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  1. Bingoshakerz proudly presents JL & Afterman ‘Nu Disco House’! ‘Nu Disco House’ features 10 fully mixed and mastered construction kits. From deep to funky and groovy – this collection comes with solid drum grooves, analogue infused bass loops, chunky guitar-licks, classic disco sounds, retro & synth-wave leads, soulful vocal hooks, FX and so much more! ‘Nu Disco House’ has been expertly produced by Beatport chart-toppers JL & Afterman. Currently storming Beatport charts with their ‘Black Betty’ remix – JL & Afterman already achieved great things. Duo has been remixing such house music legends as Eddie Amador, Hoxton Whores just to name a few and has been very successful with ‘ghost’ productions for the last decade. If you’re looking for instant inspiration – look no further, ‘Nu Disco House’ by JL & Afterman is a must have collection for any house music producer! Each construction kit offers club-ready full mix and all components broken out into constituent parts for maximum programming ease including MIDI files. All loops are WAV format, tempo & key-labelled.Read more…

  2. Deep House & Future House Vocals by Bingoshakerz delivers big arsenal of vocal tools primed for any electronic dance music genre. Totalling 100 key-labeled vocal loops & chops at 116, 118, 120, 128 & 140 BPM makes this collection suitable for Deep or Future, Progressive or Electro House, Trap or Future Bass productions and beyond. From deep & soulful, harmonic & emotive to heavily pitched & processed loops this collection will bring warm human touch for any musical composition. If you’re looking for that modern, pitched vocal sound for your tracks – than look no further and discover this essential, sampler-ready collection. Instant groove guaranteed! All loops are presented in Wav format, tempo & key-labelled. Please note: this pack contains vocal loops only. What's inside: • 100 x Vocal LoopsRead more…

  3. We’re proud to present our latest – Enormous Future & Nu Disco House! Packed with supreme bass & synth loops, mixed and mastered construction kits, punchy drum loops, single percussion, clap & hat sounds, key-labelled bass & synth one-shots, FX and much more. Inspired by the artists such as EDX, Croatia Squad, Lika Morgan, Nora En Pure and many others – Enormous Future & Nu Disco House delivers prime time sounds for your next chart-topping studio track. This collection features 400Mb of sounds which are ready to be loaded into your DAW. All loops and samples are WAV format, tempo & key-labelled. What's inside: • 50 x Single Bass Shots • 50 x Single Synth Shots • 51 x Bass & Synth Loops • 35 x Drum Loops (no-kick) • 32 x Claps (single) • 50 x Hats (single) • 50 x Kicks (single) • 30 x Percussion (single) • 15 x FX • 2 x Mixed & Mastered Construction KitsRead more…

  4. Future & G-House

    Jam-packed with 400Mb+ of booming sounds, Vst presets, MIDI's and construction kits!



    We are proud to present our latest – Future & G-House! Jam-packed with 400Mb+ of booming sounds, Vst presets, MIDI's and construction kits – this collection delivers hybrid pack of big, bold & phat Future House & G-House drops. Loaded with 5 fully mixed and mastered construction kits broken down into: whooping G-House bass loops, FM-synth loops, crisp hat & percussion loops, groovy no-kick top loops, solid kick drums, drum fills & vocals. MIDI files are included for maximum programming ease. This collection also includes 213 individual single bass, synth and drum sounds which are ready to be loaded in any sampler or DAW. Last but not least – Future & G-House also features 22 Vst patches for enormously popular – xFer 'Serum' Vst. Inspired by the likes of Nu Kid, Tchami, Brohug or Chocolate Puma – Future & G-House has every element to enhance and spark your inner creativity up. What's inside: • 05 Construction Kits (MIDI included) • 22 Patches for xFer ‘Serum’ • 30 Single Bass Sounds • 30 Single Synth Sounds • 30 Single Clap Sounds • 30 Single Hat Sounds • 30 Single Kick Sounds • 30 Single Percussion Sounds • 10 Single Snare Sounds • 15 FX Loops All loops are WAV format, tempo & key-labelled. Please NOTE: Sound patches requires xFer ‘Serum’ v.1.113 or higher version.Read more…

  5. NRS - Impulse Reverbism

    Lexicon Reverb Impulse Responses


    Navi Retlav Studio

    Let’s step into the wonderful world of classic hardware reverbs. The Lexicon legends; the 960, the 480L, the PCM90 and so forth used in thousands of tracks across tens of thousands of albums, and a number of the world's’ greatest hits. Everyone knows what’s special about them, and how good they sound. We just love the natural beauty of the “Lexicon 960”, “Lexicon 480L” and “Lexicon PCM90”. However, instead of giving you our sampled Impulse Responses from those marvelous pieces of audio engineering, we decided to step up the game and combine them into one new device. All three of them were combined into one product, thanks to the use of FFT algorithms and complex audio processing aimed for precision and sound quality. The final result is just astonishing, we named it “Lexi”; a new hybrid with a natural and richer sound that keeps the warm tonal character of the classics. Our team also couldn’t resist to the temptation to push our audio-processing scripts to the limits, so you not only get the great sounding regulars, but also a few of the modern (both brighter and way deeper) Impulse tones that those original devices couldn’t produce. Now it’s your turn to decide which way you use them. Will it be the remaster of a classic rock song or the new EDM club hit? The decision is truly yours. Details: 64 Impulse Responses 48khz / 24bit Wav Files Compatible with any Convolution-Reverb software DEMO: more…

  6. NRS - Impulse Cabinetism 2

    Guitar & Bass Cabinet Impulses


    Navi Retlav Studio

    The NRS quest for the perfect guitar tone continues. This time we have covered the grounds that are wild and hard to reach, for most. Our unique team of sound designers have, spent the last 6 months developing a brand new set of cabinet and mic impulse responses for you. Thanks to our custom mathematical equations and processing algorithms that aid us in accurate hardware modeling, we have reached a much wider than usual variety of sound possible. The final result closes the gap between our previous release and adds an inspiring selection of new tones which will fit both acoustic guitarist and aggressive rock-roll head or pure bass guitar virtuoso. We can guarantee that you will be very positively surprised. Try our mic-coloring IRs for gentle character or creative use, or dive deeper into guitar and bass cabs, to enjoy an experience full of wonderful tones and possibilities. Buckle up, it will be a wild ride. Details: 64 Impulse Responses 48khz / 24bit Wav Files Compatible with any Convolution-Reverb software DEMO: more…

  7. House Beats - 60% Off!

    5 deep and electro house construction kits


    Freak Music

    Freak Music is proud to present the "House Beats" - construction kit pack perfect for producing Deep House, House, Tech House, Future House and other genres. Five awesome, beautiful, original and perfectly mixed construction kits will instantly blow your mind and take your track to the highest level. All of these sounds are 100% royalty-free, so once purchased, you can use them in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. Features: • 5 full deep construction kits • All 24-bit WAV loops included • All MIDI sequences included • Audio example (demo) included with every kit • 75 sounds in totalRead more…

  8. Music Box

    For Kontakt and Reason


    Pure Shift Productions

    This is a library created with a programable music box that has a two octave range in the key of C and is mapped from C1 to C3 chromatically. C4 a rewinding sound effect and D4 is what the music box being cranked with nothing in it. The latter is good to having in the background to make your composition sound a little more authentic. Each note has three round robins and there are files to load it into either Native Instruments Kontakt (full version) or NN-XT in Propellerhead Reason. Check out what it sounds like below!Read more…

  9. Out of Nightmares

    A collection of unique samples taken from an up and coming Divergent Audio Group release


    Halflight Sampling

    The majority of these sounds were created from playing around with a soon to be released Divergent Audio Group instrument. However, 6 of the sounds were taken from the 800+ sample pool which will be included in the full release. With the exception of those 6 samples, these samples will not be available anywhere else. They range from nightmarish, strange, dark, to nostalgic and peaceful. All samples are 60 seconds in length, with most of them featuring a constantly evolving character. I built 33 Kontakt patches based on the samples, with an additional 25 which are Round Robin versions of the 25 samples not included in the future release. Since they are 60 seconds in length, I created a loop point at unique 20 second segments for each sample. Therefore, every note for the RR version patch will have essentially 3 Round Robins (not multi sampled, however). This will at least give the ability to have more nuance in the sound. For the 6 samples taken from the future release I created 4 unique start points and loops (15 second segments). This essentially creates 4 Round Robins which again, allows for more nuance from the instrument. The WAV files are also included so that you can use them in other samplers or drop them into your DAW. Content breakdown: 31 Samples (each 60 seconds in length) 312MB uncompressed WAV (44.1Khz 16 bit samples) 213MB NCW files (these are just the same WAV files compressed with Kontakt) 58 Patches (photosynthesis by Jeremiah Pena was used) Samples taken from future commercial release: A7_HammerOns AM7_HammerOns Atonal_Orchestral_Drone B_Changing_Lead Cm6_HammerOns E_Harmonic_Nostalgia (All of these samples were recorded by bowing a violin or other stringed instruments) Link to Jermiah Pena photosynthesis engine. *** PLEASE NOTE: You will need to own a license of Kontakt, version or later. In the free Kontakt player it will only play in demo mode. *** ======================================= Here is a brief description of the upcoming release: It will contain 8GB (800+ 60 second samples) of sounds and is designed to create infinite modulated dark ambient soundscapes. There will be 4 sound source slots, an inbuilt browser, and 4 sequencers. All content is original and built specifically for the instrument. The unique feature is that it is designed to emulate an infinite tape playback machine in that you simply press play (rather than playing notes) and then create the movement by modulating and automating parameters as it plays. This gives incredibly unique evolving sounds that never stop! The sounds have been designed by myself, with Lindon Parker designing the engine and Glyn Lloyd designing the GUI. Please stay tuned!Read more…

  10. GuitarScaped 2 - intro 40% off!

    ambient guitar soundscapes



    O̶n̶l̶y̶ ̶£̶8̶.̶5̶7̶ Intro discount of 40% for a limited time! Only £5.14 (discount price already applied). Act quickly before the deal is gone. GuitarScaped first volume is also on 40% off discount during intro period. Like its predecessor, sources for GuitarScaped 2 library was guitar recordings which were very processed and transformed into ambient machine hence the scape in the name. End results are otherworldly atmospheres, deep drones, ethereal ambiances, textures, organic soundscapes and evolving pads. If you like non-static evolving sounds this is the product for you. It's best suited for adding ambient backgrounds and tensions to any project audio related: video production, game audio, music like dark ambient etc. Perfect for underscoring or making backing tracks for ambient guitar players. All are very long loops but don't depend on tempo, you probably won't notice when it goes around and they can take time to evolve. Content in detail: • 80 Kontakt patches (+10 multis) (full version 5.4.1 and up required *not player*) • 80 sfz patches (Sforzando, One Small Clue Grace, Zampler-RX, Wusik Station etc) • 80 wav (24 bit 44,1 Khz) key labeled Loops (very long, average is 32 seconds but they span from 10 seconds to 1 minute and over) About 750 Mb size (Demo available) Notes about video demo bellow in the comments section (short previews of Kontakt instruments). Only post processing was volume normalization. For this demo, only 1 note was held per instrument. GuitarScaped 2 (as in the first volume) contains long atmospheric loops and takes time to evolve. To keep the video short, we didn't hold for long but long enough so you can taste what it sounds like. Despite that, this video demo is still long, but this is only a fraction of what's included. In a way, each instrument is an ambient track on its own. At about 19:25 throughout the video is a demonstration how to easily create something new-creating Kontakt multi with just a few tweaks. Instruments were chosen at random. Since all instruments use long loops but with different lengths, multi will continue to evolve and change for a very long period of time without repeating.Read more…

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