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Sonics for your synths



  1. 'Room Of FX Vol.2' is a FX collection made by DRAGON Samples containing 65 perfectly produced and balanced samples. Suitable for all EDM and Urban genres, you will find impacts, tuned risers, and much more. All in all this pack contains over 127 MB of FX content. 'DRAGON Samples: Room Of FX Vol.2' has been processed by many advanced sound design techniques to ensure that each sample is uniquely coloured and full of power. These sounds will instantly allow you to bring a massive fatness to your drops and mixes. Product Includes: • 65 Samples • 10 Impacts • 10 Downlifters • 10 Risers • 10 Fills • 10 Drum Buildups • 15White Noise FX • 127 MB (unzipped) of ContentRead more…

  2. VOX ENGINE – VOCAL CHOPS FOR KONTAKT INCREDIBLY USEFUL TOOL FOR MODERN PRODUCERS AND DJS. Create hits you hear on the radio instantly! This Kontakt instrument is made for creating chopped vocal melodies and motives easily. It is a massive time saver! These type of sounds mostly used in EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, RnB, Future Bass,House, Chillout, Pop and are all over the radio nowadays, but, VOX ENGINE will fit in any genre. You can make and process vocal samples yourself, but it often takes away creativity. With VOX ENGINE you can create and mix your vocal chops in seconds. You will get tons of inspiration, because there are 100 carefully shaped presets right of the box. These are all different samples, not same samples with slightly different processing. There are 72 tuned presets for chopped vocal melodies and 28 vocal effects and spoken word presets in this library. Nice looking 3D GUI with intuitive and useful control faders. VOX-ENGINE-Kontakt-GUI Controls: Usual ADSR Controls Reverb Glide (portamento, this fade controls glide time) Legato/Mono Switch (slightly different playing modes) Speed (this fader allows to speed up or slow down the samples) Low Pass Filter Cutoff (very handy for pushing vocals back in the mix) Low Pass Filter Resonance Hi Pass Filter (for rolling off low frequencies) Drive (Distortion) FX (combination of effects to create a bigger sound) All sounds were recorded and processed in Red Sounds studio, so they are 100 Royalty free. Samples are not processed to death, so you can make it even more unique with your own plugins. Of course, you can import and use your own samples like in any other Kontakt instrument. Must have all-in-one vocal chop solution, if you are using Kontakt! **REQUIRES KONTAKT FULL VERSION 5.5.1 OR HIGHER**Read more…

  3. Pads

    Maschine Expansion



    128 Soft Pad sounds for Maschine. Become my patron and receive it for free. New content all mounths. more…

  4. Monsters & Choirs

    Bonus 10 Soundscapes


    Input Audio

    Monsters & Choirs, is a sample pack comprised of 61 high quality, licence free, wav samples. It contains 30 Monster growls, 21 Choirs and as a bonus 10 (dark) soundscapes. These sounds are edited with special effects which make them suitable for movies (such as thriller/action movies) or music like dubstep, electroacoustic, psychedelic and probably trap.Read more…

  5. Endeavour

    Ambient sound engine



    I am happy to offer you this new high quality Ambient sound kit focuses on very warmth lush and Ambient texture -pads but also you find some keys like synth arp ,harps at the end it's represent the futuristic and electronic side of this project in dark and atmospheric environment At a reasonable price For me it is important to present something new and an important tool for all musicians..So here are the details Contains: 1.43GB compressed NCW files - 14 NKI patch 24bit crystal clear multi samples instrument with custom gui interface - 12 wav electronic and cinematic Drum loop all in 24bit resolution - Cover Artwork note "Long notes are looped especially on Atmospheric and Pads sounds to save sample memory" Audio demo: Audio demo 2 : Available Formats: kontakt 5.6.1 or higherRead more…

  6. Essence - 60% off!

    Essence of music


    Freak Music

    Freak Music presents the "Essence" - collection of 5 amazing construction kits from our best selling essentials. This product contains powerful synths, deep vocals, perfectly combined drums, deep 808s and a lot of other stuff for your next track. All of these sounds are royalty-free, so once purchased, you can use these kits in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. Take your track to the highest level with these outstanding constructions. Features: - 5 full construction kits - 5 Live template projects - 115 loops - 44.1 kHz 24-bit WAV - 39 MIDI sequences - 14 synthesizer presets (Sylenth1/Phasm/WAV) - Every kit comes with an audio example - Categorized in folders for an easy access - Key & tempo labeled Constructions in this product: - Modern Trap Essentials (140 BPM, D#) - Orchestral Trap Essentials (120 BPM, D#) - Trap Themes (120 BPM, E) - Vocal Trap Melodies (120 BPM, C) - Vocal Trap Melodies 2 (120 BPM, B)Read more…

  7. Data Disruption

    200 Files of Extreme Glitch & Digital Noise



    Databending: A digital art form where flaws in digital systems are exploited and used for creative purposes. Data Disruption contains 200 sounds sourced from raw computer files which have been interpreted as audio data. Bitmaps, executables, plugin files and more have been exploited to bring you a unique, varied collection of sound effects and atmospheres ready for a range of productions. This sound collection has 100 'raw' files which include harsh, random data noises, intense drones and a versatile selection of glitch one shots as well as 100 processed sounds which were subject to extreme editing and mangling to deliver an array of abstract sonic artefacts. Most useful for scenarios where computer technology - known or otherwise - is glitching out, these sounds are best suited to Science Fiction productions which call for the noise of broken communications, signal failures, ailing machines, industrial settings, planetary ambience and dystopian soundworlds. That's not to say they won't also come in handy for Glitch/IDM music producers looking to build up an original collection of sounds for their latest kit, or for the creative sound designer to further shape these sounds into anything from user interface clicks, blips and bleeps to surreal soundscapes and beyond.Read more…

  8. Dream Journeys

    Ambient Works vol.1 - 24bit-Nki



    Mind opening sounds for Ambient and relaxing projects with cinematic's a long journey to the ancient world. Long notes are looped especially on Atmospheric and Pads sounds to save sample memory and for the first time custom gui interface are created with some knobs reverb fx and cutoff frequency to give you a good experience Contains: 1.69GB - 11 NKI patch 24bit crystal clear multi samples instrument - Cover Artwork credits: entire project has been design and recorded by tunesurge custom gui interface using KGM By Rigid Audio Audio demo: Available Formats: kontakt 5.6.1 or higher thank you and hope you enjoy.Read more…

  9. Deep Kicks - (WAV) 40% Off!

    140 Deep Analog Kick Drums


    New Loops

    Deep Kicks - Kick Drum Library New Loops Presents Deep Kicks, a detailed collection of the finest quality deep, kick drums. Deep Kicks contains 140 Kicks divided into two folders: 75 Long Kicks suitable for Urban styles like Hip Hop, Pop, R’n’B and Trap, and 65 Short Kicks which are suited to House, Techno, Trance and EDM styles. Full Selection of Kick Drums Deep Kicks include Long 808 Kicks, Punchy 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks and a load of new, unheard kick drums. All Kicks have the key in the file name to help select the right pitch and many of the kicks have multiple versions with different transients, attack and decay times. Analogue Hardware Sound Every sound has been made with hardware drum machines and synthesisers and recorded through an analogue single chain with hardware compression for a big and deep sound. 100% Royalty Free As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Deep Kicks is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. Audio Wav Pack - Compatible with any DAW Deep Kicks audio wav pack is the universal format and works with all software compatible with .wav files including: FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Logic Pro, Sonar, Reaper, and many other DAWS. Wav Pack Features 140 New Deep Kicks 75 Long Kicks (Hip-Hop, Pop, Urban) 65 Short Kicks (House, Techno, EDM) 808 Kicks, 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks Recorded with Analogue Hardware Key in File Names 24-bit/44.1 kHz Audio Wav Pack Requirements Deep Kicks wav pack works with any software compatible with the standard WAV (.wav) format. Pack Size: 53 MBRead more…

  10. Repro-1 Pro Expansion 40% Off!

    128 Presets for Repro-1


    New Loops

    Repro-1 Pro Expansion - 128 Presets New Loops is proud to present: Repro-1 Pro Expansion – a new sound bank for U-he Repro-1 software synthesiser. Pro Expansion features a full bank of 128 powerful, modern presets that pushes the boundaries of analogue mono-synths. Diverse and Expansive Repro-1 Pro Expansion is a versatile sound bank and has everything from cinematic soundscapes and drones to cutting FM leads to electronic sequences and arpeggios. Full Spectrum of Sounds You’ll find big and wide EDM leads alongside punchy analogue basses, quirky plucks and keys, creative sound effects, melodic sequences as well as new, unheard sounds. Well Organised All presets in Repro-1 Pro Expansion are named, Tagged and level matched and most patches have mod wheel, velocity and after touch mapped for expressive playing. Multi Genre Repro-1 Pro Expansion is suitable for any genre of electronic music including EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, House, Techno, Trance, Ambient, Cinematic and more. 100% Royalty Free As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Repro-1 Pro Expansion is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. We are sure you will find this sound library a great resource for years to come. Features 128 powerful presets for Repro-1 Bass, Leads, Synths, Plucks, Arps, Sequences, FX Named, tagged and level matched Modwheel, Velocity and Aftertouch assigned 100% Royalty Free sounds Requirements Pro Expansion requires U-he Repro-1 version 1 or later. (not included). Pack Size: 1.59 MBRead more…

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