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  1. Arcus

    Violin and Double Bass Glissando Kontakt Library


    Wormstorm Industries

    Arcus contains a wide variety of deeply sampled violin and double bass glissandi. Glissandi is the plural of glissando, which is a classical string instrument technique by which the player gradually slides their finger along a string while they are playing, from one note to another. This creates a note which gradually increases or decreases in pitch, depending upon which direction they move their finger. This technique was very popular in avant-garde music for the 20th Century, and also suits the mood and atmosphere of contemporary sci-fi and and thriller-esque film scores. We've arranged the glissandi into two overall groups; convergent and divergent. The convergent samples start on various G sharps and C sharps, in a variety of octave positions, which either ascend and descend in pitch towards the notes that are held down on your MIDI controller. MIDI note C0 acts as a keyswitch which, when depressed, activates the ascending convergent samples. Likewise, c#0 activates the descending samples and D0 activates both groups to converge on the held notes from both above and below. Once the samples arrive at the held notes they will continue to sustain until the notes are released. The divergent samples work like the convergent ones, but in reverse. The held notes are initially sustained and then diverge away towards various C sharps and G sharps, which in sustain until the notes are released. The ascending divergent samples are activated by MIDI note F0. G0 activates both, for a blend of ascending and descending divergent samples. The MOD wheel is used to crossfade between double bass and violin samples and also allows for a blend of the two for a larger ensemble sound. There are additional 'short' samples at the top end of the MOD wheel, available only on the convergent samples. These end on a short staccato note once the held note is reached, as opposed to continuing on an indefinite legato loop.Read more…

  2. Ambient Swells -20% off!

    (multisampled guitar chords-instrument)



    Intro price first few weeks 20% off ! (£7.99 and after that £9.99) Ambient Swells instrument is sampled guitar swelling chords. Triads second inversions exactly in all triad chord combinations (maj./min./dim.). When playing guitar no matter how you try to produce same sound by striking same chord and riding volume pedal by foot at same time its not gonna sound the same nor will this instrument too thanks to 3 velocity layers and 6 round robins in each velocity layer (for more organic feel). There is separate already mapped instrument patches for every major and minor key and additional: All Diminished / All Major / All Minor / All KEYSWITCH. To use it no musical background is needed, just choose key of the song, for example A minor, and play any combination of white notes in instrument range. This instrument is good for adding ambient backgrounds for any kind of composition be it for video, game or music. Can be used for making backing tracks for ambient guitar players too. Swells are more emotive and organic than pads made by synthesizers. Due to making this instrument clean and by sampling individual chords instead of making production ready loops The Ambient Swells can be used over and over in audio production unlike other looped libraries with same theme. User has more freedom to shape his own sounds by using different kind of effects. There is more information in the included manual. Contains: -Kontakt patches (with gui and switchable onboard effects, requires minimum Kontakt full version 5.4.1 and up), -sfz patches (everything the same mapped except no gui and onboard effects) and unlocked wav samples (not loops). Note: there is also Zampler-RX fxb bank, bank is totally experimental, I guess Zampler doesn't support advanced optocodes from sfz. I left bank there (occupies only 1,5 Mb) because maybe someday Synapse Audio will update it and until then Zampler bank can only be used for experimental sound design purpose Note: this isn't "normal" guitar sample library, its rather starting point for sound design where user dictates in which direction sound will go. Please try the free demo which has the following limitations: -Only 1 patch (full has patches in all keys mapped to every major and minor scale), -1 velocity layer (3 in full), -3 round robin samples (6 in full for each velocity layer) Soundcloud demo:Read more…

  3. Welcome to the sound of the future, the future sound of you, the sound of Future Bass and Chords! 64 Native Instruments MASSIVE Patches of Deep Bass and Chords are ready to be twisted into new tracks. Every patch has been meticulously created with all eight Macros assigned to give you instant control over the sound. You’ll find no fillers or FX here, just straight up usable presets! This MASSIVE Preset Bank will fit any style of Club Music with a primary focus on Jackin House, Bassline House, Deep House & Garage, Dubstep, Jungle and Future Bass. Video Demo Main Features 34 Bass Patches 30 Chord Patches All eight Macros assigned with complex modulations Patches are optimized for playback on full range keyboards Properly tagged patches for easy searching Format: MASSIVE Patches (.NMSV) Requirements: Native Instruments MASSIVE 1.4 or higher Download Size: 2.08 (compressed) Genre: Jackin House, Deep House, Future House, Future Bass, Garage, DubstepRead more…

  4. KORG01W kontakt Free




    welcome to Free series ! Two Nki file 24bit KORG01W kontakt Download Format:zip Platform : Windows & Mac Product Type:Kontak instruments Type: free Samples Download Size 535MB PRESET LIST: 01WSynpianp B37 Choir by tunesurgeRead more…

  5. Harp Of Life

    Sound Library for Kontakt



    instrument patch in custom combination preset allow you to create music and soundtrack in any genre for tv,game,film etc In this pack included zip file Four nki patch preset list: A00 HarpOfLife A01 PowerChords A02 HarpPad A03 St Staccato Atack ! 2.24GB 24BIT NKI Multiple Velocity Layers 2-4 Sample Key Range: 61-73 Available Formats: kontakt 5.2.0 or higher SOFTWARE SIGNAL & Fx:used in demo audio only Valhalla Vintage VerbRead more…

  6. St. Louis Dreama - 50% Off

    Capture Collection



    SAINT LOUIS Dreama is the first highly-stylized installment in our Capture Collection series. It delivers Drums with a unique way to analyze and process the sounds, for a punchy deep & loud sound. Delivered (4.54 Gb-3200+ samples) to you in 3 FORMATS for maximum flexibility: - KONTAKT - MASCHINE - WAVE > 3 Kontakt categories: Instruments / Kits and Loops / Mix Loops > In total 99 Instruments for Kontakt in NKI format. > Individual sounds sorted by construction kits. > Unique and hi-quality drum kits > Maschine 1&2 patterns, kits & instruments > Instruments ready to play, extracted from construction kits. > WAVE FORMAT including all drums, instruments, loops and bounces for each constructions Kits Perfect for your next hip hop, R, trap, Trunk, electronic, glitch, industrial, ethnic, beat music, cinematic, soundtrack and experimental production with up-to-date sounds and amazing melodies. > Total 4.54 Gb > KONTAKT 2.6 Gb | MASCHINE 237.6 Mb | WAVE 1.7 Gb > 40 Kits & Loops for Kontakt > 40 Mix Loops > 40 Projects for Maschine > 3200+ samples (1600+ samples | 450+ samples | 1200+ samples) Original user interface and advanced scripting Please scroll down for the video promo. This project is in collaboration with Joe "Capo" Kent. Capo started his career as one half of the Hip Hip/R/Rock Super Production Team Track Boyz Entertainment. The Trackboyz have achieved great success producing over 22 singles, selling over 19.2 million worldwide. One of Jo Capo’s U.S. and UK Billboard #1 hits includes rapper Jkwon’s, “Tipsy” which Jo Capo co-wrote and produced, Multi-Platinum rapper Nelly’s single “Air Force Ones” #3 on U.S. Billboard’s top 100, Nappy Roots’ single, “Po Folks” U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100, D12, Trey Songz, Ali from The St. Lunatics, Young bloodz, Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, Angie Stone, Eminem, 112, Tierra Marie, Trina, Ebony Eyez, Petey Pablo and Shawna from DTP.Read more…

  7. The Pentagon - 50% Off

    Revolutionary Kontakt Synthesis


    Dark Harmony

    The Pentagon represents next-generation Kontakt design and features many new innovations and concepts never seen before. We truly feel like we have pushed Kontakt to the limit and explored nearly everything it has to offer. With intelligent scripting and design we have managed to make an instrument that can be used to synthesise and manipulate any sound while keeping all controls on one page. The Pentagon is perfect for any Electronic based music, as well as Movie/Video Game Scoring, and sound FX creation. Features: • 19 original soundbanks taken from hardware synthesizers • Dual Soundbank Mixing System • 1000+ Pre-Mixed patches (including Pads/Drones, Leads, Basses, Sequences, and Effects.) • 10+ Multis • Advanced Morphing Engine • Unique 'Key FX' performance tool • Powerful and versatile arpeggiator Dual controls for: • EQ • Lo-Fi / Filter (with six filter choices) • MODs (LFOs) (Filter, Tune, Volume, and Pan) • ADSR (Envelopes) (Filter, Tune, Volume, and Pan) • Send FX Levels for Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, and Convolution Reverb. Includes fast access to all 633 Kontakt 5 IR samples. Modulation: • LFO modulation includes 4 Standard LFO waveforms, plus 40 experimental waveforms, inversion and Synced and Unsynced modes. • Envelope modulation includes 40 presets, inversion and Synced and Unsynced modes. Play style modes include Portamento, Chord, and Arpeggiator. Arpeggiator/Sequencing: • 10 programmable Automation Tables with several useful attachment options. • 100 Arp/Table presets with table randomisation. • Arp/Table manipulation system with more than 20 useful options including copy/paste, reverse, and invert. Extras: • 6 analog style dub Key FX • UI "Follow" system • Patch Randomisation plus Parameter Target Randomisation Detailed 38 page user manual, as well as a user manual built right into the GUI. Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.4.1 or higher. Please don't buy if you plan on using this with the free Kontakt Player as it will only function in demo mode for 15 minutes. Download User Manual Here: more…

  8. Terracotta

    Sampled terracotta flowerpots



    Terracotta is a sample library made from tonal recordings of flowerpots. The idea is pretty insane, but this library is actually a very versatile tonal percussion instrument. 25 pots were sampled, all different sizes and notes. These are then mapped across the keyboard on 1 patch. It also includes 7 layers of sound to mix, such as a music box, guitar string or organic pad. Terracotta is made of 3 pages, a main panel, an arpeggiator and an effects page. It’s sampled with 4 velocity layers and 4 round robin making the rhythms from the arp still sound natural. Here are the key features: 25 multi-sampled terracotta flowerpots 8 different presets Recorded at 96khz/ 24bit 4 round robin/ velocity layers Custom convolutions Effects page; tempo synced delay, rotator, distortion and reverb. With presets! 7 layers of sound to mix in and for unique sound design Built in arpeggiatorRead more…

  9. Crisalys VSTi

    Powerful Virtual Synthesizer



    DESCRIPTION Crisalys is a software synthesizer characterized by a powerful audio engine which can work up to 192Khz. The three oscillators are driven by custom waveforms designed specifically to grant top quality sound in any situation. Each oscillator has built-in FM, Ring Modulator and Cross Modulation options controlled by three separate internal LFOs. The Ring Modulator can achieve sound characteristics that can go beyond the common sonorities of this effect, thanks to an internal custom circuit which has been developed for this purpose. The audio path continues through two multifilters which can operate as state variable filters, analog emulations or in EQ mode. The modulation section offers, in addition to the classic controls (modulation wheel, aftertouch, velocity, etc.), four LFOs, two aux envelopes and two step LFOs which can be used as modulation sources to create atmospheric pads, control the filters, create rhythmic sequences and so on. Each LFO has a special "Quantize" control which can be used to introduce a small (or huge, if turned fully clockwise) variation to the LFO wave and sync speed. Used on pads this can produce interesting effects, adding some granulosity to the sound. The effect section includes a classic stereo flanger, a delay (which can work in classic or cross mode), a compressor and a reverb. Crisalys features eight built-in step sequencers (up to 32 steps) which can work all at the same time. The active pattern can be edited manually or recorded in realtime using an external MIDI keyboard. The sequencer patterns can be stored in the hard disk as separate pattern files or as a bank of 64 patterns. FEATURES: · 3 Oscillators with 18 custom waveforms. · built-in frequency, ring and cross modulation per oscillator · filter routing option · tuning and pitch bend options per oscillator · 2 multi filters with 12 different filters (including custom designed and analog emulations) · built-in modulation options per filter · Modulation section: 4 LFOs, 2 AUX envelopes, 2 step sequencers · Modulation matrix with 5 assignable sources and 16 fixed destinations · FX section: flanger, delay compressor, reverb · Eight powerful 32 notes sequencers able to load up to 64 patterns · Custom audio engine for high quality audio · 256 preset sounds · 64 sequencer patterns Available for Windows 32bit only.Read more…

  10. DSP-3 BUS VST

    Main Bus compression made easy!



    Main Bus compression made easy! DSP3 is a dynamics processor specifically designed to be used on the main bus. The main purpose of DSP-3 is to increase the perceived loudness of the track and make the mix more compact without introducing any distortion or audible artifacts. Unlike other compressors DSP-3 is incredibly simple and intuitive: thanks to the internal IDP (Intelligent Dynamic Processor) circuit all the key parameters, necessary to have an adequate compression, are set automatically. DSP3 includes four different dynamics processing models, selectable via a XY crossfade pad, which allows to crossfade the signal processed by the different algorithms. FEATURES: · Intelligent Dynamic Processor (IDP) · Four different automatic dynamic processor models · Transparent increment of the perceived volume level · High precision input/output VU-meter · Easy to operate · Low CPU usage Available only as Windows 32bit. FOR DETAILED AUDIO DEMOS AND EXPLANATIONS VISIT THIS PAGE: more…

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