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Sonics for your synths



  1. Jungle Sirens

    Sound System Sirens, Lazers & Bleeps


    Death By Dub Loops & Samples

    Death By Dub Loops & Samples ­- Jungle Sirens - Any Tempo Death By Dub Loops & Samples are proud to bring you a collection of production ready Dub & Jungle Sirens and Lazers. This collection includes 654 audio samples, has been hand crafted from scratch and covers just about every style of sound system siren/lazer you are ever likely to have heard. Before creating this sample library we researched our huge collection of reggae sound system tapes, then painstakingly recreated many of the bleeps and sirens using various synthesis and sound design techniques. We then added copious amounts of analogue tape delay and reverb to give this collection just the right vibe and energy for your next big production. Available as 16bit wav files and can be loaded into any sampler or audio workstation of your choice. So if you are looking for authentic sounding Jungle/Dub sirens for your latest dubbed out dance floor smasher, load up Death By Dub Loops & Samples Jungle Sirens today.Read more…

  2. Dubstep Subversion

    Filthy bass growls and hard hitting drums


    Fresh Touch Media

    Specially curated from the best of Fresh Touch Media's dubstep sound arsenal. This pack features a massive collection of super dirty, heavy, sub-rattling, bass growls and filtered screeches. Accompanying the nasty sounding bass lines is a big hitting pack of dubstep drums, that includes kicks, snare, hats, cymbals and various percussion. The pack was compiled by a number of top dubstep producers who carefully edited and selected our favourite samples. The pack is host to an incredible range of sickening, filthy bass hits, hard hitting kicks, cracking snares and various percussive elements that will inject your dubstep mixes with life. Included are 26MB of drum kit elements, risers, filthy bass growls and screeching noises. Dubstep Subversion is a critical sound pack for creating extreme dubstep roars and thumping drum sets. The free download sound pack boasts 77 finely produced samples in .WAV format. Whether you're looking to layer some ambiences to fill out your techno soundtracks, boost the power of your drum library, or chop up some percussions and experiment with your sound fx, this pack has it all. Be bro-step, filthstep, drum step, chill-step or dubstep there are vital samples in this audio pack for you! We encourage you to play around and experiment with our samples! Why not warp and filter the bass sounds to create totally fresh creations with different pitches and sonic attributes. You could also reverse the growls and screeches and get twice as many sounds from the pack.Read more…

  3. Analog Duality - 30% Off!

    281 Kontakt Instruments - 894 analog multi samples!


    Biome Digital

    Analog Duality – Synth Patches for Kontakt Analog Duality is a multi-sampled analogue synth library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5 software sampler consisting of 281 Instrument patches created from 894 analogue hardware synth samples! Each patch has been carefully designed to be not only expressive to play, but also very usable in a wide range of musical styles, whether for film score and sound design work, or EDM and club music, you’ll find something for all occasions. These Kontakt Instrument patches use effects including delay, reverb, eq, saturation, phasers, flangers and many more. If you want to edit a sound, simply open up Kontakt and tweak ‘till your hearts content. Analog Duality features a whole host of patches covering useful synth sounds including pads and strings with analogue depth and cadence, powerful synth leads that cut straight to the heart, inspiring arpeggios and sequencers, classic oldskool chords for your Deep and Future House and some of the deepest bass sounds that only quality analogue synths can provide! Also included are 25 Multi Instruments, consisting of 2 or more patches combined to create huge, never-before heard sounds! Easily experiment by change patches and the possibilities are truly endless! Features • 281 total Kontakt Instrument patches • 25 huge multi patches • 40 arpeggios and sequences • 35 chord patches • 85 dry patches • 65 patches with effects (delay, reverb) • 25 pads and string patches • 6 raw Moog and Doepfer multi sampled oscillator patches • 894 analogue Moog and Doepfer multi samples • Multi samples are 24 bit/44.1 kHz • Aftertouch and Mod Wheel mappings for expressive playing Patches are organised in the following categories Multi Patches Kontakt Instruments made from multiple patches to create new and unique sounds. Raw Oscillators The Raw Oscillators folder contains 6 Kontakt Instruments made from Moog and Doepfer analogue oscillator multi samples. There are 6 waveforms including 2 Saw, 2 Square, Pulse and Triangle. Single Patches These are the main patches and form the bulk of the instruments. There are 4 folders of Kontakt Instruments: • Arpeggios = contains the arps and sequences • Chords = these patches are all chords, Minor, Major etc. • Dry Patches = the main patches with minimal effects • FX Patches (Wet) = have effects like delay and reverb • Pads = Pads and Strings patches Please note: Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later. All multi sampled audio (.wav) is available to use in any audio software that supports the standard wav format. The multi-sampled audio used in this pack is from our “Rhymes with Rogue - Bass” and “Modular Leads” sample packs which are now discontinued. Specifications Total Patches: 281 Format: Kontakt 5 (.nki/.nkm) Audio: 24 bit/44.1 kHz Wav Pack Size: 700 MB Download Size: 371 MB (.zip) Requirements: Native Instruments Kontakt 5.5 or later Genre: Various, Sound Design, EDM, House, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, DubstepRead more…

  4. Stealth WInd

    Cinematic shakuhachi phrases and samples, INTRO PRICE!


    unEarthed Sampling

    For Kontakt + (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) The Shakuhachi Flute It was originally introduced from China into Japan in the 8th century and underwent a resurgence in the early Edo Period. The shakuhachi is traditionally made of bamboo, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods. It was used by the monks of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen. It was also a favorite of film composer James Horner and used on countless of his film scores. Stealth Wind 17 Kontakt Patches and a bonus Taiko drum patch! Full Video Walkthrough: Stealth Wind sets out to capture that "James Horner" cinematic shakuhachi vibe through the use of carefully selected / recorded phrases (both ethnic and cinematic) along with some craftily sampled multisampled staccatos and sustains. While the main vibe of the sound is centered around stealth and sneaking ninjas, there are also quite a few ethnic phrases and motifs which are on the lighter and more traditional side of things. Outside of the two separate cinematic phrase patches and two ethnic patches, there are also various staccato patches, a handful of low "Elephant Calls" which definitely ooze cinematic goodness, and "Enigma Calls" which, as the name suggests, stem from various re-recordings and takes of a certain Shakuhachi sample used extensively by the artist Enigma. Let it be known that this library is NOT full of loads of legato articulations, but sets out to be more of an ethnic accent for your game and film scores. This library was recorded by utilizing a couple of the most amazing Shakuhachi players we could find, Jon Johnston and Jonathan McCollum. The end result from "the two jons" is a Kontakt instrument which will add cinematic ethno flare to just about any track. We even included a multisampled Taiko patch which serves as a nice bonus to tie everything together (said taiko appears in the second demo on soundcloud... "Ninjas in the Mist".)Read more…

  5. Cinematic Hits & Transitions 2 -25% OFF

    Cinematic Sound Effects to spice up your Trailers



    SoundBits “Cinematic Hits & Transitions 2“ description: The “Cinematic Hits & Transitions 2“ Sample Library from SoundBits contains 222 cinematic, epic, heavy, impacts and hits from very deep earthshaking hits to brutally distorted and mangled impacts. Some dry, somy with extra huge reverbs. Some with instant attack some with a build up for that extra tension. But that's not all. There are also 111 scary, haunting, unsettling and weird transitions and movements that instantly let the goosebumps pop out and bring in that extra suspense for your productions. Lots of new sounds were recorded and got merged with existing SoundBits | Sound Effects. This fusion got mangled, crushed, edited and designed to create this cinematic experience. Here you get a versatile and composite collection of production ready cinematic sound effects to spice up your trailers, cutscenes and movies. Lots of Starts and Tails of the sounds can be combined with each other to give you even more Number of files: 333 files Quality: 96kHz / 24bit Total Size: 1,9 GBRead more…

  6. This totally fresh and stunning compilation contains 166 high qualty sounds. Inspired by the top artists around the world than for example Drake, ILoveMakonnen, T-Minus, Mike Zombie, PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, Skepta, and Roy Woods!!! These Kits will surely inspire you to your next massive hit. Full specifications: • 90 Special Ni Massive Presets! • 03 Arp Presets • 10 Bass Presets • 08 Bell Presets • 04 Key Presets • 10 Kick Presets • 21 Lead Presets • 08 Pad Presets • 02 Piano Presets • 12 Pluck Presets • 12 SYNTH Presets ------------------ • 76 .WAV Sounds • 01 CROW ANIMAL SOUND • 10 Claps • 10 Hihats • 10 Snares • 10 Rides • 10 Percussion • 10 FX • 10 Shakers • 05 Crashes • Suitable for multiple genres! All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can be used in any production without any limitations. NI Massive version [1.4] and up is required!Read more…

  7. Sounds of MINECRAFT

    Craft your music !


    Heimdall Records

    SOUNDS OF MINECRAFT by HEIMDALL RECORDS We are proudly present our new soundbank designed for NI MASSIVE. Hiqh quality soundbank with 10 preset for your "CRAFT" production.Read more…

  8. DruMOD

    Modular drumkit for NI Kontakt



    DruMOD – an alternative approach to drum kits There is an incredibly vast range of drum and snare samples on the market, some better, some worse. The most important common characteristic is all of them have been recorded in sets, and consume gargantuan amounts of HDD space, memory, and are often very complicated to manage, and set up their proper ‘sound’. An alternative approach to drum kits We have applied an alternative method to record drum samples: bodies and hi-hats have been recorded one by one with three separate microphones, while snare got a nice four-mike treatment. All drum units have been recorded with 2 close- and one overhead microphone – easy to route output signals Volumes and panning can be modified separately, and all signals can be sent to individual outputs. You can completely customize the drum’s sound experience by setting the appropriate balance between the three microphones’ signals, each representing individual audio characteristics. You can also apply your favorite effects to create an entirely personalized and unique percussion support. Modularity Unlike other drum sample sets available on the market, DruMOD’s units can be individually loaded, so only the necessary components consume memory. You might only want to use hi-hats, or snare. Load only what you need. You can also load the entire set as a complete drum kit: load the „multi-patch”, and create your entire drum track. Low memory and CPU need You don’t need a power plant to run DruMOD. Features dynamic sample loading and memory management Total size, using Kontakt lossless compression: 325 MBytes 11 drums/cymbals included Gretsch Broadkaster drum bodies (20×16 Kick, 14×5.5 Snare, 10×8 High Tom, 12×8 Low Tom, 14×14 Floor Tom) Zildjian K series hi-hats (14K hi-hat, 16K Crash, 17K China, 18K Crash-Ride, 20K Ride, 22k Istanbul) Standard general midi drum map Compatible with standard general midi – all drum units are assigned to their corresponding keys, so you can load almost any midi “drum-grooves” in the editor, and you only have to fine-tune hit velocities. Read the attached manual for a complete keyboard layout. Extra articulation for all drum units Read the attached manual for a complete description on articulations (it would consume a lot of space here, and this way you won’t have to refer to this site each time you need information) . Custom scripting – multiple round robin and velocity levels Each drum and cymbal contains multiple round robin articulations for a more realistic drum sound and to avoid the “machine-gun” effect. Full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 (or newer) requiredRead more…

  9. Bad Bassist

    Ibanez SRX305 Bass guitar sound library for NI Kontakt



    Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you Mr. Abenzi! He is our freshly found and “talented” bassist with an Ibanez SRX305 bass guitar and a Powerstate PBT100+BB15 combo. A nice guy with a cool bass equipment is a dream of every band. …but sometimes. …somehow. …he makes mistakes. …never drink right before your gig..! Bad Bassist is a deep sampled sound library of an Ibanez SRX305 bass guitar through a Powerstate PBT100+BB15 combo, using “fingered” playing technique. This is NOT one of the usual bass guitar sample libraries, it has some unusual and different extra features! What makes it different? The Bad Bassist mode! Move the Bad Ratio knob to achieve the feel of a bad bass guitar player in a band. Lower ratios add small amount of bad notes and noises, higher bad ratios causes more bad and randomly added notes and noises in your bass riff. Our custom script takes care of the bad and randomly played notes in your bass riff and your music won’t be the same twice. If you want to use it as a normal bass guitar library, you can do it of course. Simply disable Bad Bassist mode (Bad Ratio=0%). The SRX305 has a nice tone, it is good for backing, adds deep and rich bass sound to your music. This sound library is an easy to use bass guitar instrument even for non-bass guitar players. Details: - E2-E4, sustained/muted - C2-C#2, slaps/mutes - E1-A1, down-slides - C1, string noises - 4 round robin in normal mode - 6 round robin in Bad Bassist mode - Kontakt 4.2+ (full version) required - 90 MBytes (using Kontakt’s losless compressed format) - Fancy background Tips & tricks: - Use the Random knob (or mod wheel) to enable random bad notes during playing. Tweak it for more or less bad notes. - Noise randomize knob is good for adding extra string noises. - Noise volume knob controls the loudness of additional string noises. - Muted notes volume knob sets the loudness of muted notes (Note Off events)Read more…

  10. TeH Fl0ppy V2

    Chromatically sampled floppy disk sound library for NI Kontakt, SF2 and Renoise .XRNI



    TeH Fl0ppy – chromatically sampled floppy disk drives. We captured the sound of 3 FDD’s. Why? Because it’s cool. Do you remember the funny videos on various sites where floppy disk drives played popular melodies? Now you can do it without disk drives, micro-controller and wires. Use your DAW and sample players like NI Kontakt or SF2 players and more to play TeH Fl0ppy Disk Symphony.. This library sounds cool in modern electronic music as sound design element and works well as retro-floppy-emulation-awesomeness too. Add your own effects to distort, bend and loop the base sounds as much as you want. Just check the demo sounds on the bottom of this page for examples. One of the three FDD’s was broken we thought. But it wasn’t, only a candy paper was stuffed into its hole. We captured its sound with and without that candy paper too. We call it “TeH B4D(ass) Fl0ppy” The other FDD’s were in perfect condition, multiple recordings were done with different microphones. Have fun and enjoy TeH Fl0ppy V2 sound library – with new features! Details: - New, fancy GUI (Graphic User Interface) for Kontakt version - Optimized file size - Optimized Renoise .xrni files - Small memory footprint - 5 Kontakt patches (Full Kontakt 4.2.4. or newer required) - 5 Renoise .XRNI patches - 5 SF2 patches - 241 files, 150Mbytes (zipped) 224 files, 88Mbytes Key range: C1-D#4 Extra sound effects: C5 – on, D5 – init, E5 – init, F5 – seek, G5-B5 – errorRead more…

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