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Snacks for your samplers



  1. Omnisphere GAIA

    Retail 20.99£. Intro price till the 10th of May.


    Subsonic Artz

    GAIA is a special project, very close to my heart, cause this soundset is a poetic attempt to celebrate the beauties of our Home. Since I was a kid, i've always been fascinated by the documentaries about the wild animals and amazing nature landscapes of all kinds. The sounds of nature like the wind in the trees or birds by exemple have always inspired me. So GAIA is aimed at the Ambient, organic, wonderfull atmospheric kind of sounds with a delicate celestial touch. Enigma and Enya or new age music fans will love them. But as we are also a part of this world, GAIA is also describing some human activities and behaviours especially throught the fx and arp & rythm Cinematic kind of patches: The sounds are then getting harsh dark and agressive. Library features: 136 patches in OMNISPHERE – GAIA: 32 Arp & Rythms 5 Keyboards 25 Pads & strings 16 Fx & Noises 48 Textures 10 Human voices All patches have a wired modwheel and poetic or spiritual notes to make you dream or to meditate. We are brothers, we are one , we are SubsonicArtz. more…

  2. This collection includes 64+ exclusive punchy drum breaks, recorded directly from the famous Akai MPC, which makes them sound warmer and fantastically kicking. There's some secret in that machine. We do not know why it sounds so fat and solid, but it really does. Hundreds and thousands of producers have used this piece of hardware since the late 80's and it's still the score for contemporary music nowdays. The pack is about different substyles of Drum, including Drumfunk, Techstep, Liquid Funk, Neurofunk, Dubwise, Atmospheric and many more. It's vinylistic, funky, groovy and catchy. These loops are gonna inspire you to create your own awesome tunes! The sample pack is available in 24-bits WAV and REX2 formats. BPM range: 165-175.Read more…

  3. Cloud Viola - 20% off intro offer

    viola+twine×reverb=Cloud Viola



    What the heck is a Cloud Viola? Cloud Viola is a deeply multisampled hybrid Kontakt instrument that takes a humble 17th century classical stringed instrument and lovingly cajoles it into joining the modern world. This isn't an attempt at any kind of authenticity (there are plenty of other Kontakt libraries out there for that already) Cloud Viola is all about creating new tones and textures which can work in a similar way to the original and go beyond. Cloud Viola is perfect for adding interesting texture to a "proper" orchestra, using midi controllers and an expression pedal she can be played with organic expressiveness and genuine emotion. But unlike more conventional classical instruments she is completely at home with contemporary electronics and sound design elements. She can easily go from delicate to feisty, sound like a haunted ballroom, a huge busted orchestra, a hundred rusty mandolins, a swarm of angry bees, a dusty Mellotron . What's inside? 1.72GB of 24bit samples (uncompressed). 3 octave keyrange - G2 to A5 5 deeply sampled articulations through 8 "oscillators". Accented bow : short bowed note with conventional bow. 5 x round robin per note. 2 mic positions- valve condensor and contact mic. Col Legno : latin for "gently thwacked with the back of the bow". 5 x round robin per note. 2 mic positions- valve condensor and contact mic. Twine : bowed with 5 meters of green garden string. 5 x round robin per note, minimum 20 seconds per sample. 2 mic positions- valve condensor and contact mic. Hard-wired to CC11 for expression pedal or midi controllers. Dark Cloud : Twine recorded 100% wet reverbed through Strymon Big Sky hardware reverb. Playback through Kontakt grain oscillator. Pale Cloud : the Dark Cloud recorded 100% wet reverbed through Strymon Big Sky hardware reverb unit, so basically 200% wet ! Effects per oscillator : tremolo, vibrato, saturation, pitch selection, pan, lowpass filter, reverb and delay. Master output effects : low pass filter, highpass filter, rotor effect, delay, cabinet modelling and EQ. Velocity to volume amount control. Aftertouch to pitchbend amount control. Advanced architecture with automatable midi control of everything on the interface. 74 specially created convolution reverb impulses recorded from real spaces, expensive hardware, and some less obvious sources including a Roland Space Echo, Strymon Big Sky and the stage of Glyndebourne Opera House. 37 themed instrument presets (.nki's) each with modwheel patch morphing for gazilions of variation. Built in instruction manual in RTFM tab. FULL version of Kontakt 4 or above needed. Cloud Viola will load into Player but time out after 10 minutes, so please don't buy this if you are using Kontakt Player.Read more…

  4. Haunted Jukebox

    abstract sound pattern automaton



    Haunted Jukebox is NI Kontakt based automaton which generates abstract sound patterns. It is not quite a musical instrument, but rather something in between a drum machine, sequencer and sonic experiment. The machine automatically creates eight layers of groove patterns based on input token. User can manipulate binary representation of the token, a matrix of 25 pad switches, where each combination creates different sequencer program. Besides eight note sequencers, the machine can run a number of step sequenced modulators (LFO which can be programmed to reach given step value every half cycle), as the sequences can run at different speeds and different intervals, the result may be quite complex. All sequencers are synchronized with host's tempo. It is randomness exploration machine and as such it's not easy to describe with words. Scroll down for video overview and/or try free preview version. Preview version runs on the same script engine, but is has entirely different (smaller) sample set and it doesn't provide access to setup panels. Haunted Jukebox needs full version of Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work and it may be quite CPU intensive. PLEASE NOTE: The script relies on transport synchronization with host. It might happen, it won't initialize properly in certain hosts, at least until you start playback. In short, it may or may not work for you, please try free preview version first. This instrument is bundled with a bonus, unlocked versions of Cracklebot, free vinyl noise making machine based on the same script. These special versions give you access to configuration panels, so you can experiment with machine settings, or use it as a shell for different sample sets. You can read about Cracklebot (and get free version) here: more…

  5. Music Box Free

    Little music box for your inspiration


    Daniel Belik

    This music box differs from other music boxes. It has an unpolished, native sound, saturated with quickly breaking up overtones. It creates a fairytale sound, which works perfectly well for adventure, game music! Technical Info: > 24 bit/48 kHz > 2 mic positions: Close & Tree > 2x true RR > 2 sampled octaves: 28 notes, from C4 to D#6+ additional range > Natural noise of the Music Box mechanism (controlled) > Absolutely dry sound > 1 mysterious hall IR > Smart script & nice UI Requirements: > NI Kontakt 4.2.4 or later > 40 Mb of disk space Download user manual here: more…

  6. Liner Horn

    Industrial Wind Instrument for Kontakt


    Daniel Belik

    During the composition, there are situations when it is necessary to create a dramatic accent, for example, in the piece culmination. Usually, for this purpose the composers use variety of loud instruments such as percussion or brass. However, something more than just a traditional orchestra is required sometimes. In this case, one can try the sound of the powerful industrial air horns. Liner horn – it is your “bazooka in your pocket”, with which you get ultra-powerful wind bass in your Kontakt-orchestra. Just load it, set timbre with four mic positions, and you are ready to create the most epic track in history! In addition, you can use various built-in FX, or turn on the gate and get a textured rhythmic pattern. Technical Info: > 24 bit/48 kHz. > 4 mic positions: Upper, Bottom, Mid, Side. > Discrete 2x round robin. > 2 octaves: from C0 to B1 (over 100 recorded samples). > FX: Gate, Cutoff, Boost, Damage & Convolution Reverb with 1 IR. > 1 NKI file. > 110 MB installed. > Compatible with a Kontakt 4.2.3 (or later) 32/64-bit, PC/Mac. > Smart Kontakt scripting. > Nice, live UI. Requirements: > NI Kontakt 4.2.3 or later (full retail). > 110 Mb of disk space. Download user manual here: more…

  7. Siberian Samples Domra

    Slavonic String Instrument for Kontakt


    Daniel Belik

    The domra is a long-necked Slavonic string instrument of the lute family with a round body and three metal strings. We sampled and scripted the most characteristic touches of domra – plucks, tremolo and tempo synchronized repetitions. Flexible controls and keyswitches allow to play authentic melodies as easily as accompaniment patterns. Very realistic legato on the tremolo was achieved by programming the three modes, controlled by velocity – non-legato, portamento and legato. Due to this, quick phrases sound as good as the slow ones. The most powerful feature of our instrument is repetition loops, which exactly synchronized to host tempo in tree proportions 1/1, 1/2, 2/1. Our Domra has 4 dynamic layers for each articulation and all samples are carefully synchronized to each other avoid phase negative interaction. This let us use dynamic morphing as for tremolo & repetition loops, as well as pluck samples. Therefore, you have 127 dynamic gradations instead of 4. Since we recorded plucks in 4 Round-Robin samples per each note, there are 508 different colors for each note in diapason! All dynamic layers are non-normalized, so virtual instrument expression sounds exactly like real. Technical Info: > 24 bit/44.1 kHz, over 1500 close-recorded samples. > 3 articulations: Pluck, Tremolo, Repetitions. > 3 Legato modes for tremolo: Non-legato, Portamento, Legato. > Discrete 4x round robin. > Repetition key. > 3rd “E” string choosing. > Built-in reverb with collection of 8 IR convolution spaces. > Single instrument for Kontakt 5.1 and higher, 32/64-bit, PC/Mac. > Mystical “X-pad” bonus patch. > 310 MB installed. Requirements: > NI Kontakt 5.1 or later (full retail). > 310 Mb of disk space. Download user guide here: more…

  8. BOCS Volume 3

    32 New Patches - WAV and Kontakt



    BOCS (Boards Of Canada Synthesis) Volume 3 is a Kontakt sample pack containing 32 completely new sample patches consisting of synth sounds inspired by the electronic duo Boards of Canada. It's refreshingly different compared to efforts from various other sample packs and vst synths. The reason why? These sounds have been created via the methods used by the group themselves. Vintage analog synths, 4-tracks, valve amps even VHS recorders were used to create a sample bank more authentic than anything we've heard before. These sounds have a dirty, dusty, and dream like quality just like that elusive Boards of Canada sound. With our samples nothing is virtual, everything is real. We listen to our customers. You've loved the pads and drones we produced with our first two installments in the BOCS series but we know you wanted us to create some lead sounds and a few other extras so this is what we've achieved with BOCS Volume 3. Weighing in at more than twice the size of volumes 1 and 2 combined, 32 completely new sounds consisting of leads, keys, stabs (great for arps) a few drones, some one key chords, a small number of pads, various forms of analog noise and even some field recordings make BOCS Volume 3 our biggest and best release so far! Some of the sounds are relatively clean, some are heavily processed (check out the 'Sick2Death' patch) but they all have that BoC sound and of course the same high quality you rightly expect from us at Audiowarp. The Kontakt interface featured in BOCS Volume 1 and BOCS Volume 2 returns for it's third outing. This time mainly due to the dexterity of the samples it's even more fun to create your own sounds. The samples are designed for universal use but tweaking the interface settings allows you to create a more bespoke sound for example when using stab sounds as part of an arpeggio crank up the release for head in the clouds ambience or drop it it down for more clarity. The blend function comes into it's own as you can blend drones with keys, VHS tape hiss with your pads or the distant sound of birds combined with a lead sounds. We've spent hours creating all sorts of weird and wonderful new sounds that weren't possible with the first two installments in the series. BOCS Volume 3 is the final installment (for now) in the BOCS series. We've had so much fun making these synths and we've been truly humbled and blown away with amazing response and positive feedback from our customers. With that in mind we've decided to throw in a little extra treat with the BOCS Volume 3 download... Our next release after the BOCS series will be a sample synth called GAS (Guitar Analog Synthesis) It's pretty hard to fully explain exactly what GAS is so we've given you a free demo of how some of the sounds are coming along. Within the GAS demo folder you'll find three 20 note demo patches which are pad based (the full release will be more than just pads) We've also included a brief description of the idea behind the GAS synth - don't expect traditional guitar sounds, think more crazy unique yet usable guitar based synths unlike anything else out there right now. We think it's pretty unique but please have a play around with these sounds and let us know what you think! BOCS Volume 3 Sample pack comes in WAV format and Kontakt format (5.3.1 or above) It will only run in demo mode in the Free Kontakt Player. The purchased download consists of the BOCS Volume 3 files and the GAS Demo folder which has three 20 note NKI files and a product description file. BOCS Volume 3 contains 1 Kontakt NKI file which is configured to load and control all the samples which make up the 32 individual sample patches. The GUI loads the samples in each of the two modules within the individual NKI. The BOCS Volume 3 WAV files also run independently outside of Kontakt and are open for you to use in other applications. We've included a sample mapping guide for the WAV files so loading the individual samples into your sampler of choice should be hassle free. Enjoy! AudiowarpRead more…

  9. Grand Concert Harp

    The orchestral harp evolution


    Hephaestus Sounds

    Close your eyes and imagine a great harp in a great orchestra. Now open your eyes and play it. Sampled from a $40.000 Lyon & Healy's concert harp, the sound of this library pushes out all the elegance and the realism of the best orchestral harps. As always, Hephaestus has thought the best solution to play this instrument in real-time: just play as You want closing your eyes, and You'll listen to a wonderful, enchanting concert harp sound. Features: - 48KHz, 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; - 3 dynamic layers / 4 Round-Robin cycle; - Sound section to adjust sound equalization and stereo field; - Effect section to create the best environment; - Perfectly looped samples; - Key-off noises (for stopped presets only); - 10 .NKI presets; - 204 MB total compressed size; - Optimized CPU usage; - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes limit on Kontakt Player). Included .NKI presets: 1 - Stopped String 2 - Free String 3 - Soft Stopped 4 - Marcato Stopped 5 - Xilophone Style 6 - Free Harmonics 7 - Stopped Harmonics 8 - Plucked & Harmonics 9 - Xilophone & Harmonics 10 - FX & PerformancesRead more…

  10. MaK - Mouse and Keyboard

    Keyboards, Mice, and Touchscreen devices.


    Collected Transients

    MaK is a Kontakt instrument which replicates the sounds of a person using various computer keyboards, mice, or touchscreen devices. This allows you to very quickly perform the foley of using one of these devices via midi. MaK was created to speed up the time consuming process of editing and/or recording mice and keyboards. After realizing how often this came up in both my commercial and film work, I decided there had to be a better way. Several recording sessions and Kontakt script headaches later, MaK was born! There are 15 devices available in MaK: 5 Keyboards, 5 Mice, 2 Touchscreens, and 3 digital keyboards. Each of these devices has been meticulously recorded at a number of different velocities for a very realistic playback performance. The majority of the devices have 5 velocity layers; from soft to hard. Each of these velocity layers have 32 different samples: 16 for the press sound, and 16 for the release sounds of each device. That’s 160 samples per device! MaK will randomly trigger press and release samples for each layer based on the velocity you play the notes. Easy to use controls allow you to adjust additional layers of randomness in both velocity and pitch. All of this adds up to realistic devices, and convincing performance. Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ required. Video example below.Read more…

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