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  1. Downtempo Chilltrax Vol 1

    over 50% off 880Mb of eclectic downtempo samples


    Papas St Germain

    DOWN TEMPO CHILLTRAX VOLUME 1 At an introductory offer of over 50% off This latest release from Papas St Germain is the biggest and most eclectic yet.Over 880 Mb AND over 300 samples, this pack is designed to suit the needs of producers of any genre. With tough swung grooves, smooth dubbed out bass, skyscraping guitar sounds and melodies and ethereal re sampled synths, this sample pack provides a massive range of blissed out sounds for yer samplers. The beats are inspired by downtempo hip hop and beat music purveyors such as Madlib and Flying Lotus . Basslines are sourced from dub and funk influences and guitars and synths take their cue from the washed out sounds of chillwave, shoegaze and electronic experimentalists such as BoC, Tycho, Four tet and burial. The musical content is designed to be melodic and characterful, sparking inspiration in the producer to start building tracks right away. All sounds were written, recorded ,programmed and played by Papas St Germain for you. All sounds are royalty free. Peace PapasRead more…

  2. Ghost Spaceship

    Cinematic Drones


    Temporal Geometry

    Ghost Spaceship is a sample pack full of dark, cinematic drones, eerie soundscapes and disturbing atmospheres oriented to film, video games and Dark Ambient, although it may be used for other styles with a deep, dark edge to add some extra depth. The library contains 100 drones made up of different types of sounds such as textures, pulses, pads and field recordings, layered, chained and processed together.Read more…

  3. Celtic Harp

    More than a Simple Harp


    Hephaestus Sounds

    A Celtic Harp sampled in studio with 2 hi-sense / noise-zero microphones. The Kontakt instrument is the perfect copy of the real instrument. You just have to play it. Features: • 48KHz 24-bit Mono sample resolution • 4x Round Robin • 4 Dynamic Layers • Dynamic 4xRR Key-off FX • 8 Sound Modes • Extremely Easy-To-Use Interface • Realtime Playing Optimization • Only 170MB of Compressed Samples • Stunning Accompainment Orchestra • Works on Kontakt 5.2 or Newer (15 Minutes for Kontakt Player) USER MANUAL --> more…

  4. The Derelict Kit

    Cinematic Metal Percussion derived from Derelict Mining Equipment!


    unEarthed Sampling

    Don't be fooled by the small size or small price... this library sounds HUGE! VIDEO WALKTHROUGH IN COMMENTS BELOW! Introductory price, goes up to 7.99 in a couple of weeks! Once upon a time, the area near Ennis Montana was ripe with copper and silver mining sites. These areas have since dried up leaving behind tons of old mining tools and equipment. Long derelict and out of commission, we decided to bang on a handful of these pieces of mining history turning them into an action packed, tension filled, or horrific metallic percussion Kontakt instrument. Make no mistake, these are highly unique samples! The GUI is extremely versatile and can drastically alter the sound and timbre of this instrument! Thanks to the pitch knob, it can sound downright huge or extremely small in size. Also available on the GUI are EQ (with low, mid, and hi control knobs), a LPF (also mapped to the modwheel), a grit knob to add distortion, a reverb knob to control the amount of reverb, and lastly an attack knob to control the attack of the samples. 7 Kontakt instruments total... all oozing with cinematic awesomeness! FOR KONTAKT 5+Read more…

  5. Glitchee III

    a triple glitch & cuts drum machine(s) module



    Glitchee III is the third and final part of the Glitchee Series. A glitch & cuts drum machine(s) module with pre-assigned grooves on each key. Six step sequencers & groove generators with six sound categories on each of the three kits which is best suited to give your music production a contemporary percussive fundament. You can easily create groovy electronic patterns with crystal sound quality or add-on loops built out of bits, cuts, glitches and blips. " Glitchee III feels like a follow-up to the previous two Glitchee releases. It occasionally reminds of Ryoji Ikeda's or Alva Noto's random extreme frequencies in patterns of rhythm ,without the safety net of 'normal' musical composition as it tests the limits of what music is.Exciting and strange. " Features three unique glitch kits on a flexible step sequencer module plus three bonus instruments with one shot samples. [Kontakt Version 5.2.16 or higher is required] VIDEO DEMO: MANUAL: more…

  6. ANALOGUE DRUM COMPUTER DEEP HOUSE & TECH VOL.1 Biome Digital is pleased to present the first release in a new series called 'Analogue Drum Computer'. Deep House & Tech Vol.1 features the highest quality, production ready, pounding drum & percussion loops made on an Elektron Analog Rytm! Also included are gritty chord & fx loops, shuffling hat loops, thunderous kick loops and analogue hardware bass loops. All drum loops have been sent through the Analog Rytms distortion & compressor circuits for loops that really pump! Pack contains the following: 325 MB of audio content. 85 total files 79 eight-bar loops Including: Drums, Chords, FX & Bass 6 bonus FX hits Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Bassline House/Electronic Category: Audio Loops Beats Per Minute: 122 Format: Audio (24 bit/44.1khz .wav) Pack Size: 360 MB (zip size 292 MB)Read more…

  7. Distressed Vinyl - 33% Off

    Turntable Noises and Effects for Kontakt


    Sounds and Effects

    Distressed Vinyl for Native Instruments' Kontakt : A must have for most modern music styles from downtempo to hip hop. Warm and inviting, yet mangled and distorted turntable / vinyl record and reel to reel tape effects including popping, static, LP and 45 RPM record Que-ing and clicking and hiss, loud and obnoxious scratches, rhythmic scratches, reel to reel fast forward, rolling off the end of the tape, miced tape recorder noise & tape Que-ing. All mixed and processed using resonant band pass or low pass filters (real time mod wheel control) , saturation, tasty distortion, flanging, phasing or chorus effects, bit reduction and more. The Kontakt version includes beat machine loops. For Kontakt 5 or higher (not the free Kontakt Player) Size: 230M, 70 PresetsRead more…

  8. The Wizard II - Kontakt - 33% Off

    Atmospheric Textures and Special Effects


    Sounds and Effects

    The Wizard II is full of musically useful atmospheric textures and special effects presents a vital tool for TV, Film, Game, and Music Production. Crunchy noises, long atmospheres that build over time, and weird percussion that Doppler pans around your head. The presets make extensive use of Mod Wheel crossfades to fade from one sound or atmosphere to a similar or even totally different variation. * Atmospheres * Fright * Tension * Space * Distortion * Digital Soundscapes * Digital keys * Evolving Pads * Drones Specs: 516 Megs, 67 Banks containing a total of 489 presets.Read more…

  9. Rude Drums for Kontakt - 33% Off

    Over 400 Delicious Drums


    Sounds and Effects

    Rude Drums is a fresh take on drum and percussive hits for electronic or dance music of various styles including techno, tribal, hip hop, downtempo. More than 400 24 bit samples--some dirty, some clean, many weird or whimsical or odd. Booming kicks, noise derived snares, scratches, zips, pings, stutters, tearing and ripping noises. The samples were mostly created digitally using convolution, bit crushing, harmonic rotation, and much more-some came from analog sources like ARPs or Moogs, but then were modified digitally. The presets make use of Kontakts' filters, envelopes, lfos and effects. Rude Drums will work with Kontakt version 2 or higher, and has been tested on version 3. * 405 24 bit samples, 39 Presets * 205 megs (uncompressed) , 140 meg (zip download size)Read more…

  10. Bling - Trap Hip Hop Drum Kit

    The ultimate banging trap hip hop drum set



    Bling Trap - Hip Hop Drum set 158 of the fattest - slickest drum samples for your consumption. Build you ultimate Trap track with this dynamic set of - 31 Claps, 28 HiHats, 29 Kicks, 35 Percussion, 35 Snare Samples. You will never need another Trap drum set. All in high quality WAV filesRead more…

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