers • 05 Crashes • Suitable for multiple genres! All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can be used in any production without any limitations. NI Massive version [1.4] and up is required!Read more…

  2. Rhythm Fluids REX Edition

    Evolving Pulses


    The Last Haven

    The library contains rhythmic loops designed with vast range of sound sources: pianos, guitars, strings, woodwinds, found percussions, analog and digital synthesizers. All recordings were carefully processed and edited to become a unique collection of atmospheric evolving pulses synced to your host BPM. Features: - REX format; - 98 hand-crafted loops; - 3 banks: Low, Mid and High; - 200 MB installed.Read more…

  3. Aviram Music Box

    Expressive Kontakt Instrument


    Aviram Dayan Production

    Aviram Music Box is a beautiful and expressive library for Kontakt derived from sounds taken from various instruments: • Symphonion • Cylinder • Swiss cylinder • Mandoline (Organocleide) • Orphenion Multi Legato • Bells in Sight • Different Chorus, Air Breathing, Different Pads And Stretching • Winding Noises Features wonderful onscreen animations that dance along with the notes you play Articulations: • M-Box - Trigger Between 3 Groups And Changing With Multi Legato. ​Modulation- (1-Modes). • M-Box2 - Trigger Between 12 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion) And Changing With Multi Legato And Round Robin Modulation- (1-Modes). • B-Chorus - Bright Choirs, Between 5 Groups of Choirs And Trigger Between 12 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. • B-Chorus 2 - Bright Choirs, Between 7 Groups of Choirs And Trigger Between 13 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells, Mandoline-Organocleide) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up​ The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. • B-Chorus 3 - Different Pads And Different Bright Choirs, Between 9 Groups of Choirs And Multi Legato And Trigger Between 15 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells, Mandoline-Organocleide) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up​ The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. B-Chorus 4 - Air Breathing And Different Pads And Different Bright Choirs, Between 10 Groups of Choirs And Multi Legato And Trigger Between 16 Groups (Swiss cylinder, Orphenion And Bells, Mandoline-Organocleide, ) Modulation- (2-Modes) When The Modulation Going Up​ The Sound Of Music Box Canceled. Music Box With 6 Articulation. Instruments: • Aviram Music Box Main - KeySwitches. Multis: • Aviram Music Box - Molti Legato KeySwitches. MIDI Files: • Music Box-2-Multis & B-Chorus 4-Main & Harp Guitar-Multis (Guitar 3&7) & Arabic Strings-Multis (Legato2) {6 Layers} (110 BPM) • Music Box-2-Multis & Music Box-Multis & B-Chorus 4-Main (Mod up) & B-Chorus 2-Multis {5 Layers} (130 BPM) • B-Chorus 2-Multis & B-Chorus 3-Main (Mod Down) & Harp Guitar-Multis (Guitar 7) {3 Layers} (110 BPM) • Music Box-1 (Winding Noise Up & Air Breathing Up) & Arabic Strings-Multis & (Legato2) & Harp Guitar-Multis (Guitar 7) {4 Layers} (110 BPM) Details: • 2.00 GB installed. • 7800 samples. • For Kontakt v5.4.1 and above (Please do not buy if you have Kontakt Player)Read more…

  4. Aviram Arabic Strings

    18 Articulations Expressive Kontakt Library


    Aviram Dayan Production

    Arabic String With 18 Articulations • Sultan - Legato Trills (3-Modes) | • Legato (1,2) - With 48 Groups Of Round Robin (2-Types-2-Modes) • Gliss-D - Short Glissando (3-Modes) | • Scale - Tones Down And UP Faster Along The Length Of 6 Octaves (3-Modes) • Spiral - Vibrato Tones (3-Modes) | • Trill - Vibrato Trill (3-Modes) • Tremolo - (3-Modes) | • Orchestral - (3-Modes) • Korg-S - Different Models Of Yamaha Korg (3-Modes) | • Stringed - Connection Of 3 Modes Other Sultan Orchestra And Short Violin (3-Modes) • Breack - (3-Modes) • Spiccato - Short Violin Technique (3-Modes) • Cords - Harmonics And Short Legato Sustain And Release (3-Modes) | • StaccPizzic - Staccato & Pizzicato With 32 Groups Of Round Robin (2-Modes) • Orient (1,2,3) - Bowing Techniques,Oriental,Col Legno​ (3-Types-3-Modes) How it works: • In any one articulation there are 3 different modes when you raise up the modulation wheel • From 0 To 45 The Sound Heard "Normal" (There Are Some of Articulation, Has a Different Value) From 0 to 20 or 0 To 36 or 0 To.. But The limit is 45 • From 46 to 80 The Sound Sounds "Fun" (Every Articulation Works Different) • From 81 to 127 The Sound Sounds a Loop, But Dynamic. (Not All Articulation) • Octaves - Each Articulation From A0 to A7 Instruments: Aviram Arabic Strings Main v1.5 - KeySwitches Multis: Aviram Arabic Strings Main v1.5 - Interval Multi KeySwitches Sultan & Legato2 v1.5 - Super Interval Multi Legato (Smooth Modulation) Midi Files: Aviram Midi Strings - Other Bonus Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato+Korg-S {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato+Legato2+Scale Down+Stringed+Orient {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Staccato+Pizzicato(Mod)+Gliss-D+Legato2 1 {3-Layers} (115 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Staccato And Pizzicato(Mod)+Cords {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Sultan+Legato2 {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato (+Breack+Gliss-D+Spiral) 120 BPM Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato 2 (95 BPM) Details: NCW format samples 9800 Sounds. For KONTAKT v5.4.1 And Up Support Win + Mac SystemsRead more…

  5. RC808

    TR808 Emulation for Windows & Mac OS X!



    The RC808 is a sample based emulation of the legendary TR-808. The 808 has been used in tons of hits during the eighties, among them "Sexual Heiling" by Marvin Gaye and “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaata and the Soulsonic Force. It's still widely used nowadays among hip hop and techno producers. The RC808 is a plugin emulation of the 808 with added functionalities not present in the original machine. Features: * The original 808 drum kit sounds. * Velocity sensitive response. * The original 808 knobs for each drum sound plus pan, attack, decay and verb controls. * LFO for stereo width modulation. * Various effects: vinyl, pitch bending and sens/distortion. * Preview keyboard. * 4 Modes: Main Stereo, Multi-Out, Main Stereo Multi MIDI channels and Multi-Out Multi MIDI channels. RC808 is available as a Windows (32 bit/64 bit) VST plugin as well as a universal Mac OS X VST and AU plugin. You need a plugin host to be able to use this program. No on-board sequencer, RC808 is controlled only by your DAW's sequencer and it's on-board preview keyboard.Read more…

  6. Thales Model I (for Kontakt 5)

    Retro computer sounds



    Thales Model I was first a rompler plugin for Windows and Mac. It's now available as a collection of Kontakt 5 instruments! Thales Model I sounds have been extracted from public domain documentaries about early sound synthesis dating back from the sixties. Because of this, all the instruments in this collection are based on single samples looped and mapped across the keyboard. Also, the background noise and film quality of the tones gives it a particular sound reminiscent of the Mellotron. The sounds are lo-fi and unique! Features: * 27 Kontakt 5 instruments. * A scripted user interface.Read more…

  7. SMROM (for Kontakt 5)

    Sega Master System Soundchip Sounds



    SMROM for Kontakt 5 is a collection of 46 instruments featuring the sound of the Sega Master System sound chip, the SN76489 PSG. Each sound has been carefully multi sampled to sound has good has possible. Features: * 46 Kontakt 5 Instruments * Scripted User Interface * Include the Basic Waveforms, Noise, Arps, Basses, Leads and Sound Effects. * 800megs of sounds!Read more…

  8. SMROM

    Sega Master System Soundchip Rompler



    SMROM is a VSTi/AUi rompler plugin featuring the sound of the Sega Master System's soundchip, the SN76489 PSG. Each sound has been carefully multi sampled to sound has good has possible. Features: * 45 detailed sounds ranging from arps to leads, basses and sound effects. * Noise and sub oscillators. * Reverb. * LFO Depth/Rate/Destination controls. * Pitch Bender/Range controls. Available for Windows 32 bit/64 bit (VST instrument) as well as Mac OS X (VSTi/AUi). Since SMROM is based on a large set of multi sampled instruments, each instrument takes between 2-30megs of RAM to load.Read more…

  9. Just Gore -50% OFF

    Blood, Splatter, Bone Breaks



    Welcome to the Bloodfeast. Welcome to 496 files containing over 820 royalty free, goregeous bone braking, blood soaking and flesh slicing Splatter SoundFX. This huge hardgore, construction kit contains all the sounds of gore you need for your horror-, action-, thriller-, slasher-, monster-, martial-arts-, zombie- or fantasy-, Movie or Video-Game. …and, there is a chainsaw too, of course. Number of files/sounds: 496 files / 820 sounds Quality: 96Khz /24bit Total Size: 1,0 GBRead more…

  10. SoundBits “Buttons, Switches & Levers“ description: Here you find a huge collection of all kinds of Buttons, Switches, Knobs, Levers, Sliders, … that were pushed hard (and soft). From small buttons, small mechanics to big levers of different materials. Perfectly cleaned and edited for direct use. No matter if it's your Video-Game -or Movie-Project whenever there is something to be pushed, pressed, released, hit, pulled, … that needs an appropriate sound, you'll find it here. Or try it as percussions or industrial texture for your music productions. 785 MB, 530 Files containing 2000+ Sounds All sounds are delivered as BWF tagged, 24Bit / 96kHz wav-files Download the full list of sounds in this bundle here:Read more…

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