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Sonics for your synths



  1. Cinematic Chill

    NEW 50% OFF Evocative Atmospheres by Papas St Germain


    Papas St Germain

    At an introductory price of 50% off. The latest sample pack from Papas St Germain contains over 300 atmospheric sounds ,pads chords and acoustic instrumentation samples designed to trigger deep evocative moods. All the sounds have been selected to create cinematic atmospheres, nostalgia and add depth to any style of production. From Mournful violin sounds(recorded by Papas St Germain in his home studio) to burbling electronic sequences, these sounds are unique in character tone and attitude. The sounds went through the usual processes with old akai samplers, tape decks, microphones, guitar amps, effects pedals and unique processing techniques all applied to evoke natural musical atmospheres.. The pack contains 1Gb worth of over 300 samples and these sounds are suitable for any genre of production. Slot these samples into your productions to add a unique flavour and atmosphere. PeaceRead more…

  2. Saw wave




    just Saw wave synth sound for you! demo: more…

  3. Omnisphere INTERSTELLAR

    Library for OMNI 2.2.0.G. Intro price. (goes 28£ on 5/15)


    Subsonic Artz

    First of all, and as you sure might have guessed, INTERSTELLAR library intends to pay homage to Christopher NOLAN's movie which was, according to me, really fantastic. Some of its central themes like Trust in each other, Faith in the future of humanity, Love across Dimensions have to be really cherished... Secondly, after the previous library called 'GAIA', it seemed to me that this tittle and the type of sounds and concepts that it provides would bring the whole thing to a cohesive ensemble. Last but not least, as I've always been a fan of space science fiction films and also astrophysics/space exploration, Interstellar soundset was the perfect opportunity to develop a full palette of sonic space ambiances, SFX and deep drones, aliens sounds, robotic vocals, cinematic pulses, dreamy and spiritual textures, and ethereal angelic voices of the cosmos. Features: - There are 154 patches in OMNISPHERE – INTERSTELLAR. - You'll need the version 2.2.0g (or above) of Omnisphere 2 to be able to install the set and use it. The library will NOT RUN IN OMNISPHERE 1 .!! - The library contains more than 400Mo of new high quality samples (48Hz – 24bits) from SubsonicArtz's laboratory directly usable as new soundsources into to your Omnisphere 2. - THE PATCHES: 7 IR (Impacts and Rythms) , 32 IFXN (Interstellar Special Fx and Noises) , 3 Keyboards, 28 Pads, 33 Pulses, 36 TXT (Textures), 15 vocals/voices pads. - The modwheel has an action on every patch for subtle or drastic changes on the sounds.Read more…

  4. Chord Explorer & Arpeggio Designer

    Composition tools for Live


    TET Music

    A pair of devices to allow for quick MIDI composition inside Ableton Live. Arpeggio Designer takes the traditional arpeggiator to the next level via a powerful step sequencer programmer, with control over velocity and duration per step. You can mix single notes and chords in the sequence, to create highly musical phrases to chords you play in. Chord Explorer can be used to generate MIDI chords in a variety of keys at the click of a mouse. Chord types can also be assigned to different octaves on a MIDI keyboard, and triggered via single key presses. When used together, Arpeggio Designer and Chord Explorer are a powerful combination of tools for kickstarting and developing ideas. Video demo: more…

  5. Emotive Trance

    Download Melodic Trance Construction Kits



    Emotive Trance brings another set of five smooth and lush Construction Kits for creating a wide variety of Trance music styles such as Melodic and PsyTrance. All phrases are 100% royalty-free. You will find beautiful melodies, chords, pianos, keys, strings, synths and warm pad loops and FX. The drum tracks are supplied as full mixes and also separately (kick, snare, ride, etc.) for perfect drum loop mixing. Any producer will be ready to create unique uplifting trance tunes,as well as radio and TV commercials, film cues and web applications of high quality. Each of these Kits is given its own unique treatment, to create a pack which has all of the unmistakable hallmarks of the genre but with a sound all of its own. Product Details: 5 Construction Kits BPM & Key Information Provided For Each Kit 100% Royalty-FreeRead more…

  6. SIDized soundset

    100 preset for SIDizer VSTi synthesizer



    SID. - 3 channels of oldschool coolness - Retro-nostalgic feelings and childhood memories - Blip-blop, boing, bleeeep, doink - Character and unique personality - 6581, 8580, MOS, SID - Commodore 64 …wait. You want more? You can have more! SIDized is a soundbank of 100 brand-new sounds for SIDizer synthesizer. Handcrafted with love for chiptunes and modern electro-sound-design. Usage is not limited to chiptunes only, SIDized preset pack includes a wide range of sounds: from 8bit Nintendo-ish blip-blops to Skrillexing bass-growls,through analog-ish pads and ring-modulated madness. Don’t forget to use mod-wheel, it can beat the **** out of the already modulated sounds. - 14 presets in ARP category - 18 presets in BASS category - 16 presets in DRUM category - 9 presets in FX category - 23 presets in LEAD category - 6 presets in PAD category - 14 presets in SYNTH category SIDizer is a state-of-art emulation of legendary SID chip in a form of a modern software synthesizer. Using circuit modeling technology nearly allunique features of two versions (6581-8580) of SID chip among their famous flaws are accurately modeled. This emulation focuses on simulating nonlinear character of SID filter and mimicking special 6581 distortion that mainly influence the alternation of filtered signal in a real SID chip. It offers additional envelopes, LFOs , mod matrix and a routable bit-cruncher for adding extra lo-fi sound quality. It is not only a powerful instrument for creating chip-tune style but it can produce a unique type of analog sound colored with harmonic distortion that is suited for creating bass, lead and drum sounds. (copy-paste from Q: Is SIDizer an oldschool chiptune synth or a modern VA synth? Or is it just a better emulation of the good old SID chip? A: To be honest, this is not that simple. You definitely can emulate the SID chip in a very-very good and proper way. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. SIDizer can growl. It can bite, it can roar. And also it can purr and can scream because of a dead mau5. It is a very versatile and unique sounding synthesizer that worth more attention. Q: How can I use SIDized presets? A: First of all, you need Hypersynth SIDizer VSTi software to run on you computer. It can be purchased at: Insert the synthesizer plugin on a channel in your DAW, then click on the FILE button and select LOAD PRESET (load individual preset) or LOAD BANK (load full bank). Q: What is a VSTi? A: Virtual Studio Technology(VST)is a software interface that integrates software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software. Q: How can I run a VSTi? A: You will need a host program to run a VST/VSTi software. Most common and popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software are Cubase, Nuendo,Reaper, ProTools, Logic, Fuity Loops, Ableton Live and more.Read more…

  7. Gripping Massive soundset

    88 preset for NI Massive VSTi synthesizer



    If you: …are tired of dubstep …want fresh and inspiring sounds …produce electronic music …don’t stuck to one genre Then: Gripping Massive SoundSet contains 88 preset for Native Instruments Massive (1.3+), covers the range of 8bit, retro, 80s, 90s and other, modern electronic genres. Include: - 8bit fan? We have chippy arpeggios. - 80s leads? We have them. - 90s pads? Check. - Ambient soundscapes? Double check. - Growlin’ basses? Here ya’ go. - Dance music? No problemo. Goto: - Macro controls for each presets - Low CPU usage - Easy to use, instant sounds - Easy to tweak and bend - Details, details, details - Use in any electronic musicRead more…

  8. Acoustic Cymbals

    Recorded In Four Locations With Multiple Microphones



    The Acoustic Cymbals pack includes 65 unedited acoustic cymbal recordings and 35 edited FX cymbals. The pack was recorded in four different locations such as parking garages and tunnels beneath the streets using a variety of unique recording techniques such as moving the cymbals around and hitting the cymbals with various objects. This pack is sure to give you the unique acoustic cymbal sound that your songs have been waiting for! "We didn't want these to be your average cymbals, we wanted them to have some character, and I think we've achieved that through our various locations and recording techniques." - Devan Taylor (DevanMist Owner/Audio Engineer) All samples are 24bit .WAV files intended for easy use in any DAW or sampler of choice. Price: £ 7.07 (~$10 USD) Notice: The kick drum and snare samples heard in the demo song are NOT featured in this sample pack.Read more…

  9. The Stupidly Huge Toy Pianos

    8 Unique Instruments


    Rattly and Raw

    A COLLECTION OF 2 FIVE OCTAVE TOY PIANO INSTRUMENTS, 2 CONCERT CELESTES, 2 NORMAL TOY PIANOS, A SET OF SUSPENDED TINES AND A SIMPLE PREPARED PIANO! Toy pianos are usually limited to being a great little additional tinkly instrument, but with usually only a few keys, a simple additional colour at best! Not for Rattly And Raw... We were not going to be put off by the annoyingly small key range of normal toy pianos! We loved the sound and wanted to expand the tiny key-range of this childish characterful sound into, well, a huge key-range of childish characterful sound. So we did... Two massive 5 octave toy pianos constructed from genuine toy piano recordings, loose tines, prepared piano recordings, celeste recordings, multiple mic positions, convolution based body resonance and lots of tweaking. NOT reliant on pitch shifted and stretched samples, this unique instrument carries the characteristics of a tiny toy piano across a previously unheard of range. The celestes were also recorded with a MUCH closer perspective than usual giving an intimate, detailed sound unlike most other recordings! The close mic was moved to EVERY tine to keep definition and maximise character! Different and very usable! Turn up the C-DUCER contact mics to get INSIDE the instruments that feature them!!! Also included are the two multi-sampled concert celestes as separate instruments with their full sustain, two toy pianos as individual instruments with an additional suspended tines instrument, and a prepared piano instrument also! There's also a very useful velocity control manager, two custom made convolution reverbs and some lofi/fx controls with processing specially voiced for The Stupidly Huge Toy Pianos And Friends! Features: • Two multisampled FIVE OCTAVE toy piano instruments • Controls to mix between different mic options and layers • Lofi/fx controls • 2 custom made convolution reverbs • Velocity manager (super useful for dialling in performance data) • 2 multisampled concert celestes with loads of controls and options!! • 4 other bonus instruments including two toy pianos, a set of suspended tines and a basic prepared piano! • over 3gb of samples (uncompressed) Will work with full versions of Kontakt 4.2.4 (and above) and any full version of Kontakt 5Read more…

  10. 60s Organs and Oddities

    Organ Collection


    Rattly and Raw

    A collection of 3 hard to find organs from the 60s PLUS four other bonus organs from other periods! !!! ALL STOPS AND KEYS WERE SAMPLED AND LOOPED ON EACH ORGAN !!! 1. 60s Valve Organ - A huge valve monster with two separate keyboard instruments, loads of voices, a cool repeat function, lots of spring verb IRs and more! 2. 60s Wind Powered Organ - A cool little Italian fan powered organ with a separate multiple chord instrument 3. 60s Combo Organ - A classic british organ's rarer little sibling, bags of character and a cutting tone. 4. A Large manually operated bellows driven harmonium. Lots of extras! 5. Mini-Organ - a tiny but awesome little organ synth, not from the 60s but it's so cool, we didn't care.... 6. Soprano Melodica - Just about organy enough to include in this we DID! 7. The Boiler Organ: A bonus organ conceived and constructed in the RAR sound lab from harmonic tones! These were all sampled with U67s, Royer R122, MD441, or/and new AKG D12VR and run through Neve 33135 or Api preamps. We spent a great deal of time capturing all the voices available on each instrument as awesomely as possible to avoid any post-production. We also retuned any that were waaaay out (and left you the original tuning as an option also!) There are several custom IRs in most of the instruments, all selectable via a menu. These are fantastic huge vintage springs to tiny vintage springs as well as the (very hard to sample) spring verb from the valve organ itself! Will work with full versions of Kontakt 4.2.4 (and above) and any full version of Kontakt 5Read more…

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