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Waveforms for your woofers



  1. FREE FALL (freebie) by Soundethers

    Kontakt 5 Ambient Fields and Underscore Automations



    Free Fall (freebie) for Kontakt 5.5 by Soundethers It contains evolving sounds made of textures and field recordings, some example beats and pulses for ambient, soundtracks, underscores, chillout, IDM, glitch and more. Derived from the sample content of Soundethers projects (both released and on the making), Free Fall features entirely new sounds, specially designed for this freebie: - All instruments with custom Mod Wheel automations - Pre-Assigned High Pass Filter (CC 74) - Low Pass Filter (CC 71) - All sounds carefully tuned to C3 - Made in the Free Photosynthesis Engine (1.2) by Jeremiah Pena - 18 patches, 173 mb uncompressed - Wave / ncw - 44,100 Khz - 24 bit resolution - Made for Kontakt 5.5 full version ONLY (works only 15 min. in the Free Kontakt Player) We recommend to experiment with both pre-assigned Mod Wheel, High Pass and Low Pass filters (locate or assign two knobs on your midi controller to CC 74 and CC 71) to fully enjoy “Free Fall”. Happy Composing. Thank You!! WE LOVE YOUR MUSICRead more…

  2. Aviram Arabic Strings

    18 Articulations Expressive Kontakt Library


    Aviram Dayan Production

    Arabic String With 18 Articulations • Sultan - Legato Trills (3-Modes) | • Legato (1,2) - With 48 Groups Of Round Robin (2-Types-2-Modes) • Gliss-D - Short Glissando (3-Modes) | • Scale - Tones Down And UP Faster Along The Length Of 6 Octaves (3-Modes) • Spiral - Vibrato Tones (3-Modes) | • Trill - Vibrato Trill (3-Modes) • Tremolo - (3-Modes) | • Orchestral - (3-Modes) • Korg-S - Different Models Of Yamaha Korg (3-Modes) | • Stringed - Connection Of 3 Modes Other Sultan Orchestra And Short Violin (3-Modes) • Breack - (3-Modes) • Spiccato - Short Violin Technique (3-Modes) • Cords - Harmonics And Short Legato Sustain And Release (3-Modes) | • StaccPizzic - Staccato & Pizzicato With 32 Groups Of Round Robin (2-Modes) • Orient (1,2,3) - Bowing Techniques,Oriental,Col Legno​ (3-Types-3-Modes) How it works: • In any one articulation there are 3 different modes when you raise up the modulation wheel • From 0 To 45 The Sound Heard "Normal" (There Are Some of Articulation, Has a Different Value) From 0 to 20 or 0 To 36 or 0 To.. But The limit is 45 • From 46 to 80 The Sound Sounds "Fun" (Every Articulation Works Different) • From 81 to 127 The Sound Sounds a Loop, But Dynamic. (Not All Articulation) • Octaves - Each Articulation From A0 to A7 Instruments: Aviram Arabic Strings Main v1.5 - KeySwitches Multis: Aviram Arabic Strings Main v1.5 - Interval Multi KeySwitches Sultan & Legato2 v1.5 - Super Interval Multi Legato (Smooth Modulation) Midi Files: Aviram Midi Strings - Other Bonus Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato+Korg-S {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato+Legato2+Scale Down+Stringed+Orient {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Staccato+Pizzicato(Mod)+Gliss-D+Legato2 1 {3-Layers} (115 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Staccato And Pizzicato(Mod)+Cords {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Sultan+Legato2 {2-Layers} (130 BPM) Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato (+Breack+Gliss-D+Spiral) 120 BPM Aviram Midi Strings - Spiccato 2 (95 BPM) Details: NCW format samples 9800 Sounds. For KONTAKT v5.4.1 And Up Support Win + Mac SystemsRead more…

  3. Garage Percussions

    53 MB Royalty-free WAV Files


    The Solar Code

    Garage Percussions sample pack contains percussion sounds recorded in a local farmers garage. All samples are royalty-free WAVs, recorded in 24 bit, 96 kHz.Read more…

  4. D110

    For Kontakt 4 and up



    Kontakt 4 instrument based on the Boss Dr-110 drum machine. Featuring a reverb wet mix and glitch/8-bit effect via flicking the switch on the left of the panel. Drums can be played via keys C1-F5 or via pre-set patterns at C4. Each sound has independent volume levels and panning. Check out the audio demo at : Video : more…

  5. TY505

    House Classics Series TY505



    A tweaked drum rack sample set based on the Kit-Core with individual Glue and EQ8 for each section of the extended 16 pad grid and using 9624 FLAC samples from a well known classic transistor rhythm composer built in Ableton Live 9. Punchy, with a simple 1s verb featuring GM style mapping and supercharged with subtle stereo panning and effects. Or you can simply convert/use the samples in any DAW that supports FLAC.Read more…

  6. Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

    FREE AU VSti plugin sampler instrument



    Download this Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies AU VSti plugin instrument authored by Mark Tinley. The six most recognised frequencies can be toggled from the interface. All nine frequencies can be played from a MIDI keyboard. The closest corresponding scale is Cm using just intonation based on pure harmonics at Stuttgart pitch. The tuning table in the Read me.txt file for 12TET (Equal temperament) differs to just intonation. You can use the included 12TET table to tune your keyboard to a key which corresponds with each of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies. There is plenty of information about the Ancient Solfeggio tuning system on the Internet. There are 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Mac and PC. For PC users, please copy the .dll and .instruments files to your VST folder. Where x64 is the 64bit version and x86 is the 32 bit version. The files can be put in a subfolder but must both be in the same folder. For Mac users, please navigate to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins in the Finder’s Go menu SHIFT+APPLE+G (Go to Folder…) and drop the AU.component of your choice or the .vst instrument into the appropriate folder. Start your audio program. Load the plugin. *** DISCLAIMER *** This software (Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Plugin) is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. The author makes no guarantee of correctness, accuracy, reliability, safety or performance. The user alone is responsible for determining if this software is safe for use in their environment. Neither the author nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation or delivery of this product shall be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental injury or damages arising from the use or inability to use such product. *** LICENCE *** Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Plugin is freeware. Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies: © 2014 by Mark Ty-Wharton (aka Tinley). All Rights Reserved. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. VST and ASIO are trademarks of Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH. The author reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.Read more…

  7. MaK - Mouse and Keyboard - 50% Off

    Keyboards, Mice, and Touchscreen devices.


    Collected Transients

    MaK is a Kontakt instrument which replicates the sounds of a person using various computer keyboards, mice, or touchscreen devices. This allows you to very quickly perform the foley of using one of these devices via midi. MaK was created to speed up the time consuming process of editing and/or recording mice and keyboards. After realizing how often this came up in both my commercial and film work, I decided there had to be a better way. Several recording sessions and Kontakt script headaches later, MaK was born! There are 15 devices available in MaK: 5 Keyboards, 5 Mice, 2 Touchscreens, and 3 digital keyboards. Each of these devices has been meticulously recorded at a number of different velocities for a very realistic playback performance. The majority of the devices have 5 velocity layers; from soft to hard. Each of these velocity layers have 32 different samples: 16 for the press sound, and 16 for the release sounds of each device. That’s 160 samples per device! MaK will randomly trigger press and release samples for each layer based on the velocity you play the notes. Easy to use controls allow you to adjust additional layers of randomness in both velocity and pitch. All of this adds up to realistic devices, and convincing performance. Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ required. Video example below.Read more…

  8. Fear and Horror Volume 1

    50 Massive Presets. All 8 Macros Assigned to each.


    Xenos Soundworks

    'Fear and Horror' contains 50 disturbing and frightful pads, atmospheres, sound effects, bells and other sounds for N.I. Massive, which are guaranteed to add that macabre touch to your tracks. All 8 Macros are assigned to each patch for maximum expression. Please note: This set is in the new NMSV format only. About the Producer: Bryan 'Xenos' Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Rop Papen, ReFX, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more. His work is found in several Native Insrtuments Maschine expansions and the factory presets of such synths as Z3ta 2, Alchemy, Gladiator, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, U-he Hive, D.I.V.A., etc. Patch List AT Diabolic Lab AT Fight Or Flight AT Ominous Machine AT Sheer Terror AT Sub Zero BA Ambivalent BA Deep Drone BA Play Under A Pad BL Broken Church Bell BL Music Box BL Retro Horror Bells BL Rusty Bells DR Drums Of War DR Tribal Curse FX Cold Noise Hits FX Ectoplasm FX Electrocreaks FX Female Screams FX Foul LFOs FX Ghost In The Radio FX Hyperspace Gate FX Mecha Screamer FX Possesed Computer FX Shiver Rattle FX Telltale Heart FX TheyAlmostSawMe LD Nuveau Classic LD RequiemForMankind PD Alias Effect PD Alien Jungle PD Dark Monks PD Distressed Metal PD Horror Strings PD Malevolent Spell PD Nervous Twitch PD Neurotoxin PD Overture PD Padded Cells PD Penumbra OST PD Play Semitones PD Shivering Phantom PD Tension 5ths PD Vocaloid Baritone PD Wastelands SY Penumbra Zombies SY Plucked Distress SY Quaint Delusion SY Synth PizzicatoRead more…


    "Out of the Box" Power Chords


    Tim Johnson

    I put together this simple power chord library with my favourite settings as I got fed up with having to plug my guitar in every time I needed a single chord. I thought I would make it available to everyone for cheap! You get an octave of distorted power chords, played by four guitars, two left and two right. Demo Here: Play below velocity 64 and you will hear only guitars. Play above velocity 65 and you will get bass as well. Further up the keyboard you have separate guitars split left and right. You also get a reversal patch as that is a very common thing to do with guitar chords. You can adjust the attack, release and reverb settings. I find the tone sits well under most things including orchestra and can be pretty punchy when it needs to be. This is not a library for composing long strings of guitar lines. It is simply for the composer that is in a hurry and needs a well produced, pre-mixed guitar sound that is ready to go. You will need a full version of Kontakt 5 to make full use of the library. That said, the sample folder is unlocked so you can use the audio files in your own sampler, or drag and drop into your DAW if you wish. Enjoy!Read more…

  10. Aviram Harp Guitar

    Unique Harp Guitar articulations and sequencing


    Aviram Dayan Production

    Aviram Harp Guitar v1.0 HarpLyre, Holloway, Mandolin, Chitarpa, Balalaika, Knutsen harp guitar lyres, Tamburica. Articulations: • Guitar 1 - Connection between 10 groups of "Scratch" (trigger) and 40 groups of "Plucked" Round robin. Modulation- (2-Modes) When the modulation goes up​ the sound of scratch canceled (Plucked stay) and changes to Tamburica together with harmonics. • Guitar 2 - The main sound is "Slide" - change in various types with velocity speed, And Connection between HarpLyre harmonics 15 groups of Round robin, and 46 groups of "Plucked" variable and Round robin and legato. Modulation- (2-Modes) When The modulation going up​ the sound of plucked and Scratch canceled and changes to Tamburica together with harmonics. • Guitar 3 - in the background there are Strum 6 groups and connection between 10 groups of "Scratch" (trigger) and 20 groups of "Plucked" Round robin. Modulation- (2-Modes) When The modulation goes up​ the sound of Scratch canceled (Plucked stay), And changes to Tamburica together with harmonics. • Guitar 4 - in the background there are powered-reverbs and vibrato and pads with 9 groups, And connection between 15 groups of "Scratch" (trigger) and 47 groups of "Plucked" Round robin. Modulation- (2-Modes) When The modulation going up​ the sound of Scratch canceled (Plucked stay) and changes to Tamburica together with harmonics. • Guitar 5 - Balalaika vibrato and release pizzicato 18 groups round robin Modulation- (2-Modes) When The modulation going up​ the sound of Scratch canceled (Plucked stay), And changes to Tamburica together with balalaika and harmonics. • Guitar 6 - Celtic and chitarpa Harmonics techniques with 20 groups round robin and in the background there are Powered-reverb and vibrato and pads with 9 groups, And connection between 15 groups of "Scratch" (trigger) and 47 groups of "Plucked" Round robin. Modulation- (2-Modes) When The modulation going up​ the sound of Scratch canceled (Plucked stay), And changes to Tamburica together with harmonics. • Guitar 7 - Knutsen harp guitar and fingered soft Sustain and mandolin holloway and fx (trigger) with 30 groups round robin. Modulation- (2-Modes) When The modulation going up​ the sound of Knutsen harp guitar and fingered soft Sustain and mandolin holloway and fx (trigger) canceled, And changes to mandolin holloway together with body hit Tapping. Harp Guitar with 7 articulation. Instruments: • Aviram Harp Guitar. Multis: • Aviram Harp Guitar - Interval Multi. MIDI Files • Aviram Harp Guitar Melody 1 80 Bpm. • Aviram Harp Guitar Melody 2 80 Bpm. • Aviram Harp Guitar Melody 3 80 Bpm. • Aviram Harp Guitar Melody 4 80 Bpm. • Aviram Harp Guitar Melody 5 107 Bpm. Details • 2.64 GB Installed. • 2714 Sounds.Read more…

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