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Snacks for your samplers



  1. Deep Kicks - (WAV) 40% Off!

    140 Deep Analog Kick Drums


    New Loops

    Deep Kicks - Kick Drum Library New Loops Presents Deep Kicks, a detailed collection of the finest quality deep, kick drums. Deep Kicks contains 140 Kicks divided into two folders: 75 Long Kicks suitable for Urban styles like Hip Hop, Pop, R’n’B and Trap, and 65 Short Kicks which are suited to House, Techno, Trance and EDM styles. Full Selection of Kick Drums Deep Kicks include Long 808 Kicks, Punchy 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks and a load of new, unheard kick drums. All Kicks have the key in the file name to help select the right pitch and many of the kicks have multiple versions with different transients, attack and decay times. Analogue Hardware Sound Every sound has been made with hardware drum machines and synthesisers and recorded through an analogue single chain with hardware compression for a big and deep sound. 100% Royalty Free As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Deep Kicks is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. Audio Wav Pack - Compatible with any DAW Deep Kicks audio wav pack is the universal format and works with all software compatible with .wav files including: FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Logic Pro, Sonar, Reaper, and many other DAWS. Wav Pack Features 140 New Deep Kicks 75 Long Kicks (Hip-Hop, Pop, Urban) 65 Short Kicks (House, Techno, EDM) 808 Kicks, 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks Recorded with Analogue Hardware Key in File Names 24-bit/44.1 kHz Audio Wav Pack Requirements Deep Kicks wav pack works with any software compatible with the standard WAV (.wav) format. Pack Size: 53 MBRead more…

  2. Repro-1 Pro Expansion 40% Off!

    128 Presets for Repro-1


    New Loops

    Repro-1 Pro Expansion - 128 Presets New Loops is proud to present: Repro-1 Pro Expansion – a new sound bank for U-he Repro-1 software synthesiser. Pro Expansion features a full bank of 128 powerful, modern presets that pushes the boundaries of analogue mono-synths. Diverse and Expansive Repro-1 Pro Expansion is a versatile sound bank and has everything from cinematic soundscapes and drones to cutting FM leads to electronic sequences and arpeggios. Full Spectrum of Sounds You’ll find big and wide EDM leads alongside punchy analogue basses, quirky plucks and keys, creative sound effects, melodic sequences as well as new, unheard sounds. Well Organised All presets in Repro-1 Pro Expansion are named, Tagged and level matched and most patches have mod wheel, velocity and after touch mapped for expressive playing. Multi Genre Repro-1 Pro Expansion is suitable for any genre of electronic music including EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, House, Techno, Trance, Ambient, Cinematic and more. 100% Royalty Free As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Repro-1 Pro Expansion is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. We are sure you will find this sound library a great resource for years to come. Features 128 powerful presets for Repro-1 Bass, Leads, Synths, Plucks, Arps, Sequences, FX Named, tagged and level matched Modwheel, Velocity and Aftertouch assigned 100% Royalty Free sounds Requirements Pro Expansion requires U-he Repro-1 version 1 or later. (not included). Pack Size: 1.59 MBRead more…

  3. Melbourne Bounce Bundle 2.0 is our updated deal from the original Melbourne Bounce Bundle. We can now offer all four of our Melbourne Bounce kits merged together into one superpackage! The package covers the fundamentals of Melbourne Bounce production - lead presets, bass presets, MIDI loops, and a solid template to create music in. This make this bundle a great starting package if you want to start producing Melbourne Bounce music - or if you simply want to bulk buy Melbourne Bounce sounds to save money. In any way, you can be assured to receive material matching your highest expectations. Each preset feature high end sound design with balanced settings, as well as randomizing and velocity linking to give a professional sounding preset that responds in a natural way when being played. All 8 macros are assigned on each sound. The MIDI loops feature precise adjustements on note velocity and note lengths, to enhance the presets linked to the MIDIs. And last but not least, we have the template - with plenty of tasks already taken care of, to let you focus more on the music and less on the routing and organizing, and to get started faster. No more forgetting your initial idea because you were too busy setting up the DAW project! For instance all mixer channels have sidechain setup and ready, you have reverb sends ready to be used, and much more. If you still don't believe in the quality of this library, we're sure the demo songs will convince you! Packages included: - THE ONE: Melbourne Leads - THE ONE: Melbourne Basses - THE ONE: Bounce Melodies - THE ONE: Bouncy FL Full specification: - 50 NI Massive lead presets - 50 NI Massive bass presets - 100 MIDI loops - 1 FL Studio 12 template aimed at Melbourne Bounce, with additional template files - Bonus files NOTE: Massive version 1.4 and up is required, as well as FL Studio version 12.1.3. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Massive, neither a copy of FL Studio.Read more…

  4. DiRT's Pads, Vocals and 808's

    Dirtnoise Pads, vocals and 808s NO ONE HAS



    "DiRTNOiSE's PADs, VOCALs & 808s To Sink For" Soundscape designer Patrik Bane Wiking have been creating soundscapes for years, and finally it's time for something new, "DiRTNOiSE's PADs, VOCALs & 808s To Sink For" the sample pack. You know those dark pads from Lost intro? Or the crackling sound of a sinking ruined ship at Omaha beach, rumbling down the abyss, or just some strange chantings? This pack it all and some pretty sweet 808s as well. As it's the first pack, all updates will be free. Just contact me at with a reciept and I'll sort out the updated packs. These are wavs, that are not sorted by velocity or key. The pack contains pads, vocal loops, crackling sound, ambient sound and my personal set of 808s. These elements are sure to give your music a low bass boost and a eerie feel. 67 Files 20 Vocal wavs (some are loopable 9 varied dark pads 21 of my personal 808s 10 Bonus sounds 293 Mb unzipped All of these sounds are 100% royalty-free, so once purchased, you can use them in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. Free updates included more…

  5. re-Kawai R50e

    Classic machine revisited


    Multiton Bits

    Multiton Bits presents: re-Kawai R50e Content: 173 original royalty free audio files, 122 WAV loops, 40 single hits, 11 REX2 loops, 1 REX2, 1 NI Battery and 1 NI Kontakt instrument (Drums, bass, percussion, stabs, synth, FX) Genre: Electronica, Techno, House, Disco, Industrial BPM: 117 Audio Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz Size: 142 MB Kawai R-50e is a late eighties Japanese drum machine, featuring cool slap-bass and synth sounds. With our Re-Kawai R-50e sample pack we tried to capture a spirit of this groovebox used in nuomerous tracks and movies at the time, while today it is still used mostly in Manga production. We sampled all 40 distinctive sounds of this machine in 24bit, and not just that, also we have produced 64 full loops and 64 steams (kick, hats, claps, bass, stabs lines) that you can easily combine and produce new loops with our Ableton Live template. Sounds of R-50e can be used in various genres, from techno, house and disco to electronica, industrial and pop music. Beside Ableton Live project (also compatible with Lite and Intro) samples are provided as NI Kontakt and Battery patches, as well as in WAV and REX format. We hope that you will enjoy your music making with this pack and invite you to check our demos for some golden eighties sounds, also more than suitable for contemporary electronic music. For more info please visit - more…

  6. Multiton Bits presents: Organic Electronix Box - Single Hits and REX instruments edition (Single Hits, Chords & Stabs + REX Instruments edition - features drums, percussion, bass, strings, synths samples and more) Content: 123 single hits, 11 REX2 instruments, cover and read me file. Genre: electronic, ambient, deep techno, house, experimental electronica Bpm: 115 Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz Size: 104 MB “Organic Electronix Box” explores a fine line between acoustic and electronic instruments. What we did is that we sampled mostly analog hardware, used outboard filters, delays and other FX, and mashed them all together occasionally with hope to give you inspirational sound sources. This pack is aimed at producers working with almost any form of electronic music and like to experiment with their sound. Various tools were used as a source for this pack, from analogue to digital, from percussive to melodic, from Moog synth and MFB machines to software modules, and all of the sounds were treated and designed on the sound to sound base, sometimes also sent to outboard sampler for additional FX processing and recorded through HQ preamps. Sounds were only slightly compressed, so you can use them as they are in your production or process them more if required. Box content is designed from the scratch, we did not use any actual acoustic instruments samples, all sounds are electronic, no matter how “acoustic” they sound and that is why we thought that this name is appropriate for our latest sample collection. Most sounds here are very rich and complex, so when combining just a few of them it is easy to find a groove to build on. Play it, cut it, twist it and enjoy the pack.Read more…

  7. M M's Shaker!

    96 khz samples. EXS & .NKI


    Scott F Thompson

    This is pretty cool shaker patch for EXS24 or Kontakt (.nki) The patch includes tons of samples (116) all recorded at 96khz, lots of slide like, some almost snare like sounds, and even a few pops that can very well be used as full tonal instruments. Lots of soundscape opportunities too All in stereo. This patch is designed to just be fun to play! Everything in the demo is just me testing it out, no extra effects at all. The delay like sounds are from some of the samples themselves. Those couple were some of my favourite so I played em a lot :)Read more…

  8. Epic Serum Bundle - 50% Off

    400+ Serum patches!



    Epic Serum Bundle is the motherlode collection of ALL Electronisounds soundbanks for Xfer Records SERUM. Over 400 patches are included! Chunky and modulated tempo-synced basses, bright and unique lead synths, lush and mysterious pads, bright and swirling effects - it's ALL HERE! The presets have been collected from: Bass Music for Serum, Serum Ammo, Black Label Glitch Hop (sample pack with extra Serum patches), EDM Vigilante for Serum and Nu-School House for Serum. These 400+ presets will inject new life into your sound arsenal and give you instant inspiration to start writing. The sounds are so easy to use and versatile, you will be coming back to this HUGE pack again and again to use the sounds in multiple tracks, for many different genres and ALL BPM's! Macro control modulations and mod wheel assignments (just waiting to be tweaked and automated by you) are featured in all patches! Genres these patches are useful for making: EVERY GENRE OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC. PATCH DETAILS: BASS - 130 patches DRUMS - 6 patches FX - 27 patches GROWLS - 24 patches KEYS - 15 patches LEAD - 70 patches MISC - 6 patches PAD - 24 patches PLUCK - 12 patches SYNTH - 92 patches Extra BONUS CONTENT is also included to help boost your creativity! BONUS CONTENT: WAVETABLES - 189 (all of the wavetables I have made to date for SERUM) LFO SHAPES - 73 (all of the LFO shapes I have made to date for SERUM) Black Label Glitch Hop DRUM SHOTS - 159 samples, 36MB Dubstep Cyborg Cartel DRUM SHOTS - 195 samples, 24MB EDM Remedy DRUM SHOTS - 211 samples, 34MB Evolved Drum And Bass DRUM SHOTS - 150 samples, 34MB Serum Ammo Audio Demo DRUM SHOTS - 16 samples 14MB Total of BONUS CONTENT - 993 files, 190mb ALL of our patches and samples are 100% royalty free, meaning you can add all of these elements to your sound without worrying about any sample clearance hassle! Included formats: SERUM PATCHES, SERUM WAVETABLES SERUM LFO SHAPES, WAV DRUM SHOTS Note: You will need a current, registered version of SERUM to load these patches.Read more…

  9. Twice Baked Sampler 50% off

    Acoustic samples, which were warped and mangled, and after that, warped and mangled again.


    Halflight Sampling (Erick McNerney)

    A collection of unique and bizarre drone, pulse, soundscape, and effect samples. Their moods range from nostalgic, dark, intense, to strange and moody. This is mainly a sample pack, but almost all of the samples were mapped to kontakt patches, for either an instrument-like patch (like in the case of "Streamers (pad)") or just the samples placed for easy key triggering (like in the case of "Textures, Pulses and Effects, Oh My!") Contents: 984MB of Sample content uncompressed (139 samples) 14 Main Kontakt Patches (with 17 additional variations) 3 Kontakt Multis The photosynthesis engine by Jeremiah Pena was also used. You can find that here: !!!PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves. There seems to be an issue with me embedding the demo playlist. So here's a link: more…

  10. Product Details: - 50 Files Total - 112 Mb Size - 10 Downlifter Samples - 10 Uplifter Samples - 10 Drum Buildups & Fills - 10 Impact Samples - 10 White Noise SamplesRead more…

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