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Snacks for your samplers



  1. The WAV edition of Massive Presets / All About Bass & Lead is now available. 
 In "All About Bass & Lead” the WAV Edition, the three construction kits included in the Demo Sound are recorded in WAV files at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz (24 bit). The number of files are listed below for each category. ・BPM76.5 Drum_10 SE_2 Synth_10 ・BPM120 Drum_10 SE_4 Synth_7 ・BPM140 Drum_7 SE_1 Synth_8 Data Size : 185.3MB ✳︎Please be aware that this product is recorded only in WAV file format. It does not contain Massive presets data or Midi files. SamplingLaboRead more…

  2. Best Of Yamaha Sy99 vol.1

    13 Nki Patch from SY99


    Omar Music Systems

    sample library Info: contain 13 Nki Patch Hi Quality Samples 4.93 GB Multi-Sampled all in 24bit 44-Khz Multiple Velocity Layers presets Sound list : AP2 B02 PL JazzGtr P1 D14 DR Kits P1 D16 DR Mixed P1 A3 AP Concert P1 A4 AP Stglayr P1 A05 EP 76Stage P1 A06 EP Classic P1 A07 EP NiteHwk P1 A08 EP Belrose P1 A09 EP BellRng P1 A10 EP DXism P2 B12 SL Duke P2 C04 BA Fretles Available Formats: kontakt 5.2.0 or higher All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Read more…

  3. Best Of Yamaha Sy99 vol.2

    9 Nki patch from SY99


    Omar Music Systems

    sample library Info: contain 9 Nki Patch Hi Quality Samples 4.42 GB Multi-Sampled all in 24bit 44-Khz Multiple Velocity Layers presets Sound list : P1 B02 SP SawPad P1 C06 BR DrkHorn P1 C12 ST Octaves P1 D02 ST Chestra P1-A1 AP Rocks P1-A2 AP CrsRock P2 B03 PL Nylon6 P2 B04 Pl 12Strng P2 B10 SL SawLead Available Formats: kontakt 5.2.0 or higher All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Read more…

  4. Serum electro house BASS presets

    Serum electro house BASS presets by Viktor Rose


    Viktor Rose

    Listen here: Here will be 36 Serum Electro house / Future house driven bass lines for your production. Now only 3 Pounds! Grab free demo patches. Read more…

  5. Perfect Melody

    NI Massive Presets


    Inspiring Audios

    The Perfect Melody available. This edition brings you 79 NI Massive presets for your favourite synthesizer. This compilation includes sounds for EDM, Big Room, House, Trance, Tropical House, Progressive House, Future House, Deep House and more more genres... inspired by today's top producers! If you would like clean, nice sounds, this good pack for you. This pack is an amazing starting point for your next tracks! In this soundbank you will find: ▬ 42 Leads ▬ 16 Pads ▬ 11 Plucks ▬ 4 Noise Effects ▬ 3 Saw ▬ and + 3 Bonus Sounds (Bass)Read more…

  6. New Highways 50% Off!

    Eclectic Loop Collection



    New Highways is an eclectic collection of loops that will suit a wide range of genres. Ranging from lofi electronica to club ready pumping techno, New Highways offers high quality loops and drum kits in WAV format as well as MIDI files. The library draws inspiration from artists like Boards Of Canada, Lone, Koda Triangle, Coppice Halifax, LFO, Fourtet and Techno Animals. New Highways is instant inspiration and originality for an affordable price. Content: Bass Loops (7) Breaks (37) Drum Kits (7) Groove Kits (80) MIDI Loops (22) Music Loops (35) One Shots (2) Total: 292 files The wav files ranges from 16 bits to 24 bits, mono and stereo (mostly stereo). All the sound samples are royalty free.Read more…

  7. Analog Drum Kit M01

    Vintage-Inspired Drum Module Plugin


    Greynote Music

    Try it for free: "Analog Drum Kit Generator" (model 1) is a vintage inspired drum module plugin! It contains 10 kick sounds, 10, snare sounds, 4 hi hats along with additional noise & snap sound generators. It has an unprocessed sound, so you'll have the opportunity to shape its sound using your favorite plugins. FEATURES - Unique Samples - Straightforward Interface - Round Robin Playback - 10 kicks, 10 snares, 4 hi-hats - Noise generators, "Wide Snap" functionality - 32/64bit Audio Unit & VST Mac/Win compatibilityRead more…

  8. Analog Drum Loops 01

    Vintage-Inspired Original Drum Loops


    Greynote Music

    "Analog Drum Loops 01" contains 10 vintage-inspired drum loops. Each sample has been uniquely programmed on a hardware (drum)synthesizer. The resulting loops are 8 bars long (4 bar repeat x2). - 10 loops - vintage-inspired oldschool sound - 16bit/44.1khz WAV - 120 BPMRead more…

  9. Death By Design

    Deadly Kontakt Instruments Derived From Modular Synthesis



    Featuring 12 insane Kontakt instrument patches. Utilizing hundreds of samples from experimenting with modular synthesis and effects, this is a truly unique library set that will drive some people mad with inspiration, and others mad with irritation. Meant to be gritty, dirty, and organic. Not for the faint of heart. Requirements: Full version of Kontakt 5.4.3 or newer required (only works in demo for 15 minutes). 1.14 Gigabytes uncompressed. All samples are included as well (in their respective Kontakt sample folders). Here's a soundcloud preview. Only instruments from this pack were used. However, on some of the instruments I used Quantum Leap Spaces by East West. more…

  10. The Other Voices is an expansion pack for Singers 2. It includes 4 new singers: Andrea (bass), Rick (tenor), Christina (alto) and Tatiana (disco vocalist), in a great set of 41 NEW .NKI PRESETS with solo voices and choirs, combining all the guys for a wonderful behaviour. Features: - 48Khz 24-bit Mono sample resolution; - 162MB compressed file size; - Works with Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player); - A full and original copy of Singers 2 is necessary. The new .NKI presets included in this expansion pack are: RickHaaVibrato, RickHaaVibratoEarly, RickHehVibrato, RickHehVibratoEarly, RickHeeVibrato, RickHeeVibratoEarly, RickHohVibrato, RickHohVibratoEarly, RickHooVibrato, RickHooVibratoEarly, RickHooHeeTransition, RickHaaHehTransition, RickHehHohTransition, RickRandomVocals, AndreaHaaVibrato, AndreaHehVibrato, AndreaHeeVibrato, AndreaHohVibrato, AndreaHooVibrato, AndreaRandomVocals, ChristinaHaaVibrato, ChristinaCinematicHeh, ChristinaHeeVibrato, ChristinaHohVibrato, ChristinaCinematicHoo, ChristinaLaaHaaLegato, ChristinaLaaLaaLegato, ChristinaLaaPoly, ChristinaRandomVocals, FullChoir, FullChoirLegato, Full5thHarmonized, FullChoirSwell, FullChoirSwellHard, FullGospel, EpicChoir, CinematicVoices, CinematicVoicesSwell, CinematicVoicesHits, ChristinaGospelAdLibs, TatianaDanceAdLibs.Read more…

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